The so-called “farm” bill, which doesn’t have much at all to do with farms, passed the Senate this week. Now it moves on to the House of Representatives, where Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has said he will vote for it.

Among other questionable provisions in the costly bill, more than 80 percent of the spending goes to food stamps, not farmers. It spends half again as much as the last farm bill, passed in 2008. It even taxes Christmas tree and rocks!

So why would anyone approve of this bloated trillion-dollar proposal?

For some time now, The Heritage Foundation has been highlighting the this bill and how it does not do what most people think it does.

Heritage’s Amy Payne puts it plainly: “Let’s be honest. This isn’t a ‘farm’ bill. It’s a food stamps-and-whatever-else-Congress-can-throw-in bill.”

Do you think the farm bill is a good idea as it stands? Or should Congress reconsider?

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Dean Newman - June 13, 2013

This bill is another in a long line of getting bills passed by piggybacking highly questionable legislation. No better time than now to stop this nonsense. Legislation should be considered on its own merits and not because it is riding along (hidden) with a bill or bills that are likely for some reason to pass.

Lou - June 13, 2013

You ask the right question. So why would anyone approve of this bloated trillion-dollar proposal? Because Washington does not care about us their constituents. They are in for whatever ensures they extend their political career regardless of the effect.

Steve Durham - June 13, 2013

Food stamps need to be tied to your ability to work if you are able bodied you should only get assistance for a maximum of 2 years and that is stretching it.

RJ Schundler - June 13, 2013

I do not think that we should increase the spending, until after we balance the budget. If we want to help the small farmer (not the real purpose of this bill) we should exempt the small farmer from the first $200,000 of labor/income taxes (what ever) that is earned on the farm, interms of labor employed and profits made. Keep the plan simple. The total amount of the exemption should not excede last years farm bill.

Robert Cochran - June 13, 2013

Congress definitely needs to reconsider. A waste of our tax money.

Margie Hatter - June 13, 2013

Please vote no on the farm bill. It is TOO much!!?

Cynthia Reedy - June 13, 2013

The food stamp program is so abused everywhere. I don’t think that fifty percent of the people on the program now need or use it the way it is intended. I think that expanding this abuse is a slap in the face to tax payers and anyone with any sense of morality.

Allen - June 13, 2013

The farm bill is AWFUL! Another example of total irresponsibility. I favor eliminating food stamps entirely!

Roy Shute - June 13, 2013

The Republicans had better start doing the business of the people instead of caving in to the Democrats and their spend spend spend agenda. I am so discussed with them I won’t contribute or vote for the republicans untill they start doing what the people sent them to Cogress for, National Defense, not pork barrel bull.
Roy Shute

Richard Locke - June 13, 2013

Will this crap ever stop? Both party’s need to be thrown out. They do not care about we the people who put them in office, they care about lining their pockets with hand outs as fast as they can, as soon as possible before we are no longer the United States of America.
Most Democracy’s last about 225 years before they fall….we are there!.

DUANE WEISE - June 13, 2013

It is too late for a leader to step forward! We should settle for a different America and not a very good one for capitalists.

howard hansen - June 13, 2013

Elimate the Department of Agriculture and the food stamp program. Ok, re the latter: make it gradual, like 3 years max.


Rick Garza - June 13, 2013

Call Boehner and let him know this nearly $1 trillion bill is a travesty! The government is already too big. There are already too many Americans on food stamps. We need to stand up and say enough! We demand you stop!

cynthia brant - June 13, 2013

the government needs to get their head out of the sand and wake up or we should not send them back, put them on a long vacation.

Beverly R - June 13, 2013

We are retired farmers and I think this bill should not pass. Until the budget gets balanced NO BILLS SHOULD BE PASSED.

Tom Shaffrey - June 13, 2013

The “farm” bill must be reconsidered.

The so-called “tacking on” of provisions to bills must be significantly related to the Bill itself. How can we make this happen? What needs to be done?

Nelson Lazear - June 13, 2013

I do not thinks this bill should pass in its present form! I would like to see a Constitutional Admendment that not lonly limits terms in office but also limits bills to one topic.

Judy Barrick - June 13, 2013

What is the matter with “old school” republicans? Why would John Boehner vote for this bill that is all about food stamps that icreases spending by a trillion dollars? Why don’t they stand strong for conservative views to stop spending? Why not listen to the voices of conservatives? What is the difference between republicans and democrats on these issues? Wake up and listen to us your constituents! We have lost faith in our party!!!

Robert Craig - June 13, 2013

Spend, spend, spend.

Earl Kading - June 13, 2013

I completely agree with you. Find some politicians with a spine.

Diane Winston - June 13, 2013

Congress should definitely reconsider, and they should have reconsidered when they voted John Boehner Speaker again! With Republicans like him in charge there is no hope for cutting spending. Where is his loyalty???

Rita Gordon - June 13, 2013

No, it has pork that has nothing to do with farms! We are supposed to be CUTTING this kind of stuff, not pushing it!!!

Madman - June 13, 2013

If these people we send to Washington can’t run the goverment within budget we should fire them all and get
some one in there that can. The ones that vote for this bloated bill should be the first to go.

VL - June 13, 2013

What is wrong with our elected officials? There is no way that Congress should be exempt from the “laws” they decree for us “little people”! They should abide by what the rest of us are expected to do. Until they are – they are just “elites” who are out of touch with – and have no concern for the people – or the USA!

Var - June 13, 2013

“Farm Bill,” well… per usual, just another leberal lie. Government dependency is the goal. And those that live dependent upon the government eventually become dependent upon that dependency; the very definition of slavery.
The truth about food is that the farmers do not get their fair share of the net profits. There are so many expenses involved in getting that food to market, trucking (farm to processor), processing, canning, storing, trucking again (this time to the retail outlets) that the farmer’s share is actually quite small in percentage. One would be surprised at the sheer number of “corporate farms,” meaning not family farms, but rather large business entities who are the only ones that can afford enough land to make a living on the small returns that trickle down to the farmers. And many of those are government owned. Food processing, heat & serve meals & pre-prepared meals add to the cost of food, as do the ever increasing “government” mandated regulations & testing. All that effort, all that processing and government regulation makes up the bulk of the cost of food these days. Growing it is the least of the cost. But family farmers get the blame.

Barron Schlameus - June 13, 2013

Reconsider, TRIM the FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Thiess - June 13, 2013

The New Farm Bill is too bloated and too wasteful. and should be reconsidered and redone..

Bob Champion - June 13, 2013

We should not only not increase food stamps; we should put strict, enforceable controls on how they are used. FL had to pass its own law to prohibit using FS as race tracks and in casinos.

DeeDee - June 13, 2013

STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DON’T HAVE! There isn’t enough money in the entire world to support the give-away programs our stupid government has established. Each year it’s worse, with our country being farther in debt than ever before. You want to give them your money, Obama and Congress – go right ahead, but stop giving away the taxpayers’ money. It isn’t yours to give away in the first place, plus, the vast majority of Americans are opposed to all this waste.

Joan Cummins - June 13, 2013

This bill needs to be solidly defeated!
What are its’ chances of passing in the House?

Harvey Keiser - June 13, 2013

Of course, Congress should reconsider, but I’m sure they won’t. When did we become so dishonest? A Farm Bill should be about farm problems not food stamps.

P, J, Mock - June 13, 2013

This “food stamp” project foments dependency on government and is just another waste of taxpayer funds!
This in not unlike the IRS, and other government bureaucracies waste!

De Ette Moon - June 13, 2013

Please, Heritage, keep pressing for SMALLER, not larger, government. The American people have proven to be most creative in solving problems when government gets out of the way.

patty phillips - June 13, 2013

why can’t congress control it spending and we do NOT need more food stamps!. I wish they would keep their hands out of our pockets. I think we need a new Speaker of the House and get rid of Speaker John Boehner.

Phil Collins - June 13, 2013

The “Farm Bill” has past it’s original purpose and should be abolished ! It has become a “giveaway” bill to squander taxpayers money ! The Federal Government is soooo out of control that it should be SHUT DOWN !
Personal responsibility instead of “gimme some more” should be the way things work in America. STOP THE INSANITY !!

Jean Keenan - June 13, 2013

WHY does Congress keep voting FOR bills which apparently most citizens in America DON’T WANT?

Darrell Smith - June 13, 2013

As long as we continue to enable welfare and food stamps, we will continue to get more of that which we enable. It’s natural law!

Carol - June 13, 2013

A waste of money! So what’s new? Carol

Royce Boon - June 13, 2013

This demonstrates that the congress, on bo5h sides of the aisle, is not about to do the work we have elected them to do. They continue to pass these bills that are not in the best interest of the country. We all need to take back control and elect replacements for those who do not do their jobs.

Dan O Mayes - June 13, 2013

Even with a House that is suppose to be seated with more Republicans and Conservative base. Instead of trying to control useless spending, they are supporting a bill that increases our debt. They are looking at extending their political career, and encouraging people not to work with more food stamps. Where’s the talk of balancing the budget ?

Richard Weller - June 13, 2013

Kill the bill.

riley nelson - June 13, 2013

Dump the farm bill completely.

Irene Munzer - June 13, 2013

It does not take smarts to spend money but you have to have some to actually shrink the budget. Seems they can not wait to completely bankrupt us.

Judith L. Jones - June 13, 2013

I worked for the “system” all my work-related years. I dealt with these issues. You would not believe the lying and cheating that goes on. I’m not saying “everyone”, but the vast majority. This definitely need further consideration.

Dayle - June 13, 2013

I will NEVER vote for anyone who votes for this bill!

Jay B. - June 13, 2013

This is a joke – The congress neeeds to reject these garbage bills coming out of Harry Reid’s play house.

Carolyn - June 13, 2013

Vote NO on the farm bill. Let’s start doing things that HELP our constituents, not the politicians. This is foolishness.

Marie Padget - June 13, 2013

I cannot believe my party’s leadership in the house would support this “food stamp’ bill, which the farm bill is. When will they really try to help farmers, and get rid of economic mess being put on the shoulders of our farmers.

Chris Sherry - June 13, 2013

Should be a law that if a spending bill is to be passed…. We the legal citizens have the choice to vote. 9 out of 10 of these bills will be voted down. We the legal AMERICANs need to start shouting foul play and take our country back!

Elisabeth Culp - June 13, 2013

Defeat the Farm Bill as it stands! Is anyone in The House listening to Heritage Foundation wisdom?

valerie wrobel - June 13, 2013

This is B.S. A farm bill should primarily benefit farmers. This is a food stamp bill. Do we really need to spend more of our money to support people who are not trying to work.
Why not spend money on a job training bill? if you want people to has more income to buy food from farmers.
Vote NO on this1

BETTY MUNSON - June 13, 2013

NO, NO and NO.
Please keep publicizing this.

Anthony Hebert - June 13, 2013

The whole system is broken! I’m not sure it can be fixed it’s so broken. To even consider such a proposal by any party proves it is broken. If you use language like we can negotiate, or compromise on any of this stuff anymore, is further proof those in government are the problem. The only reasonable proposals anyone in government can make right now is how much we need to cut from all our spending, and not one more cent is to be raised for anything. But, our government doesn’t have any clue how to bring themselves to consider such an idea, they simply cannot speak about anything without saying we must spend more. Close your eyes to reality and act as though it doesn’t exist. Insanity leading insanity. How do you fix brokenness with more brokenness? Only God can bless America in spite of herself.

Barry C Brinegar - June 13, 2013

Once again, both parties have total disregard for the trouble this country is in with its budget. I can tell no difference between Republicans or Democrats. The conservative media and critics can longer blame Obama for expanded Food Stamp Program. Balance the budget at all costs, Create incentives for job creation. Working people pay taxes and do not need government help.

Barbara Brooke - June 13, 2013

It is ridiculous to keep expanding food stamps and everyother stupid giveaway. I have seen what people do with those cards……if they have to use them, they should only be buying staples and decent food, not prepackaged frozen meals and junk food and sodas. Those packaged foods (like hot pockets, etc.) are loaded with salt, sugar, carbs, fats. Then they go to McDonalds and Burger King. The farmers DO need help, but it’s not going to them. When we were young and struggling, I made a LOT of peanut butter sandwiches and tuna salads for my family. I suppose that free school lunches and breakfasts are on this bill also. Shouldn’t parents feed their own kids?

Paul Mee - June 13, 2013

When will John Boehner show some leadership and conservative values?

He is a useless political insider hack of the political class.

John Larsen - June 13, 2013

When food stamps were partially paid for by the recepients there was some skin in the game. Since that time it has become a give away program with little or no control on costs. Congress believes that more food stamps equal more votes ( I get reelected).
John L

David - June 13, 2013

Get the taxpayers attention and call it what it is a “Food Stamp Bill”. Our Government is broke and can this even be considered? Unbelievable Must get a no vote.

Diane Leadbeater - June 13, 2013

No to the farm bill ! It is only an other excuse to take from us working folk and give to those who do not manage there resources well. I shop sales and coupons and less costly items only to watch people checking out ahead of me buying crab legs & steaks with their food stamps . If we need to assist people with food – go back to commodities, Beans, rice, flour etc. !!!

Anna - June 13, 2013

They piggyback, they piggyback, they piggyback to keep us in the dark until it is to late and it has already passed.

Joseph McKennan - June 13, 2013

I have no idea why this has to be passed in a hurry. It is probably like obamacare. A Huge expensive bill that will not benefit the majority of the people but will be an extraordinarily expensive one to implement. We do not need this. I remember an episode of Andy Griffith where Andy said an honest person would not want a free ride but would want to support him/her self although at times they could use help. This is understandable. Where does the need for extra food stamps come from? To support those who are here illegally in the first place. They will never go off food stamps. They will never become intermingled with the real citizens, will never learn English, and will never be responsible citizens who take an active role in citizen responsibilities– except to vote democratic to keep their food stamps, This is conventional wisdom.

Eddie Mae Owens - June 13, 2013

Both Houses of Congress should consider all sides of this issue, debate the issues and come up with what is best for our country and what can we afford. We should not continue to give money away that we don’t have and that also includes sending it to other countries. Please have the guts to do the right thing and not what is best to get reelected.

Glen Haas - June 13, 2013

The bill should be redone:
1. Such high benefits to the wealthy should be stopped.
2. The Christmas Tree Tax and the Rock Tax are not critical at this time and should be removed.
3. The Food Stamp benefits should be removed from the farm bill and either treated as a separate bill with its own specific rules to only be used for food and the recipients should be tied to the ability to work.

Joann Reitenour - June 13, 2013

Don’t permit the government to use its power wrongly for our nation.

Sabatino Nuzzi III - June 13, 2013

I don’t know about anyone else but are you not sick and tired of being lied to. Its time to make these Clowns in Congress and Demons in the White House be held accountable. They should be tried for the Treasonous dogs they are. They only care about there jobs and give a Damn about the American people. One more thing get rid of that Drunk, Coward, spineless_____ John Boehner (if I spelled that correctly?) he is useless! get lost John, go have another Drink! Stop hiding bills inside of others they know will pass. It was suggested a long time ago one bill by itself at a time. They are not fooling anyone anymore by hiding these pork belly spending bills in with the good ones.

Ann Sirles - June 13, 2013

This so-called Farm Bill is just another example of how congress deceives the public. This Bill is aimed at getting votes from certain segments of the population and has little to do with what’s best for the country. In my opinion no Bill should address more than one thing. The Farm Bill is a farce!

Chester M. Edsall - June 13, 2013

This bill is in need of further scrutiny. I support giving food stamps to people who really need food but too often their is much abuse of this handout. I believe if workfare were implemented for support programs instead of a free ride the United States debt would be reduced. I have seen and heard of people selling food stamps to others or buying items that they don’t need and then selling them for cash. Let’s find a way to stop the abuse of government programs.

john uhrhammer - June 13, 2013

STOP the spending! Stop farm subsidies to corporate farmers! Stop paying all congressmen until they actually DO something like a budget or a immigration bill that really does something. Stop sending dollars to countries that are not our allies!

Sandy Brown - June 13, 2013

So discouraged. We have to many people getting food stamps and govt aid instead of work.

Ogden white jr - June 13, 2013

Deep six it

James Pounders - June 13, 2013

Really? More pork? come on Republicans get a back bone and kill this thing.

Bruce Lee - June 13, 2013

If indeed it was a bill to aid the farmers, there may be some merit to it. However, as it only expands a food stamp program that is already far too costly and provides aid to many who truly abuse the system, the bill should be reconsidered and Speaker Boehner should be reprimanded for even considering his support!

Tom Maier - June 13, 2013

This bill is indicative in the mess Washington is now in. They (Congress) do not represent their constituents, they only continually campaign, raise money, pander to special interests (who give them more $$$), travel on our dime, and pass legislation that effects everyone but them, and after a short term, guarantee themselves a lifetime of money and perks.

Pete - June 13, 2013

It should be retitled to: “Food stamps for Liberal Votes” bill and the farm program should have its own dedicated bill. That way they each will have to try to survive on their own merits, if there are any.

Mike Baker - June 13, 2013

Any House Republican voting for this travesty should just switch parties and be honest about their political affiliation

Mary - June 13, 2013

We are being told that the Recession is over and that the economy is improving. Why on earth would we now authorize an increase in Government spending? We need to continue to eliminate unnecessary spending, not increase it!

Don - June 13, 2013

Absolutely not. I have come to the conclusion, though, that John Boehner is just another wild spending politician. He again is playing to the special interests of the many farmers in Ohio. It appears that he has no intention to try and fix government – just go along to get along. He has a majority and he fails to use it effectively. We need a strong speaker who has the guts too call bill what it is.

marie colombo - June 13, 2013

Why hasn’t congress done anything about this? Why can’t they really look into the people that apply for food stamps if they really need it. And what really bugs me is that people who are here illegally can get food stamps!!

Todd - June 13, 2013

This type of government needs to stop. Legislation needs to be focused and clear. Tacking on 1000 hidden agendas is not in the interests of the people at large, no matter how many special interests get bought. Why can’t our elected representatives get this through their heads.

N.Trotta - June 13, 2013


Johnny B. - June 13, 2013

turn off the faucet,we are broke. Does any one understand that we can not continue to spend what we do not have. The House needs to start all over and get this so call Farm bill right.

Barbara Sponaugle - June 13, 2013

The powerful Big Sugar lobby is trying to continue to rob American taxpayers and consumers of billions of dollars each year.

The House of Representatives plans to vote next week on the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2013, more commonly known as the 2013 Farm Bill, and I urge you to tell your U.S. Representative to vote in favor of the Sugar Reform Act of 2013. Better yet vote down the whole bill!

As for speaker Boehner – what a disappointment – to be polite. We Ohioans will retire him in the 2014 primary.

This is a pork laden bad bill with many outdated subsidies that no longer make sense in today’s marketplace.

And the most outrageous subsidy of all is the explosion of food stamp supplements. This program also is ripe with fraud.

It is said that we get the kind of government we deserve. Truth needs to be shared.

wanda - June 14, 2013

I wrote Dianna Feinstein the other day saying it is a way to hide the amount of money issues for food stamps. Also , Obama”s way to try again at slowing down Christmas.

Mike - June 14, 2013

Instead of exponentially growing the number of food stamp recipients, the goal should be to exponentially SHRINK the number of people receiving food stamps.

Any congressman who votes for the ‘farm bill’ is actually voting to further erode the moral fabric of our nation.

Hold your congressman accountable!

Semper Fidelis

Twostripe - June 14, 2013

Could not agree more with these post. I see 5 billion per year in crop insurance, if a farmer plants in a river bottom every year, and it floods every year it should not be covered.
Call Speaker Bohners office give them hell, let the market determine what we grow and sell, won’t let us harvest our oil, so what good is it to stop a farmer from growing his choice of crop.

Robert Ortego - June 14, 2013

I am beginning to believe that Congress doesn’t even know what it is voting for.

Donald Liffengren - June 14, 2013

This is not a farm bill. It is basically a food stamp bill.

We need to stop this nonstop giving of food stamps.
The needy need to be at least looking for work. I think too many want to be on the gravy train forever..

Carol - June 14, 2013

As usual Congress is using one bill which has nothing to do with farms to camouflage another agenda so they can spend more of our hard earned money. Say no to this Bill full of pork .

John Linsenmeyer - June 14, 2013

No more of this kind of spending which takes away from our food production. We should let the farmers decide what they want to produce and the government should help by buying up the excess and send it to the poor people who need it as foreign aid. No more sending money to dictators. I believe in God and He will hold us accountable for the poor and starving world we live in now. We will pay for his blessings to us and He will allow us to fall apart as a country.

Raymond R. Sucik - June 14, 2013

This is another example of government over reach in “caring” for its under privileged citizenry. This “entitlement” society is determined to consume itself! Politicians including the current House Speaker who endorse this increased spending need to enter the new realm we will create for them, “former congressman”.

Major Kellett - June 14, 2013

Federal legislation is nothing but a game to most of politicians—and we the people are just the pieces.

C Dreyer - June 14, 2013

I am getting real tired of all these “comprehensive” bills. A horrible way to run a country – large, verbose bills only allow the federal bureaucracies to run amoke.

Reconsider the whole approach.

Sam - June 14, 2013

This bill should be voted down by Congress. It is not a “farm” bill, but a “food stamp” bill. We can’t afford continue to reward unproductive people. That only encourages more of the same behavior.

Perley - June 14, 2013

You cannot reduce the budget by spending.

The free lunch people must be cut off

Dan Morrison - June 14, 2013

Separate the farm bill from the welfare/food stamp side and let it truly be a farm bill. I am a small farmer who does not want Congress to pass this bloated bill just to please those who wish to explode welfare spending at the expense of farmers and other hard working Americans who must balance their budget. Any Senator or Congressman who votes for this huge deficit expansion deserves to be voted out of office.

Jim Skarda - June 14, 2013

If you can keep you earned income off the books, you should be able to get even more free stuff from the government. Who’s the dummy? Who’s your daddy?

Ron - June 14, 2013

“Whatever is best for the country regardless of what it costs them” is not the motivating force behind the majority of our elected officials (R or D – right or left). They are motivated by “Whatever is best for them, regardless of what it costs the country.” Our founders would not believe how quickly we has lost our way.

Joan Plotz - June 14, 2013

I totally agree with Newman and Shute’s remarks. Stop
piggybanking everything but kitchen sink in a bill and
Republicans to start doing business of people and stop
caving in to Democrats. No more money from me!

C.Hoffman - June 14, 2013

Subsidies in any way, shape and form need to end. The government’s picking of winners and losers distorts the free market and the private sector. If you oppose the government will bring it’s full force against you and that has led us to the loss of liberty we now endure. The government is totally out of control and with their power of the purse and laws that apply to you and not them I don’t think we can halt the slide to despotism. We are past the apex in this respect.

NanReynolds - June 14, 2013

What is the deal with Boehner?? Love the idea of each bill being only ONE topic.

Norma Jean Fritz - June 14, 2013

I agree with Dean Newman’s comments and couldn’t have said it better.

Fred James - June 14, 2013

I am done with John Boehner. He is not a true leader, he is a follower and he is following the democrats and leading all of the citizens of the USA down a path that may be irreversible. How do “we the people” get rid of this guy and find a true leader.

Rick Singley - June 14, 2013

If it doesn’t accomplish anything other than growing government it has to use. Strike it down period, we need to be cutting spending. The farmers of this land would be better off left to their own devices.

Terry Johnson - June 14, 2013

Food stamps expenditures do not belong in the Farm Bill, there must be a separate budget item, under the Health and Human Services department. Food stamps are rightfully a welfare issue, and should be clearly identified as such.

Ralph Litten - June 14, 2013

Another example of out of control government and rampant fascism.

James Mullins - June 14, 2013

More slop for the pigs. We can’t seem to overcome the pressure as they line to get their share of the giveaway. We are a doomed Country…

Gabriel Goldstein - June 14, 2013

This Farm Bill is another boondoggle
As usual, the Republicans, this time with Boehner’s active assistance, are once, again, showing their lack of courage, and, of foresight, in accepting this pathetic Bill
As usual, they want to be liked by the Left, rather than having the guts to do right thing

David Barnard - June 14, 2013

I agree whole heartedly with Dean Newman. It is time to STOP this nonsense!

Ronald Brown - June 14, 2013

Totally irrisponsible.

Al Kohn - June 14, 2013

This farm bill is purely political and I am very surprised that the Republican party in the House will vote for it. It is irresponsible and wasteful spending which is exactly what they should be voting against it. A farm bill should be used to assist farmers as needed at a much lower cost. Food stamps should be a completely separate appropriations bill with much tighter requirements, which would enable a sustainable program at a lower cost, not one that is 50% higher than the last one.

Harold Fotsch - June 14, 2013

Can we separate the chaff from the grain on these farm bills for once? Let’s put the welfare programs in welfare bills and farm subsidies in farm bills.

Ernie Cloutier - June 14, 2013

BOEHNER has sold out the American People For a few drinks ,insider trading and a few games of Golf >> He and the class of 2010 did “NOT” honor their Pledge to America >. They sold us out to pad their bank account

Carol - June 14, 2013

Not speaking directly towards the farm bill but something that needs to be addressed about the food stamp system itself.
I have noticed that some states are using EBT cards, and other states are still using Vouchers. I would suggest that a system be set up (as the ebt debit card). This system automatically separates what can be bought and what cannot be bought. I don’t understand why the government would continue to use vouchers as there is much abuse a person can commit. Why can’t they fix this? The government could cut down on waste and the budget.

R Moody - June 14, 2013

The farm bill is just another piggy bank, for government slim to dip their greedy hands into.

James Healy - June 14, 2013

Congress should reconsider. The Speaker of the House has shown that he is not willing to lead when it comes to spending our tax dollars wisely.

Larry - June 14, 2013

The so-called farm bill is a total waste. In fact, I am unaware of any federal “program” that isn’t a total waste. Aside from the conflicts with the constitution, interference by the government in the affairs of citizens is always a corruption of power. This would include so-called aid to “victims” of storms, stupidity, sloth, race, gender, mood or whatever: such interference rewards the bureaucrats, supporters of the party with power and encourages people to be irresponsible (not carry insurance; not get a job; not be prepared; and, etc.).

Ray Zimmons - June 14, 2013

Quite frankly do not think anything the Government is doing bis right.

LaVerne - June 14, 2013

Use your influence with Boehner. He is getting way out of line in supporting this kind of junk. These guys are running amok right along side of the Dems because they are scared to change their ways to a more conservative base. I am not afraid to change my vote. Many years ago, when my parents were on welfare, they had to pay it back when they became employed. What happened to that?

G L Stout - June 14, 2013

I am a retired farmer – this bill is ill conceived and should be opposed by Farm Bureau and any other farm organization – I say this expecting this will not happen, and am not happy about that. We are in Boehner’s district and have let him know my position.

Jack - June 14, 2013

Of course not, It’s just another govt. lie, more propaganda!!

Patricia - June 14, 2013

What “Farm” Bill???

Eugene Iserman - June 14, 2013

Enough already!! The Farm Bill/subsidy has long since exceeded it’s shelf life. Stop the increases and begin 2-3 year phase out of the program.
And let’s move on to the same treatment for other corporate entities many of which date back to WWII.

Carol - June 14, 2013

Has ANYONE READ THIS BILL WORD FOR WORD? No one should be allowed to vote until they have read the whole bill!!!! I wonder if some Congresspeople could even understand what they’re reading, given past performance!

Wilma Abney - June 14, 2013

Waste, waste, waste!!! that’s what our govt. does best.
Why does everything have to be bloated with piggyback extras? Do they really think we are stupid AND blind?

Kathy - June 14, 2013

I think Congress should reconsider this bill. There needs to be a farm bill that deals with agricultural issues and other things that do not be taken out and dealt with separately such as social issues like food stamps.

Larry Sparks - June 14, 2013

How Congress keep passing appropriations bills like the “Farm Bill” when a budget bill has not been passed?
This Farm Bill should be reduced at least 50% which includes the Food Stamps.

Sharon - June 14, 2013

I don’t even understand how “food stamps” come under an Agriculture bill and how come we continue to subsidize hugh farrms with absentee owners. (Understand Ted Turner is a “farmer”-yeah right) It’s just another case of pandering. Do away with the dep’t of agriculture.

Chuck Milner - June 14, 2013

I agree that this program and this bill is nothing more than pandering to a segment of the population to create more dependence on government and to gain their votes. This program should be restricted to a one year duration. If a person has not gotten a job in this time, they are just not making an effort but prefer to live on the fruits of other’s labors.

Flo Cobaugh - June 14, 2013


David - June 14, 2013

I am sick of the Democrats and RINOs continuing to operate business as usual while our national budget rockets out of control. Why don’t they give accurate labels to bills in Congress? Why not split the two topics and label them the Farm Bill and the Food Stamp Bill? Do Congressional representatives ever wonder why their approval ratings are so dismal? After reading this, I don’t!

Perry M. White - June 14, 2013

This is another disaster, a vote buying bill. The House should block the entire bill. What is left, after the Food Stamp debacle, will be doled out to voters who do not need the money but vote. Abolish the Department of Agriculture.

Terry Daniels - June 15, 2013

This bill should definitely be reconsidered.

Johnfraulini - June 15, 2013

If anybody votes fro this, they have lost there mind and my vote.

Terry Finnicum - June 15, 2013

The Farm Bill is a farce. 1st of all, Farm subsidies should be cut in half at least. There is not need to subsides ethanol because we are on our way to energy independence and Congress should let the free markets work. The vast majority of this money goes to absentee farmers operating out of Trusts. This is just another form of buying votes. 2nd, a separate bill should be put forth on Food Stamps and let it stand on it own. This way we can tell EXACTLY who in Congress voted for
Food Stamps which is way out of control. Are these people really brain dead? Cut of this crap on burying big bills under false heading.

Ramon - June 15, 2013

All the little piglets should be separated from the Mama Pig and see how long they will survive.

Penny Sullivan - June 15, 2013

The Congress is doing what it does best– Passing Pork. We need to change the players so that this does not keep happening.

geoff riley - June 15, 2013

Just plain politics. If they had “stones ” this bill would be broken into 2 bills.

Denny Converse - June 15, 2013

This is just another example of Big government, just being too big to be effective. It’s politics run wild. Washington doesn’t really care about feeding the poor as it cares about gaining and maintaining a consistent lower class of people to control.

don - June 15, 2013

This bill is a sham socialist/marxist vote buying measure just like everything that comes out of our “representative body”. WE NEED TERM LIMITS ON ALL FEDERAL OFFICES.

anthony j culpovich - June 16, 2013

I will hold John Boehner accountable if this bill passes the House. No more contributions to the RNCC until they demonstrate a commitment to conservative causes.

Richard & Kay - June 16, 2013

This is just another “in your face” our elected Representatives have been and still are practicing. What price our vote when after elected they forget the pledges made during the campaign?

Ron Kaufmann - June 16, 2013

This bill must be defeated. Let’s call it like it is The Food Stamp Bill

Roger A Marien - June 16, 2013

This bill should be voted down as a dishonest approach to expanding government control. Why have both Democrats and Republicans let this sort of deception go on? It is no wonder that no one trusts those currently in power. When the President of the United States makes a sham out of the Oath of Office, worse than the Nixon Administration, and no one calls for his impeachment, we the People will have to take whatever action needed to replace them.

Holly Chapo - June 16, 2013

This farm bill is atrocious. It is bloated with worse than pork. There are payments to persons who absolutely don’t need the money. Congress needs to do more than reconsider. They should scrap it and start over with meaningful funding.

Jeanette Powell - June 16, 2013

I am sick of this Congress. This bill is outrageous. Is there some way a bill could be one page and prohibit any piggybacking. Let’s pass one bill at a time with complete clarity and stop this ” we need to pass it so you can be once again blindsided”.

Stewart Lammers - June 16, 2013

It puzzle me that the government can spend that much money knowing that it does not have the money. The people in need of help would be better off relying on the private sector, the government does not give help but makes people dependent. The private sector or community would provide help but at the same time provide a path to self-reliance.

Denise Anderegg - June 16, 2013

WE cannot afford anymore government spending on anything. Cut the waste!!!!!!

Charles K - June 17, 2013

The American public is not a beast of burden, lighten the load and prosperity will return. The consequences of heavy debt and excessive spending continue to sap this great country of it’s true potential.

Mike Todd - June 17, 2013

It’s another way of taxing the hard working people and handing out money to the people that don’t want to work because it is easier to receive a check from the gov’t then to go to work and earn a living.
The more money the gov’t hands out the more people will stop bothering to work and just receive a gov’t check.
The system is out of control

Ruth Massarotti - June 20, 2013

1) Cut out Government’s extravagant spending
2) Congress needs to curtail funding for all bills that are passed but not laid out in a strait forward manner and this includes “Obama Care”
3) Stop feeding “users” of the system and stop furnishing them phones!!!

Stephen Patterson - June 20, 2013

Congress should reconsider.

Richard Dayton - June 21, 2013

Vote NO on the Farm Bill, we do not need to keep giving all this money away that we Do Not have. If not now? When? And Stop using money to advertise for people to sign up. And what is actually left of the Farm Bill the farmers do not need. We need LESS government not more.

Janelle - July 10, 2013

This bill should be thrown out. Any bill presented for vote should be required to include documentation showing how it is constitutional. The system was designed to purposefully make bills difficult to pass, to avoid “willy nilly” governing. Well, Washington has certainly abandoned the Constitution, with most concentrating on their own interests, with no concern or care for the country.

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