The AFL-CIO is doing its part to support the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Heritage Foundation investigative reporter Lachlan Markay discovered the union giant running Google advertisements to drum up support for the radical left-wing protests. In his latest report, he reveals that a simple Google search for “occupy wall street” will generate two sidebar ads that link to AFL-CIO websites. These ads generally cost 10 cents per click.

Markay reports that,

The first ad points to, where visitors are greeted with a contact form, an offer for a free bumper sticker, and the option of subscribing to “Occupy” news and event notifications.

The second ad points to a petition site run by Working America, which bills itself as a “Community Affiliate of the AFL-CIO.” The petition generally outlines the generic “Occupy” position on the evils of Wall Street. It even references Bank of America’s so-called “Durbin Fee” (though AFL-CIO declined to use that term), which compensated for price controls on debit cards’ merchant fees by imposing a $5 monthly fee for debit card users.

Though they’re lending their financial support to the protests, Big Labor doesn’t realize that mainstream America doesn’t agree with the Occupy movement. Several polls over the last few days have shown a disconnect between the movement and mainstream America. In fact, according to a USA Today/Gallup Poll, eighty-seven percent assigned blame for the economy to Washington instead of Wall Street.

Big Labor is likely going to get more involved in the political scene as 2012 closes in. But why are they running these ads since so many Americans see right through the Occupy movement?

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Ron Ceres - October 21, 2011

The Big Labor Unions are nothing more than money conduits to the Democratic Party. And here I thought that money laundering was illegal.

Tom Sheehan - October 21, 2011

The difference between the Tea Party and the OWS mob is the difference between the American Revolution and the French Revolution.

Sean Jones - October 21, 2011

I am not suprised. I figure they are running these ads because there are always useful idiots out there. And they way are children have been indoctrinated in schools to support left wing radicals. I am sure they will recruit some of them in their movement. It trully breaks my heart knowing that our chidren and their children will not know the same America you and I have known.

Dale, El Paso, TEXAS - October 21, 2011

I wish like anything that I could get my 36 years of union dues back!! These sponges lounging around these so called ‘occupy’ wherever rallies/protests/organizations or whatever they call them, need to get off of their butts and either go back to their jobs, if they still have one or, at the very least, go flip burgers at some fast food joint until they find what they are looking for!! And as for the unions supporting them…as I said above, wish I could get my dues back!! That was never what I wanted my dues to go to and I would bet the vast majority of active union members today don’t either!

Dewey Switzer - October 21, 2011

They both (Unions and Occupy WS ) demand something (support/money)for nothing.. nice if you can get it but expect it AND DEMAND IT is Socialist/Communistic behavior.
Deport them to Russia.see how their demonstration is handled there.

MARGARET ORTON - October 21, 2011

Big Labor and Occupy Wall Street Protesters use the same methods , they must have went to the same training sessions. The Occupiers have been disruptors of all the businesses they are blocking from being able to do their normal business. If all these men and women really cared what we all thought they would go home at night and do their protest in an orderly manner.
This is why I call them DISRUPTORS .Many are trained to be activists and some have a real personal cause .It sure looks like this was planned to be this way . Strange what some consider PROTESTING .
Give me an orderly TEA PARTY any day at least I can understand what their protesting about.

Gilbert Parra - October 21, 2011

There running scared, if Obama is voted out then they have an awful lot to lose!!

William Sheesley - October 21, 2011

We need to hit these web sites 10 million times!

Patti - October 21, 2011

My answer is “yes”. The union members/leaders in this country have a common ground with the OWS protesters in that they both are demanding “more” in that they feel something is owed to them. Both parties have been “spoiled” for far too long in this respect. The union would like wages to be set at a much higher level, the same as the protesters feel everyone should be making $20.00/hr…or equal pay for all.
Both parties again, would like to see the one world order plan to come to fruition. Socialization of our country is another common goal, where as our President confirms this with his support of the youth in the streets and his close relationship with Trumpka. The progressive/leftist indoctrination our youth have received via our educational system coincides perfectly to the ultimate control both unions/gov’t have on their agenda. The protesters are most certainly the puppets for the real hidden agenda that awaits our U.S. citizens. The two go both hand in hand when it comes down to the protesters have no money and the unions can supply it. There is a host of common grounds the union and protesters play off each other, although when it’s all said and done, each still has a unique direction they would like to see as the ultimate outcome.

Scott - October 21, 2011

The BLUs have truly evolved beyond useful activities — they are dying out and reaching desperately to define their socialist agenda. Too bad the poor dupes paying the dues cannot see; I pray it is not too late! Perhaps serfdom is what they deserve — I for one will stand and fight.

BIG D - October 21, 2011

Big Labor consists of a criminal element that has controlled big Unions for many years & as long as they were able to keep the general public in the dark and conduct business as usual life was good. PROBLEM FOR THEM over the last decade their tacts of threatening, violence, lawlessness and support of a socialist agenda have been exposed and Americans have awakened to the harm they have & are doing to America.
Their support of the Occupy Wall Street is one more example of their willingness to support a few lawless uninformed people to draw attention away from their corrupt friends in washington forcing a socialist agenda on America. This support is given in exchange for financial gain & political power given by left wing politico in Washington.

Hard working law abiding citizens need to wake up to the fact we are in a war at home against a criminal element that only cares about taking control of this country at all cost regardless of how many Americans they harm.

Bob D - October 21, 2011

Freedom to protest is okay, but its a totally different kind of thing to “Occupy” that’s anarchy and it should be dealt with accordingly by our police & military. But Mayor Bloomberg is a PC wimp. These people are lucky Rudy isn’t the mayor now. These people shouldn’t be allowed to live in this park disrupting peoples neighborhoods and businesses livelihoods. The rules of civil disobedience dictate that these protesters should have to live everyday and come back. These protesters are just a bunch of people who get government hand outs and Union workers who suck the working public out of their hard earned paychecks and do nothing for them but lobby for more power of over the rest of society with their dues money to elect those who want a socialist way of life but the rest of us have to take care of them for the rest of their lives. Lifetime Benefits pensions etc. These people are anarchists and racists and are flat out are wrong. If you have this much time on your hands go get a job and contribute to society just don’t expect a hand out. There are jobs out there and schools who will train you in other things beside Liberal Arts. The trades need workers, cooks, mechanics etc. Oh that’s right you don’t want to work with you hands or do manual labor because you can’t get rich quick. These so called protesters have been told all of there lives that they a “special” and you need to go to college. Well look where your Liberal Colleges and your Socialist Professors have led you now down the path to good grades according to there warped idealistically world. But you have no job skills or training for the real world. Quit whining, go home, get off your butt, retrain and get a real Job. To compare these people to the Tea Party is a real stretch for your disgraceful Lib media. That’s why they are losing market share to the alternative news media and the Unions who have embraced this idiot-icy have betrayed there membership and the nation.

phil e - October 21, 2011

I think that both Big Labor and the Occupy protest organization share the objective of distracting attention away from Obama “green” money scandals and his miserable performance on the economy as well as his administration’s arrogant disregard for the constitution and for the people.

okiejim - October 21, 2011

Of course Big Labor is a part of Occupy Wallstreet. I would almost bet they are financing most of it, and certainly recruiting participants out of left-wing (most) universities. Another case of taking advantage of useful idiots. Our community organizer in-chief and ACORN are also behind the occupiers, but the unions are fronting the money. . Wake up America, and wake up you union members who are footing the bill with your union dues.The entire thing is aided and abetted by the main-stream media.

Pat Cox - October 21, 2011

Big labor can go straight to h____ with their “occupy” buddies who are so misguided!

Katherine Harms - October 21, 2011

I know exactly why big labor is buying all these ads. They expect that this movement will open doors for them to obtain even more political power. I visited the website of the Communist Party USA, and they are trumpeting the union support for the Occupiers. The Communists think that the unions and the Communists have the same interests in this movement. They want the movement to create chaos and confusion. The unions and the Communists plan to take advantage of the situation and advance their own agendas. It breaks my heart to see this kind of thing happening in the country that took down the USSR. The agenda of the unions and the Communists will destroy everything we have worked so hard to protect in this country — private property, opportunity to achieve our dreams, peace, prosperity for all — but that is what the Occupiers want to accomplish. Sadly, I don’t think they will like the outcome if they are successful, but then it will be too late.

David Kamps - October 21, 2011

Communism! It’s the main theme to “Occupy Wallstreet”! Big Labor has always empowered Communists to give them even more power. “Occupiers” main tenants are Marxist Socialism and Communist. It’s really that simple.

Chris Foster - October 21, 2011

Connecting the dots between the Occupy rabble and Labor Unions may not have any affect on how the Unions conduct business. However it is my contention that democracy was designed by and for people of faith. When thugs and the unscrupulous make their way into the positions of policy makers, democracy fails.

Bettie Lorino - October 21, 2011

I have been at Tea Party rallies where people help each other and pick up trash that might have fallen on the ground and I have been in an office where SEIU has been shouting and banging drums so loud in the building’s lobby that I could not have a business phone call or do work. If the mainstream media would quit covering thugs and crude behavior, these Labor/OWS groups would soon disband.

Samuel L. Fitzpatrick - October 21, 2011

What Occupy Wall Street fails to realize is that the so-called bailout of banks (TARP) was in fact a loan program to the institutions involved which loans were required to be repaid, most of which loans (approximately 90%) have been repaid. The government will make between $12 to $15 billion of profit when the books are closed on TARP. This group is misguided and should be protesting in Washington, D.C.

Adrienne Hartman - October 21, 2011

The Occupy Wallstreet crowd is full of communists, socialists, and Nazis as well as big labor union members. Both use thuggish means to try to get their way.

Jeff Tomb - October 21, 2011

I don’t believe Occupy has a lot say about what is going on in this country, I think they are young people that really don’t know the Constitution and have never really read it. One thing I have seen is they want to get rid of the Fed which I do agree with and it isd a good idea, we need to go back to the gold standard.

Lyle - October 21, 2011

Unions have been still are a catalyst for socialist revolutions. Why don’t you use commisar obamas’ own words against him: “no nation should be richer or more powerful then any other nation”. This is the very reason he’s purposely spending us into bancruptcy and debilitating our military. obamas’ statements when entering college: “I sought out the most radical students, professors and communists I could find”. Remember he wants in his own words a “civilian force as large and powerful as the military” along with his czars tells us a whole lot about his ambitions. I believe deep down his narcistic ego sees himself as a benevolunt ruler set in motion starting with his czars and the civilian force he foresees. obama is the greatest threat to this country we’ve ever seen. Lets not forget how “he and michelle purposely” trashed America here and especially abroad. obama and michele hate this country yet make millions under capitalism a system they want to bring down. His own words must bring obama down or forget America as we know it.

Beverly - October 21, 2011

Frankly, does anyone truly believe that this will give the OWS any credibility?

Selma Xothern - October 21, 2011

Yes, big labor is a big player in setting up Occupy Wall Street. And at the bottom of this socialist fiasco is th e biggest one of all – Mr.Obama himself.

DARILEEN FINN - October 21, 2011

The OWS squatters are being used by the president, by the unions and the Democrat Flunkies – This is being made out to be a CRISIS in order to keep the public occupied while Obama and his gang of liars & thieves are sneaking around behind the backs of honest hard working citizens – planning their next freedom grab.
They think the rest of the American citizens are as stupid as the squatters – but guess what We The People can see through all of this crap.
We are looking forward to 2012!!!!!!!!! (ps; I am a registered Democrat who is disgusted with the current administration)

Walter Cable - October 21, 2011

The answer to your question as to what the OWS and AFL/CIO have in common: they are both controlled by socialists. The puppets are not the problem. Follow the strings. The puppetmasters are those who want to impose socialism on the United States and the rest of the world.

Virginia Reaves - October 21, 2011

Big Labor is nothing more than hard core left wing thugs that supply the democrat party with lots of money taken out of the dues that workers are forced to pay. Of course they support left wing idiots that have the collective IQ of dirt.

Rosalyn Pinkerton - October 21, 2011

It seems to me that not only does Big Labor have little in common with Occupy Wallstreet, actually Occupy Wallstreet has little in common with itself. I have not heard anything in the way a a consensus of their cause. Their reasons for demonstrating seem different with every person there, or at least, with every small group there.

Janet - October 21, 2011

If you want to see all the dots connected, make sure to watch GBTV on Monday, Oct 24. Glenn Beck has been following all the links to this ‘anything but spontaneous’ happening(s) , and will expose all the players here and internationally. Free subscriptions are available on , yet the minor fee is well worth the power packed two hours of daily information on timely topics that is completely lacking in any other media stream.

Randy - October 21, 2011

Occupy Wall Street and Big Labor are two peas in the same Democrat pod.

Marti - October 21, 2011

They are totally connected; they both want to drain the economic life out of Americans.

Joseph McKennan - October 21, 2011

I firmly believe that organized labor and occupy wall street (OWS) are branches of the same movement working to a single goal. As I see it the occupy wall street crowd is identical to the hippy movement. Remember the hippy movement? A bunch of people who did not want to go to work– sitting around bewailing the state of the world and resorting to altered states of reality in which Utopia was a place where everyone existed on sterilized moonbeans and pasteurized starlight. Their main unifying point was the Vietnamese war. The labor movement began earlier.. in opposition to unfair practices in the workplace but after a few decades degenerated into a bully pulpit for people like Jimmy Hoffa and George Meany. I watched my home country get taken over by unoinized coal miners whose only contribution to a productive society was a dust trail a mile long which they raised with their brand new 4×4 pickups speeding up and down our idyllic country roads. I saw them hard at work(snort)– many times. A four person crew– one with a white hardhat and three with red ones. Three workers stood and watched one scratch at the ground with a shovel– then after a break– the roles of the redhats would switch so all could have a have a turn with the shovel. At the end of the day they were so proud of themselves that they decided to go on strike for more money so they could pay off their houseboats sooner. The prevailing thread through both movements is a notion that they are entitled to something for nothing. I have never supported either movement. The irony is that the press is supportive of both. They consider the labor movement an indicator of the workforce which it is not. They consider the OWS crowd as a progressive, alruistic bunch– which it is not.
I think it is because the real leaders in the press were given their education by wealthy parents and had a shoo in to a big job if they would support socialist viewpoints.
….. okay I’m through. pant, pant

Richard - October 21, 2011

Of course, big labor unions share common ground with these freeloaders. The unions are carrying out Obama’s socialist agenda by organizing all of this. After all, the unions and Obama are in bed together. Meanwhile, wall street fat cats donate millions to Obama’s re election campaign. Capitalist means to further a socialist agenda with one giant smoke screen.
We have traded one tyrant 3 thousand miles away for 3 thousand tyrants one mile away. And these tyrants will do anything to further their agenda to include destroying our way of life.
Let’s see how stupid the American people are in 2012. This man and his fellow tyrants must go for America to survive.

Oscar Brown - October 21, 2011

The connection between Big Labor and Occupy Wall Street? They’re both anti-free market. They both want as much governemt largesse as they can get.

john uhrhammer - October 21, 2011

Unions and government have one huge thing in common; the elected officials no longer truthfully represent the interests of those who elected them! Integrity has been abandoned and greed and corruption has become the motive.

Wayne Adamson - October 21, 2011

What are the “hosts” for these OWS leeches doing to get rid of them? Why are the residents of the cities where these scumbags are setting up tents not up in arms and calling their local politicians to throw the bums out? This is a disgrace that we are allowing this type of occupation of our cities by such a group of degenerates. Where is the outrage among the local residents? Has America become that complacent? Very sad.

don - October 21, 2011

Big labor unions are money laundering schemes, devised to elect democrats in perpetuity. Obama was elected on the promise of hope and change. This alliance of big labor and the ows protesters is designed to convince us that we still need the fundamental change this administration can provide. Since he cannot run on his record, this is his only hope, A re-creation of the protests of the 1960s, and the vietnam war, with the same theme. This excites his base.

larry welch - October 21, 2011

The union bosses are hopeful the “demonstrations” will grow/accelerate. Buying ads,making signs etc is easily paid by stores of dues money. With a year until elections, they hope momentum grows. They have nothing to lose and they KNOW their man’s in trouble.

Connie - October 21, 2011

How sad big Unions uses their dues to undermine the very people they are suppose to represent.

William Pittenger - October 22, 2011

Wel, frankly, The Labor Union is comprised of corporate big-wigs and labor union leaders that can benefit from “dumba**, snotty nosed, American children.” Hey, ya know, the dumber they are, the easy they are to control. The easier they are to control, all the more easier to make slaves. The more that they are convinced that socialism is right, it’s all the less hassle Big Labor has to go through, particularly since Big Labor can call all the shots, and use people’s jobs against them to get unConstitutional initiatives passed.

William Pittenger - October 22, 2011

I tried to warn you people BEFORE I even HEARD of Barack Obama.

Big Labor is run by London, who is under the UN. The UN doesn’t benefit from Capitalism, in it’s own eyes. The UN wants world power and control over ALL countries, nations, and states.

Anne Flint - October 22, 2011

Yep they do! They are greedy, and laundering money for Obama! Wallstreet protesters and Unions both want something for nothing! We need to get rid of all the unions as they have outlived their usefulness and purpose!

flackjacket5 - October 22, 2011

Big Labor leaders live deep within a ‘stupidity bubble’…more accurately an intellectual ‘black hole’. Their political activism resembles an old ongoing ‘The Three Stooge’s movie plot to onlookers… but without the humor. Excuse me Larry, Moe, & Curly for comparing you with these thugs.

marie prudhomme - October 22, 2011

why couldn’t workers see that by uniting with ‘thugs’ the unions weren’t the way to go.
we did unionizing better than the rest of the world but we must do better and take control backfrom the Unions.

Philip Lagestee - October 22, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street protest May or may not have been a spontaneous insurrection. The lack of any specific goals or direction would indicate that at best there may be a small group which initiated the park sleep-in. The unions which are placing adds and George Soros’ offshoot organizations are funding the process. Even though the protests are across the nation, the small number in the groups would indicate the process is not mainstream in any fashion and in my opinion is headed toward violence which will look a lot like the “Bill Ayers and Company” 1968 Chicago riots. I feel a dangerous presence coming with this groups actions going forward.

L D Baughman - October 22, 2011

I am so sick of this Union money laundrying scheme. Wish people would wake up and see the dues go right back to the Democrate party

Dave T. - October 22, 2011

Pretty simple connection between Unions and Occupy Wall Street….it’s their left wing ideology. Both are against corporations and/or individuals making more than they themselves make. And also they have that twisted entitlement mentality that they are deserving of a share of it…..even if they do nothing to earn it. People over profits, eh? Where do these morons think jobs and paychecks come from? If it wasn’t for business profits, Unions would be non-existant and there would be no dues received to send to political campaigns! As long as someone else pays for it, their behavior and thinking is justified. Some of the OWS people and Union members would claim intellectual superiority due to their alleged educations. If I were them, I’d go back to the college admin offices and ask for my money back!

James Marshall - October 22, 2011

As Rahm Emanuel said, “You never want a good crisis to go to waste”. He knew that in a crisis those in power can impose their will where it otherwise would be prohibited. Big labor wants more power and more money. They oppose allowing employees to choose their representatives. What they want is the union dues and the power to impose their will on employers, regardless of the effect on marketing the product or service. Yes, the OWS crowd is in the minority. However, don’t forget that the communists (a class warfare group) were in the minority when they took over Russia. What led to their takeover? A crisis that they were able to turn in their favor. Could it happen here? Look around at how quickly we are already losing precious freedoms to government’s whims and directives. A crisis fomented by unrest and rebellion will only hasten the process.

Elisabeth - October 22, 2011

Beware! Big Labor and their buddies are working on the drip-drip-drip method to soften the publc’s resistance to their agenda. Pray for strong leaders (like The Heritage Foundation), to continue to expose their methods and their misrepresentations .

Doctor Dave, Napa CA - October 22, 2011

The chief SEIU person is supporting this mob, so the AFL-CIO should get on board also. I wonder how many union members paying dues to these organizations agree with the socialists running their unions. Axelrod (?) sees this as another community organization stunt under Obama and his class warfare.

Julia - October 22, 2011

They run ads and now teeshirts, out of desperation. I suspect they may soon have a catelog of selections to make more money for Obama/DNC. I wonder if union members will be required to buy the shirts? After paying union dues, what’s another $20.00 coming out of their paychecks. With winter coming they should make them in long sleeves.

J E Houser - October 22, 2011

They are both on the same mission: to destroy small government, free enterprise, and self-gained rewards from an individual’s work. Each believes its own monopoly can reward its own wealth – who cares about the others!

Anthony J. Krystofik - October 22, 2011

Having something in common with “Occupy Wall Street” is not the issue. All left wing organizations, from big labor to communist and socialist groups, benefit from chaos and heavily publicized out-of-control demonstrations. Anything against capitalism or the establishment benefits these groups, even though they are not aligned. Overthrow of the “system” is the goal.

Nicknjax - October 22, 2011

Big labor forgot who feeds their kids, who are occupying Wall Street.

Charlene Nielsen - October 22, 2011

OWS should surely convince voters to launch an end to politics as usual in this country by electing Herman Cain president. Nothing ventured, nothing gained if we want to keep our Republic. It’s high time we discovered whether an honest accomplished businessman like our Founding Fathers can jumpstart free market capitalism, the demonstrated engine of our defense against tyranny both at home and abroad.

Charles Miller - October 22, 2011

Fiction&Fact from Daddy Millers Almanac: One of these days the rank and file labor “Workers” will rise up and take their Unions back from the goons and left wing who believe in a system that has never worked for long. Human nature kills it every time. Look at Europe.My advice to OWS- STUDY HISTORY if you are capable.

douglas d reaume - October 22, 2011

the labor unions are complicit with GUILT FROM THE START

Denny Fox - October 22, 2011

Naturally, both movements are part of the Obama administration with the financial backing of George Soros. 2012 will put them in their place. Unions are on the way OUT.

CHARLES SLITER - October 22, 2011


Jeff Yetter - October 22, 2011

People for the Worker supporting people who aren’t working? The pungent taste and aroma of irony fills the air…..

Alice Atkins - October 22, 2011

The labor union wants to help encourage people to take to the streets in order to cause chaos. They want the government to have more power, especially the Democrats and Obama. They want to continue to survive off the backs of the working people which is basically want the protesters are trying to do. The more power the Democatic party has, only ensures the labor unions will benifit and continue to strengthen their hold to move in on all big and small business. Unions are the biggest employees of the Democratic governent. They are thugs, theifs and parasites of the worse kind.

A Keene Byrd - October 23, 2011

Weep my friends for the lost souls that are your brothers & sisters: you are witnessing the very sacrifice of the loss of freedom for security which renders the deservedness of niether.
“for here we are not afraid to follow truth nor tolerate any error wherever it shall lead, so long as reason is free to combat it”(Th.Jefferson)
A Keene Byrd
ever vigilant…

Richard Kaufman - October 23, 2011

Yes, big labor is part of a world wide design to control all populous with it’s version of Marxism/Communistic control. Soris backed Obama is but a player, and true Traitor to our Country. Hopefully, God will soon bless the citizens of our Republic with wisdom, and courage.

Richard Kaufman - October 23, 2011

Without a doubt big labor unions are part of the world wide design to convert all Citizenry to a Marxist-Communistic controled society. Soros backed Obama is but a player, and a true Traitor to our Country and it’s citizens. May Gods bless us with wisdom and courage.

Charles McCoy - October 23, 2011

What Ron said. Other influences also involved (Soros) to cause distractions and further push a socialist agenda. OWS called the “Flea Party” in South Carolina!

Bill Beach - October 23, 2011

Big labor is controlled by its leadership which are socialist big national government ideologues “in bed” with left wing Democrats who control their party (and most of government). What conservatives need to do with the help of “independents” is get control of the Republician Party and move it right enough so that the destruction being done by big government liberals can be reversed! By getting control we can change the education cartel so that young people get honest history and economic therory exposure.

William - October 23, 2011

I think big labor is attempting to fool the public into thinking they are supporting the workingman. The obvious goal is getting their names in the news! Any press is better than none. I do not think their intention is honest; their aim is self promotion and NOT helpful to America. Union power has already gotten way out of hand and the latest NLRB tactics in the card check vote nullifications is unamerican and in my opinion illegal. Forced union membership and dues paying by unwilling workers is discraceful!

L.Claudia Hanlon - November 9, 2011

Unions are unreasonable in their demands when allowed to unionize government workers because there is no fear that the company,in this case the government, will not be able to afford their demands. There is no natural check for making reasonable demands as it would be in a private company that would of necessity have to make a profit to remain in business. Therefore, union leaders would have to be mindful of their demands so as not to kill the company that pays the salaries of employees/union members that the unions take their dues from. Government workers should never have been allowed to unionize; even FDR did not allow this.

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