You may think that Constitution Day would be the perfect day to exercise your First Amendment free speech rights. But this was not the case for one college student.

Robert Van Tuinen, a student at Modesto Junior College in California, wanted to pass out copies of The Heritage Foundation’s pocket Declaration of Independence and Constitution to his fellow students.

But not even ten minutes had passed when college bureaucrats put a stop to this. They told him he would have to fill out forms and get permission from the administration to distribute copies of America’s founding documents. And even with this permission, he could only hand them out within an approved “free speech zone.”

Robert Shibley at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education said the video above “should send a chill down the spine of every American.”

If you would like to help promote our constitutional freedoms,  you can purchase your own copies of the pocket Constitution at The Heritage Foundation bookstore.

Do you think students should be prohibited from passing out copies of the Constitution of the United States?

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