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On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for Dept. of Commerce v. New York, in which the state of New York and pro-illegal immigration groups challenge the Trump administration’s reinstatement of a question about citizenship in the 2020 census form.

According to Heritage Senior Fellow Mike Gonzalez, the reason this question is so important is because it has deep implications for one of the biggest cultural disputes of our time: is America a nation-state that can determine voting precincts based on legal voters, or should America be a battleground of subgroups arranged within a hierarchy of victimhood? You can find out more about Mike’s take on this case in the Daily Signal.

Tune in to the SCOTUS101 podcast, where Heritage legal scholars Elizabeth Slattery and Hans von Spakovsky discuss the case in detail.

What do you think about leftists using non-partisan avenues like the census to advance their agenda?

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William Price - April 26, 2019

i do not like it at all.

Dr. Millard MacAdam - April 26, 2019

I think they consistently have very sick and destructive agendas for America and American citizens.

Catherine Bliss - April 26, 2019

It is a disgrace to everything America!!! Whatever happened to free speech. The Leftist policies scare the hell out of me! President Trump gave us back respect of & pride in OUR COUNTRY & DEMOCRACY! Now it is in jeopardy.

Jose Meruelo - April 26, 2019

I am a legal immigrant and naturalized citizen who after being 9 years in the country had the honor to vote in 1980 for Ronald Reagan. The citizenship question is required for knowing who can legally vote and who doesn’t, despite being a legal resident alien.

Robert Koerner - April 26, 2019

I think that immigrants should not vote until they become naturalized citizens.

Ren - April 26, 2019

Lefties are trying their best to turn the USA into a third world country. No…we cannot let that happen. Continue writing and phoning fake media and let them know that you are boycotting everything THEY stand for. No longer visit stores that push stupidity on us. I have found that I didn’t need those products or shows at all. I now watch MeTV, Antenna TV and certain cartoons because they are the only shows left with good morals and beliefs in God & Country.

Thomas Wright - April 26, 2019

It is wrong, and they know however don’t care they just want control of everything.
If the President doesn’t stop them they will succeed.

Melody A Reed - April 26, 2019

So disgusted with the Dems and their destructive and divisive agenda. The U.S. Constitution is our legacy….and it was written for times such as these. The framers are probably turning over in their graves right now. God bless America!!

Robert Appleby - April 26, 2019

The objections to including citizenship on the census is only looking at one side of the problem. People residing in the US without documentation (green card, visa, or citizenship) are always in jeopardy of being deported as a result of self identification. However, the census should be a vehicle to get these undocumented people documented without fear of deportation. That is what the U-Visa was designed to do. It should be made available to all those undocumented people who wish to become a documented resident. Only when we have an accurate estimate of those individuals, will we be able to create a path forward.

Robert Ash - April 26, 2019

Be assured the Left will use any means possible to promote their agenda.

Philip Gay - April 26, 2019

Only valid citizens should vote.

Geary R. Smith - April 26, 2019

Since the only party the objects to the return of this question is the one that represents the far left liberal policies and the ability to just open the borders to unlimited illegal aliens. The question has merit and is necessary. Illegal aliens should never be allowed to have representation in our government. Citizens are the only people that deserve representation!

Martin W Howser - April 26, 2019

There is nothing to discuss here. If you are a citizen or here legally you are counted if too bad!! The Leftists can go pound sand!! We have a right to our nation state and that means we regain control of our boarders. This a top national security issue.

Albert Stern - April 26, 2019

There has to be a balance between regulation enforcement and manipulation. Freedom of the public and protection of voters expressions.

Kirsten Reiner - April 26, 2019

Our Nation has to ensure to be a country of laws and law enforcement or we are no longer ‘One Nation under God’. There need to be a clear separation of those who are here legally and those who have not yet reached the status of citizenship.
A census ought to count only legal citizens

Pat Ellis - April 26, 2019

The citizenship question SHOULD be on the Census form, so that states like California will not have an increased population number so they can have more electrical votes with the enlarged number being illegal immigrants.

Jane Bunegar - April 26, 2019

It’s important that the laws, resources and privileges of the United States are available only to citizens of the United States. The process of citizenship needs to be improved and refined to make citizenship available to people that are productive and patriotic. The process takes too long and is too costly.

LJ Feher - April 26, 2019

I certainly hope the citizenship question will be on the census. It is yet another move by the libs to ensure that illegals get all the benefits of citizenship. It’s a national disgrace.

Jaime L. Manzano - April 26, 2019

The link between citizenship, representation, and voting, requires acceptance to be decisive in the exercise of state power. Who is counted, and votes, is fundamental in the Constitution. Thoughtlessly expanding votes to non-residents, and even immature youth, dilutes the desired judgement, and value of experience, and learned commitment of citizens to the country.

RuAllen Schmidt - April 26, 2019

A citizenship question should be mandatory on the census. I don’t know why it was ever removed. You must be a U.S. citizen to vote.

Edie Elerick - April 26, 2019

Trying to skew the voting outcome by attempting to let illegals vote is like saying we don’t have a Country. If illegals really cared they would follow the rules and laws. Ditto the ones who want to alter the census districts. Educate the public to what you stand for and gain the votes LEGALLY.

Craig Vernieu - April 26, 2019

HELL, YES !! OF COURSE, reinstate the damn citizenship question with the penalty of automatic voting disqualification for “No” answers !!

Dee Hodges - April 26, 2019

The citizenship question has been on the census for many years, but not lately. Without the question, especially now, with so many non-citizens, our vote has been abused. You should ask if people believe our elections are fair. Only citizens are supposed to vote, yet most states have no required ID or proof of citizenship to register and vote.

Sara - April 26, 2019

of course, the deep state is destroying our Nation. between Bernie and AOC, enncouraging the millenials, we are in trouble. They don’t want to work. they are in debt, they want to be rescued I have worked all my adult life. Even my son thinks he is entitled to my assets. I am rewriting my will leaving him nothing.

William Coates - April 26, 2019

Leftists are sneaky and persistent. Apportionment of Congress should be according to the number of eligible voters, not just total population. Voter ID should be required to cast a ballot. Mail-in voting invites fraud; it is difficult to keep voter rolls updated with our mobile population.

Sylvia M Mohr - April 26, 2019

I think the left is delusional and dangerous and are constantly proving how dangerous their ideas are.

Barbara Wenders - April 26, 2019

Everything the “leftists” want is political to benefit them. I’m in favor of the legal citizens who are paying the bill, be the only ones voting. We don’t need illegals voting for more and more freebees for themselves. We need the Wall, reform of the immigration laws, illegals waiting on the Mexican side of the border for their hearings and NO benefits until and if they qualify for citizenship AND take the test, pay the fee and swear to abide by our Constitution and laws!!!! Taxpayers do NOT need to be paying for illegals!!! The dems. rip us off too much. We don’t need more folks needing benefits. If we have money left over, help seniors, Vets, poor people who need a hand up, not a hand out!!!!

Barry Ripps - April 26, 2019

Studies reveal why TV viewers do not demand balanced reporting on issues and don’t change channels. Most people are not willing to engage in debate or hear perspectives opposed to their own deeply held convictions. Almost religious or cultish zeal can’t be persuaded by facts. Thus viewers only wish to watch and read what already agrees with their current viewpoints.
We should not ask government to interfere except to sustain Constitutional free speech. What is needed urgently IMHO is to regain conservative and patriotic education, elementary onwards. It is too late for 2-3 generations of today’s progressive liberals to return to being “classical” liberals. Hitler and the Saudi captured the hearts and minds of their populations by propagandizing their youth.
The answer for the West’s future is reinvigorating the values of true “free speech” to our youngest.

Mary Matthias. - April 26, 2019

Am appalled free speech isn’t for everyone.
There is no rule that I have to agree with anyone
who has a different opinion than I do because it
would be ???. I will not be silenced.

Ivar Paavola - April 27, 2019

No vote till they are a citizen.Forget that Motor/voter crap.

Jerry O Wilkins - April 27, 2019

We are in the greatest civil war since 1860 ! Uphold the Constitution at all cost !!!

Chris Milord - April 27, 2019

The left apparently doesn’t care much about defending liberty or preserving the rule of law. They want non-citizens to have the right to vote and also receive an array of social services. They even want illegal migrants to make up part of the census that is counted every ten years. More often than not, left wingers prioritize the rights of illegal immigrants above those of citizens and legal immigrants who abide by the rules of fair play. It’s important to state one’s citizenship status on the census forms because it is counting citizens. Just as it is important to prove one’s identity as a student, worker, or traveler, so it is important to do so as a voter. We cannot allow lawbreakers to have rights at the ballot box as that subverts the principles of the Constitution and could adversely impact our national security. Stating one’s legal status on the census can help the government get an accurate count of citizens and non-citizens. This should not be a controversial issue, yet the left wants to divide the country over it.

Lloyd - April 27, 2019

Illegals are illegal. Only citizens are allowed to vote. Otherwise our country could not really be our country.
We had a great immigrant program that has been nullified by the liberal element and is now being reestablished by the Trump Administration. Let’s keep our country for the citizens not the illegals.

Joseph Tatman - April 27, 2019


Terry Bauer - April 27, 2019

By flooding our country with illegals, the dems seek to increase the number of Congressional representatives in key states (CA, Texas, NY, and Florida) and thereby gain permanent control of our government. Success of this plan is predicated on counting illegals in the census. If the citizenship question is omitted, then we are on our way to becoming a banana republic.

Raymond Hudson - April 27, 2019

The left should read Miriam Webster! Check the definition of “Illegal”, then ask yourself, “Should Illegal Immigrants be allowed to vote?” Just as “Infringed”, in “Shall Not Be Infringed”! The left insists on throwing out both the Constitution and the dictionary!

Marilyn Hodgell - April 27, 2019

We conservatives must pray for strength and stand for the rights we have. It should be done with respect of others. Yes, the citizenship question should be included definately.

Keith R Graham - April 27, 2019

Our country depends on citizens voting, electing representatives. As such voters need forms of identification . Representation depends on knowing how many citizens reside in an area. Electoral numbers are assigned based on this.
Weather one answers the question, are you a citizen, is another mater. If not answering , one should conclude that hat person lacks citizenship.
Non US citizens are guests or are here illegally . Neither deserve the privilege of voting.

Joyce McNutt - April 27, 2019

What I write here is very mild to the way I thing things are happening.
Yes! Put the Citizenship item on every thing. Only the ones imposing on America do not want it.
The rabble rousers should be forced to behave and submit their complaints without violence.

Ramona Brandt - April 27, 2019

More Saul Alinsky ideas greatly expanded under Obama; Hillary would continue.
It has to be limited to legal citizens!!!

Jerry O Wilkins - April 27, 2019

Without strict citizenship voting , the country is up for grabs! Caos would rein as in Central America & other destabilized regions!!!

Craig Hinger - April 27, 2019

In case you haven’t noticed, and certainly you have, the left is using anything and everything they can from selecting judges to the rules concerning voting to who you can serve or not serve a cake to. At some point they want to control every aspect of our lives. A good example is if illegals are allowed to vote. If they were allowed the Republicans would never win another election. Another example is the electoral college; do away with that and we get the same results as the above. The attacks come from everywhere, from mobs to who knows whats next, we better not let our guard down.

Wilma Williams - April 27, 2019

I love working with my genealogy.. It is also helpful to keep a persons mind active as they grow older as they do the detective work involved. I am 93 an have limited ability to get around. Tracing my people has been one of my greatest joys.

dennis k DRESSLER - April 27, 2019

the census is to count legal voting citizens in a district. The illegal non voting body has no say in our government, should not count in deciding district count and should be deported. If you are not a citizen you have no say in our running of the government. Save our country, bring back the draft.

Dan Long - April 27, 2019

ANY non-citizen should be prohibited from voting in any election at any level of government in our country! Valid proof of identity should be presented and verified by poll workers before voting takes place.

Ann Van Brunt - April 27, 2019

Yes, Citizenship is a requirement to vote. Maybe a new law should be, if you came to the USA illegally ( broke the law) you can NEVER vote! God Bless America!

William Miller - April 27, 2019

To all the staff at Heritage, please keep up the good fight on this issue. The Supreme Court needs to hear from your organization and our Nation depends on your commitment.

Audrey Lauer - April 27, 2019

Citzenship is a Must to be a Legal Voter in this USA. In Florida you must show a picture ID & it should be manditory for All of the states automatically & it isn’t, WHY?

jim dickert - April 27, 2019

It is a constant refrain from liberals.”If you disagree or have a different viewpoint just shut up and don’t speak” I have gone from Let’s review the fact to distaste for the liberals as nut jobs.

Ernest Choquette - April 27, 2019

I belive that you soon be a legal immigriant and naturalized citizen to vote

Margaret Rosenthal - April 27, 2019

The left is always on the wrong side of every bill. They are awful. Keep fighting for the truth of our country.

George Doane - April 27, 2019

It needs to stop, whatever that takes!

Irene - April 27, 2019

Does anyone uphold our Constitution?

Debra Price - April 27, 2019

President trump does. Yes the question should be on the census.

Edward Thieme - April 27, 2019

This the latest liberal move to make US Citizenship meaningless.

John Wier - April 27, 2019

Illegal immigrants have no right to vote.
They are not American citizens.
So they should not be able to vote in local elections or serve on any governing boards in the United States.

Earl Caldwell - April 28, 2019

I think the citizenship question should be ask since it is a qualifier for being able to vote?

Tom Graves - April 28, 2019

I am “FOR” asking the citizenship question on the census.

Charles Hawkins - April 28, 2019

I agree that citizenship should the basic requirement for participation in elections in our representative form of government.

Constance Roehl - April 28, 2019

Only the citizens of this great country should be allowed to vote. Only we know what we want and need. All others want to vote here only to change America’s way of life, which they have no right to do.

Pieter Tisserand - April 28, 2019

I was a legal immigrant(1960) and now American
citizen.Do not let the left change this Country that I love.

Larry Stewart - April 28, 2019

I believe that citizenship question should be part of the US census. We are the ones that vote for representation in Congress and for the President. That is our right that was fought for during the revolutionary war. If you are non citizen, check the correct box on the census. Remove politics from the work of government.

Dave - April 28, 2019

I am proud of and support every “Pro-America” policy President Trump implements. Especially his support for placing the citizenship question “back” on the 2020 census questionnaire. (It never should have been stricken in the first place) This is clearly another attempt by the Left Wing oriented, Social Justice Warrior cabal to circumvent the Rule of Law and destroy the intent of our United States Constitution.

Randy Hagood - April 28, 2019

This country can’t tell who’s legal and who’s not. If the census contains legitimacy questions, we will be able to tell who can vote and who can’t. This country has enough problems already regarding this matter!!!

GREG CRAWFORD - April 28, 2019

It never ceases to amaze me how liberals can misinterpret the most basic things such as the fact that people who are here illegally do not have a voice in how this country is run or who runs it. Citizenship is one of the most fundamental aspects of who we are as a nation.

ed mccarthy - April 28, 2019

I think this tragedy started out with Obama. The demarcates knew they had no policy to run on . All they needed was more voters. Well they want the gates open and our guards to be distracted so criminals can come in with thousands of people as shields. The whole thing has over whelmed them.

Nancy L Kilgore - April 28, 2019

The citizenship question is absolutely a critical one. It is only citizens who must be allowed to vote and to be counted in our census!

Doris B, Sanders - April 28, 2019

Illegals should not be listed on U.S. Census !! Only citizens of the U.S. should be privileged to be counted on the census.

Tom over - April 29, 2019

We the citizens of this country have the right to know who are here illegally. How else can we keep control over the direction of our future for the coming generations?

Roger - April 29, 2019

I echo the last part of Jose Meruelo- “The citizenship question is required for knowing who can legally vote and who can’t, despite being a legal resident alien.” An alien is still an alien, not a citizen. Also, Immigrants should not vote until they become naturalized citizens.

Roger - April 29, 2019

The left knows (shamefully) that their policies will cause non-citizens to most likely vote for them. I call them the “handout left.” That is at least one reason why the “citizenship” question should be asked.

cathy simicich - April 30, 2019

The first step to shut down the American people who are legal and count illegals to have them get in line for more free stuff

Gregory Homyer - May 1, 2019

Non-citizens should not be counted nor ever be allowed to vote unless they become U.S. citizens.

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