Reaching more Americans with the conservative message is one of Heritage’s top priorities. That’s why Heritage experts are regularly advocating for conservative principles and policies in the media. Each week our Communications team assembles the “Best in the Press” of our television interviews, op-eds, and media mentions.

This week, Heritage had 72 total print mentions and op-eds. Heritage leaders and experts discussed federal spending, the national emergency and the United Nations, just to name a few things. They highlighted crucial issues Fox Business, Politico and the Washington Post Make sure you check out some of the best press clips of the week:

Justin Bogie: The National Debt Should be a Bipartisan Issue, Fox Business

James Carafano: White House talks U.N. post with John James, Politico

Kay Coles James: An emergency of the moment may set precedent for the ages, the Washington Post

See all the media hits here. 

As you look across the media landscape, tell us where you think Heritage should  focus our attention to spread the conservative message?

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Eva Dearing - February 22, 2019

I am originally from New Mexico, the government there is horribly corrupt, my husband is a retired San Juan county sheriff detective Jimmy Dearing, the sheriff’s office is NOT corrupt but the new governor and all the past governors have been horrible for the state and the economy. Sometimes I think they take money from the cartel but that is just my own theory, anyways my husband has to work another job because they take so much out for insurance. It’s the PERA we moved back to Florida where he is from but he did 20 years of service please check into this. Thank you for all of your work.

Patricia Lynn Kelly - February 22, 2019

Health care should be a no-brainer. Why on earth isn’t there an overall Teachers’ Healthcare system…or a realtor’s healthcare system…or a police…., etc, etc., etc. At least the darned states could do that if coverage won’t go across state lines. It makes no sense to me at all the way insurance companies operate in today’s world!!!!!

David - February 22, 2019

America wants to see the deep state prosecuted. Let us see that there is justice in America. That & the wall are the two top items IMHO.

John Sebelius - February 23, 2019

Regarding the wall funding issue, it looks to me as far simpler than all the analysts are making it. 1) Trump plans to spend appropriated money. Does the constitution say the Congress has to approve every line item within the executive branch? 2) the 1976 law was passed by Congress, and Congress can repeal it, or amend it in any way it wants. 3) If Congess can override Trumps veto of it’s resolution against the emergency, and only if it can and does, there is then an issue. If not, Trump has complied with the the Constitution and Congress will not have expressed it’s disapproval.

Alexis - February 23, 2019

Please, please, please fight for a free market health care system. (NOT a free system, rather a fair one, out of the hands of insurance companies) I’m living in pain because in order to go to doctor-recommended physical therapy, I would have to give up my home.

Joe Splavec - February 23, 2019

Major attention needs to be focused on cutting government spending. Eliminating illegal immigration and unnecessary government employees are a excellent statring place.

The savings could be used to repair roads and bridges without any income tax or gas tax increases.

Chris Milord - February 23, 2019

Heritage could spread the conservative message in as many electronic and print media outlets as possible in order to reach greater numbers of Americans. This message should be a bold affirmation of the values of civic virtues, free enterprise, limited government, responsible liberty, the rule of law, and a robust national security apparatus. Now more than ever, Americans need to hear this vision to counter the negative talking points of the liberal establishment. Conservative ideals work in practice and are the most effective at inspiring folks here and around the globe. These principles should be discussed in academia, business circles, the media and in the public square.

Jon Kirsch - February 24, 2019

If you dig down into the national debt and the spending in the budget that drives this huge debt, you will highlight all of the issues that need to be addressed. The issues that are driving our huge debt, include welfare, illegal immigration, cost of government employees, government retirees and real assets, and at the top, meddling of the General Government in areas that are not within the constitutional limits. Focus on the National Debt to get to what needs the most attention. Safety of the US is equal to the debt, so focus on our border and fixing our broken immigrant vetting procedures as well. Media outlets for this info(facts only) would have to be e-mail, and other social media, since snail mail would be too expensive. Ask each member to forward the info to 5 e-mail contacts or share on facebook, and other media outlets. Asking us to write to the editor of our local papers with these facts is another method for the paper reading public.

Anna Nelson - February 24, 2019

Conservatives have a good story to tell on education and choice. A good education has always been a step up so why are liberals, especially teachers, so adamantly against school choice and vouchers? They don’t want people to escape from their monopoly. Long waiting lists emphasize how many people want a choice and Republicans can promote it. Competition works in business and in education. Let’s get the vote of all Americans who want a better education for their children. I am a retired CA teacher.

Henry J. Vance - February 25, 2019

Members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives should be reminded that the U.S.. Constitution calls for taxes on the people as the payment for running the government – not loans from foreign nations or printing money by the Federal Reserve.
Therefore – I believe that it is unconstitutional to have an unbalanced budget – or a growing debt. I would ask all of the senators and representatives to abide by their responsibility to balance the budget – or resign.

Henry J. Vance - February 25, 2019

The budget should be handled by the office of management and budget so that it would be non-political. That office should present a balanced budget each year to the senate by April 1. It should be debated live in the house and senate and voted into law by July 4th each year – no vacations for the senate and house until it is signed by the President.

Kathleen Hay - February 27, 2019

Is there anything we can do to make sure our education system is not following the UN tactics. Especially the HEA is up for re-authorization which appears to me is federal overreach. Let’s get education back to the states and get rid of the department. Too many parts of the HEA is not for the American children. An article in
Freedom Outpost titled “The Continued Efforts of DC to violate the Law in Meddling in Education to Push UN Agenda” is very frustrating to know it is so much worse than we realize.

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