Attorney General William Barr spoke Thursday morning about releasing a redacted version of the Mueller report. Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

On Thursday, Attorney General William Barr released the Mueller Report. In a press conference, he explained that the report highlights 10 episodes that could be construed as obstruction of justice, although his investigation found no underlying conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. The Daily Signal’s Fred Lucas provides the details here.

Earlier this week, Barr announced a new asylum policy to curb the government’s practice of catching illegal immigrants and then releasing them into the nation’s interior. The decision was immediately denounced by the American Civil Liberties Union, which vowed to challenge the Trump Administration in court. Find out more here.

What’s your opinion about the new asylum policy announced by the Justice Department this week?

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Douglas Jones - April 19, 2019

ACLU is plain UnAmerican

Pete Bostwick - April 19, 2019

Barr is spot on. Releasing illegal immigrants into the interior of the US was never a good idea, precisely because few of them ever show up for a future court date. I’m happy to support a policy that encourages immigrants–but only if they are willing to learn English, are willing to assimilate into our society, and honor our Constitutional underpinnings.

Bill Coates - April 19, 2019

If the ACLU is against it, it must be good for America..

Steven Ahrenholz - April 19, 2019

I think the policy change is a good thing.

James H Davisson - April 19, 2019

Yes our immigration laws must be enforced and must be made tougher so that we can vet these people properly and stop the free services completely . Allow only those who will contribute to our society

Victor Andrews - April 19, 2019

Asylum seekers who break the law DO NOT deserve #constitutional protections! Never stop building the wall! Build it and they will NOT COME! 90% of Asylum seekers break the law!

William Z Rogers - April 19, 2019

We are finally coming to our senses about what to do with illegal immigrants seeking “asylum”…

Edward Mulcahy - April 19, 2019

If someone wants to come into the USA they should have a passport or it should be determined before entry they are qualified under other provisions of the law.

Bob Ludwikowski - April 19, 2019

The immigration policy must be changed to the USA will cease to exist.

James - April 19, 2019

And it is called JUSTIC! It was a ruse and a travisity to justice. It was controlled mayhem. Far removed from justice as possibly could have been. A ploy by a group of presidential losers to impeach a sitting president. Or so it appears by the investigators to give a fax action creditable.

James Watson - April 19, 2019

The new policy is over due. I would like to see a policy, law change if necessary, that returns illegal immigrants to their country of origin immediately.

Richard Rogers - April 19, 2019

Great to see the AG raising the BAR.
Next, it would helpful to test (DNA) to determine true family relationships with any children involved.
Then, follow the money to expose those behind the border crisis and why they are doing this.

Edie Elerick - April 19, 2019

Releasing ANY illegal into the USA on their own recognizance, and especially since they broke a law getting in, is sheer insanity. Send them back, at least to Mexico, and make them wait. Once that word gets back I think the hoards will quickly diminish. Take the “freebies” away.

Jeffrey H. Lowes, - April 19, 2019

The ACLU will challenge in a favorable court and BAM! Another great plan stopped in it’s tracks!

Paul McGill - April 19, 2019

It’s about time we had men like President Trump and AG Barr and quit letting the pinheads and illegals run our country,
The greatest country in the world.
Let us go forward from here and finally clean the swamp of corrupt Government
Employees and Officials.

dennis hand - April 19, 2019

I live on Long Island, thousands of miles away from border. I’m an older born and breed Caucasian, and I’m a total minority at my work place, gym and neighborhoods and I’m 15 minutes away from MS13 hangouts. It’s insane, I’m a stranger in my own country. It has to stop

Shirley Sweeney - April 19, 2019

Absolutely stop any illegal’s release…this does not protect our sovereignty.

Douglas Crosby - April 19, 2019

I thought you could only seek asylum in the country next to the one you are leaving. Asylum is fleeing, not immigration. If true only Mexico and Canada would have asylum seekers.

douglas diercks - April 19, 2019

i am in favor of new asylum policy. until immigration loopholes end, we will have open borders. democrats will never end them. pres. trump needs to send illegals to sanctuary cities. taxpayers already pay to move illegals throughout america. republicans losing house put pres. in a hard place. no excuse for losing!

charles sears - April 19, 2019

i am angry in my heart that the gov of france did not spend the money and effort to properly manage notre dame before all this happened. irresponsible.

Robert Thompson - April 19, 2019

A drop in the bucket.

Ron Fowler - April 19, 2019

I support AG Barr & President Trump on enforcing the laws of the US. Illegal immigration is a crisis that must be dealt with. It should have been dealt with years ago before it became a problem. I blame the republicans as much as I blame the democrats for this crisis. The republicans controlled the House & the Senate just 2 years ago & they did nothing to curb or stop the illegal immigrants from forcing themselves on our country. The cost to support the illegals is astronomical both monetarily & socially.

Jack Mercica - April 19, 2019

I agree with all 5 highlighted comments.

Arthur Sampson - April 19, 2019

This sounds like a small step towards fixing the problem. Congress (democrats) needs to change the laws to stop the illegal immigration and fund the boarder wall.

Kathleen Parr - April 19, 2019

Big, Thank You to, Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan, Sara Carter, Greg Jarrett,
My Dan Bongino …My Sean Hannity…
My President Trump…I fought the illegal on FB ,there is far to much Propaganda…I studied the Tri-Central Countries…Honduras is far more , diminished than the others, but, when I see the illegals …I wont feel sorry for them…all they need is to come in the front door…the right way…they don’t have too…that’s what they say…I have lost My Patience with them…Cut the budget of Multilingual Translation and Our Language should be American English! Its a shame that American Native Indians have been turned away in Minnesota…living in tents so Somalians can have a place to live…I wish Congress would do something about this and Stand With The Trump Supporters…Congress Back My President Trump!

Osborne J. Dykes, III - April 19, 2019

I support the new policy. The inability to detain asylum applicants means that any applicant can gain access to our country and stay, because of the 3-year backlog in hearing asylum cases and the high no-show rate among released asylum applicants. We must be able to detain asylum claimants until their claims are decided. The bar should be very high. Asylum was never intended and should not be used to admit economic migrants.

Elaine Liming - April 19, 2019

This is a good move. However if Congress ever decides to work for the people who put them in office and not for their corrupt selfish agendas, I would like to see our Immigration Laws in this country go through a Reform that addresses the times and world we live in today. These new immigrants want handouts and not American citizenship. They have come to destroy not to build. The immigrants that built this country became citizens and used their God given gifts to make us a great Nation. These new immigrants don’t even try to assimilate to their new country like many other groups did. My immigrant grandparents loved this country, worked hard, and had a big influence on their children and grandchildren,

Robert Morton - April 19, 2019

We desperately need to stop the flow of illegals into our country. They have no respect for the rest of the American citizens or our laws.

Robert Morton - April 19, 2019

Very, very sad, but it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, having not been updated for fire forever.

Lyle Ellis - April 19, 2019

We have at last an AG who believes that the constitution and the law should be followed. I have big hopes that AG Barr is going to get to the bottom of the FBI/Clinton involvement and the FISA court, hopefully with the assistance of IG Horowitz. We can only hope that there is a turning point coming for and with the FBI.

Susan King - April 19, 2019

I guess it’s a step in the right direction, but I do not see why we have to let these people, who are obviously threatening the safety and security of our country, into this country at all.
Tell them we are laying down a mine field and see how many want to cross the border then.
This has gone on way too long.

jerry metcalf - April 19, 2019

What a great policy. Barr needs to keep it going.

Thomas Wright - April 19, 2019

Two ideas sound good to me: Cut off funding to the illegals and they will quit coming in droves. Those that are released are released in the sanctuary cities where the democrats can protect and provide fpr them.

Jim Fitzgerald - April 19, 2019

I agree 100% that there should be no
catch & release for Illegal Aliens, they have
broken our Laws by entering the without
inspection (EWI).
What part of the word “illegal” is it that
The Democrats are unable to understand!

James Philllips - April 19, 2019

Too long this Nation has been denied an Attorney General that not only knew the law but was/is unabashed about executing the law as per the motto, “lady justice is blind…”, hooray for the USA once again.

JoAnne Duke - April 19, 2019

Barr is entirely right.

David Davidson - April 19, 2019

“Catch and Release” is always a flawed plan and never benefits the American people. Why don’t we instead stop all benefits to the illegal aliens (Welfare, Unemployment, Social Security etc.). This would stop or at least slow the number coming in.

Eugene Haberstock - April 19, 2019

I believe the Justice Department did the correct thing.

Thomas Zemaitis - April 19, 2019

I am a Heritage Foundation member.
This new policy is a step in the right direction, but it will basically do nothing to change what us going on at the border.
We need strict, strict enforcement of our laws, and to change the existing catch & release policy. It is ridiculous!
How stupid are we?
Let people into our country, sign them up, release them, and hope they will return for a hearing sometime in the future about their status?
What other country on the planet is this dumb?
I hope Trump gets re-elected so he can fix this crazy broken imigration system.

Jerry O Wilkins - April 19, 2019

True to form the ACLU rushes in to try to block every reasonable , equitable , constitutional plan ! Thus many tax dollars must again go to defending good & reasonable policies!!

Gerald Loche - April 19, 2019

A step in the right direction! Get the wall finished asap.

John Winter - April 19, 2019

ACLU (AMERICAN CLU). These are not Americans they are defending, so they have no standing. They’ll find a lib judge to offer an “opinion”. Ignor it. It is just an opinion, not a law. It’s my opinion that Pres. Trump & AG Barr are following the constitution to protect Americans. To the Pres & AG, just keep moving forward, don’t look back.

/grace Nukker - April 19, 2019

The rule of law must be upheld by anyone in the US.

Paul Kelly - April 19, 2019

I do not want any of the illegals to enter our country! I applaud our AG for his decision making properties. I deplore the anti American sentiments of the individuals that want open borders. Build the wall high and wide. Send illegals back one way or the other. Tell them to get in line period!

Constance Carew - April 19, 2019

I believe we need stricter laws re the illegals and all the other people waiting to get in here. Show George Soros that he can’t ruin our country. God Bless President Trump And America.

J Nat Prince - April 19, 2019

If our fore Fathers could see what a mess has become of their great American experiment they would be sick. The congress seeks to apply their justice, The courts seek to make Laws and neither support the President who is trying his best to protect the people. Three equal branches of government, What a joke! The convention of States is our greatest hope. One other comment, It would have been nice if we could have built another wall (coop with Mexico) at the southern border of Mexico first, shorter and cheaper. Drug Cartels would sure like that Ha! Go Trump / Barr

Mark Martell - April 19, 2019

When Congress refuses to act then those in responsible positions have to. I give the AG a lot of credit for trying to make the best out of a bad situation. It just doesn’t make any sense that, for any reason, you release them into the US. Mexico has some culpability for allowing them to enter their country in the first place. They should help house them or deal with them since they entered their country first.

KenWestlund - April 19, 2019

I am pretty impressed by the way Attorney General William Barr is trying to mitigate a very difficult asylum problem. It is a good initial step!

M-M Sytsma - April 19, 2019

All illegal immigrants should be refused entry into the U.S. or immediately returned to Mexico. If we are foolish enough to release them, they should be immediately bused to the various sanctuary cities around the country, starting with Nancy Peoloi’s district.

Charles Jastre - April 19, 2019

Refugee Redux 
No catch and release!

At refugee centers in both Ft Chafee, AR; and Ft IndianTown Gap, PA; I was (on active duty) involved in the Cuban refugee and Miriel boatlift debacles.

Today, we have several deactivated military posts where we could take the Central American “refugees”.
‎We could use the military, operating from the military budget, to hold them until they could be ex-patriated.

The money is right there in the military budget.
‎No posse comitatus, no problem.
Catch, keep, and return; problem solved.

James Swelgin - April 19, 2019

It’s satisfying to have an administration that is trying to protect America and its citizens.
It is not satisfying to see the left wingers/globalists/MSM so intent on dismembering our country.
I wish them failure.

the cl - April 20, 2019


MARTIN KRALIK - April 20, 2019


Beth Schlangen - April 20, 2019

I agree with Edie, Kathleen, Elaine, Thomas, Martin. This step is weak, according to article only one percent of those crossing could be admitted. Why are most of them being admitted? Asylum seekers need to be vetted at their closest embassy before enter to our country. Any immigrant/refugee needs a sponsor who takes care of their needs until they are self sufficient legally. No more govt hand outs. Those who cause trouble are exiled, murder/death.

Wm Ostrander - April 20, 2019

Why not make a list of congressional action needed to resolve real problems. Post it daily showing the items congress is working on and ignoring solutions to problems that are hurting real people.

Jane Wegener - April 20, 2019

FINALLY a common sense ruling and FINALLY we have a real AG. Thank you AG BARR.

james rush - April 20, 2019

This decision was LONG overdo. Now we need to move on to curb the other loop holes in our immigration laws!

Daniel F Sopher - April 20, 2019

Accept the law abiding only. The ACLU has become something other than it’s name suggests.

Ron Beebe - April 20, 2019

the democratic party, and the A.C.L.U will eventually destroy this country no correct laws can be passed as long as these liberal policys are in existence the dems will lose the next election if they continue in the present manner. if the Donald goes.. everyone will vote for Schultz. they are obsessed with their hate campaign what will be said when the investigation into Hillary gets rolling

Richard L Jones - April 20, 2019

Totally agree and now if we can also do something about the “Anchor” baby problem.

Clair S Shaffer - April 20, 2019

I like the response written by Richard Rogers. Also should release them back where they came from.

AnnaJean BLACKBURN - April 20, 2019

First i would like to agree with, and encourage anyone reading these words, to view the previous comments listed here as of April 19,2019: “well said” ! Richard Rogers,
Edie Elerick,
Kathleen Parr,
Osbornne J. Dykes 111.
as well as many others.

We are in a national crisis which requires THE CITIZENS to speak up in votes and financial support as well. Wherever and whenever we have the opportunity. If we do NOTHING then we cannot complain. It is our obligation and PRIVELEGE.

Dave - April 20, 2019

If anyone was unclear on which side to support, reading these comments would show the way. It’s great to read intelligent thoughts, (with punctuation) 🙂 and logic articulated so well. Yet another confirmation that there’s hope for tomorrow.

Robert Davis - April 20, 2019

The only way to end this rush for our boarder seeking asylum is to stop this insane policy of releasing them INSIDE our country.

Lynn Taylor - April 20, 2019

Of course we need to stop catch and release! Who, in their right mind, could object to upholding our laws!!
Thank you, AG Barr!

Sharon P - April 20, 2019

With at least 80% of illegals failing to show up for their hearings, this policy is common sense. It’s shameful that everything President Trump’s administration does is challenged in court.

Kathleen Wiley - April 20, 2019

Not only do I agree with AG Barr but it boggles the mind the ACLU will jump on this band wagon?? The 1st in it’s name is “American” – these people, for whom I do have compassion are not American citizens! How can they legally come to their defense? Please keep up the good fight – I stand with you and also as a monthly donor to the cause. God Bless!

John Ruzza - April 20, 2019

An asylum policy makes a lot of sense. We need to hold our elected officials accountable for NOT enforcing our existing immigration laws, as well.

Peter salit - April 20, 2019

Can you allow illegals to come across our borders while not knowing if the have a infectious disease.CDC has been silent on this subject along with Congress.We seem to have a increase of Measles etc..that have been under control.

Larry Himes - April 20, 2019

I am sick of congress for the stupid immigration laws they passed in the past and not passing new laws that will support securing and closing our borders and eliminating “one foot in” and you have legal rights. The most stupid laws on the globe. America should be a sanctuary for American citizens and our borders secure.

Scott - April 20, 2019

It’s about time. Thanks Mr. President for finally appointing an AG with some toughness.

william jebb - April 20, 2019

anything to secure our border is a plus.

Larry Smith - April 20, 2019

The new policy has to be a wall, which I understand is being built.

David Graves - April 20, 2019

It’s about time. Not only is “catch and release ridiculous”from a law enforcement perspective, it’s dangerous and creates a huge financial burden on communities into which these illegal immigrants settle. What’s American about the American Civil Liberties Union.

Jon “Monty” Davis - April 20, 2019

Someone keeps sticking a stick in the spokes of anyone trying to curb the flow of illegals. I applaud anyone and everyone who tries. I pray Trump can get it done or at east slow it down

Phyllis Eix - April 20, 2019

I am personally thankful to God for AG Barr. I believe he has been raised up for such a time as this, and that he will help get our nation back on “the rails” of law enforcement and common sense.

Walter Layne - April 20, 2019

Illegal immigrants should be deported!

Roberta Smith - April 20, 2019

Illegal immigration is out of control. The new asylum policy is a drop in the bucket to what needs to be done. But I agree is a correct direction to go.

sue - April 20, 2019

Your decision is exactly what this great nation needs!!!!!!!

Bill Putnam - April 20, 2019

Intelligent policy!!- All border jumpers and children should be returned to their countries of origin awaiting evaluation of asylum Claims. The most recent $ I have heard is that illegal aliens are costing US taxpayers 338 Billion each year. This is insanity, and will destroy this Republic thru bankruptcy and interest charges on the debt it creates.

Larry McCreary - April 20, 2019

At least it is a positive step in the coordinated plan by many to enable asylum seekers to immediately disappear into the country with no intention to go to the required hearing. This is supported by ACKU and others who treat illegal aliens as though they had full rights of citizens

Brenda Frye - April 20, 2019

I am thrilled that we have an AG that isn’t afraid to do the job of the American People and to help our President !! He absolutely did the right thing !!

Donald Lang - April 20, 2019

I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico that has recently been forced to deal with the release of illegal aliens into our community by CBP. Only three city council members and one state representative among all New Mexico’s Democrat politicians, city, state, or national level, has bothered to appear in person at the intake centers to show support for the aliens or the community.

Norman Rockmaker - April 20, 2019


Robert R. Smith - April 20, 2019

Ditto Edie Elerick

John Olofson - April 20, 2019

This policy is just another attempt to deal with the weeds, albeit well thought out and well intended. The Heritage Foundation and every one of it’s subsidiaries badly needs to get behind our president and unequivocally support building the wall. Nothing else. Nothing less. Again, for emphasis, the entire Heritage organization must put all else on the back burner and support our president unequivocally on the wall.

Colleen Waugh - April 20, 2019

If we must give them asylum, send them to sanctuary states and cities. They boast that they want them, give them to deal with in their cities.

James. Mullins - April 20, 2019

Any action to bring more sanity to the problem is certainly welcome & useful.

Ernest Frank - April 20, 2019

The people who are Not Following their oath of office must be the people who need to Be Removed from their office and put in jail or sued or the expenses that they caused! When I was in the U.S.N. any of the military would have been put on the Brig or given an dishonorable Discharged!

Jerry West - April 20, 2019

This is a common sense action by Mr. Barr, therefore, it stands for reason the LEFT would oppose as well as the ACLU!.

Elizabeth Houghton - April 20, 2019


Len Foster - April 20, 2019

I agree with the new policy. Hopefully it will remove the incentives for illegal immigration stimulated by leftists.

Arlene Shako - April 20, 2019

AG Barr seems like a man who knows the law and knows that the current catch and release has resulted in horrific crimes and
problems of no accountability from illegal
This is a very important issue that will be
increasing .
I agree with Pres. Trump and AG Barr.
Thanks for working hard for us -the US citizens and those who have come here legally. Arlene

SUSAN BALDASSARI - April 20, 2019

I agree with everyone that it’s about time our government has some backbone and makes everyone obey our laws! Including our immigration laws and close those loopholes where I’m paying for someone else’s kids college education with my tax money but can’t afford to send my own kids to college. It’s time we put Americans first! God Bless America

ARNIE - April 20, 2019

is not what the Dems would like? How can we embrace them if they do not come to town? Just thinking….

ARNIE - April 20, 2019

is that not what the Dems would like? How can we embrace them if they do not come to town? Just thinking….

Jenette - April 20, 2019

I like the plan for immigrants put out by William Barr

Paul Bishop - April 20, 2019

we need something much stronger to stop this flow of illegals,lease some area from mexico ,don’t let them into us at all. place temp housing in mexico!!

Charles Paine - April 20, 2019

the release of these illegal immigrants must be stopped. those members in congress who refuse to do something about this are behaving in an irresponsible and disgraceful manner. stop this catch and release now.

Robert J Petersen - April 20, 2019

Illegal immigration is unfair to people from other continents and areas than Latin America that constitute the vast majority of immigrants. Moreover they take away jobs from citizens such as African Americans.

michael eberhart - April 20, 2019

i like it

Mitch Farr - April 20, 2019

I was expecting something of value in the AG’s presser on the Mueller report. Then he gave us something that completely over shadowed the Mueller report. His new policy on Asylum is outstanding. Why was this not done a year ago? I think he is just a little smarter and better versed in Federal Law than the rest. Nice selection as an AG, Mr. President.

Katy Libke - April 20, 2019

Illegal immigrants have broken our laws, and should not under any circumstances be released! Doing this is against the citizens who then are not being protected. The laws are to protect law abiding citizens, not law breakers!!

J dale berry - April 21, 2019

Excellent move

Paul Wolf - April 21, 2019

The ACLU denounced it? On what basis? Whether or not they admit it, these people are breaking the law! That is a fact. Thank you Mr. Barr!

George Rickus - April 21, 2019

A step in the right direction!!

Ed A - April 21, 2019

Long overdue, either America is a nation of Laws or not !!

Joseph Baumie - April 21, 2019

Build the Wall!! No immigrants especially Muslims!!

bernard segala - April 21, 2019

Send all illegals back, especially the children. Build the wall!!

Joan - April 22, 2019

It’s about time it was changed! But why did it take so long?

Bernie Johnson - April 22, 2019

Catch & Release has been a sorry joke. The ‘Release’ part is simply allowing illegals into our country. I congratulate AG Barr on this move.

Bill Werlinger - April 22, 2019

It is GREAT we have an Attorney general who follows the law and is not partisan!.. Mr. Barr needs to clean house at DOJ ; FBI ; Intelligence Dept. ;NSA . They can not be partisan and working in those jobs!. All illegals need to be send back immediately–irregardless– they did not follow the law!. It isn’t fair to the immigrants who follow the law–period!!

John Crews - April 22, 2019

Send them back as soon as they are caught after taking a picture of them and other identifying material. If they are caught again put them in jail for at least 30 days then 60 days on their third entry and so on. Return them to an area that has a fence but don’t bother with taking them back to their native country.

William Reid - April 22, 2019

Barr’s decision is a step in the right direction. Economic hardship is not grounds for asylum. The illegal immigrants are being coached on how to circumvent our pathetic immigration laws. Take away the ‘entitlements’ (which no one is entitled to) and the numbers will diminish.

Albert L. Smith, Ph.D. - April 22, 2019

Decades overdue. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens sneak into our nation annually. The only nation on earth that does not enforce its immigration laws. Everyone knows it is the primary,” new” source of Democrat voters. This has got to change. We halted it in the 1920s for 40 years because foreigners were not assimilating. The same is happening today throughout our nation. It’s time to do it again.

Rex Lewis - April 23, 2019

Anyone who enters the US illegally should be sent home with no chance of being able immigrate in the future, that is penalty for breaking the law. Also the law needs to be clarified that being born on US soil does not make you a citizen, that law was for a different time and purpose and has been abused

Sue Noble - April 25, 2019

Deport ALL Illegals.

Case Closed

Tim Ryan - April 27, 2019

Do what ever it takes to seal our border, protect our people and preserve our American Culture! Build that Wall Mr. President!

Joe Lybrand - April 28, 2019

Nicely said Pete Bostwick!!
Releasing Illegals into the US is Illegal. Why not stope it.

Ginny McKenzie - May 5, 2019

When or where did it seem right to give non-US citizens the rights, provisions or protections of citizenship? Makes a mockery for all those who worked to become US. Yes to Barr and President Trump!

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