Anchoring the Western alliance is key, Assistant Secretary of State A. Wess Mitchell said Tuesday in remarks at The Heritage Foundation. Under President Trump, America is finally accepting its responsibilities to Europe and aims to put real resources into its defense, He said.“The stronger we are today,” he says, “the less likely a certain school of rivals can choose our path for tomorrow.”

In his closing statement, Mitchell reassured us that the United States is making important progress in strengthening Europe. As a follower of Heritage’s research for years, Mitchell thanked us for “bringing original ideas to the policy debate here in Washington.”

The Heritage Foundation is honored to facilitate discussions on U.S. interests in foreign policy. With your help, we hope to continue to assist leaders in Washington by hosting platform that discusses sound policies which defend our national security.

Watch the event here:

What do you think about America’s relationship with Europe right now?

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Leona Loveless - June 9, 2018

I believe Pres. Trump is waking Europe up to start funding their own defenses and rebuilding. Too long we have paid and used our military to enrich their lives and our people have suffered for lack of internal recognition of their needs including infrastructure, jobs and low income communities steeped in crime and lack of moral leadership. . Europe is very liberal, England has allowed too many foreigners who only have their interests and many of them throughout Europe are on the path of gaining dominence over the World. Germany is close behind.

Leona Loveless - June 9, 2018

Thank you Heritage for what you do to educate the average American and overriding the Political Correct Agenda.

Edward Oliver - June 13, 2018

There often is much desires for the USA to open up their bank accounts for the rest of the world and often they do try to be helpful but those issues have taken a toll upon our financial abilities to give away Billions of dollars that was done by the previous President of our USA Obama, $100.7 Billion dollars and that surely could have been beneficial to The American Poverty that often needs help to provide for their children and the upkeep of a home for the family and all the other issues a family needs to feel they are important Citizens of our USA. My Humble Opinions Only!

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