Reaching more Americans with the conservative message is one of Heritage’s top priorities. That’s why Heritage experts are regularly advocating for conservative principles and policies in the media. Each week our Communications team assembles the “Best in the Press” of our television interviews, op-eds, and media mentions.

This week, Heritage had 64 total print mentions and op-eds. Heritage leaders and experts discussed the State of the Union on the Hugh Hewitt Show, Fox News, and Breitbart. They highlighted crucial issues in the Chicago Tribune and on the Tucker Carlson Show. Make sure you check out some of the best press clips of the week:

Kay Coles James discusses the State of the Union on The Hugh Hewitt Show

David Azerrad talks about Identity Politics with Tucker Carlson

Genevieve Wood on Fox Business: The Whole Country Deserves a Secure Border

 See all the media hits here.

If you were looking across the media landscape, where should Heritage be focusing their attention to spread the conservative message?


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ROBERT L. JACOBSEN - February 9, 2019

Some focus on term limits would be appropriate.

Diane - February 9, 2019

I was very pleased with his State of the Union speech. I think it was one of the best in years. I was insulted by how Pelosi acted.
Now with that tax act; I am not happy at all. I live in NJ. I know most are Democrats now but to screw with us about property taxes when we pay the most, pay the most to DC, Get the least back from DC , be one of the top 3 populated states in all of USA, and when the original law was written; they knew this and the SALT tax deduction was written in. NY and NJ are in the International trade zone also. In 1970’s; the south sent most of their Welfare clients with oneway tickets to the north. We got STUCK with them.
Our property taxes are high due to EDUCATION. We have top schools in the NE. I guess DC wants us to Lower our standards.

Rev.Harold G.Wakefield - February 9, 2019

I was reminded of something as I watched President Trump’s State of the Union speech which relates to Heritage ‘s efforts to reach out to more Americans with the conservative message. Be more like David, you know the shepard boy who didn’t remain with the sheep but when he heard about Goliath took the battle to him. I love that your on Fox etc..but get on the liberal stations and educate those who are being brain washed . Take the battle to the N.Y. Times and the rest of the “fake news media”;be like AMAC and offer one year free membership . If you can’t do it on a national level, then start with five or ten states. I am a retired clergyman living on So. Sec. and wish to God that I could do this.. One final thought, get a program started to meet,befriend and educate {turn to our conservative side] the most wealthiest of liberal businessmen. Thank you in advance and keep up the good work.

Robert Yoder - February 9, 2019

For starters, how about the Civil Asset Forfeiture act? I have not seen a clearer violation of our Constitutional rights under the Fifth Amendment. Congress’ unconstitutional act in this case amounts to gangland-style extortion by the government and should have been struck down by the courts long ago.
Also the provision allowing Congressional committee heads to access citizens’ individual tax returns is an egregious violation of one’s privacy rights in an age where a woman can axe any fetus she is carrying on privacy grounds.
Finally, having read Sidney Powell’s book, “Licensed to Lie”; I agree that unscrupulous prosecutions need to be reigned in. Powell’s recommendation for passage of Senate Bill 2197, the “Fairness in Disclosure of Evidence Act, might well be a good place to start.

Bruce Maxwell - February 9, 2019

You ask a question that’s been bothering me for some time. The work you and other conservative groups do is great, but publication is in my view too often directed at “preaching to the choir,” conservatives. The problem is that much of the US population is uninformed and I think intentionally misinformed. (have you seen the “Hoaxed” video?). I think that for the most part, conservatives don’t really need their conservative views reinforced. It is the more liberal, less/misinformed populace that needs to hear your message. It is my experience that many people who could be convinced a more conservative view could be swayed, if they only were presented with the information. Intelligent, liberal-leaning people of my acquaintance are often completely ignorant of positive outcomes derived from conservative principles. They only know what the dominant liberal media forces on them.
My suggestion is focusing on this group. The message must be actively presented to them, they are unlikely to do the research needed to get a better understanding of issues. In my view, a print newspaper, distributed like USA Today, along with a digital version, would earn greater attention than the various web-based news sources that require readers seek them.
My thoughts about such a paper are that it could be titled something like “The Daily Reason,” offer fact-based perspective on the propaganda otherwise foisted on the public, with perhaps low-priced employment adds and other more commercial advertising (coupons, etc.) to draw attention.
Such an enterprise would of course require subsidy, probably for some time, but I also think conservatives would subscribe. Perhaps serial publishing of books, novels, histories, biographies, etc. would draw the attention of the average person.
A final thought is that the “readability level,” should purposefully be somewhat low, to target the right demographics, and make it an “easy read” for them.
I believe it is this information gap that’s driving adoption of absurd political views.

G R Mortenson - February 9, 2019

You requested member feedback on where Heritage should focus its future efforts to “reach” more Americans via its media efforts. Given the massive movement of a large percentage of Americans from cable and satellite TV providers to Internet streaming using devices such as Roku or Fire TV boxes, I would suggest Heritage create its own branded streaming “channel.” This “channel” would, hopefully, be free of charge (but of course could solicit and offer in-app membership donations, etc.). Heritage could reach cord-cutters of all ages and demographics that way, and disseminate its core messages and media interaction successes through something other than a “You Tube” type of experience. Moreover, Heritage would retain control over its messaging, rather than handing it over to liberal organizations such as Facebook, Google (You Tube), Twitter, etc.

Richard L Steiner - February 9, 2019

Yes, the State of the Union speech was very good, It lacked dealing with our national debt which is in the trillions.. Something must be done, as you have mentioned. Also tax reform should include no taxing on any of of our social security. That is double taxation.

Deborah Maerkel - February 9, 2019

We need to focus our attention on abolishing abortion and not be afraid of that sentence. The right of our citizens to be born and taken care of should be our top national priority.

Our nation is crying out for sane leadership and and reminders and the rational for desperately needed other political coalitions.

Boarder Security
Economic Trade Equality
Voter Reform
School choice vouchers
Private Health Care Competitve landscape
Veteran Affairs Reformation

Bob - February 9, 2019

Heritage and all other conservative outfits need to keep in mind that conservatives are not in the majority country wide, they are also not in the majority in the Republican Party. When we consider single issue voters we are pushed even further into the minority. Do we need to formulate good conservative policies? Of course. More important is growing the Republican Party (we need every Republican we can get) and developing ways to move the party in a generally conservative direction. We can’t do that trashing our fellow republicans or calling them names (think rino). We conservatives consider ourselves pretty smart, I can’t believe with all the talent we possess that we can’t get more republicans to vote our way.

Elaine Liming - February 9, 2019

I was pleased with the President’s speech. I thought it was very sad to see how Pelosi and fellow Democratic members acted and responded after. I grew up and was educated in Mass. We called it Taxachusettes growing up. However I am thankful so much of Tax money went to Education. My high school friends and I talk a lot about this. We were well prepared to become active citizens in a Democracy. Most of us were Democrats but because of education foundation we are either Independents or Republicans. We were grounded in our country’s history, Constitution, and Christian values.
We need to fight for renewal of our public schools We need to start by hiring people who are non-union, graduates from top teachers’ colleges in our nation, and give the schools back to parents and states.. Firing those in Universities and colleges who don’t uphold our Constitution. It is time to clean house.

Hawkfan - February 9, 2019

In lieu of the fact that the majority of our college campuses are turning out robot liberals with entitlement issues, anyway that Heritage can use campus media to spread conservative values would be worth the investment.

Edythe g MCCORMICK - February 9, 2019

What are we doing to spread the conservative position to the secondary and undergraduate schools? Maybe I’m missing your educational approach with the younger generation.

John olson - February 9, 2019

Spread the conservative message on college campuses and the mainstream media.

steele osborn - February 9, 2019

college campuses speech codes and P.C.
and liberal professors who don’t allow diversity of thought. diversity of thought is as important as diversity of people.

James Paul - February 10, 2019

Thank God for the President we have. I am heartened by the two SCOTUS appointments he has made and hope he makes one or two more. I would like to see our Constitution posted on different media formats and left there permanently so our fellow countrymen would know where they could find this magnificent document to study and get a good background on what our country is based on.

Marty - February 10, 2019

Conservatives need to have a tv station which shows entertaining shows which promote and show the results of conservative values and policies versus liberal values and policies. The liberals control the content of the major tv networks which brainwashes the masses. Conservatives do well on the radio, but they need to get their message out in an entertaining visual format also, how about a conservative and funny late night talk show?

Don Bartick - February 10, 2019

If Heritage wants to spread the Conservative message, you need to get the message somehow on Mainstream media outlets. Fox, Russ are speaking to the choir. How about energizing some of the conservative billionaires to help fund spreading the message to the uninformed like the liberal billionaires are capable of doing. Maybe, gain controlling interest in ABC, CBS or NBC. We need a mainstream media of our own to providing an apposing viewpoint.

Dan Mills - February 10, 2019

I would initially focus on the most influential liberal geographies and college/universities then branch out from there based on what is learned. Keep in mind this will be taken as an attack on their “religion”. Be very prepared to deal with backlash.

Joan Reid - February 10, 2019

Liberals don’t watch FOX or listen to any conservative radio talk shows. Need to get on “their” TV/radio shows and, either by “friendly fire” jokes/jibes/comments or by out-and-out blunt statements, point out what will be the results of the radical agenda.

Suzanne - February 11, 2019

Your commentaries are very well done. The problem I see is that they are only on conservative media channels. These messages need to be heard by a broader base, namely people who only listen to the mainstream media. The education needs to be focused there. Can you get yourselves seen on the liberal media outlets? I know there are many middle of the road people who need to hear a well thought out, full conversation on these topics, not just the propaganda the liberal media is peddling.

James Patrick - February 11, 2019

Read Death of A Nation.

Romeo G. Guting - February 11, 2019

My concern is the looming:”NATIONAL
DEBT OF 22 trillion dollars! How are we
suppose to pay for that?”

Vickie Merrill Edson - February 11, 2019

Rev. Harold G. Wakefield and Bruce Maxwell have said it well. Get out among the liberals somehow/some way. You ARE preaching to the choir and SOMEONE has got to clearly and loudly get logical thinking before liberal eyes and ears. Perhaps some have not given over to total hate as their entire motivation for how they react.

Elizabeth Thomas - February 12, 2019

Liberal here:
Explain to me why deregulation of EPA rules limiting pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are not robbing your children and grandchildren of a habitable planet.

Andrew Struk - February 12, 2019

Topics for your consideration to explore, comment against and promote others:

1. Democratic support of infanticide.
2. Democratic support of illegal immigrants over American citizenry.
3. Why aren’t politicians put into jail for their so-called support of “sanctuary cities”?
4.Democratic non-support of national, reasonable voter identification regulations.
5. No pay for politicians if a federal budget is not passed in its entirety before the beginning of a new fiscal year.
6. Spell out in detail how the politicians(each political party) will enact legislation to get the federal budget under control and how the deficit will be lowered in 10 years, including a specific amount
7. Term limits!
8. Replace ObamaCare with patient-centered, cost efficient and delivery of quality healthcare.

Tom Lanners - February 15, 2019

It should not have to be this way, but Heritage should concentrate on the ” minds of mush ” being brainwashed at our colleges. Use alliances with other Conservative groups working on colleges, e.g. Intellectual Takeout, part of the Charlemagne Institute, in Minnesota. Use online sites that college students look at, and use speakers on campuses with Security if needed.
Heritage should continue to do media, but get on the mainstream channels with your best people and take the heat, but educate, even a few.
We are not going to win the battle in the culture war preaching to the choir.

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