President Barack Obama delivers remarks in Osawatomie, Kansas, White House Photo, Pete Souza, 12/6/11

In a speech Wednesday in Osawatomie, Kansas, President Obama made his ideological stance clear: he is a tried and true progressive.

Despite the total failures of his big government policies, the president still sees the federal government as the answer to all of America’s problems.

True to form, President Obama delivered a speech with strong rhetoric. But the American people see through the rhetoric. They know the President’s philosophy is flawed.

As Heritage’s Mike Brownfield puts it,

After three years of a massive expansion of government, the enactment of Obamacare, hundreds of billions of dollars in failed stimulus spending, government ownership of General Motors, a Big Labor/pro-unionization onslaught, threats of even higher taxation, the promulgation of more unnecessary regulations, and a total failure to confront the entitlement challenge, the verdict is in on President Obama’s record and the soundness of his statist, progressive philosophy.

That record is not strong. With a soaring deficit and stagnant economy, with 13.3 million Americans out of work and anemic job growth, it’s no surprise the President neglected these facts in his speech.

The President cited Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose movement as a model of good government. Arguing for increased infrastructure spending, higher taxation on job creators, increased regulation and more redistribution of wealth, Obama fell back to using class-warfare rhetoric to make his case.

Matthew Spalding, vice president of The Heritage Foundation’s B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics, explains why President Obama’s class-warfare language is contrary to what America is really about:

There are no class distinctions in America. That’s why Steve Jobs could start an adopted child in a broken home, start Apple in a garage and become a billionaire eight times over. The real distinction here is caused by the rise of a new governing class of experts, bureaucrats and political elites who insist on ruling us to enforce “fairness” rather than letting us govern ourselves under the rule of law.

Indeed, the new fairness inevitably leads to bureaucratic favoritism, inequalities based on special interests and undue political influence. The real class warfare, as Paul Ryan argued in his recent speech at The Heritage Foundation, is caused by “a class of governing elites, exploiting the politics of division to pick winners and losers in our economy and determine our destinies for us.

Class warfare does not exist in a land of opportunity. President Obama’s own personal story refutes his thesis. A man from meager beginnings now sits in the Oval Office and is commander in chief. And he is not alone. Millions of Americans have risen and found success in this country. But according to the President, achieving individual success in this country cannot happen without the help of an overbearing government.

“In his world, the government is the giver of all things, the defender of the middle class, and the architect of prosperity,” says Brownfield. “Likewise, success is not something to be championed but to be demagogued in the name of the expansion of the state.”

What do you think? Are there class distinctions in America?

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Brenda Hayden - December 9, 2011

I just got an email from Heritage promoting a webcast with Karl Rove, of all people. I thought Heritage stood for conservatism. Karl Rove is no conservative. He and the other Rhinos are the reason we are in the mess we are in right now with this president. Karl Rove should go back to Texas and stop trying to be relevant. He is not. Heritage, I am disappointed in you.

Ron McCane - December 9, 2011

“If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism. I think conservatism is really a misnomer just as liberalism is a misnomer for the liberals — if we were back in the days of the Revolution, so-called conservatives today would be the Liberals and the liberals would be the Tories. The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is.”
― Ronald Reagan

I believe this expresses it best and thank you for what you do for the Great United States of America.
God Bless American and its people of all walks of life.

Donald McKeighen - December 9, 2011

Yes, there IS a ‘class’ distinction, there is the ‘Ruling’ class, i.e. the politicians, and yes I’m including the Republicans, and then there’s the rest of us, Occupodos not included, they are an entire species unto themselves.

William Person - December 9, 2011

The only people I hear speaking about “class distinctions” are the media and politicians. Its the only way they can articulate needs for another group of people who they are trying to enable.

Rita Sandor - December 9, 2011

Our President sees the Federal goverment as the “giver of all good things” because he has mentored at the knee of radical Progressives and Marxists since his youth. The man has not had a full-time private sector job yet! What is most upsetting is that his private army of “Organizers” are heading the “Occupy movement” in several of our cities right now, and any other group force that “Occupies”, does so as an “Act of War”.

Pete Davitto - December 9, 2011

President Barry Obama makes me sick. His Marxist drivel is intended to do one thing – stir up Class-Warfare in its truest meaning… armed conflict between the under priviledged and the “1%”. He is following the manifesto of wiping out the middle class, denying God in our schools, and was setting up taking away Ameriucan’s 2nd Amendment Right with his “Fast and Furious” scheme. He and Holder are downright liars and should both be impeached.

As they say, “Strong letter to follow.”

May Our Dear Lord inspire Americans to rise up against this enemy attack from within and guide us to victory.

Pete Davitto

Gregory F. Farnsworth - December 9, 2011

Mr. Spalding hit the nail on the head. There are not nor should there be class distinction in America, unlike other countries. We are all equal in the eyes of our creator. I get irritated whenever I hear polititians refer to the “middle class”. It implies that there is an upper class and a lower class. A better description would be to refer to us in terms of income, such as “middle income” “low income” or “high income”. That would allow people to know who exactly the polititians are talking about.

Beverly - December 9, 2011

Class distinctions? There surely shouldn’t be, while there are “income divisions” they have no connection to class. True class is something you either have or you do not. Usually acquired early in life from loving family who teach it by example. Would any Heritage member refer to a fellow American as high, middle or low “class”.

I might make an exception for people on the left who often appear to gave NO “class” at all!

And for the record, I agree with Brenda’s comments on Karl Rove. True conservatives are not interested in listening to these old guard, establishment Republicans who have given us linguini spined candidates like John McCain, far too often. It is exactly the reason that the TEA Party was founded!!

Jim Kress - December 9, 2011

I agree with Brenda.

Also, Rove exemplifies “the class of governing elites, exploiting the politics of division to pick winners and losers in our economy and determine our destinies for us.”

Sandra Fosselman - December 9, 2011

That speech was Obama coming out of the Marxist closet. It was terrifying to me to hear these words come out of the mouth of our president of the USA. Many politically and civically inept and ignorant US citizens, enamored by liberalism as the hope for them to continue living a very unrealistic “Me, me” life that didn’t require giving back, voted for this phony posing as a freedom living American patriot, with impressive rhetoric. They never paid any attention as to where he came from and how he gained the opportunity to run for president. He is a presence no different, appearing as innocuous as Hitler in Germay. Many of these uninformed people are now waking up and rejecting him, but this may not be enought to vote himout. Unfortunately many who know a free meal and where it is coming from will continue to support him.
I wish I knew what it will take to dissuade Americans that this man needs to be removed from office. Unfortunately, the conservatives have yet to produce that leader who can expose Obama as an incompetent fraud and one with a dangerous political philosophy.

Ed Fritz, Jr. - December 9, 2011

I guess I naively thought we had passed beyond a class system in this country, but if Obama and the Progressives have their way, we will have this great land split right down the middle for political purposes; never what’s good for the nation coming together and working for common goals, such as getting our enormous debt under control in a way that everyone could play a part by pressuring these elected officials. II still have faith that the ship can be righted, but it will not happen as long as Obama, Harry Reid and has minions in the Senate want a class divide. It’s a shame. We have to fight this thing to the bitter end, and it may come to that.

John Tirrell - December 9, 2011

Re: Class Warfare and and President Obama’s Osawatomie Speech. The article stated: “Class warfare does not exist in a land of opportunity. President Obama’s own personal story refutes his thesis.” I would postulate that Obama’s personal story is not one where he worked his way up as Steve Jobs did. I am convinced he was helped by some one or some group to attain the position he now holds. Because he goes to extreme lengths to hide his past such as where he attended school, his grades, his “so-called” accomplishments, his status as a student, the passports he used to travel, his social security number(s), it appears he “did not do it himself.” I am convinced he is not a product of the American free enterprise system but the product of some behind the scenes individuals who have manipulated him and the system to get him to where he is today. Therefore, that is why he “sees the federal government as the answer to all of America’s problems” because he is the product of an elite backed system rather than achieving much on his own. If he was a product of the free enterprise system, he would not view our nation through a class envy lens. He has grasped on to a philosophical system that has never worked and never can work.

John R Ridpath - December 9, 2011

It is absolutely amazing how prophetic Ayn Rand was in ‘Atlas Shrugged’. Matthew Spalding’s quote here could just as easily be describing the government leaders in the book as it is the leaders we have now and what they are doing.

Leo Ruffini - December 9, 2011

To describe Obama’s teleprompter speech as a “progressive” makes me worry about the real political vintage of Heritage foundation and if we should continue to support the so-called conservative organization.
If you don’t call the self-imputed Messiah what he is, a Marxist trained puppet whose syncopated oratorical manner is mistakingly equated with intelligence, then Rush Limbaugh should stop pushing Heritage membership.
This (BHO), Ayers, Davis, Alinsky, Stern trained imposter is the fascist power hungry prototype described by Hayek and is a disgrace to our Constitutional Republic form of government.

Shame on you Heritage for weezil-wording and not calling a socialist what he is!!!.

Luci - December 9, 2011

Obama’s speech in Kansas proved he is a Socialist, if not Marxist. Is Heritage, too, PC. Why not call a socialist a socialist. If it looks like a soc., talks like a soc., and does like a soc. –HE IS A SOCIALIST!

Nancy - December 9, 2011

I’m going to be blunt. Do we have class in America? We shouldn’t, and we really don’t but politicians and race baiters insist on trying to create classes. There will always be poor and rich. There will always be different races. I’ve noticed that when one is poor, it is deemed “unfortunate”. Those who are successful are “more fortunate”. I wish the phrase “giving back” had never been uttered and would go away. As if anyone’s given me anything! If I want to volunteer, I will. If I want to give to a charity, I will. I don’t refer to it as giving back. It’s just giving. The phrase indicates that we all owe something to someone else. We might, but it isn’t a given. I’m tired of people wanting me to be color blind while at the same time they approach everything on the basis of their race! Voting FOR someone because of her or his race is just as bad as voting against someone for the same reason. So, no, we don’t have classes in America. We have opportunists and exploiters of a concept which doesn’t exist. One person being rich has nothing to do with another being poor. I wish someone would explain how it does. Please. If you can.

Terry Hungerford - December 9, 2011

President Obama claims that America has gotten lazy. Well isn’t the moron growing that proposition by the massive increase in intitlement recipients? Democrats are idiots.

David Humphrey - December 9, 2011

Of course there is class distinction in America, but not to the extent of the European nations. To think otherwise is blindness. However, that does not mean class warfare. The classes can be bridged by opportunity grabbed hold of. There is the Hollywood class of few and usually beautiful elites. there are the Millionaire and Billionaire clubs. There is the Senate club. And there is the saddest class of poor that are not sure where their next meal will come from.

Does government help reduce class distinction? A lot of people would say Social Security was a good thing. Few will openly admit otherwise. But its expansion into groups younger than retirement age is more arguable. Medicare? Easily deniable as to efficacy. But should government help break class barriers is the smarter question, and the answer lies in the broad public opinion of the Constitution’s General Welfare Clause, framed by case law.

The antitrust laws were good, in my opinion, because they increase competition, the basic driver of our economy and the door opener to wealth. These laws should be used very cautiously. Beyond that, I don’t see much of a role of government in promoting or breaking up the few classes in America.

Jake Martinez - December 9, 2011

I have become extremely concerned about the supposedly legal, but questionable insider stock market trading by some of our elected officials in Congress, which occurred in the days leading up to the 2008 economic crash and seem to continue to this date.

The reasons for my concerns are as follows:

On or about March 5, 2011, there was an article published by Nancy Morgan, a columnist and news editor, that revealed that after two full years following the 2008 economic crash a Pentagon contractor had finally issued a report on the series of events that led to the crash. The report suggested that financial subversion was carried out by unknown parties, such as terrorists or hostile nations, which contributed to the crash by covertly using vulnerabilities in the U.S. financial system and that “there was sufficient justification to question whether outside forces triggered, capitalized upon or magnified the economic difficulties of 2008.

Notable for its absence is any suggestion that the economic events that arguably catapulted Obama into the White House may have originated in our own political system:
Continue Reading:

What crossed my mind when I initially read the above article was that it had to be another conspiracy theory because I couldn’t imagine that any individual and/or individuals within our own government would be that corrupt, unethical and heartless to either allow and/or do anything that would contribute to an economic crash that literally destroyed so many American’s lives, but much to my dismay, I discovered that it was no conspiracy theory when I read a CBS News Report that was published on November 13, 2011, along with viewing a CBS 60 Minutes broadcast that aired on November 14, 2011, that revealed that in the days leading up to the 2008 economic crash some of our elected officials in Congress had made a variety of insider stock trades, which ultimately enriched them and their families while millions of Americans lost their jobs, homes and life savings.

“Food For Thought”
God Bless the U.S.A.!
Semper Fi!

ALLEN BERRY - December 9, 2011


Crystal - December 9, 2011

I used to think Ann Coulter was over the top, but no longer. The Left is Godless and Demonic and that is exactly what this class warfare crap represents. The Left seeks to appeal to base instinct in any way it can so it plants seeds in people’s minds that someone/thing is stealing from them. And that’s enough to rise the masses.

Richard Edmonds - December 9, 2011

There are not different classes of people in the U.S., we are all ‘one people, under God, with Liberty and Justice for all.’ However, there are some that can not comprehend that but, that only puts them in a different category of citizen not a different class. Isn’t it ‘funny’ that they would protest FOR a style of government that would ultimately deny them the right to protest anything?

Laurie Yankovich - December 9, 2011

There are no classes of people indicated in the constitution except citizens and non-citizens. It is appalling that so many Americans seem to be falling for rhetoric to the contrary. It is time that Conservatives get Karl Rove and others of his cautious ilk out of our way and begin spiritedly fighting for what this country is about. Humor works very well too, and we Conservatives can be very funny.

Carol - December 9, 2011

There are no class distinctions in America. Everyone has the freedom to live as they choose by working for their goal.
It is Obama who believes that their are two class distinctions in America: the government and the rest of us to support those who govern. Reminicient to the book, Animal Farm by George Orwell. The ruling pigs said that all of the animals were equal, but when referring to themselves said that they were MORE equal so deserved more.

James Milam - December 9, 2011

Greetings –
From that 89 year old decorated WWII Vet and fearful supporter of yours
President Obama is a huge success, when you wake up to what he is about.
I learned Revolution 101 as a lad in the 1930s under Roosevelt as he kept the country in a depression for two full terms with his revolutionary government programs. The revolution is now in the final phase: First thoroughly mess up the existing order, destroy the unifying Judeo-Christian ethic and collaborate with organized crime and divisive polyglot multiculturalism, bloat government and stifle all freedoms including free enterprise, destroy the economy and redistribute shrinking resources, appoint a palace guard of special forces and a shadow government of czars ready to take over. Dehumanize and distract the public by groping travelers while letting ships, trains and trucks enter the country uninspected. Make everyone so misereable they will be ready to say “anything would be better than this.” Pick a suitable time to contrive and announce a crisis, declare marshall law, and activate the shadow government, the palace guard, and the military to complete the revolution. .
You and some of the conservative talking heads on Cable TV are useful idiots aiding and abetting the revolution by imputing honorable motives and ranting about the “failure” of Obama and the progressives while they gloat over their huge successes in destroying traditional America.
Cordially, James Milam.

bob williams - December 9, 2011

Their certainly are class distinctions in America as there are in all countries everywhere. However, they are fewer more inconsequential in America than in any country since the beginning of mankind. We owe a debt of gratitude to our founders for the constitution they put in place to protect our freedoms, the rule of law ( passed down in large part from English Common Law ) to provide justice,and our Judeo-Christian heritage that gives us not only a moral framework to live by, but also the belief that EVERY human being is equally valued by the God of the universe.

Oscar Brown - December 9, 2011

Ordinarily, I would say that America is a classless society, but you might say that there are two sets of people in America — those who have class and those who don’t. Clearly, the president and his kind don’t.

Lloyd Bennett - December 9, 2011

Reading Tierra Warren’s “Class Warfare and President Obama’s……”; I could not agree more with the comments of Mr. Brownfield, especially Mr. SImon’s.
It seems that those that believe in the American model of individualism, hard work, and personal accomplishment are incorrectly labeled as insensitive to human needs and suffering; the plight of the poor.
As the President markets his progressive ideas, everywhere across the globe these very ideas are failing. He hopes to bypass Congress by installing many Czar’s that will determine policy and dictate culture by decree, not the voice of the people through Congress. He Fails to understand that Congress has rejected his ransformation of this country as did a majority in 2010.
He fails to listen and selfishly persists to push is own agenda, not that of the Nation.

Gary Terashita - December 10, 2011

The only class distinctions in America are those into which Americans cast themselves. We will remain free to make these choices if we can keep progressive, big government oppression at bay.

Rochelle - December 10, 2011

No, I don’t believe we have class distinctions in America. What we do have are differences in behavior, dress and choices. This is not limited to any group but exist in all groups. America was started with the idea of all men were created as equal. This idea dissolves classes. Many people have tried to start classes, including Mr. Obama. It doesn’t fly in reality.

Victoria DeLacy - December 10, 2011

It is telling that Obama made his speech recently from Osawatomie, Kansas, the city harboring the largest psychiatric ward in the state. Too bad he didn’t just stay there. They don’t need more business, but his narcissistic complex could certainly use some therapeutic adjustment. Next year we’ll vote for real change, Rick Perry for President in 2012!

Leiann Anderson - December 10, 2011

Class distinctions in America are the antithesis of our Founding principals. My prayers beseech our Maker to turn the hearts of Americans toward the light of truth.

Bruce Gingerich - December 10, 2011

Obama does not represent me, an American. I believe in economic freedom more than economic security. Sure, the poorest need to be protected but it should not be expanded to everyone. We American’s want the freedom to become rich or poor in money as well as other things. Why is our American leader trying to device us?

James Glenn - December 10, 2011

I think there are class distinctions in the economic sense. But movement from class to class is ongoing all the time, going up the ladder and coming down. The greatness of our society is that the opportunity is there for everybody to move up the ladder and, if you want to climb to the top, you can by being disciplined, working hard, and making sacrifices. The role of government should not be to equalize results but to assure equality of opportunity.

Don Bates - December 10, 2011

Of course, there are class distinctions — rich and poor, working class and professional, black and white, private school and public school, and so forth. Where in the world is there a classless society? Yes, people rise above their class origins, thank goodness, and no doubt they do it more in the U.S. than elsewhere else on earth, but class distinctions exist throughout our country.
Warren’s article actually supports this perspective. In it, he quotes Matthew Spalding as saying, “There are no class distinctions in America” in the same entry that he cites Paul Ryan as saying the real class warfare is caused by “the rise of a new governing class of experts, bureaucrats and political elites who insist on ruling us to enforce ‘fairness’ rather than letting us govern ourselves under the rule of law.”
Obama isn’t making class warfare. It’s already there. Has been all of our history. Would that it were different but it isn’t. Breaking down, yes, but a long way from classless which last I knew was a communist notion. Conservative thinkers toying with communist ideas, say it isn’t so!

Mae Collin - December 10, 2011

I came from a poor, proud, family. No welfare. My first job paid 62 cents an hour bussing dishes while attending BIOLA. I realized early that I must get an education to prepare me with skills that a company needed. Later on, after job upgrades, and working 40+ hours a week, I was able to attend evening classes at a city college. paying up front, meeting company requirerment of completing couorses with a B average, my employer reimbursed my expenses. I eventually earned a BS degree in Quantative Systems from a Cal State University. After graduating with a 3.9 GPA, I returned to city college, enrolled in refresher math classes just to improve skills that I felt would help me to be confident to earn a job upgrade.. A degree is not enough, skills are very important. Eventually, I was hired as a Facilities Engineeer and my salary substantially increased. During all this working, studying and learning, I developed much needed self-confidence and self respectf. Those 24-hour marathons of studying for tests and writing term paers enabled God to MAGNIFIY MY EFFORTS. He didn’t make it easy–and I AM GLAD. HE WORKED WITH WHAT I GAVE HIM.


The government under Obama, has reduced the perks that companies given to employees, in the past, to enhance their salable skills.

Now under Obama,company money is allocated to paying new government regulations and taxes fees.

It is sad that so many in today’s society will never reach their full potential because they liive in that world of “I deserve “, because I am just here. Government is my caretaker


What a crock!

My prayer is that God doesn’t give us up to Obama. Terrible.!

S Thomson - December 10, 2011

Our country is in the mess it is because all people in Washington have not done what is best for America! They have all pandered to lobbyists and those with the big bucks…, if this is class warfare, you ALL helped to promote our country’s woes! Obama is as much of the problem as all of you. Help the American people and quit trying to always get re-elected! Shame, shame.

Doug Lyle - December 10, 2011

Are there classes of Americans. Sadly, yes but only because the left continues to hammer the lie that, in reality, therer are “unfair” distinctions. Their premise of egalitarianism is terribly flawed in that America makes no promise of nor commitment to equal results. The left erroneously equates equal opportunity with equal results. But this is not surprising given that beneath the nice sounding rhetoric, beats the heart of Marxist socialism. There is only one class of Americans: free and responsible.

Patriot - December 10, 2011

Agree with Brenda, re: Rove. It is my opinion that he and Krauthammer, along with the inside-the-beltway Senators and their “sharp elbows” made sure that Christine O’Donnell and Joe Miller lost their bids for the Senate. They may not have been the best of candidates, but they were Repubs who wanted Conservative/constitutional values represented. Instead both pundits surmised neither was electable, and the Senators threatened them with their “sharp elbows”. Thus Murkowski a LIB/progressive Repub from AK and Dem from MD won. So, as far as I’m concerned, I do NOT consider either Rove or Krauthammer Conservatives – just egotists.

As for OWEbama – class warfare is his “game” and he is using it on the overprotected, overindulged, lazy members of our society who want what others have, but don’t want to work for it. Just look at the words of someone in OWS when speaking of the bankers they didn’t see – be at work by 8 and stay till after 5, not me. Many have given their all so we could have the opportunities this country once offered and must offer again – the opportunity to achieve one’s dreams by hard, dedicated work, not by taking from others who have EARNED it.

vernon - December 10, 2011

Are there class distinctions in America?
Of course there is….. Do you recal the news report on TV (audio only) asking a woman where she thinks her free welfare money came from? I will never forget her answer……”From Obama”……”from his STASH.”
I do think that this is an example of really “low class”… whatever that may mean to those that read my comment.

Ray Hinkle - December 10, 2011

I believe the President’s speech is an “unveiling” finally, of the President’s true motivations. He is a socialist and he admits this. This speech has ended any speculative dialog about his true beliefs. Shall we survive as the country was founded or are we going to emulate the failed European socialist examples? This is a major crossroad for our nation. The media disinformation management of this President by a compliant media is reminiscent of NAZI propaganda in Pre WWII Germany. And it may be impossible to beat. I hope not.

Ray Lahti - December 10, 2011

The Obama administration, progressives in Congress, and the news media are promoting class warfare. The latest bill to facilitate that has silently (even Heritage hasn’t noticed) been passed by the Senate. It is called the “National Authorization Act” which could be used at will to detain American citizens indefinately for suspicion of terrorism. Why has this facist tool even been written? Why has Heritage not been “up in arms over it”?

John Blickensderfer - December 10, 2011

There are class distinctions in America today. There are the politically connected, who use their money or position to influence elected and appointed officials to make decisions favorable to their interests. When that happens society recognizes it as power. Class distinction simply describes power differential between different discernible groups. The rest of the population whose political influence can only be exercised at the voting machine are significantly disadvantaged compared with those who are politically connected.

John Frei - December 10, 2011

“Progressive” is too soft a term for Mr. Obama. “Marxist” is more accurate, and at least he was honest enough to tell us so in his speech.

J E Houser - December 10, 2011

History has taught us that the only times there has been a blossoming of the human mind and individual prosperity is when there was a group of competitive states, with England without a authocratic government as the only exception.

Tom Demarest - December 10, 2011

We know so few of the details of Barack Obama the child, the teenager, the high school student, college student, or grad student. He has been allowed to keep this all hidden. Perhaps in this speech he is unveiling himself as the quintessential example of someone who would never be where he is without the help of divisive big government policies & programs. Perhaps he has never competed without some direct influence or financial help from the political and financial elite class he claims to despise but has always envied and now belongs. Perhaps, if all the facts were known, he would be exposed as one of the great deceivers of recent history.

Alan W. - December 10, 2011

These quotes hit the nail on the head. Especially Paul Ryan’s about governing elites.

K. Hunter - December 10, 2011

Of course there are class distinctions in the United States. The thing that distinguishes our recognition of that reality is that anyone of any socioeconomic class can reasonably expect to advance in that class structure through personal effort.

edfromtexas - December 10, 2011

The only place “fairness” is relevant occurs between a buyer and seller. The seller states a price for his product or service and the buyer determines if the price is a “fair” one. These are individual decisions made in a FREE market. If an elitest government bureaucrat determines what is fair, he is taking the free choice away from the individuals involved in the transaction. This theft of choice creates distortions in the economy which destroy incentive and make everyone poorer for it.

And Brenda is right about Karl Rove. He has way over-extended his fifteen minutes and needs to disappear!

Barry W. Jackson - December 10, 2011

There is no class war among true Americans. The International Ruling Class is and has been, for decades, waging war on Americans (and the World.) They have been winning. Especially over the last 20 years, they have been accumulating nearly all of the goods and wealth produced by the growing class of the poor, the hollowed out middle class and the merely rich. Since the Ruling Class “provides all of the jobs”, soon the rest of us will nearly all be wage and salaried slaves. If we object, as the Occupy Movement now is doing, the Ruling Class will point out we can always eat cake. Viva Marie Antoinette! Instead, I expect a Credit Anstalt Affair. I am a Heritage Foundation Member. Respectfully Submitted, Barry W. Jackson, Esq., Major, USMCR(Retired), age 81, 11 months, and 17 days. P.S. My father was an employee of a Patriot of the Ruling Class, the pilot of the Sikorski S-42, of William K. Vanderbilt. My Great Grandfather, A . Wendell Jackson, defeated the attempt of 6 international banks, backed by their governments, to take financial control of China after the Empress was deposed. See New York media, October, 1912. My mother’s cousin, Harry Englebright, the only member of Congress unanimously elected to Congress by the voters, was in the House, as Republican House Whip, when the House passed Glass-Steagall by acclamation. I note that President Herbert Hoover supported Glass before Roosevelt came around. It appears to me that the Heritage Foundation now repudiates Hoover, Teddy Roosevelt, Nixon, Reagan, and Abraham Lincoln. No friends of the International Ruling Class, Nixon and Reagan must be turning over in their graves. I campaigned door-to-door for Eisenhower-Nixon in 1952. When I urged, during 1967-71, that 80,000 Alaska Natives gain fee title, with mineral rights, to more land than in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, Nixon, told of the immense, impossible, proposal, responded, whatever Alaska Natives want, let them have it. And so my 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act was achieved. Punished, like all attorneys for Alaska Natives, I have been insolvent ever since. Cites: Donald Craig Mitchell, “Take My Land, Take My Life”, University of Alaska Press; Fred Paul, “Then Fight For It”, subtitled “The Largest Peaceful Redistribution of Wealth in the History of Mankind”, Trafford Press, Victoria, B.C.
May God have mercy on your souls. (You may edit. Please send me a copy, as I see no way to get one.)

James Frisbie - December 10, 2011

Of course there are classes in America. Is there a society in the world that doesn’t have classes? As soon as this half-black fool that is our president gives up his jumbo jets, the white house and all its trappings, his limos, all the things that make him a member of the upper class, then I will join him in getting rid of class distinction. I am not worried about it happening.

janet - December 10, 2011

I don’t understand why you use the term “progressive.” “Progressive” has a generally positive connotation. Why not use a term such as “radical” or even “socialist?” This kind of term connotes the fact that Obama is anti-capitalist, indeed even anti-American.

Robert Turner - December 11, 2011

Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth. He espouses Marxist theology that is designed to destroy the nation. I left my homeland that was fast sliding into the same quagmire we are facing today. America offered me a place to be free and work for a future. Now we have a man destroying the future of millions just to feed his egotistic idea of power.
I wonder how much “Stimulus” money has been transferred into his control that is hidden from our view. Transparency is only covered in the dictionary, not in the current administration.

Just Questioning - December 11, 2011

A class structure evolves over time: take Europe for example with its historic landed gentry and more recently, an unelected political elite being created in Brussels. In the US, with a measure of hard work, playing smart and a little luck there are no class barriers. At least none so large that cannot be surmounted. The reason we are now hearing about “class” is in order to create a political divide. It is a devisive propagander put in motion today by a moronic political belief system in order to cover their own failings and the damage they have done to the US politically and fiscally. So do we want or need an other 4 years of these types in power? Only if we want to see this divisive form of behaviour to continue in order to bring everyone down to the level of the lowest common denominator and the destruction of the individual will with government regulating every facet of your life. Then we will have a class structure. The political elite on one side and the serf’s on the other.

W. Colborne Mullen - December 11, 2011

I am not a hater, of the poor, however there is no way we are going, to have reasonable Government, until we require voters, to have skin, in the game. Government employees, the unemployed, and non citizens who are somehow allowed, to vote, etcetera, now virtually out number the tax payers. Their ill advised attitudes, are forcing us towards the cliff. Most do not contribute a penny, to pay, for all the Government hand outs yet they are allowed, to vote, for more unfunded services. I propose we require these non contributors, to perform some kind, of public service, for the money they receive. They should be barred, from voting, if they do nothing. I am sure there are many charities willing, to have help, in all areas, of the country. I also believe the rate, of unemployment, will decrease rapidly, if they are working, for the money, the rest are forced, to pay them.

Jeff Yetter - December 12, 2011

Class distinctions?! In America?! You bet your bottom-debased-dollar, there are!! There is the producing class, those who pull the wagon. Then there is the majority-sized remainder class, those who ride uphill and down. What a revolutionary idea that the whip that flays the wagon-pullers should be wielded by this Post Turtle. If you dray animals have any energy left at the end of your shift, in the name of Merciful God, please Pray for America!

William Mangum - December 12, 2011

Fairness?? Chi Chi Rodreguez(the golfer) said ” life is not fair. If life was fair, my name would be Rockefeller”. All men (and women) are created equal, but that equality ends at birth. From that point on, what you get is what you earn, be it love, respect, or material things. The government gives us nothing. For the government to give someone something, it must first take it, by law or force of arms, from someone else. The problem is, too many people think government is due to give them something, and will vote for those that promise them the most.

Bill Mangum
Decatur, GA

Michael Gabel - December 12, 2011

To be an American means not necessarily being, or even liking millionaires and billionaires, but always protecting the aspiration to become one.

Steven Bost - December 12, 2011

Obama showed in this speech that he is a true Marxist. He and his party absolutely MUST be defeated next November.

Maurice Rankin - December 12, 2011

Of course there are class distinctions. But I would like to address the 1%/99% issue from a different slant. Bill Gates can eat only so much ham, regardless of how much income he has. Warren Buffett needs only one or two microwaves. If their after-tax income increases they do not generate more economic activity by buying more. On the other hand, if you increase the spending power of 160 million 99%ers they buy more, and the companies that make those products pay bigger dividends to the 1%. That sounds like a win-win situation to me. From an economic viewpoint the result will be the same whether the 1% recognize this and act on their own, or if the government provides incentives to cause it to happen.

brad kocher - December 12, 2011

Class distinctions evolve in many way primarily through economic metrics. Liberals believe it is their mission to level out vaiations in Americans wealth through whatever means they can derive. Quite regrettably they have succeeded in eliminating 47% of Americans from paying into federal income tax coffers at all. They have also addicted them into being dependent on the federal government and voting with the Democrats almost exclusively. Sadly for our nation the administration and the willing press have ignited and fanned the flames of class warfare quite successfully.

Ann Maran - December 16, 2011

As Americans, we are NOT limited by class. Class is NON existant. We are only limited by our work ethic and our desire to achieve.

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