Reaching more Americans with the conservative message is one of Heritage’s top priorities. That’s why Heritage experts are regularly advocating for conservative principles and policies in the media. Each week our Communications team assembles the “Best in the Press” of our television interviews, op-eds, and media mentions.

With the Mueller Investigation now over, partisan liberals attacked Attorney General Barr for following the process set forth by Congress. Read Heritage expert and Department of Justice veteran Hans Von Spakovsky’s breakdown of the Mueller Report’s release here.

View these and other top stories here:

Genevieve Wood on CNBC: People in Workforce Don’t Just Want More Money, but More Flexibility

Bruce Klingner on NBC: Trump’s sudden decision on North Korea sanctions undermined national security team

See all the media hits here.

If you were looking across the media landscape, where should Heritage be focusing their attention to spread the conservative message?

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Sam Schulze - March 29, 2019

When will our organization get serious and place greater emphasis on the budget deficits and the need to rein in government spending. This is the countrys greatest problem.

Paul Wolf - March 29, 2019

I would focus on the PC kowtowing cowards at Fox News that muzzled Jeanine Pirro for posing a completely legitimate question about a congressperson whose background is becoming more and more deserving of scrutiny.

Arthur Wright - March 29, 2019

We donors out here need a scorecard to help us weed out the RINOS from the Conservatives asking for our money. I won’t donate directly to the GOP in fear the money will go to supporting a Liberal legislator in the GOP. Thanks, Heritage for what you do! The President needs more supporters like you. God Bless!

Donald B. Jeakins - March 29, 2019

Check out the Conservativ Caucus about their CITIZENS PETITION TO CONGRESS – To Immediately Pass a Constitutional Amendment to Limit Terms for Congress They are sending the signed Petition to my Representative in Congress and two Senator’s for Nevada [I just signed it and gave a Donation. – Speaker of the House receives an annual Salary of $223,500.00 per year Member of Congress is $174,000.00 per year.. I am a Naval; Vetern of the Korean Wars, worked hard all my life. got hurt on the job so didn’t get enough time with company for a good pension just $233.73 per Month plus Social Security at $24,000 per year. Big Money iS pure CORRUPTION.

Joseph Averill - March 29, 2019

Veterans I am a DAV Vietnam Panama Desert Storm 22yrs 9months active duty USA Retired do not fail the VA it is vital now more than ever The otsie hospital care in many cases can’t handle Veterans

HERBERT G KOOGLE - March 29, 2019

You are doing great, keep it up.

Doris B. Sanders - March 29, 2019

Dear Heritage Foundation,
Please use your relationship and advisory prestige with our President Trump to encourage him to use his power of his office to immediately PARDON the 14 or 15 loyal United States Soldiers and Navy Seals who have been unjustly imprisoned at Fort Leavenworth and at a Navy prison in San Diego, for no crimes, but for doing their trained duty in combat situations with invading jihadi terrorists. The names of all of them can be obtained from UAP (United American Patriots). I know the names of three of these men: 1Lt. Clint Lorance, Nat’l. Guard Sgt. Derrick Miller, and Navy Seal Edward Gallagher. And there are at least 11 more whose names I do not know. Lt. Lorance has already been unjustly in prison for nearly six years; and Sgt Miller has been unjustly in prison for nearly nine years. Please urge President Trump to Pardon these men who were put in prison by the machinations of Obama and his wrong policies against our military!! Only our President can correct these miscarriages of judgments against our soldiers and Navy men, whose wrong sentences were engineered by Obama and his cronies in Afghan government and his cronies in the Army courts who did not give necessary testimony and bomb-making chemical evidence in Lt. Lorance’s case. These men did their faithful duties in dangerous combat encounters and they deserve to be Pardoned and returned to Freedom and their Families. Thank You for caring and urging President Trump to Pardon them NOW.

William Coates - March 29, 2019

Do any public schools still use the ‘Weekly Reader’ in paper format, or have they all gone to the liberal networks? Something printed that can go home to the parents would do double duty for us.

Mike Vitullo - March 29, 2019

Get the next few hundred conservative federal judges approved and in place in the next year.

Valarie Slusser - March 29, 2019

If the GOP is going to deal with healthcare, they will need help from Heritage.

Also want to hear more against late term abortion and infanticide. This topic should not go away.

Greg Myers - March 30, 2019


gregory paul roessner - March 30, 2019

Focus on elementary, middle , high and community colleges , then larger colleges / universities . Education is the key. Also , the short history lessons offered by OANN are an effective means of inculcating an awareness of not just American history but the principles and documents upon which it was founded. Multi-media presentations , forums and symposiums open to the public could be another avenue to educating the masses to combat ignorance of civic topics.

elizabeth nottrodt - March 30, 2019

I don’t understand at all what is happening: a bill has to be passed to protect babies from murder, an executive order is necessary to allow free speech, and a serious attempt is being made to kill the airline industry and remove cows from the earth. Am I suffering from dementia?

Phyllis Eix - March 30, 2019

I trust Fox cable news. The networks,and the rest of the cable broadcasts, need to earn our trust all over again, because of their liberal bias over these past 3 years.

Thomas . Hauck - March 30, 2019

President Trump is pushing the Republicans to work on Health Care, something the American public is interested in having.. I know Heritage has a proposed plan but not many have heard about it..
Help President Trump give the Republicans in Congress some backbone or we will have a Democrat as President…

Jim McConnell - March 30, 2019

I wish you would focus more on getting to the bottom of the deep state’s FISA attack on the President. The stench reeks to high heaven. It’s hard to have faith in the FBI, CIA and Justice departments when it’s obvious that hanky-panky is going on at the highest levels.

David A. Ayres - March 30, 2019

I could not pull up the three articles on “Green Deal”. Has it been dropped?

Helen - March 30, 2019

Fox. But I wish we had access to a responsible and honest media in addition to Fox. I am uneasy that Fox is heading in a wrong way.

Able Conservative - March 30, 2019

I’ll go for an outlier – try to publish articles on Facebook, Axiom, and other info sources popular with younger people. They may be brainwashed by all the nonsense, but some may stop, read and find conservative positions reasonable!

Randolph Reinwald - March 30, 2019

Dear Heritage, I tend to concur with Michelle Malkin about Grass Roots News organizations across our interweb nation. I no longer watch the left wing media (MSM). I get most of my political news from Rush, JJP, The Truth Factory, InfoWars, Ingram, Clowder, Dinesh, Dice, Woolery, Twitter, Sheriff Clark, and YOUTube Independents, I do not blindly trust news and if it doesn’t ring TRUE, I investigate, and research. Not so sure about social media who can practice things like shadow banning or hamster wheeling customers. Independent Grassroots reporters and whistle blowers like Julian Assange are the real reporters of the new age.

Rose - March 31, 2019

In my opinion the boarder wall is the top
priority. Next health care need to be handled. There are many senior citizens,
and I am one of them.
Third –our veterans police officers,firefighters ICE,boarder patrol and
whom ever works to keep America Strong
Keep America Great
God bless our President and America.

Marlin Goebel - March 31, 2019

God must be remembered for His power in all things we report on It is only by the Grace of God we exist. If He allows us to go to the moon again we must give Him the Glory. He told Joshua in 4:23-24 to get 12 stones from the Jordan as a reminder of His Power. We must do the same in our media reporting. God bless your efforts.

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