You may think that Constitution Day would be the perfect day to exercise your First Amendment free speech rights. But this was not the case for one college student.

Robert Van Tuinen, a student at Modesto Junior College in California, wanted to pass out copies of The Heritage Foundation’s pocket Declaration of Independence and Constitution to his fellow students.

But not even ten minutes had passed when college bureaucrats put a stop to this. They told him he would have to fill out forms and get permission from the administration to distribute copies of America’s founding documents. And even with this permission, he could only hand them out within an approved “free speech zone.”

Robert Shibley at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education said the video above “should send a chill down the spine of every American.”

If you would like to help promote our constitutional freedoms,  you can purchase your own copies of the pocket Constitution at The Heritage Foundation bookstore.

Do you think students should be prohibited from passing out copies of the Constitution of the United States?

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Betty Rinderknecht - September 27, 2013

And here we all thought the whole USA was a free speech zone. Where are these anti American people coming from? Have they always been here or have they just brainwashed citizens from the public school arena?

Betty Bassett - September 27, 2013

You have to wonder what would have happened to his free speech had he been handing out condoms or BCP?? This is beyond egregious. Keep up the good fight, our Founders are proud.

Dr. James W. Corey - September 27, 2013

It seem undemocratic and ridiculous to prohibit s student from passing out free copies of the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence on Constitution Day. It is even more ludicrous at a public educational facility. The student should be lauded for his initiative rather than sniffled by a bureaucratic response to one exercising their rights of free speech and assembly. Irt shows how far we have strayed from our guiding principles as a country.

Helen Desler - September 27, 2013

Awful, just awful and frighteing. On CONSTITUTION DAY Wha a registered Student passing out Constituions to fellow students hadto submit to: A guard, an officeclerk. lecturring him of the bureaucratic laws of the JUNIOR College,namley, to make an appointment with a designated office where to submit an application, and perhaps be assigned a possible time ‘ at designated loction, where he may hand out The American Constitution. That would be past the Day of Constitution!
Wonder whether the passting out booklets of hadths or hotdogs would also be restricted.?

Jeffery Topps - September 28, 2013

This has been coming for a long time on the campuses of America. Speech codes have naturally morphed into “free speech zones.” I saw the video of this woman and wanted to slap her. These little people, drunk with power of their little fiefdoms, are an insult to every patriot who has served the country to defend our freedoms. Maybe some of don’t deserve those freedoms?

Joan Hamblin - September 29, 2013

Modesto Junior College showed how junior and infantile its administration is when the college refused to allow this student to pass out copies of the U.S. Constitution on a public school campus? I can bet that the clerical person who refused his request doesn’t even know what is in the Constitution. Well, what’s new? Neither does Obama.

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