Our nation was established as a force for good in the world, Heritage Foundation founder Ed Feulner writes in the Washington Times.

Independence Day is a reminder that we must be proud of, and always live up to, our “noble inheritance” of liberty, he says.

When the Founders made the commitment to stand together and break free of British rule in the name of liberty and independence, they were truly putting everything on the line . . . Because of America’s dedication to the permanent truths expressed in the Declaration of Independence, our nation has a special responsibility to uphold the cause of liberty both at home and abroad. While we have not always lived up to this responsibility, no nation has aspired so high and achieved so much as ours . . . And that’s the kind of nation we celebrate each Fourth of July. We have much to be proud of — and much to live up to.

How will you preserve America’s founding principles?

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Dale Holst - July 3, 2013

I agree with Heritage plan but I am realistic and know the Republican and Democratic establishment that controls our government will never let it see the light of day. Ordinary people in this country have no voice. Just like in the Roman Empire.
Dale Holst

Tom Edwards - July 3, 2013

What is there to celebrate the country is in the sewer.

Holly Chapo - July 4, 2013

I have hung the American flag in my front window (almost a sacrilege in NYC) but I do so proudly. I recited the Pledge WITH “under God.” I read the Declaration of Independence before I would even consider sitting down to eat lunch. I have been taking the Hillsdale College online course on the Constitution and have been reading from their wonderful text. What I have learned has only strengthened my resolve. And I said a prayer for my country, for God to bless it and to wake up many more of the American people so that they can appreciate what we have. I will live my belief in the founding principles and hope to be able to communicate them to others.

E. R. Eastin - July 6, 2013

Voting for anyone other than a “conservative mind” jeopardizes everything the Founding Fathers put in place.

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