Ed Feulner

Ed Feulner

Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner joined Heritage’s Mike Franc and Heritage Action for America’s Tim Chapman last week for a conversation with Heritage members on the election results.

You can listen to the audio of the event online in MP3 format.

During the teleconference, Feulner said the conservative movement must refocus on core principles and explained Heritage’s role in this process.

Franc, a Capitol Hill veteran who serves as Heritage’s vice president of Government Studies, explained how liberals will try to claim a mandate for big government. He offered suggestions for how the conservative movement should respond.

And Chapman, Heritage Action’s COO, reassured Heritage members that conservative ideals can still flourish in Washington and around the country.

As Feulner likes to remind his staff, “There are no permanent victories and no permanent defeats in Washington. There is only a permanent struggle.”

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Elaine Gaines - November 15, 2012

Can anything be done about all the claims of a fraudalent election?

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