America’s fiscal future is in peril. At $67,000 for every American, the $22 trillion national debt is larger than what the typical American household earns in a year. At the same time that federal debt is growing rapidly, politicians on both sides of the political aisle are making grand promises for new spending.

On Tuesday, June 4, Heritage hosted a discussion on the national debt with Romina Boccia, director of Heritage’s Grover M. Hermann Center for the Federal Budget; David Ditch, research associate at the Hermann Center; and Marc Goldwein, senior vice president and senior policy director for the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

“We are the world’s strongest economy – we are not going to default on our debt,” said Marc Goldwein. “But, if we continue on our current course, we could cause a global financial crisis, we could cause an inflation crisis, we could cause an austerity crisis. I don’t know how it will play out, but I don’t really want to find out.”

Watch the full discussion here or listen to it on the Heritage Events podcast.

The Heritage Foundation has charted a path toward fiscal balance: don’t forget to check out our recently released Blueprint for Balance: A Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2020.

What would you like to see Congress and the president do to reduce the national debt?

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John Collignon - June 7, 2019

Reduce or eliminate the Department of Education (aka: Department of Indoctrination).

Eric Brookens - June 7, 2019

Pass an amendment requiring a balanced budget.each year of government operation!

Robert Hahn - June 7, 2019

Sirs: 1) Cancel ALL foreign Aid except to Israel, a forever-cut.
2) Reduce spending by ALL govt departments by 4% per year, starting with FY20 , i.e., 01 Oct 2019. Keep the 4% rate per year until the Debt is 20% of current Debt level. At that point, make the reduction at 2% per year, until the Debt is ZERO. THEN, ZERO reduction per year, but a
$ 4 Trillion Debt triggers the 2% spending reduction per year, until the Debt is ZERO. Thank you.

Michael - June 7, 2019

I applaud the efforts of the Heritage Foundation in this battle to conquer the deficit monster. However, I am 100% convinced that NO democrat and NO republican is prepared to sacrifice their political career to actually balance the budget. They have no intention of doing so. They will each look out for their own. That’s the problem with bureaucracies; once created, they take on a life of their own and only grow larger. And $21 Trillion doesn’t ouch our unfunded liabilities. There is going to be a very serious reckoning soon, and some kind of reset, with much gnashing of the teeth before it’s all settled. I am an optimist by nature, but a realist by experience. This Empire will go the way of all previous ones, sadly. May each of us prepare for what is to come.

Best regards,


Pyara Chauhan - June 7, 2019

Reduce runaway spending.

Reeves Bunting - June 7, 2019

Close the USPS on Saturdays. Also delete the provisions of the Dodd-Frank law
that allow the federal government to seize the bank accounts of Americans in the event of another crash

James Drummond - June 7, 2019

Increase the age of Social Security eligibility.
Reduce number of illegal immigrants entering the USA.
Eliminate fraud in Medicare payments.
Eliminate redundancy and consolidate Federal entities.

Jim Christison - June 7, 2019

Give Presidents the Line-Item-Veto, to get rid of all the wasteful spending on things that don’t mean a hill-of -beans to anyone but ten people in Siberia, studying the life of a bug.

Kathleen Cox Richardson - June 7, 2019

Every year our hospitals waste $800 million because of expiration dates on medicines that are not realistic. Get the FDA to redo the dates to those that are more realistic. Also switch Medicare/Medicaid billing to a card system instead of paper to reduce fraud.

Brad Ford - June 7, 2019

I do not want to be negative here, but if you must still educate Congress and the administration on runaway spending, what does it really matter anymore.

Brad Ford,CPA

Harv Kuntz - June 7, 2019

Maintain a 4% reduction by all departments. Attrition policy of Federal Employees, common sense ideas & practices. THIS IS SERIOUS.

Thomas Shaffrey - June 7, 2019

line item veto to the President.

Doran - June 7, 2019

Freeze government hiring, cut (actually cut ) 5% across the board ALL government programs, and pass a balanced budget.

Christopher Haig - June 7, 2019

With regard for government debt, Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers used a double negative to suggest the possibility of using US Intellectual property to finance the government in the future. Consider the Internet was original US Military invention of ARPANET. The Internet as as a US invention is worth over $100 trillion, which probably could balance the budget debt of 22 trillion. Yet, President Clinton and Gore gave away the value of the internet and did not secure the proper US intellectual property rights for future valuation. They defied their duties to US laws, yet are regarded with safety, etc. It is timely to promote recapturing US IP on many US inventions in the traditions of Ben Franklin’s inventions as a founding father of the United States in order to balance the budget and pay off our US government debt.

Scott Rader - June 7, 2019

Stop paying for anything and eliminate all departments that are not explicitly defined and authorized by the Constitution…

DWIGHT SANDERS - June 7, 2019

Tell all webcast that i wiil use as a model for most of my following will be from the book of act

JOHN PAUL JONES - June 7, 2019

It is obvious that we need to elect people to congress who will address this problem. If they speak about spending more, do not vote for them. If they speak about addressing the debt in appositive way, vote for them.

Robbie Rouch - June 7, 2019

Bump the Social Security age 6 months evgery 2 years and adopt Senator Paul’s budget cutting suggestions.
Also, tell every dept. of govt to cut spending by just 2% every year for the next 10 years.

Eliot A Brinton - June 7, 2019

The vast majority of the debt problem is entitlements.
Social Security must be reformed!! This would be easiest along the lines of prior reform, lots of modest-sized changes to spread the pain. Also, conversion of some contributions into actual investment (rather than pay as you go) will help insulate us against further likely downturns in the worker/retiree ratio in the future.
Medicare must become more efficient, but how? Market-based (“skin-in-the-game”) reforms are likely the most useful since these will drive, price, quality and utilization all in the right directions. This will be much harder than Social Security reform but is necessary and cannot be postponed further!
Other reform would be helpful, perhaps mainly structural changes to the bureaucracy to force it to shrink, rather than promoting it’s growth, over time.
Climate change MUST be dealt with only via limited sponsorship of non-commercially-viable research (like the NIH). Prohibition of Solyndra-like ventures in the future must be cemented in place as best we can before another liberal President takes office.

JT - June 7, 2019

Stop illegal immigration. Quit giving money to countries who hate us and to others! Do line item vetoes. Stop the pork. Do the penny plan! Don’t let able-bodied people who are not ill use welfare as a lifestyle choice – put limits on welfare because jobs are here for people to work! Get rid of useless government agencies. Those left should live within their budgets and if they go over, take away their raises! They need to be held accountable! That includes congress!

Ava Hebda - June 7, 2019

We are verifiably spending almost $120 billion through June 15, 2019 on illegal immigrants (true numbers of illegals NOT AVAILABLE— stark testimony of lack of interest in controlling debt)!!! FIX THE IMMIGRATION LAWS WHILE BUILDING OUR SOUTHERN BORDER WALL. Next Florida Gulf Coast! contro

Thelma Forsythe - June 7, 2019

Limit total spending and appropriate funding wisely. Little is much when those in authority demand limits to well planned financial planing. Thelma Forsythe, Lastly, we must agree on priority spending and keep our goals in view to gain the success of only spending money you have in- hand which is not based on credit. Sacrifice is the key to regain monetary gain.

Ray Schneider - June 7, 2019

First, voters elect big-spending politicians. Heritage needs to triple its efforts to educate voters as to the perils of spending beyond our means.

Second, the federal govt is in far and away too many programs. A citizens commission is needed to review every govt program and entity, and given the authority to literally eliminate every one that serves special interests rather than the nation as a whole..

Gene Hanratty - June 7, 2019

The solution is somewhat similar to what people who are overweight need to do – consume fewer calories, exercise more and cut back on the really fattening foods.
So for our budget crisis we need to increase revenues, cut budgets and tighten up on the entitlements.
This means that we will necessarily need to increase taxes, cut real spending, and hold back the annual increases on entitlements some years.
We simply must cut down our national debt. It will be painful. Politicians need to stop making election promises which they know we simply cannot afford. Someone needs to come forward and explain what is happening with our budget in the simplest of terms. Liken it to a family budget.
And the message needs to be repeated over, and over, and over… Can I find a hero?
Time to pay for our sins!

Mark Howe - June 7, 2019

Just do what you would do with your household finances. Prioritize and cut the low priorities. My conservative approach would be opposed by a libtard. The Leftista.

Michael - June 7, 2019

What was wrong with my comment that you didn’t post it? Are you censuring for one viewpoint only?

Author Dustin Howard - June 11, 2019


The website automatically determines which comments to display; there’s no rhyme or reason to the ones it leaves in the “pending” category. I manually make the comment visible.

We only censor profanity, derogatory behavior, and spam.

Dustin Howard

Jerry Glover - June 7, 2019

Stop using OUR money to buy votes to feather your nest for ever. You are stealing from us,plain and simple.

Glenn Breitung - June 7, 2019

I agree with Robert Hahn on both points except that the 4% reduction in expenditures does not necessarily equate to a reduction in the national debt … the two must be linked by law or amendment.

Rory Carpenter - June 7, 2019

1. budget must be held to within the income stream generated by all taxes.
2. Cut spending by 5% each year going forward. Very easy to do as Industry does this every year.
3.use 2.5% to pay down the debt.

Richard D. O’Herin - June 7, 2019

The national debt is completely out of control and must be reigned in. Our national spending is out of control. Raising taxes will stifle the economy and make things worse. Congress must recalculate Social Security and make the necessary adjustments to payouts both present payouts and future payouts and operate so that there is not a deficit in Social Security operations. Also, Congress must clean house and stop supporting agencies that are no longer working or fulfilling a purpose that is useful. Congress MUST operate with a balanced budget. No more deficit spending – reduce the national debt to zero.

Carl Gebert - June 7, 2019

Reduce intitlements.
Eliminate subsidies
Balannce the budget

Eva Smith - June 7, 2019

Don’t give food, medical benefits, housing, education, nor transportation to illegal aliens! They have done NOTHING to earn it.

Marcia Stillwell - June 7, 2019

Simply cut spending such as duplicate programs or wasteful programs the private sector should fund. Get rid of pet projects for legislators that help only a small minority. Spend only for what is stated in the Constitution for the federal government.

Warren s Pugh - June 7, 2019

The Saudis, Pakistan, Iran and now Turkey are spending Millions
in destabalizing the U.S..$$ being spent by the U.S.on immigrants and related programs should be shifted to them and the the criminal element the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) who cooperates with no one..Why give $1.5B to Pakistan just to have them arm their 30 enclaves?

Rita Misero - June 7, 2019

Stop paying for abortions–all abortions!!
All pork!! Anything defending gay rights.
STOP illegal immigration! I agree,too,with John C.,Robt.H.,Jim C.,and many others.
Stop politicians HUGE pensions.
Stop spending money on talking about hurting our president. I am sick of my tax dollars being spent on evil!!
We need to love everyone and pray fervently for EVERYONE, but oppose sin!! God please help us!! Thank You!

steve j - June 7, 2019

Reduce the federal government. Dismiss staff. Eliminate departments. Stop giving federal money to state and local governments for welfare and Medicaid.

Lydia Culver - June 7, 2019

Stop funding all these grants – big pharma, tax incentives to big business, tax loopholes, dept of Education too large and invasive.
Govt is too big.
Break up monopolies.
IRS too convoluted and powerful with Administrative Law.

Don Peter - June 7, 2019

First of all use every available tool to break through the subdued attention this gets nationally. Some think Climate Change is a big problem (it isn’t) – give people the stark facts about what our debt really means for the future of everyone in this country. This is a REAL crisis and MUST be addressed soon or the consequences will be severe. It needs to hit everyone square in the face – best way to do that is make it personal by any and all means!!

Harriet Nicholson - June 7, 2019

I agree with Eva Smith! The illegals have broken the law by crossing the border and I do not want to give one thin dime to any of them, including a driver’s license!

patti - June 8, 2019

For starters they could all read the PIG book and take it to heart and do a lot of cutting from what it says!

Barbara Stockwell - June 8, 2019

I believe our total trade deficits with China, Mexico and the rest of the world are surely a trillion dollars or more. This needs to be fixed. Whatever tariffs we pay should be opposed and whatever state subsidized goods we buy should have our tariffs added so that what we produce here can be comparably priced. As a former commercial honey producer I remember a time many years ago when beekeepers here could not sell their honey at a fair price because of a flood of cheap, subsidized Chinese honey. Our president is right to try to even the trade playing field even if it means some temporary pain here.
I also researched once how much foreign aid we give. It is insanity to continue giving over so many years with no measurable difference made to the peoples whose living standards we are trying to raise. Help them to electrify with fossil fuels. That would make a huge difference, instead of giving it to the governments to enrich the leaders. We need to save ourselves first or we will not have a country that even resembles a little the culture that has helped us to thrive for 200 years.

Dee Hodges - June 8, 2019

National lands could be sold or leased for foresting , mining, grazing, etc. Taxes and fees could be cut to allow economic growth such as happened during the 1950s. WW2 debt did not disappear, the economy,instead, outgrew it.

Brian Forman - June 8, 2019

Put DAVE RAMSEY in charge
of paying off the National Debt. Use the increased tax revenues after the TAX CUTS and the money from
TARIFFS to fund debt payments. Put Dave Ramsey in charge of cutting Federal spending as the NATIONAL DEBT CZAR. “BEANS AND RICE, AND RIVE AND BEANS!”

Ralph Morrison - June 8, 2019

All gov’t salaries and pensions at market rates. Consolidate departments and reduce staff by 50%. Implement line item veto power and/or only pass single issue bills. Cap debt to 5% of GDP. Cap all foreign and domestic aid to 10% of GDP, eliminate all federal programs that can be handled at the state level (ie: education, health, etc), Set term limits on Congress and the house to 8 years max with no returns, Nothing gets fixed if you can’t change who runs government..

JB - June 8, 2019

Immediately cut all funding for federal functions that are not specifically enumerated in our Constitution, including all funding and services for illegal immigrants.
Make all members of Congress and their staffs subject to the same laws that they impose on the rest of the citizenry; prohibit any funding of benefits for them that are not also available for the rest of the citizenry; eliminate federally funded pensions and other retirement benefits for them; force adherence to the Constitution by prohibiting sitting members of Congress from voting themselves a pay or benefits increase in any form, including prohibiting a passive increase in their pay by not voting against it, including making violation of this prohibition a felony, and including making this felony status retroactive to any past votes in Congress.
Legislate severe penalties for anyone violating the oath of office to our federal Constitution; make such a violation a felony; and bar such a violator from any future federal employment.
Aggressively prosecute government leaders at all levels who are involved in refusing to cooperate with identification, apprehension, and punishment of criminals, including illegal immigrants.
Remove judges from their positions immediately upon exceeding the bounds of their authority, including when they make law instead of limiting their actions to interpreting existing law.

Karen - June 8, 2019

Remove the social security tax cap, now at around $132k. This would mean higher taxes for those who earn this amount and more but i understand it would account for most of the deficit in the program. In general, Federal taxes are based on a rate of earnings without a cap. Both increasing income and cuttingt wasteful spending in social security are needed. I understand this is a democratic proposal, which I often do not support but in my mind if something cost more than it brings in to run, the. You either cut expense or increase revenues.

Norman Gordon - June 8, 2019

The elephant in the room is the 2/3rds of the budget spent on Medicare and Social Security. Those programs must be adjusted by increasing the retirement age to reflect changes in life expectancy and work ability in recent decades.

Carolyn Gilbertson - June 8, 2019

Reduce govt dept spending FY20 AND reduce govt dept staff, eliminate debts.
Not entitlements to illegals, and stop flow of illegal immigrants.
Stop pork barrel spending.
Begin to eliminate federal funding to states; let them fund their own programs or eliminate them.
IRS has too much power; cut back or eliminate.

James Slaughter - June 8, 2019

The current Congress is incapable of solving the major problems facing our nation. They, establishment democrats & republicans, created these problems by serving the special interests that fund their campaigns and lack the will power to act. When a Senator such as Richard Shelby from Alabama who chairs the appropriations committee, as red a state you will find, will not push for funding for the border wall or stop funding Planned Parenthood, you must really wake up and realize that we the people have lost control of our government. We must, as hard as it will be, start to build from the ground up, a 3rd party that elects true patriots that cannot be bought by rich powerful interests. This will require a lot of work and a lot of money but what other choice is there.

nolen,waynette - June 8, 2019

I respect Pres.gTrump.I do not respect Congress. They need to be.W for American first and Congress is for themselves.All they care is money for their pocket We need term limits, lower their salary. The Democracts need God back in their you I like tthe comments the people wrote. let’s get it done.

Paul Flynn - June 8, 2019

1. Raise social security and medicare tax rates to make the programs actuarily sound.
2. Balance the budget over a 4 year time frame.
3. The debt, as it will stop growing, will go to zero over time.

Stephen Heckman - June 8, 2019

Force all of congress to take the same social security, no pensions, same with all other benefits that Americans receive from Govt.

Jane Tucker - June 8, 2019

Stop funding causes or programs that are a state’s responsibility. Also take away any congressional pay that is above the national average for wages, and limit terms for house and senate.

Robert J Petersen - June 8, 2019

I keep wondering why you do not urge Congress to delete the marriage penalty in welfare? If we could have more two parent families would this not make a big difference in inner city homicides, crime, drugs, etc. and perhaps this would reduce the need for welfare. As it is why do we have over 100 welfare agencies. Why do we not have a blue ribbon committee to reduce the bureaucratic state?

Don L. King D.D.S. - June 8, 2019

Provide me with a itemized list of where
this money has gone AND where it is
going , also I would like to see
amount of interest being paid annually.
I hope you are serious ..

DR. Don L. King

David Thomas - June 8, 2019

A “small” start would be to freeze budgets for all departments at the Fiscal Year 2019 level, with no increase in spending going forward. Inflation and increased revenues will eat away the debt over time. Departments will have to budget for “lower” spending going forward since they currently assume increases based on inflation every year.

Mona - June 8, 2019

Transfer programs to the states. The federal government is involved in things they shouldn’t be, like education, healthcare, public lands, etc….
Follow the rule of law and end illegal immigration.
Increase the Social Security and Medicare age and let people know it’s a ponzi scheme and should be eliminated. A new program should be implemented only for the poor and the disabled.

Alan Feuerwerker - June 8, 2019

Pray for the Convention of States and that a balanced budget amendment will succeed as well as term limits. Congress will never fix themselves. We the people must take our government back.

Allen Lovekin - June 8, 2019

I have heard that much money has been spent by the military on unnecessary weapons. We need essential but not bloated defence systems. Our country is too much in debt.

Carole Qualls - June 8, 2019

Put a stop to all “Pork” spending.
Stop sending money to countries who support terrorism.

Pat Ellis - June 8, 2019

Get rid of ALL government GRANTS ! Most are ridiculous and for perks to special interest. NONE are needed.

Thaddeus W. Listing - June 8, 2019

Every gov’t dept must submit a budget for the next fiscal yr. @ 3 to 5% less than this year (start by using attrition);phase out all benefits to illegal aliens and begin to send all individuals and families to their native countries over the next 3 years except a productive few equal to legal total (approx 700,000/yr) with NO AMNESTY!

Diane - June 8, 2019

The very FIRST THING; Social Security is not part of the National Debt. It is 100% only our money. So if they take money out of this fund to pay down the debt THEY ARE STEALING IT AGAIN. We get Taxed on most of it, and that money doesn’t go back into the fund at all.
Stop giving aid to our enemies. We rush in everywhere to give aid and then things happen to us for helping out. The border crisis is taking a lot of the funds; instead of giving it to the countries down there, give it to groups that go there to help them farm with better ways, Teach them. Hydro farming for instance. They need ideas in Central America so they stay there.

Sill - June 8, 2019

Needs to be a 10 year plan to achieve a balanced budget and such plan supported by congressional mandate to be violated only in times of national crisis.

Eric Frohn - June 8, 2019

Merge all congressional retirement and benefit perks to equal those of private citizens. Take the money in the congressional retirement accounts and xfer it to social security. And I concur whole-heartedly with Mr. Robert Han’s comments of June 7. And ENFORCE the 28th amendment.

Ray McGinley - June 8, 2019

Eliminate the Dept of Education and make Education an advisory function under HHS.

Bob Merchent - June 8, 2019

Renegotiate the National debt tying trade deals to debt reduction.
Get the Welfare Bill passed and accelerate its implementation.
Reduce Non-core appropriations and expenditures.
DO NOT support illegal immigrants and make sure they understand that at the border or first pick-up point.
Increase the luxury taxes on Alcohol, cigarettes, high-end automobiles.
Increase retirement age to 68 and full benefits to 73.
Implement a simplified Tax process with a standard 12% tax with no Schedule “A” reductions off the 12%.
Implement a National strategy to put jobless folks back to work on infrastructure. Tax their pay. (This will “retrain” them on the values of working)
Pray for a wholesale National turn-around towards conservative values.

Pat Ellis - June 8, 2019

Agree with Eve Smith & Harriet Nicholson. We should NOT be spending taxpayers dollars on illegal immigrants for anything – food, housing, education, or any welfare. They are ILLEGAL, get it!

Charlie Davis - June 8, 2019

Do away with the dept of education. Increase the age of eligibility for social security, end govt funded flood insurance, end govt bail outs on disaster relief, stop funding any unneeded research for worthless items. Stop Obamacare. Reduce the number of govt workers. Should a border wall and reform immigration as pres trump suggested. Merit based. Go back to essential national govt functions only.

Darrell Dostal - June 8, 2019

First Congress needs to reduce there pay which will never happen! Cancel all foreign Aid! I agree with the rest of Robert Hahn ideas! Eliminate the Department of Education and give it back to the states. Give the President the line-item Veto! Eliminate fraud in every Department!

Thomas Lawrence - June 8, 2019

Over the next 10 yrs
keep military spending at 1% inc/yr
non-military spending is cut 2.5%/yr
a bipartisan comm with reps from the private sector is established to develop a fiscal plan to balance the annual budget in 5 yrs.

Greg Shoup - June 8, 2019

This is a big animal question that has to be carved into manageable bites. The two main bites are: 1) address SS and Medicare entitlements and bring revenues in balance with expenditures. The future unfounded liabilities of these two programs dwarf the current 22T deficit. 2) Ensure “Medicare for all” (aka Single payer / socialized medicine) does not become law. Else, money cannot printed fast enough to cover the deficits and/or no-one will buy U.S. debt.

George Dowdey - June 8, 2019

Follow the Heritage Blueprint!!! Quit playing politics, and do what is right for your constituents, you may think politics is a game but it’s not!

John Dennison - June 8, 2019

Start by passing a Balanced Budget Amendment and sticking to it!

RW Hobert - June 8, 2019

Congress must reduce spending in actual dollars. Government agencies must downsize or be eliminated.

Bill Baros - June 8, 2019

Raise the S.S. age to 70,or72.No benefits for illegals except for a trip home.Dump the Dept.of Education,they are a useless Dept.Stop foreign aid to all but a very few countries that gladly support us.Reduce the scope and power of the B.L.M.Rebuild the infrastructure but NO foreign countries to do it,U.S. firms only.

Bob Robb - June 8, 2019

I want the Congress to pay attention to the concerns of their constituents who are very concerned with the future of our country because of the horrible debt instead of focusing on their own personal agendas and the agenda of whatever party they belong to as well as paying more interest to the agendas and demands of the multitude of special interests on K Street and other locations in DC.

Thomas Hauck - June 8, 2019

Kindly review the following which
shows how to save about $750 billion (with a b) each year and enjoy better health outcomes — saving up to 75,000 lives per year.

The first is an article in the NY Times by Robert Pear. It is called “Health Official Takes Parting Shot at ‘Waste’”.
Dr. Donald Berwick’s 2011 resignation from CMS (Medicare and Medicaid) and of his complaints that 20% to 30% of all medical expenditures are wasted as they yield no benefit to patients. Dr. Berwick lists five reasons for the “extremely high level of waste” – over treatment of patients, failure to coordinate care, administrative complexity of the health care system, burdensome rules and fraud. He says some of the waste is due to onerous, archaic regulations enforced by CMS.

The second item is the result of a study by the IOM or Institute of Medicine (currently called Academy of Medicine or AOM) reported September 6, 2012 which shows ten ways to improve health care in the US and to reduce the cost (reduce waste) of health care by 20 to 30% or, in 2009, saving $750 billion that year. Improving healthcare might also save 75,000 lives each year.
Here are three links to or about the study — the first is an article in The Atlantic magazine and it easily highlights how the money is wasted.

The best and easiest/quickest way to understand the report is to read the Summary and here is the link to the Summary.

This is the link to the entire 400 page report which you can read online for free.
Hopefully this time Heritage will review the above material and determine a program to help Congress save money.

Margaret B. Talt - June 9, 2019

Stop raising budget caps. Congress must live within its income, and citizens’ purses are not bottomless. Reduce spending by 5%, all departments except Defense, and reduce national debt by that amount until it is brought to a reasonable level, stop foreign aid, put Congress on the same Social Security and retirement income as American Citizens, stop earmarks, and STOP BORROWING.

John Edward Humiston - June 9, 2019

Pass a balanced budget amendment, wherein the only instance in which an annual budget would not have to be balanced in order to be passed would be special expenses needed for a current war.

Bruce Adams - June 9, 2019

Our Constitutionally mandated Gold Standard would go a long way towards ending overspending . Where is Congress going to get 1 trillion per year in Gold to overspend ?

John - June 9, 2019

Cut spending programs
Department of education.
Cut epa 60 %
Cut goverment staff 50%
Turn med care &SS over to private industry
Apply just those savings for 10 years
See where your at!!!

Wayne g, ebaugh - June 9, 2019

Stop throwing billions at foreign countries.
Greatly reduce entitlements
Keep government spending in check with income
Discontinue outdated and ineffective government programs

Jim Erickson - June 9, 2019

Phase out all entitlement spending over the next ten years; meanwhile, convert all welfare/entitlement programs from taxpayer-funded to voluntary contributions; convert Medicare and Medicaid to private pay-for-service augmented by private catastrophic health insurance, not comprehensive insurance; and eliminate Depts of Education, Agriculture, Labor, and Commerce.

James Anderson - June 9, 2019

I would start by getting rid of the EPA, and/or Dept of Energy; the Dept of Education; Dept of Commerce and insisting on balancing the budget in five years. Heritage’s recommendations are excellent also.

George Garbe - June 9, 2019

The national debt is a disgrace. Pleading with congress to pass a balanced budget amendment just falls on deaf ears. Yet basic economics still demand that, like with families, the nation can’t spend more than it takes in. Foreign aid programs and the domestic give away programs are out of control.

Peggy Christensen - June 9, 2019

Stop giving our do-nothing congress pay raises – they pay no attention to the American people and the reasons we voted for President Trump, so why are we paying them exorbitant salaries?? Reduce the “freebies” to illegals and people who refuse to work. The ideas noted here all represent good places to start. If I spent like the gov’t, I’d have been bankrupt decades ago.

Durk Pearson - June 10, 2019

The Feds own 30% + of the onshore land in the US and nearly all of the oil and gas rich continental shelf. SELL IT and use the money to payoff the debt. Putting this real estate to its hight value market use would create a huge economic boom as well as paying off the debt and make the trust funds trustworthy. The US Constitution authorizes the Federalies to own the District of Columbia, forts, dockyards, magazines, and other needful buildings – not 30%+ of the US. Liquidate the debtor’s property.

Jerry Lebo - June 10, 2019

An inverse index on the compensation of all federal employees (including Congress and its staffs) in proportion to the increase or decrease in the federal debt during the previous year. If the overall result decreases compensation any department that under-spends its budget for that year by 5% or more is exempt from the following year’s cut.

Paul Wolf - June 10, 2019

Implement Heritage’s budget blueprint. We all know, however, that’s not going to happen as long as control of Congress is split and big government RINOs are in office.
We are heading for a cliff at break-neck speed.

Ernest - June 11, 2019

I received a E-mail stating Pelosi was wanting a $4,500.00 for a Pay raise and for congress! This kind of Spending MUST Be stopped ASAP.

J. L. Schmerbauch - June 11, 2019

1. Return as many governmental functions as practical to the individual states, beginning with the Dept. of Education.
2. Freeze federal salaries until the debt is gone.
3. Mandate an annual two percent headcount reduction for all agencies until the budget is balanced.

Doug Brown - June 14, 2019

Having read a long list of replies by others, I’m convinced that there are many things we CAN do to eliminate the national debt, but what we lack is the political WILL to do so. The national budget has become a sort of lottery, in which every person hopes to get more out than they put in. As long as more than half of the country lives off of the government, many will vote for the politician who promises them the most goodies. The only things that will bring the debt under control is (1) a major change of heart in many of our politicians, (2) a benevolent dictator with the will to eliminate deficits spending (very unlikely), or (3) a complete collapse of our economic system, which will lead to a dictatorship. I pray for (1), but expect (3) to happen. The debt will be controlled one way or the other. May God help us.

Gene - June 19, 2019

It’s Mandatory entitlement spending that is out of control. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the bloated bureaucracies set up to administer these programs Everybody knows that this is the problem – but every administration adds to the bloat. Add in the department of education, block grants to the states to insure that they adopt progressive administrations and curriculums. These programs are collectively called the “Third Rail” of Politics (untouchable). However, the real third rail is out of control spending, inflation, destroying our country. We know that we cannot print (or digitize) currency. History of Wiemar Germany, Venezuela, Holy Roman Empire all teach us what happens when the Government continues to debase its currency. Get a leader like Trump to Man UP!

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