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Not only is President Obama’s proposed budget for 2015 a month late, but it’s also unrealistic, Heritage Foundation experts report. It’s more of the same tax-and-spend liberalism:

  • Spending would go from $3.5 trillion in 2013 to nearly $6 trillion in 2024.
  • Debt borrowed in credit markets (public debt) would grow from $12 trillion in 2013 to $19 trillion in 2024.
  • The national debt, including debt owed to government agencies, would grow from $17.3 trillion today to $25 trillion in 2024.
  • The President’s budget includes about $1 trillion in new spending, partly offset by other spending cuts, and about $1.2 trillion in tax increases.

Here’s more from the Heritage analysis:

  • The budget’s defense cuts—some of the only real cuts the President proposes—would leave America less secure.
  • The education budget would add more top-down rules tied to billions in new spending. And it continues to feed the college debt bubble.
  • The budget requests $1 billion to prepare for future climate change damage.
  • The budget continues to delay any serious entitlement reforms. It settles for minor changes at best to extend slightly the longevity of programs like Medicare and Social Security that are driving our deficits.
  • The budget would expand the welfare state, spending more than $450,000 over the next decade on each poor and low-income household.

What are your thoughts on the President’s proposed budget?

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Mr. & Mrs Richard White - April 18, 2014

Stop this crazy man and this crazy budget he has thought up.
We legal citizens do not want him, for all he has done and will continue to do is ruin this great USA and our freedoms, nor his budget. But we citizens will win in the end, for we know what is right and what is evil.
We will wait and see what congress will do on this crazy budget.

Diane O’Key - April 18, 2014

How many ways can we say “insane, irresponsible, and just plain wrong”–for the American taxpayer, the America we love? Legal, taxpaying Americans have had more than enough of this rogue administration!

Kendall Svengalis - April 18, 2014

I have always been convinced that Obama’s ultimate aim is the financial and spiritual bankrupting of America in fullfillment of his father, Frank Marshall Davis’s dreams, even though the Stalinist homestone of Davis’ vision has collapsed. Obama’s presidency, thus, represents a test of whether Americans will countenance this treachery or, ultimately, rise up and stop it.

Get Real - April 18, 2014

Shove it where the sun doesn’t shine….

James Pogue - April 18, 2014

No Relief until 2014 and 2016. America is reaping the Obama harvest, which he promised in 2008 and the Congressional democrats are absolutely responsible. Five years without a budget. They cannot say “NO.” Corruption and more of it.

peter barnes - April 18, 2014

Simple… spend it out of existence
Read his play book
It was written by Saul Alinsky Chicago Communist agitator
Look up his (I think its 15 point) tutorial on how to wreck America
Think its still up on Google

Bill Wallner - April 18, 2014

Duh, last bullet point:

The hand OUT has the same vote the contributors do.

John W, von Lange - April 18, 2014

Mr. Obama and his progressives are one of the many big problems in Washington. Granted by any standards,he has proposed an incredibly grotesque spending plan. As has always been the case with budget proposals, they will tend to come in high, with many unrealistic, but nice to have items. That is an acceptable aspect of budget making. A really offensive part of this process is the absolute lack of flexibility on their part when it comes time to cut back on the big “nice to have” items; until the budget approaches a realistic level. With the gross lack of flexibility on the part of the progressive liberal Democrats a thinking person would expect a strong stand from the taxpaying sector and their elected representatives. This is where I feel the biggest failure is occurring. The elected critters are so preoccupied with their re-election and ability to pad their personal wealth, that they are as a lot failing miserably to control the out of control liberal spending habit. This failure to act in a responsible, efficient, credible manner starts at the top of the Conservative (AKA) Republican Congress people. it is far past the time for the tax paying sector to stop worrying about being politically correct and demand strong, efficient budgetary controls be enacted. To do so will naturally affect many of the social programs so many have come to expect. tough decisions and actions have to be made before the USA is a starving mess such as exists in many parts of the world.

Rob Burton - April 18, 2014

The Obama budget is simply a reflection of fascist industrial regulatory policy, income transfer, global retreat and transformation of domestic voting demographics. It should not be a surprise.
The problem we all have is the inability of moderate to conservative thinkers and policy makers to articulate the policy prescriptions, financial budgets, regulatory framework and implications of the Obama path versus a more prudent track that the country requires to survive.

Curtis Blake - April 18, 2014

My taxes for 2013 have damaged my ability to take care of my family and my responsibilities. I cannot stand anymore taxes. And, I am sure that I am not the only person reeling from the increased tax burden placed on us by this contemptible, liberal government administration. As far as the economy is concerned, I certainly will not be helping its effort to recover this year because I must clamp down on my spending. The only way I may be helping the economy is through President Obama’s redistribution of wealth schemes, where he takes my money in taxes; thus preventing me from profiting from my hard work, industriousness, and knowledge, and gives it to others to spend who did absolutely nothing to earn it, and, in most cases do not deserve it. This jackass of a president must be stopped!

Thomas Bogetich - April 18, 2014

How do you spell Obama “Calculating Stupid”. What is this man thinking or does he ever think anything but spending money we don’t have and taking us into the “Third World State of Bankruptcy”. We are about there already this budget would take us definitely over the edge. When are his allies the Liberal Press going to get the message they are backing one big time loser. If he, and he will, causes us to go into the tank good bye liberal press and everything else including our dreams. Is supporting liberalism worth that big a gamble?

Dwight - April 18, 2014

Voting Public! Take note! This is what you can expect when you elect the equivalent of a janitor to the CEO’s position! He’s not only totally lacking in any kind of experience at running ANYTHING!, he’s a pathological liar and an undocumented fraud in every respect!

Charles S. Wertalik - April 18, 2014

WHAT?!?!? WHEN, in the name of all that’s good and holy, is this idiot in the White House going to be reined in and kicked out? Huh? Good grief, enough is enough – too much, actually.

Lana Hamilton - April 18, 2014

This President has never dealt with reality and is completely incompetent. What else can you expect from a “community organizer”!! What is really alarming is our main stream media who will say nothing critical about Obamas many, many, many inept, corrupt decisions and a congress that is equally ineffective and gutless. The few brave souls who speak up are put down by the rest of the members who are thinking only of them selves and not the American people!! When are people going to wake up??? He is truly an evil man.

Robert R Heier(Bob) - April 18, 2014

The part that floors me is that congress will not do anything to stop any of this. Even the investigations in to the total lawlessness is superficial. The BLM, EPA, IRS will now get even more money to persecute “we the people”. We must continue to fight by talking, talking and calling, calling. None of us can sit back and wait for something to happen. That is what we all did for years and what did we get? The only way a constitution works is for good people to be in office.

Robert Godwin - April 18, 2014

His goal to destroy America is expressed again in this latest act of non-responsibility. Utterly disgusting.

Salvatore R LaRosa - April 18, 2014

The President is out of his limited mind. He should be under psychiatric evaluation and be removed from office.

Delores Sandberg - April 18, 2014

Why does Obama think the budget always has to increase? How about existing on the amount of last years budget and see what happens. Congress is there to represent us. How about doing just that for once. But they’ve sold their soul to the Party and made it their career. Not only is the President dishonest but so are a lot of the congressmen. How can we win? Only if we make sure the people sent to congress are what they say they are and hold them responsible if they aren’t.

Rock City - April 18, 2014

Totally absurd!!!!!! Time to seriously visit the subject of impeachment!!!!! Unfortunately we Republicans do not have any one that has the ability to articulate. Those that attempt articulating are demonized by their fellow “establishment” Republicans. Let’s hope current polls hold steady through the Nov. ’14 mid-term election. The “Obama-Election-Machine” has already begun creating a spin on the non-caring, women-hating, environmental polluting Republicans. Unless we learn to play like they do by pushing back, counter-articulating, 2014 will be a repeat of ’08 & ’12. Let’s get busy!!!!!!!!

Henry Devens - April 18, 2014

Seriously, only someone dedicated to destroying the economic strength, military might and will of all Americans could propose and support such an outlandish budget proposal, continuing the trend established throughout the years of this administration. Even the majority of Democrats in Congress refuse to take his proposed budgets seriously. Across the board, everything this president does undermines the very essence of America. His arrogance about everything is intolerable.

Louis Intres - April 18, 2014

As usual, Obama’s suggestions are not only unrealistic, but dangerous. His arrogance and hubris are unmatched in American political history. He believes himself to be the nation’s savior, above the law, and beyond criticism. For a smart man, he has no understanding of simple economics. Therefore, what he does not know must be, therefore, unimportant. If you truly study his education, his personal and political development, and you read his early speeches and lectures, it is obvious that Obama has always intended to bring down the United States by economic means. His actions and disregard of the rule of law and the constitution reveal him to be truly Un-American. He has violated his oath of office repeatedly. Impeachment is too good for him, when treason is a more apt description of his offenses. Unfortunately, the Republicans in Congress and McConnell in the Senate are sycophant followers of Obama instead of true statesmen dedicated to saving America. Forget about the Democrats, they turned socialist a long time ago.

Dr. Kenneth Nolde - April 18, 2014

Mr. Obama has no budget. The spending is a literal “death threat” to America’s future. The cretins on the left simply do not understand Representative Democracy nor the means to sustain it. I say repeal obamacare, cease all subsidies, and let the free market work its magic.

sam biddle - April 18, 2014

This President leans towards the doltish! By lying about and slanting whatever politically sensitive issues he chooses, he comes off as a pin head. Smartest man in the room? His overall performance based upon his past utterances is Zero! The man is a divider, a fraud and corrupt. He and his cronies take government money like it is candy. What does the country have to show for Obama’s administration over the last five and a half years? Legacy … what legacy!

A. A. Oliver - April 18, 2014

This is way, way too high a budget!!! Frankly, he doesn’t know what the word budget even means. He won’t stick to this “budget” Knowing the U.S. is out of money, he still gives all sorts of money to a lot of countries that hate us. Then he sends Michelle, her Daughters, her Mother and as many people and Secret Service People that will fit on a plane all over the world on OUR MONEY. He is out of control and is enjoying every minute of it! Don’t forget his date nights in NYC that cost the American Tax Payers around a million dollars a pop. Let’s face it, we have a President that doesn’t give a flip about any tax payers that make more than $20,000 a year. Remember the cell phones he gave to all of the so called poor people. Poor People, indeed. They have larger TVs and are on Food Stamps. I have never disagreed with anyone that truly needs food and other help. This President does things for the people that vote for him; hence, the cell phones JUST BEFORE the election!!! Now, Boehner is for bringing in all the illegals. Is everyone in D.C. crazy, or am I the only one that thinks this way – – – – – I don’t think so!!

Thomas Smith - April 18, 2014

Somebody needs to break that left hand and take his pen away from him before he bankrupts this country like he and George Soros are intent on doing.

Patricia Birren-Wilsey - April 18, 2014

Our Deceiver in Chief and his handlers have created a safe haven for themselves, protected by the anti-Constitutionalist congress. Had we a Senate of integrity, he and his ilk would have been thrown out on their ears through the impeachment process years ago. Cannot wait for the mid-terms!

William Fromme - April 18, 2014

the budget is not the main issue here. The real problem is the absence of any real opposition to the intentional destruction of this country. Almost all the Republicans are rinos, and have rolled over to Obama even more than Obama rolled over to Putin. This is what causes despair. What happened to Americans? Where are they?

Brad Pickert - April 18, 2014

May Obama rot, his only goal is the ruination of the USA. My only hope is that we can hang on until he is out of here. Can we accomplish IMPEACHMENT SOON AFTER 2014 election? How many more ways can he screw AMERICA? GOD HELP US for we all know what we have done. We have voted in TYRANNY.

Harry - April 18, 2014

INSANE!! But, not unexpected!!!!

James V. Burnette - April 18, 2014

If we didn’t have President Obama we would not have the problems he and the left have burdened this country with.
When we decide that we cannot afford what this administration and the far left Democrats and yes, some of the Republicans as well, we will never turn this country around. We must get a true “Constitutionalist” in office and return to our roots.

C R Torpy - April 18, 2014

This is the most immoral, incompetent, deceiving, and disruptive administration to run our country in 40 years – much, much worse than Nixon’s criminality and Carter’s leadership failures. America must wake up and recognize the road to economic and moral disaster we are being led down. We cannot continue to elect those who clearly cannot be trusted and who aggressively espouse evil, Their policies have been shown time & time again in history to fail.

Stephen Hill - April 18, 2014

What else can we say, except, Pray for this country and pray God hears our prayers about this President and his ruthless, irresponsible administration?! I pray the Lord Jesus gets a hold of his heart and changes his heart although I doubt The President and his administration would listen to The Lord! Jesus! get us out of this mess! Amen!

WILLIAM KIENTZ - April 18, 2014


Jlbm - April 18, 2014

My thoughts of disgust for the Liar in Chief are not printable or sayable from a Christian woman.
I believe the lib goal is to run the Country into the ground as pay-back for his hatred.

paul Alexander - April 18, 2014

Everything that is being done is meant to disable this country at a time when the world is becoming less and less hospitable. The Obama smirk and putdown for those that don’t agree with him sits well with his admirers up until the point where they “smell the coffee”. It would be nice to throw it in their faces, but we will sink along with them.

Zoli Althea Browne - April 18, 2014

Will the borrowing virus ever be healed? We the people are encouraged to pay our debts, live within our means and be truthful. Obama is epically out of touch with American values. Disgusting.

chuck - April 18, 2014

STINKS. The old proverb, “U can’t get rich by borrowing money”

Samuel Kopack - April 18, 2014

This guy is way out of control. On top of that is stripping us of our freedom. All taxpayers should be so alarmed as I am to clean that Senate up this election.

Thomas Miller - April 18, 2014

Get the dam self-serving people in Congress to get off their “butts” and start to represent the people who pay their way. As an add-on, Harry Reid has got to go…he is the biggest cheating, self-serving individual yet. Obama is either very “dumb” (which I do not believe) or a true enemy of the United States. Pick your poison!!!!

Norman August - April 18, 2014

The President treats the budget process like a joke. I believe that he knows it will never be approved and it’s just another distraction. He’s an embarrassment to our country.

Elizabeth F Clark - April 18, 2014

to bad our congress is totally in agreement with this man, they have not supported the people or our freedoms, hopefully we will get rid of the ones that sided with the left and elect patriots to office to do the bidding of the people and get rid of this obamination in the White House

Ltc. Curtis M. Bryant, Retired - April 18, 2014

I don’t know which is worse, this present administration and all their ilk or this generation which elected them to office. They are the “blind leading the blind” and we are all being led into the proverbial ditch. May the good Lord deliver us despite us. His promise, our hope: Romans 8:28 >

Tom Carpenter - April 18, 2014

It frankly, is quite simple–if we don’t get those people out of power beginning in November and finish the job in 2016, I’m not sure my kids and grandchildren will ever have the opportunity to know this country as I have–do the math!! It does not take a masters degree to know that you cannot spend, spend, spend, far more than you take in–it has never worked and never will!!!!

dalyrymple - April 18, 2014

Well, comrades, any man who is this blatantly destructive because he can fool an undereducated, uninformed base and appease all the America haters at the same time, must be brought to heel, and he WILL be. His political father was certainly Frank Marshall Davis, and anyone can look up this man’s philosophy. Hurricane Barry is a Frank Marshall Davis/Saul Alinsky mentor who just happens to be at the top position of power in the world, or so he thinks…..We the People have got some news for him and his party on their misguided perception of who they believe has the power, and it AIN’T them. They will simply have to find out the hard way…..

John Estep - April 18, 2014

Obama is only doing what he said he would do back when he was a Senator. He is funamentally changing our nation. Not sure how it will end up, but badly is likely. He can be stopped if the Rebublicans gain conrol of the Senate.

PLW - April 18, 2014

Obama does not have a clue as to what a budget is, or how to manage a budget. He & his followers, the Liberal Democratic Progressives, continue to dismantle and divide America each day they are in Office!! The “O” has got to go along with the rest of his Anti-American Supporters!!! Welcome to Obama-World!!!

gary heflen - April 18, 2014

We need to get a better handle on spending by the federal gov’t….this is stupid…we can not continue at this rate.

Arthur Huey - April 18, 2014

Sad to say Obama’s goal is to spend our country into oblivion. I remain convinced that the best outcome we could have is to remove him as President not by impeachment, but by declaring him unqualified to be elected President. That would undo his executive orders and appointments. It continues to amaze me that more citizens don’t see the obvious, that he was not eligible to be elected in the first place. I sometimes wonder if we really have George Soros as our President. I am also very concerned that giving himself the right to suspend elections, means he has no intention of leaving office in 2016.

Jo Gonzalez - April 18, 2014

He will break the bank. This outrageous spending will lead us to Economic Ruin, and very possibly, it could be intentional. My Taxes are going to help people, who refuse to work, encouraged behavior, by this Administration. The “Takers” are now in larger number than those contributing, Out of balance= Disaster.

Philip Allen - April 18, 2014

The Elites from both parties who voted to suspend the Federal debt limit for a year should be tried for colluding to steal money from our children & grandchildren

Walter W. Griffin - April 19, 2014

Balance the budget PRONTO.

Mr. Edward Oliver - April 19, 2014

Personally I think the man is totally out of touch with every American Legal Citizen within our USA and abroad. His actions are destroying our USA and of all the people I would think the Heritage Foundation would fully understand this and seek judicial support to resolve the issues at hand !

Mr. Edward Oliver - April 19, 2014

Most American Citizens having knowledge of what the transformation of the Obama administration is and has done to our nation should be aware of the harm and destruction this president has had upon our USA and the American People. We the People must win in the end of this Tyrants actions against the People for which are tearing the nation apart. The Heritage Foundation and with the leadership of Jim DeMint, President these facts are available and should be addressed Clearly for all to understand!

Richard Peabody - April 19, 2014

The President promised “Hope and Change”, and he gave forth CHANGE!! Not necessarily the Change that was expected, but change. In November it’s time for another change. If they’re in, and not doing their job, VOTE them out; about the only choice left. I believe the President’s motto is or should be: To tell the truth, I lie.

Patricia D’Amico - April 19, 2014


Norman Smith - April 19, 2014

This budget is just like ever thing this Administration wants to do. Obama wants to gut our Military and spend money we do not have on programs that only benefit people that will vote for him. The democrats know you can’t fight Santa Claus. Their supporters only look at what they get, not at the price the nation pays for it

Marilee Reilly - April 19, 2014

Obama is doing exactly what he said he would do. I agree with the comments stated, he wants us reduced to third world status, is destroying the middle class, is corrupt to the core as is the DOJ. The Democrat Party is aiding and abetting him in his efforts, enslaving with handouts. Plus he is going to get us killed with what passes for foreign policy. He is a traitor to all that is wonderful and great about America and it’s people. Wake up people.

Bud Kirkland - April 19, 2014

We Americans – who care – must get involved and keep banging away at our feckless Congress until they start reducing the federal government budget in all areas. It is a bloated, incompetent, bureaucratic mess. This I know as I worked with them. Government spending could be cut by 25% and be more efficient than it is today. I saw many cases where three people were doing the job of one person in the private sector. Industry would cease to exist if it performed like the government does today. I saw this morning where the IRS is giving out 60 million dollars in bonuses to keep morale up! For what? They screw up and we must pay to improve their morale? We are in trouble! Wake up America before there is no America!
Bud Kirkland

Shawn Sands - April 19, 2014

Too bad there is no Leadership for the Constitution and the Rule of Law in Either House or the Supreme Court. Why has No One taken up the task of impeachment on these crimes and misdemeanors? The only answer I can fathom is that we’ve already lost the helm of this ship and we’re sinking fast. Will No One step up for the cause of preserving America…I’m one who will stand with you!
Let’s ask the question of the rest of America!

Jon H. Clayton - April 19, 2014

This president is clearly insane. His goal is to bankrupt
this country so we’ll be like a nation of paupers that he was accustomed to before coming to the U. S. and getting backed by big socialist money.

David Allen - April 19, 2014

President Obama doesn’t have a clue as to how to manage anything… let alone the Federal Government. His advisors are a bunch of “Yes men and women” and a bunch of law breaking bureaucrats in the same sinking boat as Hussein Obama. Under what rock did the Dems find them? Please put them back. Impeach Barack NOW!

David Allen - April 19, 2014

Barack doesn’t have a clue as to the management of anything. When he was a neighborhood organizer, he didn’t do any work. He just went from one meeting to the next making speeches. Other people told him where to go and where to stand and probably wrote his speeches. Now we have more of the same. His advisers are a group of “Yes” men and women doing the same.

Michael - April 19, 2014

Not to worry. Obastard Care will pay for everything…after they get done cleaning us out of OUR money!

Diane Woodard - April 19, 2014

I am so tired of of the radical whitehouse usurper and his irresponsible (irrational) actions. The longer he stays “in office” the more of America and her citizens he will destroy. Kendall Svengalis has understood the intent of the current adminsitration is just plain wrong and I can tell you that “the new 2015 budget” cannot be as there is no way to pay for it without printing more money ( just paper, no gold backing) Every American citizen will suffer severely if we do not stop this as our whole economy is collapsing much faster than our eyes can see. This is fact not just my opinion.

Ed Valiket - April 19, 2014

Until we get the big spenders from both sides of the aisle out of office we will have this continued problem. No one wants to cut spending and now it is an epidemic in proportion, someone has to have the balls to step up and say no more spending and as of right now the house is in Republican hands and Boehner goes right along with our spend and borrow president, whatever the senate thinks we should do the house rubber stamps and this has to stop. We have a few good representatives in the house but they are out numbered by the status quo bunch.

steve Evans - April 19, 2014

America down the drain. One Big Awful Mistake America!

Rich Nichols - April 19, 2014

Please stop the worst President in history during the lives of the stupidest citizens to live in the US. They must believe in suicide because that’s what they are doing to themselves and the rest of us.

hal metzger - April 19, 2014

It is perfectly obvious that the President is purposely leading our country to financial ruin. This is part of his plan to transform America into a dependent, managed economy via his ideological Socialist bent with Him as America’s permanent Czar. He has everything in place with his minions(Czars) doing his bidding at will. They have had free reign of every major department of our government since he came to office and fleshed out his 120+ appointments – of course with no Republican push-back.
It is this kind of egregious behavior that leads to some unwanted and unnecessary coup – military or other!

hal metzger - April 19, 2014

It is perfectly obvious that the President is purposely leading our country to financial ruin. This is part of his plan to transform America into a dependent, managed economy via his ideological Socialist bent with Him as America’s permanent Czar. He has everything in place with his minions(Czars) doing his bidding at will. They have had free reign of every major department of our government since he came to office and fleshed out his 120+ appointments – of course with no Republican push-back.
It is this kind of egregious behavior that leads to some unwanted and unnecessary coup – military or other!

Hal Metzger, Scottsdale, AZ

Laura de Venoge - April 19, 2014

absolutely ridiculous Thank you for keeping me informed.

Brian - April 19, 2014

Like everything POTUS does…he sucks and the budget sucks…need I say more?
That’s all….the Emperor’s clothes are not in sight !!

Stewart Engelman - April 20, 2014

Just more of the same. More taxes, and more spending.

75% of federal spending goes to illegal purposes:

(1) Almost all federal agency spending (about $1 trillion per year) goes to funding federally usurped Constitutionally delegated State powers and citizen rights. Further, in violation of horizontal separation of powers (Articles (1)-(3) of the Constitution, which demands that the powers of the three horizontal branches of government not overlap), most of these federal agencies steal power from the Congress under aegis of the Administrative Procedures Act, which itself is unconstitutional due to horizontal separation of powers.

(2) Federal entitlements, which cost about $2 trillion per year, are unconstitutional due to the absence of an associated Article 1, Section 8 power in the Constitution, and the fact that they violate the Constitution’s General Welfare Clause (which disallows federal laws that disadvantage one large group, in this case workers, to benefit another large group, in this case retirees and lower income persons).

Were the above abuses ended (devolution of stolen powers back to the States and stolen rights back to the People), federal spending would drop 75% to about $1 trillion per year, and the federal government would run an annual surplus of more than $1 trillion, without raising taxes. Further, massive amounts of off balance sheet debt could be abrogated without recourse because entitlement liabilities and non-contractual federal housing agency bailout contingencies would vanish. We could actually pay off all of our remaining federal debt within 1-2 generations, without raising taxes or printing yet more hyper-inflationary fiat money.

walter mattson - April 20, 2014

The best way to stop the insanity is to impeach or recall his presidential authority. That is unlikely. Therefore the republican house needs to only approve spending for the necessities of the nation. Hopefully, a republican senate will occur in November voting. Make the president sweat. Pass bills that the republicans deem necessary and of course Obama will veto those he is opposed to. I doubt that republicans would be able to elect enough new senators to make overriding a president’s veto possible. A do nothing congress may be the best thing to hope for.

Craig VanderHeide - April 21, 2014

Destroy from within…Obama strategy since day 1.

Janice Benton - April 21, 2014

It is insane. He just wants to bankrupt America!

David R Hock - April 22, 2014

It makes no sense to repeatedly spend more money than you take in. Eventually your character and your credit dry up and you harm not only the productive people who support you but the very poor your trying to help. We need less government in our lives and more ability to help ourselves and others.

Tammy - April 25, 2014

What bureaucrats always forget is the secondary consequence. Their eyes are always focused on the first consequence but when they take from B (second) and give to A (first) in the form of taxation it ruins the livelihood of B. When the producers of the country disappear they will cry foul. Taxation NEVER increases prosperity to anyone. The only thing that is transparent about the W.H.occupier & his crony bots is that they are more openly corrupt liars. This is the transformation he promised and the young who bought it will ultimately be left holding all the debt of their uninformed choice. Maybe they should invest what little money they have left and purchase Henry Hazlitt’s 1946 book called “Economics in One Lesson” that is so simple to understand they don’t need a college indoctrination. The louder they (obama bots) yell the more I know that they are loosing in the arena of ideas. Yes, Peter we are living under Saul Alinsky not the Constitution. He’s got a phone & pen and I say he can put them where the sun doesn’t shine if Valerie Jarrett’s militant head wasn’t in the way.

Samuel Ina - April 25, 2014

He is succeeding in the ruination of our country. We must cut spending! How is it that we cannot afford to take care of our veterans but continue to care for all the illegal immigrants…

Holly Chapo - May 17, 2014

Simple. Bag it!! He knows nothing about “budgets,” just tax and spend.

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