Eric Holder

A House committee voted yesterday to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents about the Operation Fast and Furious scandal, in which federal agents smuggled untraceable firearms to Mexican drug cartels.

Since the scandal first came to light two years ago, The Heritage Foundation’s Rory Cooper writes,

Attorney General Eric Holder has stonewalled Congress in its attempts to find these answers. Yesterday, President Obama joined this stonewalling effort, asserting executive privilege over many of the documents about the operation that Congress had subpoenaed but still had not received.

This Nixon-style stonewalling is unacceptable, Heritage legal scholar Todd Gaziano argues:

As a strong defender of executive power (when properly exercised) and executive privilege (when properly invoked), I am concerned when claims of executive power or privilege are abused for any reason—especially if they are invoked to shield potential wrongdoing. In addition to shielding the wrongdoing, it jeopardizes the very executive power that the President is entrusted with when Congress and the courts react—as they did in the post-Watergate era—to the abuse of power.

Cooper urges the media to get more involved with the investigation:

It is also time for the media to begin responsibly covering this scandal. For more than 16 months, only a handful of reporters have appropriately researched the facts and sought answers. Most members of the national media would not even acknowledge the existence of the scandal. Reportedly, NBC Nightly News ran its first story on the scandal just this past Tuesday.

The national media must now follow the lead of their colleagues CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson or Townhall’s Katie Pavlich and investigate the specific facts and details of the operation and administration involvement. Attkisson, as you may remember, was screamed and cussed at by White House spokesman Eric Schultz in October for asking questions about Operation Fast and Furious.

What do you think? Does the Fast and Furious scandal deserve more media attention?

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Gary Bates - June 22, 2012

The whole country needs to know the truth behind this scandle. Holder and Obama can’t hide any more than Nixon tried to do. I’m tired of their ignoring the constitution.

Sonie - June 22, 2012

Absolutely, the mainstream liberal media should report on this travesty! Our government servants are definitely NOT above being investigated and charged if necessary. To do anything less is allowing the border security guard’s death to be ignored, and if Holder is innocent, he’ll be exonerated.

Tom Norris - June 22, 2012

Having been totally avoided by ABC and, unsurprisingly, NBC, this seems typical of bias by failure to cover. Often times, you wonder if the issues are simply too complex for what seems to constitute today’s journalists.

Mike Allehoff - June 22, 2012

The American people demand answers. What happened was criminal and those responsible should be held accountable.

Donald DaCosta - June 22, 2012

There is much about the Obama administration and much about Obama in desperate need of more media attention but given the history of the media love fest with Obama, what are the odds of this happening?

Dave Person - June 22, 2012

Absolutely, I wish people would boycott the big three stations ABC, CBS, & NBC, for there lack of reporting the news correctly. In fact TV is terrible!

Thomas Neviaser - June 22, 2012

I believe these are impeachable offenses under “High Crimes.”

Coyote Evans - June 22, 2012

Let’s cut to the chase. This is about gun control and eliminating the second amendment. Tell the bleeping truth! Obama is in thick with Holder in this defamation of our Constitution, both of them should be indicted, they are criminals.

Var St. Jeor - June 22, 2012

The conservatives, and Fox News have been doing pretty well in keeping folks informed about “Fast and Furious,” the liberal media… well…that is another story completely. When it comes to “their guy,” they didn’t vet him at the start, they do not report the truth, or the whole truth about any of his doings, and they do not investigate any of his doings in a non-biased manor. Rather, they defend him, they run blocking for him, they report only the good stuff and burry the bad. They openly report the talking points, and nothing else. Listening to all of them, you get the same stories over, and over, and over again, just like programmed robots. But then that is Socialism, isn’t it? Have they shown any propensity to change the course in regards to “Fast and Furious?” Aaaaa… NO!

Bob Douglas - June 22, 2012

You only asked if this scandle deserves more media attention. I think what is more important that Congress gives this situation more attention. I know no reason why crooks and liars should be running this country with total disreguard to the Constitution.

Bob Brooks - June 22, 2012

The mainstream media has allowed Obama to assume the role of dictator. One of his appointees has crossed over the line and got caught. Yet the media wants to give him another pass. We can’t depend on them for the investigative truth anymore.

Emmette Boone - June 22, 2012

How many people died as a result of this amateurish fiasco? Accountability is called for.

Agnes Tillerson - June 22, 2012

This is bigger than Watergate as it involves the loss of an American life. This president and his administration must believe they are above the law..well, they are not! Fast and Furious should receive daily attention by ALL the media and the press. It is a travesty to withold information of this importance from the public.

Dennis Fabozzi - June 22, 2012

All Americans should be outraged by the Presidents position . He has sworn to uphold the Constitution . Clearly gunrunning is illegal ( despite alleged “good intentions” ), lying to Congress is illegal ,and coverups are illegal. How can President Obama reconcile his sworn duty to hiding documents which prove or disprove the facts and either legal or illegal conduct ? The media should report this dictatorial misconduct but probably will not due to bias and prejudice .Thank you Heritage Foundation for your reporting .

William Bigelow - June 22, 2012

There is no way a section of the DOJ run by Eric Holder would have put itself in position to break international law by allowing guns to walk into another country without supervision and without the permission of the other country, Mexico. Logic would lead one to conclude F & F was approved by the White House before it commenced.

Obviously, the methodology used in F & F points directly to a scheme set up retail gun stores near the U.S./Mexican border for eventual prosecution and then once that phase had been accomplished the next step would be a major push against the Second Amendment in a Democratically controlled Congress.

In this instance, the only way the President can claim executive privilege of the documents requested by Issa’s Committee but not provided by DOJr, is the key not provided involve White House and DOJ discussions on F & F and these documents lead directly to Obama, himself.

Given the major law breaking involved in F & F and the international crimes such program involved, I believe there is no way F & F would have commenced without up front White House/Obama approval.

Given that major laws have been broken and over 200 people killed on both sides of the border and if the documents are eventually made public, this fiasco could lead at a minimum to the prosecution of Holder, the worst AG ever to fun the DOJ in my long lifetime.

Garry Smith - June 22, 2012

Nixon did break the law and yes he was a crook but he did not kill anyone. Holder and Obama have blood on their hands.

Raymond Andrade - June 22, 2012

I’m more concerned about the Republicans! Nothing from them?Why aren’t they speaking out? I’m in favor of cleaning out the ones that have been there to long. We don’t know what they are up too because we hear nothing from them? Heritage should be at the Republicans to start doing something!

R.Douglas Yajko - June 22, 2012

I think the facts should be laid out and someone has to take reponsibility but this project just went bad due to oversight or something, It probably wasn’t a bad idea to track the use of firearms by the cartels in Mexico!

Debbie - June 22, 2012

Absolutely! Not only Fast and Furious, but all the illegal and questionable things Obama and his administration have and continue to do. This man acts like a dictator and refuses to enforce our laws. He needs to be impeached and imprisoned. He’s a fraud and a corrupt criminal.

Wayne Peterkin - June 22, 2012

Of course it should get more media attention! In my opinion, this scandal dwarfs the childish political burglary that Watergate was, yet the media does not want to tarnish their poster boy, Obama. If this were a Republican administration, one could not imagine the outcry from the media demanding scalps. Was there serious wrong-doing in Fast and Furious? I really don’t know, but the actions of Holder and Obama stink like decaying coverup.

Dale Athanas - June 22, 2012

Eric Holder is an embarassment to the Obama administration and our country. If he had been Attorney General in the Bush administration, he would have been forced to resign in a week. It’s way past time that the liberal media wake up to the seriosness of the Fast and Furious fiasco and hold Eric Holder accountable.

Barbara Delach - June 22, 2012

Absolutely, it is amazing how the main stream media continues to cover up for this administration. Pressure needs to put on the main stream media to get the truth out for the whole country to know. A border patrol agent was killed because of this and his parents have a right to know how this travasty happened. Liberals are always out there touting about their feelings and having a heart, well were are your feelings now? Have you not seen or heard the parents of Brian Terry? They want and deserve truthful answers!

S Potter - June 22, 2012

It appears that the “main stream” media has evolved into a political action committee for the democratic party. Their ability to report facts and not opinions, facts and not fiction. It’s the responsibility of the news media to provide unbiased information. If they can’t do that then in my opinion they should not be able to hide behind the protection of the 1st amendment.

David Marlowe - June 22, 2012

I have heard all of the talk shows and pundits talk about Holder being “held in contempt of Congress” I have yet to hear anyone explain what that means or what the ramifications for Holder might be. If the house votes for it and the senate does not, what does that change-besides dragging it out further? If Holder resigns, nothing will become of it. What is it exactly that Issa and others are trying to accomplish? I think Holder should be in jaill for many of his other actions (or non-action) but what does “contempt of Congress” amount to?


Margaret Go - June 22, 2012

This “most transparent” administration has become the most hidden and corrupt I’ve known. Worse than Bill Clinton!. They lie, cheat and harass private citizens and businesses using the IRS. They work against the people of the US not for us. They work only for their “friends” -mostly part of the 1% who are also “high thinking” socialists and communists ! True minority rule.

I can hardly wait until November – too bad we have to wait until January to get rid of them!

Lawrence M. Dreyer - June 22, 2012

I don’t expect the media to do much at all. I think they will do only what they deem necessary to cover themselves.

What I’d like to see is impeachment of Obama and jail for Holder.

Gaylon - June 22, 2012

What scenario do you prefer more media coverage where the media edits the story to make Obama look fantastic or no coverage?

Henry Pohl - June 22, 2012

I simply do not understand why the media is not all over this one. We can get a blow by blow account of some ball player lying to congress but for some strange reason they are afraid to touch this one. Sure sounds fishy to me.

Herrmann Glockler - June 22, 2012

For Obama now, almost two years into this investigation, to claim Excutive Privilege, is a confession of his culpability.
Remember he said to Representatives of Brady Gun, that they were doing things under the radar, and they would be pleased with the outcome.
Did Holder go to Obama and tell him you are in this as much as I am, do something about it??

Sylvia Berggren - June 22, 2012

The dishonesty & cover up is staggering by Holder and now Obama. And the liberal media are their cheerleaders. The lame stream, liberal media have been dispicable in their slobbering affection of Obama. They are no longer a news organization.

Allan B. Currin - June 22, 2012

I think the situation deserves much more media attention but will likely get it only from the right. AG Holder should go to prison and will probably take the fall for our President.

John R Thomson - June 22, 2012

This gross excess in the use of “Executive Privilege” is far more serious than Nixon’s usage of it in the Watergate dust-up: this time the issue is a matter of national security, as well as government relations with an important neighbor, Mexico. Nixon’s use of privilege during Watergate was a key factor leading to his impeachment. Should not Obama’s use merit similar Congressional attention?

Marylou - June 22, 2012

Fast and Furious needs to be investigated. Obama and Holder have to stop hiding and lying and be accountable for the deaths caused by their illegal activity. The public wants the truth.

Susi Olson - June 22, 2012

Thankfully, some conservative commentators and bloggers are trying to focus attention on this issue. I grow weary of this administration getting away with murder. We cannot rely on the mainstream media to cover this, since their apparent agenda is to cover for Obama and Holder. How much outrage does there have to be before Congress does something. I salute Rep. Darrell Issa for dedication to this issue.

Jsnh - June 22, 2012

The media should be truthful and not show any bias whatsoever. If Atty General Holder continues to blame Bush for Fast and Furious, then the media needs to compare Operation Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious with transparency and not just skirt the facts. As I understood it, these two operations were separate with different objectives, and Operation Wide Receiver was ended in 2007 with the weapons they were tracking all accounted for. I also understood that Operation Fast and Furious began in 2009 under the Obama administration with a different objective. I hope the media can do research on this so the public gets accurate information that can be verified.

JoAnne Duke - June 22, 2012

If the media got on this like they did on Watergate it would be over by now. Anyone who is interested should read Born Again by Chuck Colson. Besides telling of his conversion, he gives a good insider’s view of what it was like in the White House during that time.

Vern Stork - June 22, 2012

Absolutely. Go after them the same way they went after Nixon. The best approach though is to throw the bums out in November. That includes about half of congress as well.

Dorothy - June 22, 2012

Absolutely! And what happened to “transparency” that Obama talked about? We can only pray that Obama’s presidency ends the same way Nixon’s did and hopefully, Fast and Furious will be the “straw” that broke the administrations back.

Cornelius J. McKenna - June 22, 2012

Absolutely. The big questions is: Why are the major medias avoiding the issue.

Don - June 22, 2012

Of course, but the left news will give it the left spin. The fox news “fair and balanced” will have a right/left debate as always which in essence leaves you with a net zero debate. So where can we get the raw facts about fast and furious, and use our noodles to figure it out for ourselves. Network news is a farce.

Sherman - June 22, 2012

The Fast and Furious scandal is a more serious incident than the Watergate Scandal; people have been murdered as a result of Fast and Furious. No one died because of Watergate, but it is still dredged up whenever the left wants to pillory someone that they disagree with. Fast and Furious is the Watergate of the Obama administration. The national media needs to stand up on their hind legs and report on the dirty laundry of this administration. Or are the journalists of this generation too partisan or are they simply cowards?

Sharon Long - June 22, 2012

I check with NBC, ABC & CBS at times just to see if they can be straight with the public. I always go back to Fox News. It is too bad that they hate conservatives so much that they cannot report the truth anymore. God Help our country.

David C. Williams - June 22, 2012

It is truly a scandal that the so-called mainstream media have virtually ignored the Fast and Furious story. Fast and Furious is much worse than Watergate: no one died at Watergate, whilw one U.S. border agent was murdered with Fast and Furious guns and only the Lord knows how many Mexicans have been murdered with these guns.

Paul Shreve - June 22, 2012

Wow, the National Media protecting their darling candidate? There is no chance in Hell they will touch this issue, especially during an election year!

Sorry, but this is the horrible truth of todays media!

Jim Sands - June 22, 2012

The American people must demand answers but few have been asking. What happened was criminal. The motives of this administration to track weapons to the cartels is only the stated reason for Fast and Furious. Our government overlords are definitely NOT above being investigated and their true agenda must be exposed.

Bob Leach - June 22, 2012

F & F was a back door attempt to destroy our 2nd Amendment rights. Eric Holder did not install any way to track these guns purposely. While Obama is currently courting the latino votes, he has slapped them in the face by the hundreds of deaths caused from the guns this administration allowed to go across the border! Wake Up Voters! These are criminals without a conscience.

Stan McHugh - June 22, 2012

Although not by name, I first heard about “Fast and Furious” over two years ago from the manager of a Houston gun store. He described to me what was going on and how he had contacted the BATF every time someone suspicious came in to the store to buy firearms. The BATF reply was always the same “You make the sale, we’ll make the case.” It is my opinion that “Fast and Furious” never had anything to do with Mexican Drug Cartels but was always nothing more than an attempt to entrap American gun dealers hoping to trick them into breaking the law in order to close them down. One need only ask why a Drug Cartel with millions to spend would waste time buying semi automatic (civilian grade) weapons in small quantities and pay retail prices when they could easily buy fully automatic (military grade) weapons direct from various manufacturers in container quantities at wholesale prices. Fortunately, to my knowledge, not one American gun dealer fell for the trap.

Fran MacAnally - June 22, 2012

It is time that all the corruption of this administration be investigated instead of just giving free reign because the media is Democratic. Good journalism gives out both sides of an issue. We do not have good journalism any longer in this country.

Tonie - June 22, 2012

You are so right; fast and furious should have their laundry aired out so anyone who reads can find out what happened and when. We have the right to know what the president is doing. Nothing should be done behind the backs of congress/judicial/secy of state by the president and his carzs. We the people elected (not my family but the rest of you who voted for him) as our president not our dictator!!!!! Has he forgotten what the duties he swore to when he was elected?

Don’t — let me start on today’s journalists. I have not read/bought a news(HA HA HA)paper for at least the last ten years. The only articles I read before that were the comics and the death notices.

Thank you,


jack parren - June 22, 2012

If the media does not do some serious investigation and reporting on F and F they will see there public credibility as reporters completely disappear. As it is now, many people refuse to believe much of what NBC and MSNBC report daily. I’ve even stopped watching local NBC affiliate in protest. If they slant the national news are they also slanting the local news? American will be a harsh judge if this failure to REPORT continues on it’s downward spiral.

KHM - June 22, 2012

Definitely the media should have been all over this story and scandal from day one. I guess that there are no Woodard or Bernstein types today. Or else it just the double standard of Left/Dem vs Right/Repub at work. We know though that the media, by and large, is just a propaganda arm for this regime; so how could they admit that something wrong was done?

Karen - June 22, 2012

Most Americans are not getting the truth but a lot of lies and the media needs to come out with the truth about what is happening with the country! So we can keep a free nation once again!!!
There was a life taken Terry was a young man who served in our Marines, worked as a police officer and tried to secure our borders. Many other people have been killed because of this administration not securing these guns and also our border!!!

Sil Johnson - June 22, 2012

The so-called “mainstream media” has become more a propaganda machine for the Obama Administration than any source of real news for the American people. Their failure to report on Fast & Furious, let alone investigate it, only proves they are less relevant today than they have ever been. Thankfully there are alternative sources for people to get our news from.

Howard Heineke - June 22, 2012

Any reporter that is not traitor will pursue the truth here.

john uhrhammer - June 22, 2012

Holder seems to be a man without integrity and the president is complicit in this evil! The administration will do whatever it deems necessary to drive us into socialism. The national debt has been orchestrated to ensure that we citizens of low income become dependent on the “dole”!

bob xyz - June 22, 2012

The only way to wake up the bias media is to contact their sponsors and tell them why you intend to boycot their products. Follow the money.

John Vercoglio - June 22, 2012

No comment ! !

Catherine - June 22, 2012

I no longer watch the mainstream news networks NBC, ABC, CBS, and their affiliates as they appear unable to report anything negative about the current President and his appointees. I am curious as to whom else you think should be reporting this Fast and Furious news besides conservative networks and writers so that the American public can be informed about what has and is really happening.

Marshall Lundberg - June 22, 2012

There is much, it seems, that deserves more media attention. Moreover, a gloss-over by one of the media beauty queens, male or female, that is wholly lacking in substance doesn’t fully answer the question either. In an era of altered video and audio and willing misrepresentation, I am resigned to the fact that it isn’t going to happen when those involved from top to bottom are unabashedly shameless. So, I don’t watch them at all.

Linda Bradley - June 22, 2012

The Fast and Furious scandal deserves much more media attention, as long as the media does not cover up the truth, as they have been so far.

John Batista - June 22, 2012

I believe the media[NBC,CBS & ABC] finally woke up.This administration is so BAD in should scare the hell out of them.The staffers sit back and laugh at them[the media] and wonder what else they can do and not have it go over the airways or be printed.I believe the issue was well known and came from the White House as did the leaks. Why does Chicago have such a bad reputation look no farther than the White house.

Fred C. Hunholz - June 22, 2012

Would be an historical event, but we ought to get rid of that bunch somehow before waiting ’til election to do it!!!
I mean legally, not otherwise! ===Fred===

James Lange - June 22, 2012

Without a doubt! Crimes were committed by people at the highest levels of this administration and these crimes are now being covered up. Hundereds of people have died, including a US Border Patrol Agent actively defending our borders. For more than a year now, Holder has lied, obfuscated, spun, delayed & covered up the truth of what happened; who knew what and when. Obama has been protecting Holder & other guilty parties at the DOJ, now he has tried to wrap this travesty in the cloak of executive privilege. The drive-by media has been culpable in ignoring and white-washing the feloneous actions of Holder & the DOJ, by not investigating and reporting the motives, crimes & incompetence involved in this murderous debacle. The truth MUST come out and the parties responsible, up to and including Holder and Obama, must be held accountable to the American people for their actions and the deadly consequences thereof. It is long past time for the media in this country to end its hypocrisy and double-standards and do its job.

Larry Sparks - June 22, 2012

If Holder and Obama are innocent, there would be no reaon not to submit the requested documents. It is obvious this unlawful operation goes straight to the White House just like Watergate.

Patricia Moore - June 22, 2012

YES!! Rhe Fast & Furious Scandle deserves more media attention! The mainstream media are so biased for Obama & the left! We need to know the truth! Holder & Obama are NOT above the law!!!! As least they should NOT be above the law.

Michael J Stare - June 22, 2012

Absolutely and with all due haste this entire Fast & Furious fiasco needs to be blown wide open by all responsible journalists. No spin just the who, what when and where.

Ronald - June 22, 2012

The whole country deserves to know the truth behind this scandal. Each and every citizen of these United States, should demand the press to investigate and report the truth to the people. Those that are responsible should be held accountable!

watchman48 - June 22, 2012

The most destructive and corrupt administration in all of America’s History. Just as the Old Testament tells how God used unrighteous leaders in Israel to draw the hearts of the people back to him, so to is He doing the same with America today. There needs to be a cleansing of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of these unrighteous men/women this coming Nov.; that is if America survives that long.
My thoughts on this is, it is to late, America has already passed the point of no return with the passing of Roe vs. Wade. Google, “Hand of Help Ministries” to read God’s warnings for America.

Kenneth Beckwith - June 22, 2012

It is so obvious to me that tha Administration is covering for the Attorney General and has been complicit in the stonewalling due to negative information in those docs. requested by Congressional Committee. I feel the Executive Priviledge issued yesterday was abuse of that Presidential prerogative; just as other Obama declarations / actions. over these past years have been. How much longer will the voting populas and the Media look the other way as This Administrtion selectively ignores the rule of law AND THE CONSTITUTIONAL MANDATES that limit the powers’ of the Branches of the Federal Governmaent? What will we be subjected to if a second term is achieved? GOD help us all !

Timothy M. Siggia - June 22, 2012

Our “mainstream” news media does not deserve to be called by that name when they knowingly cover up a story like this and defend the indefensible. Eric Holder has no more business being attorney general than a butcher has in an operating room.

Donald Rowland - June 22, 2012

Yes it needs more accurate media coverage, With regard to accuracy, I’m disappointed with your characterization above that federal agents smuggled the guns over the border. If you read the book “Fast and Furious,” a well documented account, you will find that the ATF fostered the sale of guns to known gun hustlers who in turn sold them to the cartels who did the smuggling. However, the ATF then was ordered to not interdict the guns as they went South – ATF’s duty.

Rhonda Tubbs - June 23, 2012

Yes, it should have covered by the 3 “other” networks, to the point they should have aired Hannity’s complete documentation of the events. What are they afraid of? The big bad wolf (Obama) is coming to get them if they do?

Marsha7m - June 23, 2012

Fast and Furious make Watergate look like child’s play. Not only do Brian Terry’s parents need to know what happened the American people need to know the FACTS, not what the left wing talking points say.

Frank CAPOBIANCO MD - June 23, 2012

Yes the media should look into this objectively

Tom Merwin - June 23, 2012

It is nothing short of mind-boggling what has been and continues to occur in this country since Obama became president-and he is the key to the cover-up of “Fast and Furious”, His explicit knowledge and approval of the entire operation, I believe, is what the cover-up is all about. He only takes credit when plans work to his advantage. Otherwise his hands are always clean. The mainstream media will continue to hinder any investigations into this criminal.

James & Lois Bronson - June 23, 2012

It is definitely time for the Associated press and all media
to get on board reporting on all that this president is doing against the people of the USA and against the rules of the Constitution that all have followed for over 200 yrs. Thank goodness we at least have Fox News and organizations like Heritage.

Renee - June 23, 2012

Yes, the media should report the facts and let us shape our own opinions. But absolutely cover this subject!

“TRUTH has no agenda.” Could our media please, please, please just report the truth without a self serving agenda driving their content?! I am so discouraged by their lack of integrity… I pray about this stuff… it seems that only place to go for help when dealing with these people…

Steve Golimowski - June 23, 2012

I am saddened by the mainstream medias total lack of coverage on any stories that reflect badly on the present administration. I must tell you though that if you were not telling me of their bad behavior I might not know. I gave up on them a long time ago. I listen to MSNBC about once a week just to see how bad things are.

Diana Hudgens - June 23, 2012

Yes. The media has a legitamate role as watchdog of government. It is time they stepped up to that responsibility! For the past three years, they have operated more as if they were part of the administration. Let’s see them do THEIR job!

Jesse Doran - June 23, 2012

Yes we need more media attention to “The Fast & Furious” criminal behavior by Eric Holder and the Obama administration. This administration goes against the will of the people and the Constitution at every turn and no one has called for impeachment for this president.

Gary Corbin - June 23, 2012

Absolutely, I wish people would boycott the big three stations ABC, CBS, & NBC, for there lack of reporting the news correctly. In fact TV is terrible!

I agree with Dave Person and his comment of June 22.

Tom Wood, Hickory Hills, IL. - June 23, 2012

We need to hold these people accountable! More of the same corruption from this administration. I don’t understand why he’s still in office, he’s done nothing for the people except to make life harder. No one does anything about obama, who shouldn’t have been elected in the first place, for his acquaintenances and not being born in this country. VOTE HIM OUT! Let the people do the job we are paying these politians to do. And hopefully our votes are not under corruption too.

Mike Clark - June 23, 2012

The national media is woefully lacking in all coverage of this administration; to the point of coverups and in fabricating senarios that are suposed to be factual to hurt Obama’s opposition.

John A Heinz - June 23, 2012

Chicanery is the modus operandi of this administration. When do we get fed up enough to start talking impeachment?

Greg Godek - June 23, 2012

Why is it that noone in OUR media is investigating how many Mexican citizens have died as a result of the Fast & Furious guns, and how many crimes have been committed south of the border? Where are these unaccounted weapons today? How many crimes will be comitted in the future, on both sides of the border, with these weapons? Wasn’t there an outcry from the Mexican government for U.S. accountability for this operation? The media oversimplifies the issue, by leading us to believe that the cartels are the only destination for these illegal weapons. Having watched the documentary, “Gangland”, often, it becomes apparent that we have an abundance of criminals and criminal organizations, on both sides of the border, that would be in the market for these illegal guns. Personally, I think it’s ridiculous, and well beyond rational thought, to think that highly-organized, and extremely profitable drug cartels rely on straw buyers and “mules” to arm their organizations, one, two, or even a dozen weapons at a time. Logic would have it that when you’re organized enough to build a lethal, ruthless, criminal empire, one that is capable of fighting not only Mexican law enforcement, but Mexican military forces as well, you will find a reliable and ongoing resource to arm your organization. Another thought: unless these straw buyers carry a federal license to purchase fully automatic weapons, which is extremely doubtful, they can only purchase semi-automatic weapons. Or is this issue compounded by the straw buyers being allowed to purchase fully-automatic weapons? If I were the head of a drug cartel, and I wanted to protect my organization’s ongoing criminal enterprise, I would want all the firepower that I could use to fight my adversaries effectively. I would choose a resource that would provide me with maximum firepower, ie weapons with the option of semi AND fully automatic fire. When you engage your opponent in a firefight, you better hope to match or exceed their lethal capabilities. Just to be clear, I am a strong believer in the Constitution and especially the Second Amendment. I view Fast & Furious as incredibly amateurish in it’s conception, reckless in it’s execution, and devestating in it’s operation! The investigation doesn’t end until every last weapon is recovered and accounted for, and everyone responsible for this travesty is exposed and brought to justice. Everyone!

Connie - June 23, 2012

For the mainsteam media not to give this good coverage means they are 1. Part of the coverup 2. Not being journalists. Mainstream media seems to have forgotten their job is to keep the people informed of the facts, to investigate the issues and not rewrite events or not cover them up because of political bias. How refreshing it would be for mainsteam media to actually report the news not manufacture it

[email protected] - June 23, 2012

This is an outrage! We knew EVERY aspect of the Valerie Plame/ Scooter Libby situation. I fear most people think of Fast and Furious as a movie.

Sigrid Gordon - June 23, 2012

I agree that the main stream media is not covering this story as it should. However, I’m conflicted over the reasons. The media is in the business of selling news like any other product. They are all putting out there what they believe will sell, indeed, what has sold in the past. In my view, the American people as a whole seem more interested in the Sandusky trial (and similar stories)–those stories that “sizzle” with sick intrigue than what is actually happening to our precious liberties in this country. As a people we seem to be too intellectually lazy to dig into a story like Fast & Furious. Do we even possess the skills to do so anymore having been “spoon-fed” our public educations that are mostly just some one else’s propaganda? Do we even know how to think for ourselves anymore? Or do we mostly live on the “sounds bites” of others? It seems to me that we cannot blame the whole problem on the media “out there”…I hate to say this but WE are the problem!

Craig Wyman - June 23, 2012

Absolutely the main stream media should have been investigating this arrant program. Do I expect any change in their coverage? No, they will study the contempt charge and Executive Privilege mentioning President Nixon more than the deceased Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. The NRA magazine “First Freedom” has detailed the convoluted policy and its presumed cover-up for several years. Thanks also to Heritage Foundation for the mention of brave reporter Sharyl Attkisson and fine writer Katie Pavlich.

Lloyd Scallan - June 23, 2012

Whomever believes the “media” will do anything that
would show Obama or Holder in a bad light is living in some sorte of a dream world. It’s real simple. Fast & Furious was a plan by Obama, Holder, and Hillary to force more gun contro on the American people. Every since Clinton’s ban on “assault weapons” expired, the
Marist/Communist have been doing their best to
find better way to take away our self protection.

jim Waite - June 23, 2012

This president and his family, have acted as though they were royalty since the inaugeration. Expensive vacations for the family, at taxpayer expense, is not only not jusified, it is unacceptable at this time when our country is on the brink of financial collapse.

This president has violated his oath of office to “protect, preserve and defend the consitution”; inistead he has used every path he feels he can follow to destroy it. His “executive priviledge” is a sham, just as his “right thing to do” in granting token amnsesty to illegal immigrants, which clearly viiolates the constitution, indicates he feels he is above the law.

My question is: Why hasn’t the House of Represntatives filed articles of impeachment against this man, who I regard as a traitor and is guilty of treason?

NonaBev - June 23, 2012

Yes, however the media needs to not make the loss of border agent Terry the only pt. The media needs to present all of the points: was this carried out under the watch of Eric Holder? Was it or was it not started under Pres. Bush? When was it known that the program wasn’t working– I.e. guns unaccounted for? Why wasn’t the program stopped immediately after it was known to have gone awry? Why doesn’t Holder know what he should know about the program?
Even the media that is reporting on this isn’t doing a thorough job of bringing up all the reasons this issue is important. While the loss of Mr. Terry, or any American doing a service for the government, because of incompetence (at best) of that government is horrible, there are additional horrors from this program–they need to be factualized too.

Charlyn Anderson - June 23, 2012

Obama and Holder behave as if they are above the laws of the land. They must follow our laws just like the rest of us. They are taking on power that “we the people” have not given them. I am grateful to Heritage Foundation for being the watchdog to keep our leaders honest. How can we run a successful country if the leaders are so underhanded?

Robert Bigelow - June 23, 2012

It is obvious this is a coverup by the White House and it”s band of crooks that have been appointed by this
incomptent President. It is obvious that the liberal media
is shielding their “Golden Boy”. Come November I hope
the patriots of this country will “throw the bums out” !

Betty Beckham - June 23, 2012

I’m 64 years old and remember studying how the USSR communists controlled their media and continually pumped their propaganda to their people. We studied how communist Red China did the same. We proudly supported Radio Free Europe so the truth could made available to those shrouded in a news “blackout”. In contrast, we felt secure in our constitutionally guaranteed liberties. Our concern, as a child, was that we would be aggressively taken over by communists and lose our cherished freedoms. Who would of thought that in 2012 in our beloved United States of America, I would see main stream media acting as a pawn for an administration with socialistic/ communist orientation. A media essentially reduced to blanketing the our county with propaganda by it’s omission of pertinent news events. Fast and Furious is one such event that all major networks except CBS and Fox News have ignored. Thank goodness, for the time being that is; we can still exercise freedom of speech. We have organizations like The Heritage Institute and The CATO Institute. Likewise, we have conservative radio and conservative Internet blogs which research and report what our sadly biased main stream media omit or misreport.

linda - June 23, 2012

What Obama & his thugs have done with this obomination called Fast & Furious is absolutely criminal. The truth will come out eventually & both he and Holder will be shown to be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Mexican nationals and at least one brave American. America will have to pay for it & he as leader of his pack needs to be held responsible and liable for results of his crime.

Lewis Tillery - June 23, 2012

Absolutely, this administration is replete with the most disingenuous and shameless people I have ever seen. The majority of the media are just as shameless.

Ann H Tearle - June 23, 2012

Absolutely. However, the ‘mainstream’ media seems more like the ‘obama-leftstream’ media and i do not hear them reporting in an unbiased manner. I do not trust them to do their job and remain neutral. This should never have taken 18 mos to handle–then the dems accuse the repubs of doing this contempt charge for political reasons. Have they ever listened to themselves??? Pelosi…”shameful abuse of power”…i think she needs to look at her own party.

Robert McWain - June 23, 2012

Is the truth too much too ask?

Lee Deese - June 23, 2012

It’s amazing how liberals always start off by saying that the Bush Administration started this program… ** So if Holder or Obama Aministration had nothing to do with continuing this program or even promoting it in their own way, that means that they Will Not, pass the Blame back to the Bush Camp? Come to think of it, they are always taking responsibility for what happen in the Bush years.**
If you can believe these statements… I have some Beach Front Property in Nevada, right next to the Gulf of Mexico, I would like to sale it – dirt cheap. Call me BRR 5449, collect……

Joseph McKennan - June 23, 2012

I was a teenager when Watergate broke. The coverage was several hours daily. I was so sick of hearing about Watergate by the time it was over I no longer listened to the news.
If the media wants me to believe they offer the latest news impartially they had better get started reporting.
To be completely truthful, I never listen to NBC,ABC, or CBS. It follows naturally then that CNN is nothing in my life. I am one that SOROS will never reach.
This absence of ‘ fast and furious’ coverage by the press is a deplorable act. In the realm of common sense, the deficiencies of coverage tend to implicate the press of unAmerican activities. The America that gave those journalists their careers is disappearing. They do not seem to realize that they will be losers too after their paragon has his day.
To refuse aid to a living human being over a technicality of EPA rules illustrates my point perfectly. BHO and Holder look like humans but they do not have a soul.
I would help a person I didn’t even like because GOD tells me that is required. To let a person die because of an EPA rule is way below cold-blooded.
I will declare myself now — I hold the mainstream press in total contempt. They think news is reporting the queens old undergarments are up for auction, or some Hollywood sex scandal, or- as in the case of Sarah Palin- trash her for hours a day in an uncompromising attack. Why? Because she is clean and decent and speaks her mind?
In my mind, the mainstream media loses in the long run because they are devoid of altruism they claim to espouse. I read an article this morning that presented a tidbit about Jane Fonda being considered for the Woman of the Century by BHO. What a joke!!!
I was surprised to read that Barbara Walters has no use for Ms Fonda because of her Hanoi appearance and she was quoted as such.
Kudos to Barbara Walters…. I never dreamed that I would say that publicly. The rest of the press is out.

Joe Pope - June 23, 2012

Each and every network needs to begin covering the Fast and Furious scandal–PERIOD !

paddy o - June 23, 2012

If I’m not mistaken, when I heard Holder say ” I first
heard about this two or three weeks ago”, I had heard it months before. The man was lying to Congress Or he
doesn’t get the facts from his news source. There are no
TV journalists today, just teleprompter readers!
At the very least Holder AND Obama are guilty of dereliction of duty.

Gary - June 23, 2012

I believe the news media today has no courage and would rather replace honor with cash from Obama’ cartel.
What will it take to get this front and center. We cannot just let it sit unnoticed by the majority of the public especially since major crimes have been committed. I fully agree that by envoking executive privilage Mr. Obama has already admitted to his culpability in the scam. He most certainly cannot invoke a privilage of protection to which he has or had no knowledge.Is congress afraid of him also?

Shirley - June 23, 2012

Yes, the mainstream media must pay a lot of attention to this unbelievable power grab and wrong use of presidential authority. This president is a dictator and more people need to know it.

Rosemary Ackerman - June 23, 2012

How can the president (and most Democrats Inc Nancy Pelosi) shield the truth from being presented to the Mother and Father of the killed soldier and ALL Americans? Is this what America is about now? To cover up the truth in order to protect the “joke” of an Attorney General?
Let’s get some real leadership in the Whitehouse in November before it’s too late for America!

Joyce - June 23, 2012

Every tv station should be airing stories about Fast and Furious. We need answers and Brian Terry’s family deserves an answer.

Joe Anders - June 23, 2012

Katie Pavlich should get some kind of journalism reward for her coverage. Read her book. The Media is complicit in these crimes.

Frank Kimball - June 23, 2012

F&F is really a crude attempt to create chaos and cause deaths by putting military grade weapons in the hands of Mexican drug gangs so that the resulting death toll would inflame the US anti gun lobby. Some of the documents they are wuthholding reaveal this.

Jim McElhaney - June 23, 2012

The big three (CBS, ABC, NBC) are probably controlled in one way or another by George Soros and Obama is his boy so those stations are not about to say anything negative about the Prez; only Fox speaks out/

Sylvia Hansen - June 23, 2012

I believe this is a Watergate issue. It is about destroying the second amendment and corruption. I hope, but do not trust, that the Republican leadership will get behind this and hold the guilty to account.

Cindy Ewald - June 23, 2012

ABC, NBC and CBS should be held accountable for avoiding this story. Too many people have these sites for thier only source and that is a travesty.

John Christoffel - June 23, 2012

During the cold war, the Soviets used Pravda and other state controlled media to spread the lies needed to make their tyranny work. It’s interesting that the same thing has happened with most of our free press. Obama is now supported by the press in the same way Pravda supported Stalin and Khrushchev – lies, coverups and just withholding ‘bad news’ have replaced journalism in most of our press. Fortunately, some in the media still cover things like ‘Fast and Furious’ fairly, but unfortunately, most people in the country never see the work of these few remaining journalists.

Kenneth Brinzer - June 24, 2012

The stonewalling done by this administration would be legendary, if the media reported it. However, the media has been functioning as lap dogs for this administration.

How do they look at themselves in the mirror? It’s time for the media to tell the truth rather than cover it up.

Stephen - June 24, 2012

More High Crimes and Misdemeaners by the President

Terri - June 24, 2012

The media will not report this accurately, nor do I think criminals like holder and obama will ever be brought to justice. Our system has broken down to the point that people like this are even in power… The tragedy is that they are complicit in the murders of Brian Terry and countless mexican people – stuff like this you’d expect from a Mexican govt, and now it’s spread here

Diana Millwood - June 24, 2012

Fast & Furious is just one more example of this administration’s abuse of power using their Chicago style thuggish politics to manipulate the public sentiment in order to achieve their agenda. The resulting carnage has no meaning to them. The TRUTH matters!

renee anderson - June 24, 2012

This administration is a dictatorship and the media needs to see this and report truthfully instead of supporting it without compromise!

Karen Schoendaller - June 24, 2012

After reading the book, “Fast and Furious” I BECAME furious…furious that the Obama administration enacted this obsurdity for socialist ends and got two patriotic Americans murdered in the process. Obama and Holder should be impeached! Where is the liberal media???

Larry Clark - June 24, 2012

Kudos to Rep Issa !!
And all involved in pursuing this Travesty of Justice –
Affront to the Constitution !!

Stay strong and focused !!!!!!
We’re behind you……..

Philip - June 24, 2012

Federal “law enforcement” have shown once again that they are not bound by the law; they consider themselves above the law. Their abuse of power and consistent use of entrapment is unconscionable and a grave threat to the freedom and natural rights of any citizen that is courageous enough to say “you are wrong”. Once again, their policies have resulted in the death of innocents.

Donald Bretches - June 24, 2012

Yes, the truth about this abomination must be uncovered, even if it leads to an Obama impeachment. This is no witch hunt but a legitimate inquiry into what appears to be arrogant and amoral, not to mention criminal, behavior on the part of the AG and POTUS.

Marcia Schussler - June 24, 2012

When we count on the TV news and not get the whole thruth andn current inflormation about Obama and his Executive Privilaages then why not take off the news enirelyl and we can then use CNN or other news channels to get the whole truth. We do not need to be spoon fed we are able to handle the TURTH and get what we need to dol I know Obama went to the UN ande asked them to take over the internate in the USA and I guesss this is what will happpen.

Ruth Trowbridge - June 24, 2012

Yes the facts behind Fast and Furious need to be widely, publicly brought to light. I am confident they will be, whether it is by the media or despite the media.

Marney - June 24, 2012

Nobody was killed in Watergate. What does it take to convince the media that this is a major crime and should be reported accordingly. Obama’s Executive Order is completely out of order and political.

Mike Pauls - June 24, 2012

Absolutely. This has the makings of Obamagate.
Whether or not something improper occurred is one issue.

But, as in Watergate, it is the government coverup that is the serious issue. Stripping all the fluff away the issue simply reduces to cover up. It brought down Nixon et al. It will also bring down Obama et al.

Ours is a country governed by the rule of law, not by executive mandate.

The truth will prevail. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Tom R - June 24, 2012

Of course, our leaders are not demi-Gods, they are to follow the constitution and normal government processes but executive priviledge is used in dire or unusual situations. The media needs to do their job and report abuses they see or know about and provide them.
THe media people have families with children and some day they will wake up and realize they don’t want the government or someone else lying to their children otherwise, what kind of children are the media personnel bringing up. Blind, prejudiced and uneducated puppets. They will get what they sow.

Gerald Eberwein - June 25, 2012

The duty of the free press is to report the facts and let the public decide. It is their obligation to report on public opinion, not create a false public perception. The media should always bear, first, in mind that a half truth is a whole lie. Nobody, except the guilty, appreciates a liar.

Thomas Caro - June 25, 2012

This is taking too long. I don’t understand why it is taking so long. You make a specific request (who authorized and signed off on this action) … you give him one week to comply and then escalate the actions… continue to review and follow the authorization and money trail…

nosnirb - June 25, 2012

leave holder alone and go for several of his lackies. put the pressure on them and soon one or twe will squeal rgb

nosnirb - June 25, 2012

put the pressure on some of his underlings and they will soon rat on him

Tom - June 25, 2012

No! There should be a special prosecuter appointed to get the details!!!

John Rich - June 25, 2012

Holder is no better than anyone else when it comes to violating the law and he needs to be held accountable. As for the news media, they should be ashamed of their selves for not reporting on this matter and wanting to know the truth. However, it is not surprising at the continued disreguard/lack of coverage by the news media when this administration takes on the laws or parts of the Constitution they deem unnecessary

Floyd D. Ragsdale - June 25, 2012

Obama & Holder are hiding a mountainous scandal, far worse than Watergate was. As for the national news media, they wouldn’t report the truth if they saw it being poured out of a boot right under their nose, unless of course, it would be bad news for the opposing political party. Then they would make seven foot headlines out of it and throw in some lies to go along with it. Fast and furiously, Obama & his political clowns ought to be booted out of office as soon as possible

Elizabeth Holcomb - June 25, 2012

YES! The Fast & Furious scandal deserves much more media attention! We really don’t have impartial media in this country any longer that just reports the news. We have people who have certain opinions and beliefs and who use their position to try and influence public opinion. I hope and pray that those who can do so will get to the bottom of this and hold accountable, even to prison time if it is warranted, those who were involved.

Sutton - June 25, 2012

yes they should report more we need more examples of the misuse of power going on behind closed doors Pres. Obama is taking advantage in more than just this area of power.

Pat Thomas - June 25, 2012

Attention should be loud and clear from channels beside FOX News. Are there no responsible owners or managers of other news channels, as CBS, NBC, or don’t they recognize wrong-headed activities any longer? Complacency is rampant!

Peg McCance - June 25, 2012

ABSOLUTELY, the media needs to use their best researce reporters to bring this all out in the open.

Sharon Minton - June 25, 2012

Why are we even debating this today? The network communication systems should also be held in contempt of the FCC for ignoring so long the killing of the border guard, and the connection to the multi-shooting at Repr. Gifford’s assembly. The “control” of the information sharing seems illegal to me.

Ron Dvorak - June 25, 2012

The timing of Obama’s statement that he knew nothing about Fast and Furious (more lies, deceptions, half-truths, etc, etc) several months ago (again) contradicts any reason for him to play the executive privilage card now. He needs to be impeached; not let off by simply losing the Nov. election.

Marti - June 25, 2012

This whole administration needs more “truthful” media coverage. I think one of the most discouraging things to many Americans is that even though Obama in his oath pledged to uphold the Constitution, it seems that he regularly bypasses it and makes his own laws that he enjoys……..and nothings happens. It seems as though he actually is above the law. What’s that all about. Are people that afraid of him or is it something else? It seems as if the American people have no voice anymore. What has become of our beloved country?

Steven Rankens - June 26, 2012

The mainstream media is in the back pocket of the liberal left, they will not report anything bad or negative about the current administration. I stopped watching ABC, CBS and NBC network news a long time ago because they were “afraid” to tackle the controversial topics. If I was a senator, I would assemble the articles of impeachment for President Obama, he lies, panders, flip-flops, usurps the congress and the constitution, and he is a hypocrite!

M. Kent Hamm - June 26, 2012

Given the loss of the life of an American law officer, and the well documented fact that a large number of military type firearms disappeared across the border into Mexico, how can there be any doubt that a full scale investigation should be undertaken. Since the “O” Administration is incapable and/or unwilling to seriously investigate, that leaves it to state and/or local officials in some combination to do the best they can. Any other alternative [besides just forget it?}

Harley Knull - June 27, 2012

Yes, all of the media outlets need to keep this in front of American voters. We need to vote Obama out and get new
officials in Washington.

Steve Wickstrom - July 2, 2012

About “Fast and Furious”.
The main stream media is implicit with the coverup by Eric Holder.
There is the truth and there is obfuscation.
When truth is evident it is clear,concise,verified. No blame placed elsewhere and simple.
When there is obfuscation there is stalling,stonewalling, Blame to be placed elsewhere and complicated.
The main stream medias truth is not to be trusted.there is no honesty or clarity. Their obfuscation of facts are obvious.muddied and complicated and compliant with the White House asserting “executive privilege”.
As for me the the main stream media and Eric Holder and the “White House”are all guilty of “contemp” for the rule of law and to the American People

Did ATF provide weapons to Mexican drug cartels that were subsequently used to kill some of our own? | A Nation ADrift-Why? - January 14, 2014

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