The Heritage Foundation’s Amy Payne explains President Obama’s second inaugural address in plain English:

The President was very clear that he sees no urgency about reducing the debt and cutting the deficit. In fact, in his second inaugural address, President Barack Obama was honest about his intentions to grow government in order to remake our country along his progressive vision.

To sell his agenda, the President borrowed imagery and terminology from America’s first principles. But he twisted the American founding idea of “We the people” into the liberal “It takes a village.”

Her take on what the President really said about “We the People”:

He may have surrounded these words with lip service to the Constitution and America’s promise of freedom, but the President revisited his core message here: It takes a taxpayer-subsidized village to build things. According to his philosophy, entrepreneurs don’t create jobs—the government does.

And what he really meant on the fiscal crisis:

On this point, the President followed up his promise that he will not negotiate on the debt ceiling by digging in his heels on taxes and entitlement programs. The “hard choices” he refers to on health care and the deficit are more tax increases—because he “reject[s] the belief” that entitlements must be reformed if they are going to stay around for the next generation.

And on green energy:

Despite the ever-growing Green Graveyard of companies like Solyndra that took taxpayer money only to go bankrupt, the President clings to this unworkable and expensive policy. And his linking of climate change to “more powerful storms” points to a renewed push for policies like a carbon tax to punish people for using energy—a policy that would harm the economy and produce no tangible environmental benefits.

And on foreign policy:

Even as Obama pulls troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, the hostage crisis in Algeria shows that al-Qaeda is alive and well. Though Iran continues to rebuff international inspectors and basically do whatever it wants, Obama seems perpetually optimistic that more talks with this hostile regime—and others like it—could make them change their behavior.

You can read Payne’s full analysis here.

What did you think about President Obama’s second inaugural address?

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Eric McCoy - January 23, 2013

His address was vulgar, perverse, UNAMERICAN, and should serve as a shocking warning and wake up call to America today. He is going to grab all the power, as forcefully and through executive fiat as he can. He has waged war on all that it means to be an American, and he feels he has a mandate to do so. The question is, will God fearing, Freedom loving, Constitution defending Americans going to rise up and stop him or are we going to be silent, lazy and just roll over and let him destroy America? Only God knows, but God knows time will tell the tale.

Richard Locke - January 23, 2013

It made me realize just how far away from freedom we truly are and what a socialist country we will be with in four years! Can it ever be turned back around?

Larry W Howard - January 23, 2013

He should be tried for crimes of lying to WE THE PEOPLE.

Dewey Switzer - January 23, 2013

We now know his true agenda. Problem is most people cannot ignore what he says and look only at what he does.
Some how the Conservative message must bring that out in the open.

Kandice Ridley - January 23, 2013

The president has taken the Sheep’s clothing off and shown what a progressive liberal he really is. I fear for our country if we do not stand up for our constitutional rights and our moral obligations as a nation under God

Jerry Porter - January 23, 2013

It was the most embarrassing address I’ve ever heard given by a US chief executive in my 70-plus years. It was the sort of insulting statement that could readily have been made by Joe our Adolf in the 1930s. Where are our patriots today? They are certainly not inside the beltway or most state houses. All socialist and statist end up the same; I only regret that I probably won’t live to see our ship of state righted to it proper course as envisioned by the Founders.

Danny J Allbritton - January 23, 2013

More liberal propaganda from the Head Lemming. They have a pagan worldview. Mother Earth is their creator through evolution and because man is at the top of the evolutionary head, man has the final say in what is “truth”. They give lip service to GOD.

Wiley Brooks - January 23, 2013

Our education system is failing to equip our youth with vital principles provided by our founders. The liberal left dominate our schools in too many areas. To save the Nation, we must find a way to teach our youth the importance of conservative principles. One suggestion: Organize a volunteer conservative youth training camps.

Robert Stone - January 23, 2013

His second one was nothing but garbage just like his first one. (Garbage in. Garbage out)

Adri Kalisvaart - January 23, 2013

When Ronald Reagan became president I believed that we were on the road to recover the America of 1776. Yet, the Reagan presidency proved only to be a bump in The Road to Serfdom. Why? Could it be that the Republicans subscribe to the same view of morality as the Democrats? Yes, they do. Both subscribe to the morality of altruism and self sacrifice. The only difference being that the Democrats are far more ruthless and consistent in their devotion to the morality of altruism and the sacrifice of the self to the collective.
For over a century the progressives have claimed the moral high ground based on the ideas expressed in The Communist Manifesto; and the conservatives have proven impotent in reclaiming the moral high ground based on the ideas expressed in The Declaration of Independence.
I suggest that Heritage send a copy of Yaron Brook’s book “Free Market Revolution: how Ayn Rand’s ideas can end big government” to all its members.

Arthur hasselbrink - January 23, 2013

We are looking the end of our way of life and into a socialist society. This man is convinces that his way is he only way. A dictator with a cause that we sit here and bless. God help this Great Nation. We are Rome only a few hundred years later. Thank God I am 86 and probably wont live to see thne end

Jon H. Clayton - January 23, 2013

It was obvious that he intends to further socialize this
country. He must be stopped at all costs.

Gail M Kaiser - January 23, 2013

This man who is President of our America is really going to destroy our country if we let him. I am 73 years old and I have had some hard times as many others have had, but I am a Christian American and have a hope that we can stop him. I am just getting by and need to help my family now and cannot give to this organization as much as I like. I would like to change my monthly gift of $8.00 to $12.00. Mr. DeMint, I am glad you have joined Heritage I am reading your book now and you are in my prayers.
I believe Jerome Corsi that Obama is not eligible to be president and actually has not only lied to us many times, but I think
he is too friendly with our enemy. I believe he would do anything to keep his power.
One question. Inflation I am worried about. The Fed cannot keep printing money. How much longer do you think we have? Thank you for your decision to lead this great organization.

Ellen Elmore - January 23, 2013

Obama’s address was the most partisan, divisive Inaugural address in history. He obviously does not want to compromise with anyone who disagrees with him. In the next four years he plans to systematically dismantle everything this country was built on including the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Frank Dinenna - January 23, 2013

Obama used we the people like Hugo Chaves would us it, in the collective socialist communist way. He used that phrase numerous times, implying that “We the people” really run the country .
I thought I was listening to someone from the Tea Party. Except he was talking about himself, fundamentally changing the country, with the Lug Nuts and Sea Guls help.

S V Larson - January 23, 2013

The speech revealed the intent to grow government, diminish individual rights while increasing the rights of liberal groups which $upported the President’s reelection, and ignore the US Constitution. The core of its delivery revealed the push toward arrogant self-centered goals. “We the people” was twisted to fit the President’s purposes. Those who want a restoration of the US to a more republic form of government need to join and become active, more active than the liberal groups have been in the 2012 reelection process. Otherwise it is never going to happen.

Ann Van Brunt - January 24, 2013

More Taxes, Bigger Government, no balanced budget, bigger government, broken record, broken government, doomed country. God help us!

Jerre N. Fischer - January 24, 2013


The way the Obama’s news media reported it, it sounded more like a CORONATON!!

Gene Bahls - January 24, 2013

Having lived in Illinois from the 70s thru 2010, I am well aware of the trail of treachery left by Obama as he talked his way thru Chicago politics, Illinois politics, U.S.
Congressional politics and now the Presidency. Yes talked his way leaving nothing of creative or substantial substance along that trail. Where have all the faithful, loyal and freedom loving Americans gone? If Reid gets the filibuster rule killed and Feinstein gets her weapons bill passed the game is pretty much over. The Obama strategy of divide and conquer will work if we let it. Please Republican House Members, get your House together and fight for We The People who elected you.

JR - January 24, 2013

Wait for Obama’s 3rd & successive terms. What we do or say doesn’t matter. He is going to do what ever he pleases and there isn’t one person in that gutless dis-functional sewer we call a government that is going to do anything about it.

Carl Mays - January 24, 2013

I am to the point that I cannot bear listening to what the lying, devisive, egotistical, arrogant head of the jack-ass party has to say. Accordingly, I did not listen to his second inaugural lecture.

Fred Van Peski - January 24, 2013

Didn’t Hear it. I don’t listen to known liars.

Richard - January 24, 2013

I though enough about it not to listen to it as I don’t believe anything this man says.

Holly Chapo - January 24, 2013

Isn’t it amazing that he is so inept as president that he has to rely on the speeches of past great presidents to bolster his extreme leftist agenda and to continually divide the country? He was nakedly on display as the rigid, intolerant Marxist with the mentality of a dictator who wants to take down the country with destructive policies and demonization of everyone who opposes him. The ghost of Saul Alinsky was standing right behind him. That 51% of us were responsible for electing this walking debacle is breathtaking. I hope the American people, assaulted with the realities of his policies, will begin to wake up and realize what they have done.

john haugh - January 24, 2013

shows how dangeous this guy really is…..the g.o.p. isnt up to the task of covering our backs, so its up to the heritage foundation and the NRA….if they dont come thru its all over in the 2014 election

Kim Kraus - January 24, 2013

I did not watch or listen to the address, He is a liar and a cheat. I feel he was elected both times with extensive voter fraud. I feel we will never have another “real” election in this country again. Obama, is very clear about “fundamentally transorfming” my country into something that personally terrifies me. I already do not recognize America. Impeach him already. He is intimidating and his community organizing is essentially mob rule. When does our representatives stand up and say “ENOUGH”

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