Angelise Schrader

Angelise Schrader

Moving from Hawaii to Washington, D.C. could be quite a difficult adjustment for anyone. However, Angelise Schrader’s passion for the conservative movement led her to make this transition eight years ago, and she hasn’t looked back.

“Hawaii is so different,” Schrader says. “The people there are very laid back. I have really enjoyed being in D.C. where everyone is busy working hard for what they believe in.”

Schrader originally moved to the mainland to attend Patrick Henry College, a conservative school outside of the nation’s capital. Before joining The Heritage Foundation, Schrader worked with Star Parker at the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, an organization that addresses issues of race and poverty with principles of freedom and personal responsibility.

Schrader currently works with Heritage’s Young Leaders Program, an initiative that promotes the conservative mission to the next generation through a variety of programs and opportunities for both students and young professionals.

The internship program is one of the YLP’s major outlets for educating young conservatives. “I wish I knew about this opportunity when I was in school,” Schrader says. Known as one of the best internship opportunities in D.C., it accommodates more than 75 young conservative leaders of the highest caliber every spring, summer, and fall. Throughout the program, interns work with policy experts and attend educational and skill enhancing seminars to solidify their conservative principles.

The YLP also hosts briefings on policy issues for high school and college students visiting the Washington area. And through its facebook page, e-newsletter, and college campus visits, the YLP is able to expand its outreach to those outside of D.C. as well.

Schrader enjoys her job because she loves working with young people, and has a fond appreciation of the environment at The Heritage Foundation, “The people here are so great! It’s such a friendly environment,” she says. “Everyone here truly believes in what they do and it’s very rewarding to be surrounded by people who are passionate about The Heritage Foundation’s mission.”

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