Heritage President Kay Coles James commemorates the House’s 100-year anniversary of ratifying the 19th Amendment, the first major step toward recognizing women’s right to vote.

On Tuesday, the U.S. House of Representatives celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the House’s approval of the 19th Amendment, which recognized women’s right to vote. The amendment was ratified by the required three-fourths of the states and became the law of the land a little over a year later, on Aug. 18, 1920. Read more in The Daily Signal.

In 2017, Congress established the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission, with the goal of observing the centennial of the passage of the 19th Amendment with a series of programs and activities. President Trump appointed Heritage President Kay Coles James to the commission of 14 women, who then unanimously elected James as commission chair.

James stated on Tuesday, “This centennial celebration ensures that we don’t forget the sacrifices, struggles, and the hard-fought victory to secure women’s right to vote … I know that the leaders of the early women’s movement would certainly be proud to know that today, the women’s vote outnumbers that of men and that women are vigorously exercising the franchise that they fought so hard to secure.”

Learn more about the history of women’s suffrage and events

From The Daily Signal: 100 Years Ago, the House Voted for Women’s Suffrage. Here’s the Back Story.

How can conservatives welcome more women into our coalition?

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Mickey D Watson - May 24, 2019

Trying to gather more women to the Conservative side of politics is truly a grand order. This will not be easy by any stretch of the imagination.

I think personally, there has to be a change in attitude towards Conservatism. Our stance on many issues involve moral and ethical issues that those women on the Left will never understand. Therefore, I say that it is vital that we are present at High Schools , Universities and Colleges.

Conservatives must get these women as early as possible, while they are gather their information about what politics are truly all about. We must educate them and counter what the Left keeps telling them.

Pro-Life is a very important factor to Conservatism. We must be there to tell them the reality of what the Left is saying and to prove the Left wrong on many issues.

I do think, we need to be in the High Schools before any of the “wackos” in the Universities and Colleges “get to them.” Probably, 20 years ago, we would have only needed to go to the Universities and Colleges. But, in today’s world it must be High School.

I do realize that getting into the High Schools will be difficult, but I do believe in the end, it will be worth it. Today’s High School students are a lot smarter than they were 20+ years ago. However, their minds are still open to ideas and ideals. Much like College students were in the past.

One way, is to work solidly on the premise that US Government is a vital part of education. Teaching these courses should not be simple. They need to be hard and maybe there truly is a need to make courses in US Government a requirement for High School graduation. I know that it had been in the past, if a student didn’t pass their required Civics Courses … They simply did not graduate in cap and gown or go through the Graduation Ceremony.

My solution may seem harsh, but I am coming from US Government is vital to their person. US Government in actively involved in all US Citizens lives from Birth to Death. They need to know how to recognize when the US Government is over extending itself and stepping on US Citizens and their own toes.

Daniel Desmarais - May 24, 2019

Women’s right to vote was obtain by the fight of women…. great thought, but big mistake because it was equally fought by many men or else the amendment wouldn’t have passed !!!
Same thing with ending slavery.
Evolution of thought in time makes people evolve and if you don’t evolve you stagnate and die. But evolution in basic principles makes you go off the rails.

William Coates - May 24, 2019

Our objective is that government play a much smaller role in our lives. Individual competence is required; our current public schools are far inferior to those of a century ago at teaching civics and critical thinking. Ethical behavior is not mentioned. The so-called ‘social sciences’ are of dubious validity, and often encourage morally corrupt conduct. It would be difficult to teach civics in our current social/media environment. The administrative state will not permit its failures to be pointed out.
Science says the brain does not seem to handle analytical decision-making until about age 25, but that may be due to our current soft and permissive culture. People matured earlier in more challenging times.
I’m not sure we want more women in politics. The emotional component is not really compatible with fiscal responsibility. We cannot afford to make this world perfect, wipe every tear, kiss every hurt.

J Nat Prince - May 25, 2019

Congrats on your appointment as president of the centennial commission. A great pick. I know the energy you bring to the commission will spread like wildfire. Expecting an increase in opportunities for conservative women of our great country.

Anonymous - May 25, 2019

Take a cue from the Justice Democrat Communists. They are soliciting, vetting, and training congressional candidates then backing them with money.

I ran for office in NV and the head of the Nevada Republican Party couldn’t so much as give me 10 minutes of his time and guidance.

Mona - May 25, 2019

We need to tell a story on how a person was depressed and felt hopeless until a conservative came along and showed them how to improve their lot in life. There are many instances where this has happened; unfortunately, conservatives are somewhat private people and don’t boast about their good deeds.

Frank Partee - May 26, 2019

Americans who revere and respect our Constitution need to become aware and involved with recruiting capable, patriotic women to run for office. The 2018 elections brought two aggressive Muslim women to Congress – the Palestinian Rashida 1talib (Dearborn MI) and the Somali American Ilhan Omar, of Minnesota (among 100 Muslims who ran for office) both of whom have shown disrespect for our values and animosity toward Israel. They have embarrassed many in their Party. Aggressive activities including demands for recognition of Shariah law in our courts have been undertaken. There are many capable women in this nation who have served in the military, elected offices in state and local government and in the private sector. We should seek and encourage them to run for Congress.

Colleen Kohler - June 2, 2019

Frankly, I do not understand the reason why women are not on the politically conservative side. Why would you not be in favor of people having more right to choose for themselves and less command by an overriding government? Why would you not be on the side of life? Why would you put your own wants above those of an innocent child? How can you choose abortion as a birth control method when today there are more alternative methods for birth control than have ever before been available to women: abstinence to multiple other methods.
As women, we have more opportunity available to us than at any other time in history. I do not understand the whining about “women’s rights” nor the cries against men by labeling masculinity as “toxic”. How do you make women less angry and more outwardly focused?

I have a daughter who is politically liberal. I ask her why she thinks I am hateful? She knows me. I am not unkind to my neighbor, uncaring about my community, nor unwilling to give aid. I just don’t agree with putting the government in charge of those things. Let the people act as freely as possible within the least structure necessary. At least when I point that out, she quietly reflects for a bit instead of bouncing to a response. Somehow, we have to explain that conservatism is kind and caring, not mean and prejudiced. I am not sure what happened along the way when progressive thought became kindness. To me, progressivism is unrighteous control of not just behavior, but also thought. As such, it must be eschewed.

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