President Obama announced Tuesday his support for a comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship. This follows Monday’s announcement of a bipartisan Senate agreement that will form the basis for comprehensive legislation to be ready by march.

The Heritage Foundation’s Audrey Beck points out the challenge posed by comprehensive legislation:

The problems in our immigration policy cannot be effectively solved in a comprehensive piece of legislation, because comprehensive is really just a code word for what will be a confusing, complicated, convoluted, and contentious bill that will create as many problems as it purports to solve.

Heritage experts Matt Spalding, Jessica Zuckerman, and James Carafano elaborate this point:

 [J]ust as the many aspects and elements of immigration are not all the same and immigrants in this country are not a monolithic block, there is not one comprehensive policy that will deal with all matters all at once. In fact, comprehensive legislation, likely to be written behind closed doors and loaded with measures for special interests, will make the problems it seeks to solve worse. A varied problem, instead, requires varied solutions which address each of our immigration system’s challenges on its own track. America needs a comprehensive approach—not comprehensive legislation.

We must, and we will come up with ways to make immigration better for the United States, as Heritage’s Amy Payne argues:

America’s immigration system must be reformed through an open and public step-by-step, problem-solving approach that unites Americans and creates a system that welcomes immigrants, protects our sovereignty, encourages assimilation, and expands opportunities for everyone.

Earlier this month, Heritage experts laid out some guidelines for effective immigration reform. They include:

  • Reform the legal immigration system
  • Make immigration more responsive to the needs of the economy
  • Reinvigorate interior enforcement measures
  • Enhance border security efforts
  • Work with state and local authorities to enforce

Our nation’s immigration policy is clearly broken. Do you agree with President Obama’s proposed solution? Tell us in the comments.

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NancyJ - January 30, 2013

Until and unless our immigration laws resemble Canada’s, we are doing the wrong thing.
The only people who enter Canada must have something to contribute other than just a vote for the progressives.
The law must be for all other countries, not just the voting Mexicans who come here illegally.
The people who have waited and waited to come here legally from other countries are being ignored.

Les Taylor - January 30, 2013

I do not agree with the President’s proposal. I do agree that anything coming out of DC containing the word “comprehensive” is simply code for (1) we’re going to drag this thing out forever or (2) it will be too complicated to understand and to enforce.

Larry Wilcox - January 30, 2013

Lets make it simple address each issue separately with an open discussion. Amend present legislation to reflect each change individual.

Ken Crawmer - January 30, 2013

This president is more like a dictator everyday and has done so much damage to this country that I’ll never live long enough to see it turned around. God Bless us all.

N. Dorris - January 30, 2013

No, I do not agree with Obama’s plan.

charles e spence - January 30, 2013

What we need is immigration enforcement and secure borders. Deal with those who are here illegaly by telling them to go back to where they came or face jail time if caught and loose the right to ever become a citizen. It is time we take control of “our” country and stop letting those outside of our country dictate what we do. Ask the question how does their country treat illegals.

Bob Klaus - January 30, 2013

What almost no-one is addressing is that, in addition to all of these very valid objections to a “comprehensive” immigration law, is the budget impact: Some BIG chunk of 11 million people are going to turn into new legal beneficiaries of everything from Social Security to Obamacare. The debt clock will blow a fuze keeping up with that expenditure rate!

Jacques Bakke - January 30, 2013

How can you have a Comprehensive Immigration Legislation when you do not Comprehend Immigration?
We should have a MORATORIUM on ALL immigration, Legal and Illegal until Congress and the people of this country understand and “Comprehend” Who is coming in, How many are coming in, When are they coming in, Why they are coming in, and why our laws are not being enforced and when are they leaving!!! WTH!!!!!?

Carl Constant - January 30, 2013

Birth rite citizenship needs to be addressed too. These “motels’ for pending birth mothers is an abuse!

Glenn Bergen - January 30, 2013

Obama’s Immigration speech in Las Vegas was a setup for the GOP, and political theater. Obama is pandering to the masses with no intention of any meaningful resolution. Its just more divisive politics.

Leo Pisculli - January 30, 2013

I would approve if it included paying taxes, a fine, learning English, passing a background check & waiting 15 years to become a citizen. In the meantime they can be nonvoting resident aliens, as my wife had been.
Unfortunately, now that the “undocumented” see the possibility of becoming legal they would want citizenship immediately.

C.R. Shoemaker - January 30, 2013

Obama’s drive to fast track legality and citizenship forgets one major point: U.S. citizenship is a sacred birthright and privilege that foreign nationals must earn. It must not be traded for a cheap vote.

Dave - January 30, 2013

This Administration (in fact all Administrations) should enforce all existing immigration laws as required to uphold Constitutional responsibilities, including those that allow an orderly immigration and provide border security. Once that is accomplished, and not before, imperfections identified in the current law should be included in a legislative package submitted to the Congress for consideration. The remaining screaming, shouting, dust, and annoying noise is nothing more than that, noise.

Floyd Proctor - January 30, 2013

We must control the borders in this country.I have traveled in other countries and they do not let people in and out without some type of control.
Politicians need stop buying votes.

Jaime L. Manzano - January 30, 2013

Rethinking Immigration

The present immigration issue is as big an issue as was the decision to invade Iraq. It divides rather than unites the country. Rather than continue fueling it with the heated rhetoric of politics and the impending elections, we need a breather. Step back and let “our better angels” work on a solution. The problem needs to be parsed into separate actionable pieces and analyzed.

Begin with the economic. The demand for labor here in the U.S., and the price industries are willing to pay for it, defies the control systems presently installed. The magnet of economic opportunity here is just too strong to hold back the foreign workforce yearning for opportunity. U.S. industries want what these foreign workers offer – labor at prices that allow them to profit, compete economically, survive, and grow. The present trade in illegal drugs mirrors the immigrant industry. Many want it, and get it, despite massive expenditures by government to save U.S. consumers from following their “evil angels.”

A few facts. To cross the border, traffickers in illegal workers, “coyotes” to the cognoscenti, are charging $7,500 to $10,000 per passage. For that, an “illegal” needs to travel perhaps a month to the border, cross rivers in rafts when most do not know how to swim, suffer trailer rides of packed humanity for days without food or facilities, walk across deserts, and risk their entire enterprise only to be frustrated by a diligent border patrol. That kind of a motivated worker is to die for.

On the other hand, U.S. industries present a demand for workers not readily available in sufficient numbers at the wages they are offering to U.S. citizens. An unemployed American is not prepared to give up his leisure, poor and substandard as the “safety net” assures, for the pay illegals are accepting. It isn’t much, but $10 to $15 an hour is a lot better than the $3 to $5 a day back home. Recognize also that, in addition, the 4 to 8 percent of the U.S. workforce defined as unemployed just don’t have the motivation to do the hard work that immigrants are willing to accept at the risk of losing their lives and meager fortune. Put another way, if you build a barrier, the “illegals” and an enterprising American industry will beat it.

What to do. First, re-frame the question. How do we meet the demand for labor here without increasing unemployment or a reduction in wages? A simple answer is to limit supply (immigrants) as unemployment increases, say, above 6 percent. There are multiple markets with different demands and wage rates for workers with skills. The system for authorizing the number of immigrant visas can respond by authorizing visas by skill and wage rate.

Say that there is a market value for permission to immigrate to the U.S. (There is, witness what illegals are willing to pay already.) Say further that a market for buying and selling visas to the U.S. is legally recognized and monitored.. A potential immigrant or employer could bid for a worker visa(s). The supply of visas would be based on the demand by skill for workers manifested by U.S. industries without triggering wage reductions or increased unemployment. This needs elaboration, but you get the idea.

Interestingly, were a market for visas to exist, those already in line for visas could be compensated by giving them a priority claim for a visa under the market system. They could have the option of selling their position in line to late arrivals. Those presently illegal in the U.S.could bid for a visa to become legal entries from those in the front of the line.

Let’s take on the security issue. Of all the misdirected issues and proposed legislation, this one takes the cake. Here we have the government defending the ramparts of the border(s) while any terrorist with an I.Q. of 50 can circumvent it. Come as a tourist. Come as a student. Those types of visas can be had. Remember that all of the terrorist that acted out their fervor on both World Trade Center attacks got into the country legally.

And what about all those terrorist already in the country, many of them home grown? There are those like the domestic Kansas City terrorists, the environmental terrorist of today, the anarchy terrorist of the 60’s, even criminal “terrorist” working the streets selling killer drugs, and violent sex. Our response to these types of terrorist groups is to look away and wait for them to act before we harness our domestic protective services to seek them out.

More to the point, we actually seek to disarm our security systems in key ways by making it difficult or impossible for them to seek out such cells using profiling systems that work on existing data mining technology to scan for groups or individuals that have behavior patterns of criminal terrorists. Our paranoia over the protection of privacy is such that we will not let government do what private industry already does on their own with impunity.

Think of it. We distrust our government which we own and can mandate, but give a free hand to all other organizations. You think this isn’t’ true? Well check out the information that marketing organizations have on your consumer behavior. Check out the financial records credit organizations and your bank have on your economic value. Check out what political operatives have on your voting behavior, registration, and past record of contributions. Hell, go to the internet and google your name. You’d be “surprised” how public your life is. But allow government to pursue terrorist using these existing data bases, and you, the media, and politicians go bonkers. Our paranoia over privacy is not only illusory, it is crippling our efforts to protect us from terrorist and the common criminal.

For a moment, think of the information the government holds and retains in its files on you as an individual. It has your income and tax statements from the time you began working. It knows where you worked and where you lived. It has your criminal record if you have one. Under Medicaid and Medicare, it knows who your doctor is, what treatments you’ve received, and the medicines you take. But this data cannot be accessed legally for purposes other than for the service it was set up to serve. Actually, there are specific exceptions authorized by law. Tracking on fathers defaulting on child support is one of them. There should be more.

Why we won’t use these data for identifying and tracking criminals and terrorists is a monument to our exaggerated paranoia. I mean, come on! Those charged with keeping publicly maintained files have a remarkable record of successfully limiting their access. They have developed systems for identifying when they are accessed illegally and by whom. And the law allows the government to come down hard on violators with jail sentences and fines. So effective have been such safeguards that the private sector has had to develop entire systems that duplicate that which public systems had already. Your credit report is an example, .

What we need is to “get over it.” Information on Individuals isn’t and never was private. What we need to do is to authorize government to access and expand their use of existing machine readable data for the purpose of searching out terrorist and criminal elements, among other uses. We need to go further. To facilitate these authorized uses, it is critical that a national identification system be established.

The need for a national identification system is needed not just for purposes of security. Other uses become possible and could be authorized. Obviously the system could allow for the registration of permanent or temporary immigrants, and could provide the system for employers to validate the identification of individuals eligible for employment. In addition, the system could be an accurate system for maintaining eligible voter registers. It could be the basis for an efficient drivers license system for the states. It could be the locus for individual medical records with an ability to cut costs for administration and medical care resulting from unnecessary repetitive services, over medication, and errors in diagnosis.. Should individuals wish to limit access to their records, access could be restricted subject to the approval by individuals or the courts. Violations could be subjected to heavy fines and jail sentences. Such safeguards already exist and are being used to protect your data stored, for example, by the Social Security Administration. And think of the budgetary savings through the elimination of duplicate data bases, systems, and bureaucracies. That, like the stars, are “billions and billions.”

Let’s now focus on the politics of immigration. What is at play is the additional cost that immigrants allegedly represent to our expenditures for public education, health, and other safety net services,. What is also at play is the country’s ability to absorb and indoctrinate newly arriving immigrants to American values and systems. What is at play is the right to vote.

Let’s take on the additional budgetary expenditures. Recent articles have claimed that immigrant worker represents an annual cost to the government of about $20,000. Let’s accept that estimate. At the same time let’s also recognize that these workers probably earn about $20,000 to $30,000 annually. If they are on a payroll, they would be paying federal and state taxes, and may even be paying contributions to the Social Security system. If they don’t file an annual income tax report, they get no refund. If they are using a false Social Security number, they are contributing to a benefit system they may never receive. That contribution alone could amount to about 15 percent of their wages, split between them and their employer. They are paying sales taxes imposed by the states. They are paying the gasoline tax should they be running a car. All this suggests that they are not having a totally free ride on the economy.

We also might recognize that an able bodied worker isn’t costless. Growing up for 18 years costs. We pay at least $10,000 annually per individual from public and private sources for each of our 18 year olds. More likely it is double that. That means that $180,000 to $360,000 has been invested per able bodied American. We pay nothing for the immigrant. At least ten years would have to pass before the “capital” costs for a migrant would be “re-paid.”

Now, if a worker is educated, say, with a BA, that probably represents an additional expenditure minimally of roughly $20,000 a year for four years, e.g., $80,000 more per U.S. BA. The immigrant with a BA is free. Take it a step further. A physician requires four to eight years of additional training that probably costs more than $40,000 a year. Add $160,000 to $320,000. And then there are all those biochemist, computer scientist, nurses, engineers…… Suffice to say, immigrants at these levels of training are a steal.

But can we risk the mutation of our culture by letting all these non-Americans to enter the country? Well, let’s think about it. Is the absorption of 12 million “illegals” too big a bite to take in one fell swoop? First off, recognize that we already had that meal and seem not to be suffering from indigestion. These “illegals”are 1 out of 25 people in the country, and many of them do not stay. Looking back three generations, most of what we now call Americans came from similar immigrant roots. The country’s ability to shape past immigrants and their children into citizens is the American phenomena. Those “illegals” who will decide to stay have already put a lot of their working lives into getting along in this country. Many have learned to speak English. Some have raised families, and have paid taxes for years. In a generation or two, their children won’t speak their native language, and probably won’t want to. They would resemble bedrock of Americans going to work, going to Church, buying houses, eating, sleeping and having kids. You won’t be able to tell the difference between them and your neighbor. They already are.

What “illegals” – and we – need is a way to mend a mistake they – and we – made years ago. They will have to pay a price to become “legal.” We, on the other hand, have to recognize that we turned a blind eye to their existence and let them in to serve us. Both of us need to make amends by defining an acceptable the path to “legality.” The overwhelming majority of “illegals” will likely salute and take it.

Finally, there is the matter of citizenship and the right to vote. This privileges for a time may play a part of the price of atonement for illegal entry into the country. But, once the debt has been paid for illegal entry, a workable procedure can be fashioned for them to earn legal immigrant status, Citizenship for these working residents in time, and under the right conditions, may ultimately be justified. As willing workers, they are the “salt of earth.”. Many already are “Americans.” They ought to have the opportunity to earn the right to be citizens.

Jaime L. Manzano
Federal Senior Executive and Foreign Service Officer (Retired)

Karl Bergman - January 30, 2013

The President always seems to talk in generalities. I don’t trust him to come up with a good solution.

It will be structured first to enhance the liberal Democractic Party

Cheryl Briggs - January 30, 2013

Immigration reform is so desparately needed. And I agree; it must be done the right way. I work with 3 guys who filed 4 years ago to get their citizenship. The system that we have is broken; like Heritage says – we must fix our system before we add more to it.

Robert Craig - January 30, 2013

Close the border to illegal immigrants first.

PaulE - January 30, 2013

Obama’s idea of “comprehensive immigration reform” is to simply grant immediate amnesty to the illegals already here, fast track them to citizenship and then get them on the Democrat voting roles right after the citizenship swearing in ceremony. All the talk of border enforcement or securing our borders is just a diversion to get enough Republicans on board to push this thing through.

You’ll remember that Reagan was also promised better border enforcement by the Democrats back in the 80’s when the last amnesty was done. The amnesty went through, but the improved border enforcement never happened. There was always some excuse why it couldn’t be done from the Democrats. Back then we were talking about 1,300,000 illegals in total and amnesty was supposed to be a one shot deal. Now we’re talking about anywhere from 11,000,000 to 20,000,000 illegals, depending on which estimates you believe.

The only question you have to ask yourselves is “Do you honestly believe the Democrats are really serious about doing true border enforcement this time around?” If you answered yes, I have a lovely bridge to sell you dirt cheap.

Donald G Fischer - January 30, 2013

Two steps need to be taken before any program con be effective.
1. The border MUST be closed and anyone not leaglly entering this country must be sent back.
2. An effective date to have all illegals to register to enter into this program and permit none to enter after the date set.

Frank E. Vincent - January 30, 2013

Nonsense! We need to address the immigration problem. We can no longer ignore it. If Heritage does not comprehend the necessary steps that it will take to accomplish this necessary need, then they should expound on a clear policy that will be acceptable and not just expedient. However, it cannot be ignored nor can ideas be debased without laying out a comprehensive plan. It is no longer acceptable to dismiss all views just because they are not acceptable to Heritage
Frank E. Vincent

Sheila Ford - January 30, 2013

We HAD immigration laws that were effective until we started ignoring them. There was a guest worker program, but some people weren’t satisfied with that. They thought the guest workers were being mistreated. No one forced them to come here. If they thought they were being taken advantage of, they should have stayed in their country and worked to improve conditions there.
Instead,they were joined in their protests by liberals who added them to the diverse groups they are using to cause discord among Americans and, thereby alter the character of the United States.
Where it was once THE country where people could come, work hard, assimilate, and prosper, now it is a place where people come, and emphasize their differences and attempt to get as much as they can by claiming “entitlements”.

David Belasco - January 30, 2013

As a first-generation American, I think Amy Payne has expressed it exactly right

Frank E. Vincent - January 30, 2013

No I do not agree with President Obama as his plan is just a political presentation. However, immigration must be dealt with as expediently as possible. It must be comprehensive and it must be presented to the American people in a transparent manner and not be so voluminous that it cannot be read or so incoherent that it cannot be understood.
Frank E. Vincent

Ron Bell - January 30, 2013

To be honest, I have lost all faith in this administration and Congress to be effective in addressing this issue. When the outcome is really to increase the Democratic voting block, nothing they can come up with will appropriately address the many issues of immigation. I am concerned that the burden of proof of citizenship is going to be put even heavier on the employers with heavy fines for inadvertently hiring an illegal who presents false identification. This administration and Congress is out of control and has little concern for doing the right thing. Ron Bell

Sandra Driscoll - January 30, 2013

Before receiving this email today, I sent the following email to Mr. Needham: Dear Mr. Needham,
Today I received emails from FAIR and CAPS about the latest amnesty attempt by Obama and several Senators including Rubio this time. To make that Senate proposal look better, our President then came out asking for more than the Senate group…probably to make the Senate proposal look better as it would be the lesser of two evils.
We have an immigration policy which our leader does not follow. He has illegally given benefits to illegals and has overtly chosen not to honor our immigration laws. Is that Constitutional? Is it perhaps not a basis to impeach him? He swore to protect and uphold our laws.
Additionally there has been much info put out about his not being born in the USA. I am hopeful that a case can be brought against Obama as he is also overtly socialist if not communist and is intent on changing our country. The only war he seems interested in fighting is against us citizens who believe in our democracy…NDAA and The Patriot Act were passed and are warnings if not threats to those of us who think that our democracy and freedoms are being threatened and taken away.
This amnesty must be stopped. 11 million plus more voters in his camp will make a difference at the polls. A third term? Unconstitutional? Do you think he can be stopped?

Barbara - January 30, 2013

I do not agree with Obama’s plan for what he calls Comprehensive Immigration Reform. There is nothing in this about securing our border. In fact by Executive Order he has already let thousands in to stay by something similar to the Dream Act. There is nothing in his plan that protects the American People and Legal Immigrants. He wants a Path to Citizenship that won’t take long at all. He will try to do it by Executive Order as well. We had a big jump in Hispanic Voters this election as we will in all elections if he gets his way.
What about the huge number of Americans who cannot find a job? All Obamas plan will do is give Americans 11 to 12 million more people to compete with for a job.
The illegal Aliens who are here broke the law to get here but Obama wants to ignore that and reward them with what is Amnesty.
When will this Administration do anything for the American people???
Tell all those that want Amnesty NO until they show us that they are serious about sealing the Border, Giving us E-Verify so we don’t have millions of people working for lower wages in order to take jobs from Americans.
Tell the same things to Rubio, McCain and any others pushing for another Amnesty.

Don - January 30, 2013

How do we have accurate numbers regarding the 11million plus illegals in the US? If we cannot stop the illegals from crossing the border, how is it that we know how many there are? Secondly, how is it that illegals have access to voting, welfare, unemployment, health care, food stamps, etc? I can only assume that illegal no longer means law breaking. I’ d really like to see the current laws enforced to the max. A comprehensive law will just sucker the American people again.

NowYouKnow - January 30, 2013

Immigrants are very important to our country. That’s why we accept 1,400,000 immigrants each and every year. Isn’t that enough? Unfortunately, twice that many don’t fill out the paperwork and wait; they just sneak in. Seal the borders, take away the welfare incentives, and help them self deport. Amnesty should not come with the right to vote.

Mary Kiewlich - January 30, 2013

We need reforms not a huge boondoggle that the Congress cooks up to gather votes and pander to illegals as they discount millions of legal Americans who are out of work and legal immigrants that will be shown that their good behavior of doing things legally do not matter. This Administration is a disgrace to this country!

Tom Jones - January 30, 2013

I guess I must be somewhat ignorant regarding all the issues surrounding immigration. It appears the Senate version is much more reasonable than Obama’s. I don’t believe we can or will deport 11,000,000 illegals either from a logistical point nor from a financial perspective. Is it so terrible to implement procedures to eventually accommodate citizenship of hard-working but illegal immigrants? A major priority would be to complete enforcement of our borders. My personal standards are very conservative on all fronts but I believe we are way past due getting this immigration situation resolved. Thank you for this opportunity to voice my opinion and please keep up the good work!!!

Richard S. Shawkey - January 30, 2013

The U.S. has a labor surplus (except in a narrow set of skills). At present, job creation is lagging behind population growth, and in the best of times barely exceeds growth needs. There are 23 million under-employed or unemployed U.S. citizens. So why do we allow a million immigrants (most without needed skills) into the country each year? And why would we give amnesty to the 12 million (+) illegals so that they can compete openly with U.S. citizens. Also, why give amnesty to a category of people 47% of whom draw public assistance? None of this makes sense.

Rob - January 30, 2013

Not before closing the Border. This is like the promise of raising taxes now with debt reduction to come. The debt reductions never happen. If this is done as a package, the legalizing will happen but the Border will never be closed..

Ron Mason - January 30, 2013

No! I do not agee with a quick fix and fast track plan to legalize some 11 million people. Obama has not and never will make an honest proposal and the follow it through with it. He proposed health care then immmediately turned it over to congress and never looked back. Now we have a real mess to contend with. He will do the same to this problem. He will lay claim to it, push for it so that it will be called The Obama Imagration Law but he will do nothing to guide the creation, writting or problem solving. He will be there for the conception but not the delivery. Trust me. He is a creature of habbit and most of his habits are bad. All you have to do is look at the way health care was handled. Boy was that transparent!!!!!
Rubio and his friends are on the right path and they should push their plan and not let it get high-jacked by the Democratic party and Reed and little Miss Nancy.
Sorry is I offended anyone with my remarks about the President but he has a definite history to go by.
Last comment: I would add that all the money collected from the integration of the 11 million people should go to the cost of securing the border. It should be ear-marked for that use only.
Ron Mason

Robert Murry - January 30, 2013

The short answer is “Hell No. I have listened to Hispanics that went the legal route and they are outraged with obama and his pandering ideas. I will not support anything that rewards someone for breaking our laws. The people who snuck into this country may be good folks but they broke the law and need to be punished. If they are granted amnesty there has to be a caveat that there be certain items that they must complete, ie. I heard on the radio that they could be prohibited from voting for 25 years or something along those lines. That would take the wind out of the dems sails. Also no federal handouts for them for 10 years and that would make sneaking in a lot less attractive to the illegals and their baby boom as soon as they get here.

D. Craig Beardsley - January 30, 2013

I am against any amensty for illegal aliens. They are called illegal aliens because they came into this country illegally and are staying in this country illegally. Why should we be allowing illegal aliens to take jobs in this era of high unemployment? We need to secure our borders and enforce the laws we already have on the books. We have heard all this crap before and Obama will just ignore whatever he wants if anything is passed.

Sandra Fosselman - January 30, 2013

I strongly disagree with Obama’s proposed immigration plan and legislation. I also resent his arrogance in believing that he alone has the answer to the problem. He is clearly looking for an action to showcase as part of his legacy. He also would prefer to have the issue be part of the 2014 elections at which time he would use whatever plans the Republicans have presented to degrade them. His narcissim motivating his grab for power and his extreme socialist goals make him the most despicable and most dangerous president in American history.

Bill Whelan - January 30, 2013

Immigration should be approached from the standpoint of “how will this person benefit and strengthen the country as a whole”. It should take a merit based approach where those with in-demand skills or education that will be of significant benefit to our nation would have more preference. They should be educated in and have a deep understanding of American history, traditions, culture and civics and be tested to a standard equal to or exceeding the high school level. Extensive background checks should be considered. This would be a good start but you can see where this will lead.

AJ Edmisson - January 30, 2013

If you want comprehensive immigration reform, keep the lawyers out of it! Talk to businesses about who they will hire and why; talk to medical professionals so that every one who is here has had their required shots and is healthy; talk to churches about developing social programs (and leave social services out of the mix — they only spend money with few or little results); talk to schools about developing educational programs that focus on language development, math skills, computer skills, and vocational/technical skills.
And, instead of deporting illegals, document them, innoculate them, and incorporate them into our society so that they can joyfully participate in our economy, rather than hiding in the shadows. And those who are felons, incarcerate them into programs that will teach them viable skills so that when they are released, they can join our workforce.

Tom Craddock - January 30, 2013

How many Republican Reps. and Senators are speaking out about this? Vehemently? Or they being muzzled by the RNC? Are all Demos. supporting this? I am giving up on following politics and observing that the next election is more importment than the welfare of our country.

Alfred Kneer - January 30, 2013

TRhe problem of immigration can not be solved unless we seal the border air thight. It has been tried in 1986 with the promise that the border will be sealed. The administration refused to secure the border. We ended up with the same problem we have now. This administration will not seral the border again. And therefore the problem will remain and down the road it will happen again. It is my belirve, this is the way corrupt Washington wants it. Give tyhe illegals amnesty , and t5hey will vote for you.

Richard Rogers - January 30, 2013

Has President Obama offered a solution or proposal or just given another campaign speech?

I would like to see the governors of the border states offer a proposal on border security. When their proposal is accepted, funded and executed, then we can move to phase two.

Phase two could be a parallel action of identifying who the eleven million are and are they interested in becoming U.S. citizens. A census-type form could be offered where the recipient could express their interest in becoming a citizen and offer pertinent facts about themselves and only they would have the form-key identification to claim any future offers of a path to citizenship.
At some future date the U.S. gov could publish the form-key to show what would be required for that person’s circumstances to reach citizenship.

Without the form-key no one is invited.

Ellen Elmore - January 30, 2013

I totally disagree with Obama’s proposed solution to the illegal immigration problem because it does nothing to secure our borders. Immigration reform should BEGIN with securing our borders. Without this being step number one, we will never solve the illegal immigration problem.

Thomas Trussell - January 31, 2013

Comes in 2 parts: Part One you close the borders, control all visas, and all other aspects of imagration movement. Once (or if) that is totally under control and working smoothly, you go to Part Two. Part Two is green card and citizenship. Now, set Part Two aside and work to make Part One ……work. No Part Two unless Part One is totally successful. Whatever gets done has to be for the good of America, not for political gain. Without enforcement of Part One, forget Part Two.

Dave Burnett, Salt Lake City, UT - January 31, 2013

The 14th Amendment needs to go to the Supreme Court – where I HOPE it’s intent and meaning would be made clear: simply being born in the US does not make an illegal alien’s baby a legal citizen of the United States. Understanding that is the start of the solution to our immigration problems.

Joseph Hager - January 31, 2013

Members of Congress need to acknowledge publicly why the US immigration situation is in its current condition: How did we get to where we are at, considering that our previous immigration reform efforts since President Reagan have not prevented the situation that wenow have approximately 11 million illegal immigrants in our country?
The vast majority of illegal immigrants have entered our country across the Mexican/US border for opportunities of employment and benefits, and anchor-baby citizenship. The immigration reforms of the past did not resolve the problem of illegal immigration because the illegal immifrants realized that the United States was not willing to enforce its immigration laws of not granting employment or benefits to illegal immigrants. No form of immigration reform will eliminate the continuation of having a high infiltration of illegal immigrants unless the opportunities which entice the illegal immigrant are eliminated – No employment, no benefits. A border-fence would not be needed provided that potential illegal immigrants knew that there were no opportunities of employment or benefits for them in the United States without having legal status. Hold any rational immigration reform in abeyance for one year while the US governemnt makes a concerted, coordinated effort to enforce pre-2012 immigration law (not executive orcders); and then make a determination on how many illegal immigrants remain in the United States.

john gavin - January 31, 2013

The federal government should be working to help the states enforce existing laws not suing them. Identification cards make sense. We must secure the borders to ensure that any program might have a real chance of being effective. Give the border guards the resources to be safe and productive. Thanks. john gavin

James L Hawn - January 31, 2013

Absolutely not! Early on Obama swore to bring massive change to the United States, if he had to do so by bringing America down as we know it, down “Brick By Brick”.
Thus far I would dare state that he is being massively successful. He has destroyed, disabled and brought disarray to this Country to far greater extents than any could have imagined and far beyond what he had in thought in his wildest dreams.

Andrew Burns - January 31, 2013

Michelle Malkin’s 1/30/13 column says it well !!

Joann Reitenour - January 31, 2013

No! I do NOT agree with Obama’s plans for immigration! All he wants is to add to the “blocks” of voters who do his wishes.

Arlin R. Johnson, Jr. - January 31, 2013

Mr. Obama speaks with “forked tongue” as our native Americans would say. All he has said, and all he has done should be wiped from the pages written since he took office. That he is the oval office is evidence that the USA is in very deep trouble that it may be impossible to correct in a peaceful way. Lets hope he is impeached and will go quietly into the night for an eternal golf game.

Art Robinson - January 31, 2013

I am a second generation American. My bride had to wait one year for paperwork relating to her getting a visa was approved. Yes, our immigration policy may need fixing buy this comprehensive immigration reform is a joke. This country can put immigrants to work but why do we have porous borders when we are fighting against terror cells? Why are employers able to thumb their collectives noses at us all by hiring illegal cheap labor that lowers the pay scale when we are supposedly a country of laws? We are no longer encouraging people who come here to adopt this land as their home. I know of a successful foreign national who has lived here for decades but is now ready to return to his native land along with his wealth and a spouse who still doesn’t speak any English to this day.
Maybe if we took the immigration question a step at a time, something positive would come out of it. Maybe if we acknowledged that, as a country, we do not accept just anyone, especially those who cannot contribute anything to our society except a diease resistant illness or a criminal enterprise. But wrapping immigration up in some comprehensive package will, I am certain, only create more problems than it addresses through unintended consequences.

Amelia Wasiluk - January 31, 2013

Here is a reason I choose to support conservative republicans: SATIRE with real stories.

Wondering where your taxes are going?

Well, for those fortunate ones, maybe unfortunate ones. Here’s a summary of what I have experienced in my stumbling to walk a straight line in an attempt to relate to the world perfectly: I discovered that in this country it pays off better to be a victim than to strive to become a decent being.

Here’s why. Because I have been “anointed” with the gift of been put to the test of some “freedoms” we Americans, enjoy “guaranteed” by our constitution. Since I never cared to study history or government, got and F then passed with a D second time around in high school, and since my level of literacy and understanding of the language was very poor, I opted to search and focus on a universal language called “science”. Guess what it requires language skills too. What the heck, it was still easier to learn it because, we women, the lesser gender( even though there are more women than men) but a Latino too, get grants, no they are called scholarships now “based on need”, sounds more appropriate, because you do not want to put the student on the spot and insinuate she is not merited or earned your taxed money. Grants are just handouts or freebies to educate the scum and hopefully your investment will one day pay off. PAY OFF. But it is, except it may not be the way you were told or believed it would.

Are you ready for this one. lets see, I start with the social services since I have a lot of experience in dealing with them, I say I am qualified to make the following statements. So now you have a bunch of third world, immigrates at best foreigners on a student visa, studying English, and guess what colleges and universities actually offer degrees on how to steal your money through what you call ??? some kind of child psychology and social bolognie. So now they are fully qualified to go out there and take new borns, toddlers, school age, etc. children from their homes, your homes, and your arms. But the best part is this one, Here is a parent who for what ever reason is exercising her freedom to chose how to care for her self during her pregnancy and opted to do her own prenatal care, without understanding the system, then checks her self into a hospital where Jovially expects her baby to just be delivered into her arms, in a simple manner. If you are like me, all you want to do is be the first one to hold that baby and be the one to nurture him with your breasts as God intended for women who bare children to do. but guess what, as the Bible says it a women in travail of child baring forgets all after she holds that baby in her arms, well, but wait a minute, where is the baby, You just went through the harshest trauma anyone can survive of having a C-section, and not of your own choice, Doctors were just to tired and sleepy to get you through another night of pains in laboring. And since you overlooked their existence, now we are really going to give it to you. Plus they have got to go home, drink their coffee, chat with their coworkers, etc….It is just too much imposition, plus what the heck, county hospitals, government pays for it. NO YOU PAY FOR IT! Me paying for a simple delivery with a midwife would not be enough. The more c-sections the more money they get. Not only that, their is a budget, God forbid if they do not use up their budget, next year around they will only get less money. So let’s cut her open.

So now we have a childless parent/parents. Yes, so called social services say you did wrong for not going along with the system, and neglected to have your routine dosage of been poked, and hoked, you know what I mean, those intrusive so called physical check ups. Like getting strapped only to be told that you and your baby are doing fine. Well, I knew that, I took care of myself! Are we really all that stupid, or is it another way of dumbing you down so that you become progressively more dependent on their assurance. OK, we are so stupid, and cannot tell whether I am doing the right thing to conceive a healthy baby. Common sense would tell you that in order to conceived, you must have or be in some degree of a healthy state or mother nature will not cooperate, right. And it does not matter what you say and you have done right on your own that may save your taxes and insurance money, like you know having better care at home, with some expert advice from a retired midwife called grandma who worked over 30 years of her life delivering babies, naturally and never once losing one or a mother during birth. Plus it does not count because she is just too bright and her expertise came from practicing common sense and hands on training by a one time physician that showed her all she needed to know to succeed! No, she did not buy herself a diploma to impress the fools with power to say nay or yay you are qualified to take your taxed money! I wake up still on the surgery table and only a picture ins handed to me. Talk about temptation! As you are wheeled over to recovery, childless.

So child and mother are kept separated until parent is proven INNOCENT. By whom, the social workers, themselves, too! But since I do not easily yield to injustice even in my near death bed, the drama only gets better! Then there is a cue of foster parents waiting for your child to bring them more of your taxes into their pockets, wait a minute, but first, the social services need to get a chunk of it too, so here is where there training comes in handy, to justify your stupidity, the diploma they just bought with your money through what is called taxes is being put to work, now they have got to perpetuate fault finding first in the parents. They got all the time in the world to irritate the sucker parent until they find fault and succeed, that’s is how they get their money. Ultimately the parent has to get back to her normal life, may even go back to work to feed the new baby, besides caring for the new addition, but how could she, she must comply and tend to the flock of so called social services ( most are psychotic, traumatized unreasonable bitches) so it is easy to edge at the parent(s) until he she yields with some irritation or frustration, then wham mo! he/she is unfit she just gave me the finger, won’t open the door on me or answer all my calls and answer all my questions, how dare you.TOOK OUR BABY FOR A STROLL, TOO, WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION!…Now I am really going give it to her, the child now belongs to us! (Until she proves her self innocent in court) Wait a minute who is us, a conspiracy, no way!! Foster care homes are awaiting for their next dollar. And it may be the social services agent’s daughter and wife of a local politician running a foster care home or child care, where children go while in transit to another home. It is a great business! But where is the stability that so called “concerned” social worker expressed for the child and one of the reason’s for removing a child from his half decent parent(s)? Well, no that does not matter anymore, this child is bringing your tax dollars to some greedy lazy fat a…and guess what not only that but you as a foster care provider get food and extra money for clothing and medical care. But guess what, you do not have to use that money on the kid either, it can go right down to your belly, just in case you need to hibernate, winter can be quite harsh especially in places like LA California where you can practically sun bathe year round. Oh, and the food is a really a good deal, I mean you get the old bleachy color crackers and the cup of jell-o, colored and all, the kid (S) really need all that artificial colors and additives in their diet otherwise they will not act dysfunctional and cannot claim that they have some kind B.S. called Attention Deficit Disorder, or hyper tension and again your taxes would NOT be serving their purpose to screw you as a hard working American and supporting who will continue to scr…with your descendants, with your very own money!!

Here is an example on contradiction:

That is not All. It just does not stop here. God forbid if some of these social workers approve of some really cruel dysfunctional parent justifiable to lose his/her child, grants him the right to keep her child. Actually that is a requirement, the meaner and bitchier you act and look, the greater your chances for keeping your baby, because poor me (MY UNCLE’S MISTRESS) I am a total victim, just got drunk on welfare money and killed one of my babies. In most cases they pity you like in this one and give you an apartment and food, money to sustain your vices that keep you from seen how you are a nothing but a vessel for breaking what was sown in this country and keep you dysfunctional so again this social workers are doing their job, putting your dollar to work, because this woman just killed her child, she was too drunk to keep him from getting a concoction in his head (rumors have it that she flung him to it) and no one cared enough to do a full investigation, the kid was worthless anyway, from a Latino mom and an as..hole father..(my very own uncle that for some miraculous reason caught on with the system real fast, that is in this country gov’t loves to take over fathers job to keep him from sustaining and raising his own children so that he is not distracted from procreating and multiplying,like having about a dozen children with at least 5 different women, because your taxed money is just too much to put to waste, right). This child’s life was not worth saving, right. But it was not her fault. She just needs a new apartment and more money to continue with her booze and maybe she will finish up her other kids, she does not need jail or her other children taken away, she’s too screwed up just like the social workers want her to be ,well not really, she is useless now, they are justified in there cause to spend your dollar and go to the next idiot parent who may attempt to put up a fight, but succumbs to the system that will drain you of your resources and time to seek any worthwhile help. because even the average lawyer is intimidated by this power hungry bitches that run the show so called social workers. How did they get all this power to just make the call when ever they want and put you in a position where you are guilty until proven innocent and pick you out at random..
They sure know how to secure their jobs and robe you of your responsibility and a chance to become a truly free being.

Here is my point. That I am blessed again with this gift of having personally gone through some of what I described and survived it. The Justice/court system still works! I could kiss the ground thank GOD! Only because in this country we still can exercise a certain degree of freedom to speak up and stand for what you know is right. And of course it helped to have a mom (new born’s maternal grand-ma) who is attempting to keep all that she knows is going on from me so that I may have a healthy recovery. Mom did not care to buy or exchange her common sense for a diploma and has the courage to stand up to some of these a-holes I described while her daughters coming out of the comma you are put in during c-section. Plus, at best, she is clueless about the plans social workers are orchestrating for the new infant. Stupid me, a 24 hr. armed guard in front of the room was to protect me. NO, IT WAS to secure the baby during a 5 minute visitation, SO YOU WOULD NOT RUN with him. Yes, with an incision that was also odd running all the way from the umbilical vertically to my other organ.That seems to be the most perfect moment for these vultures to strike and get your baby signed and turned over to them, because you are in a dysfunctional state, recovering from one of the most traumatic experiences in her life! For God’s sakes, she can not even get up to go pee on her own and most of the time a nurse was not around to even change a huge Kotex placed on the incision instead of clean gauzes, let alone get up and pick up her baby and may be even walk and rock him to sleep. What a perfect scenario! A times mom had to play nurse because they were too distracted and in compliance with the social workers that were determined to break me down at any cost to justify what they were adamant to destroy, a family.
This huge fight should not had to be if there was a functional welfare and immigration system. Mother just shared true stories of injustice to get them off our case and sure doubted themselves. Stories like how to operate a child care with social services support and get the most or put the most out of your taxes into her pocket! And describing what she has seen at first hand and heard about how this children are neglected, in most cases physically and mentally abused and no one is there to save them, and how social services look the other way and any report only prompts them to remove the child or children from an abusive environment into another dysfunction environment and just keeps the in the loop of instability setting him up to make a career on taking dollars to care for what you help create, an unstable, very angry inhumanly being, that at best may end up in a loony tune houses or worse a life time jail! And there it goes your money following the trail you helped to establish.
I sure served a purpose, a perfect specimen for these foreign spirited walking skeletons which this country loves to save out of guilt, without keeping tabs if they are worthy of all the priveleges and freedoms true American spirited deserve and exercise, with a chart provided by pharmaceuticals to see which drug would pay off the most and shove it down your throat, may be this will get me to yield to all their wishes. Who cares that I was developing sepsis infection and no doctor or nurse noticed it, because the so-called Psychos in training were encharge attempting to drug me so may I would not see any more of their inconsistences and keep my mouth shut. Besides some of their negligence were just so invisible that the infection resembled the size of an American football! Plus my dead carcases is of much more value to the medical students who need to meet their quota of opening up ten bodies in order to be qualified, at best open an office of their own and to kill you legally! Again thank God for my persistence, I walked out of this roach motel alive! Only to walk into a Private Hospital where there are some real human beings!!!! Just to confirm that I was not dreaming or better yet having a night mare.

This so called USC medical center is a carnage, I walked out stunned and thankful I survived such unbelievable and indescribable spiritual war that after a few days while being out and about to children’s court with IV’s hanging from my arm, was approached by a mid-aged man to show me his vivid 6 to 8 inch open vertical incision in the middle of his stomach and told me he was thrown out of the Hospital I was not at all surprised, but rather subdued with a sense of defeat, I just pointed the way to his Inner God for guidance. And willingly He sat on the edge of the parking area At the hospital’s local gas station to meditate.
I just did not want to believe My Paternal Aunt when she clamored about how she gave a ride to my grandfather for a simple physical check up and never walked out, worse, nobody was allowed to be next to him while kept in the hospital until dead!
Sometimes the shock and anger of this type of injustice freezes you and blinds you to do anything like seek justice!!

Again, This misstep almost cost me my life and my son. However, I am thankful for this gift, that came through suffering some of what I just described, Or may not be the person that I am now and would have settled for being a mediocre parent.
Plus I have chosen to be different than what I just described, and as a result get a lot of flack for not being the way I used to be and join the lot.

What is the point of my story?
That once the world owns you it does not want to give you up!
and foremost, that the vitality of this country has been and is been drained by the very fact that too many outsiders have been empowered to misused this country’s assets and are allowed to freely spread their third world mentality and force their wrong spirit. especially those rescued from war infected zones and politically suppressed areas like Vietnam, Africa (Nigeria), India, and drug infested countries like Latin America, Etc..There are some rare exceptions. There were actually two angelic young Anglo ladies that for some reason showed up in pairs as though they were sent by God to help save me, and literally confirm my seen by being totally the contrast. Composed, with a smile, quiet displaying genuine interest in my being and attentive to few words I spoke. I could actually have a conversation with them. Their presence gave me courage and to continue to believe in this country. The others failed to see my attempt for what it was, a simple mother attempting to keep the birthing and recovery simple! Granted, I was in the wrong to begin with by going there without the father of my son, This is exactly what they the system breeds on. I also neglected to see and accept that their job is to create and sustain drama and to put thee people and this country to the test of freedom, because when a foreign spirit comes into this country, unaccustumed to this freedom It will test and do harm by weakening the moral and spirit of freedom.
~Being a victim is now a requirement for becoming fully inducted into the American culture!! This may also shed some light as to why Obama has been elected NOT by American Spirited people but by what has been allowed to take over in this COUNTRY, called AMERICA!!!

The British seem to have a great hold on immigrants, so much so that those stubborn to brake the law and criminals disguised in material richness and some degree of purchased education come to this country where they go unchecked. Free to push and influence their spirit upon those weak in principle and understanding of this country’s origin. True, everyone deserves a second chance but not without keeping check and some degree of remorse or repentance from the party seeking it.
I too was weak, and converting to the right spirit, which seems there are a lot less to influence you in the right direction, then the other. Yes, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack, NOT many understand enough to give solid direction.
Why are those most loyal, fair and righteous giving up this country. Why are we being influenced by foreign evil spirited people with such ease. Should NOT the opposite take place, instead. That true Americans ought to influence those seeking refuge, opportunities, etc.. in this country and be truely converted. That is the responsibility and duty of a true American to instill, educate and enforce the principles He/she knows and understands, or this country will not stand as the country of the free and the brave.
NOT to blame the foreign for acknowledging some good in the few real people of this country and for wanting to be part of it, then only to find themselves short of full and right direction and instead find them selves enslaved to the system of handouts!!!!! And helping to tilt the balance where men become women and women become men.

What is the bottom line? The immigration and welfare system does not work!!!
These are real experiences from living in a broken American society made up of immigrants that originally came here with enthusiasm to live a better life through hard work and instead somewhere along the line succumbed to the lazy life style and broken families with the aid of welfare.

MItchi Parent - January 31, 2013

We gave amnesty to illegal immigrants in the Reagan Administration. The problem is nothing was done afterwards to enforce our immigration laws. Other countries have very stringent laws regarding illegal entrance to their countries and I believe it is unfair to the people who come over legally to stay in the back of the line to allow people who break the law to receive amnesty. I like Rubio’s proposal and like the fact there are representatives on both sides of the aisle working on this important issue. I believe securing the borders (north and south) and enforcing our current also held with protecting our country against terriorism.

Denny Converse - January 31, 2013

His comments are a joke. His Attorney General (Eric Holder – another joke) won’t prosecute voter intiminators and people committing voter fraud, sells assualt weapons to the drug cartel, fails to protect our sovereign borders (border agents) and then asks for our support. Really!

Mark - January 31, 2013

The problem with Barack Hussein Obama is not that he is clueless, but that he doesn’t care for nor believe in the traditional American Constitution, nor the traditional American way of life!

Paul Wade - January 31, 2013

We don’t need anymore people to house and feed-we have so many that won’t work now. There is no way that we can stay on the “handout” path we are on and continue to exist as a Nation!! Maybe some of those people would work and contribute to society-that would be great!!

texashunter - January 31, 2013

ALL immigration needs to stop until our unemployment rate is 5% or lower. In addition ALL people now here illegally must leave if we are to remain a country of laws. Choosing which laws to ignore and which to obey means no law at all.

Gary Dirks - January 31, 2013

I do not agree with obama’s immigration plan. First, we must secure our open borders. Add troops to the borders to aid ICE. And build a secure fence like the Israel does. This is not only practical but it works! Both political parties have never had the guts to stem illegal immigration. Both are working against the interests of our future.

Toni Milstead - January 31, 2013

Obama is not a problem solver, so don’t expect that. You can always count on him to do the opposite of what he says he’s going to do. He got away with partying his first term so who knows what he’ll do this term. There are way too many people in this country not paying attention.

He was put in by the Left to bring this country to it’s knees which he is doing quite successfully. Of course, they picked an African American so they could silence opposition with the race card. I’m not sure he won a second term;there was so much voter fraud reported,

If people had read anything about Obama before the 2008 election they would have known how much disdain he has for this country. Between him, our educational system and Hollywood, our children and grandchildren are so brainwashed they don’t have a chance. Next it will be Hillary. She’s already getting support in the lame stream media.

We had it too good and became complacent and now this is what we have.

I’m glad I’m 58 and not 28…..

Edward Houk - January 31, 2013

No I do not agree with our leaders immigration policy if you are here illegaly you must be deported and come back in legal fashion plain and simple

Brian - January 31, 2013

We have arrived at an odd, peculiar state in our republic where our inability or unwillingness to enforce laws becomes a call for reform. This process of “reform” begets another spasm of legislation which adds another layer of un enforceable laws which another 10 years down the road will be declared indeed of reform.

chet - January 31, 2013

simply more posturing by the president to manipulate the US citizens into feeling comfortable with his lack of leadership; (i call it ‘smoke and mirrors’).

Wes - January 31, 2013

First, amnesty has been widely opposed because “they broke the law”. Amnesty would cause wide-spread disregard for the law of the land among our citizens and embolden more illegal immigration. A penalty for breaking the law is required of all law-abiding citizens and those who want to be citizens. However, it is time for a bipartisan correction of the ILLEGAL immigration mess and consequences caused by bipartisan government through in-action and blatant lack of enforcement of Immigration Law. Admit government failure to gain credibility with people. Explain the reform proposal to the American people and get them to buy into the solution because it affects everyone and is a real sore spot with most. Do something like the political debates. If you can’t sell it to 80% of the citizens, it isn’t good enough to force a course of action. Most people I know want this resolved but it must be fair and lawful. Most people want the division between Hispanic people and the rest of our people to be ended with a path to citizenship and assimilation which is fair to ALL. This is a real opportunity to govern correctly.

Anne - January 31, 2013

I frankly don’t believe anything can be accomplished regarding immigration policies, or anything else, until we have a leader who cares about our country.

Allen Dickson - January 31, 2013

1. Remove immigrants from the voting roles.
2. Give temporary status to employed immigrants. (Issue Green Card)
3. Issue “reverse passports” to remaining immigrants along with instructions in the proper use of visitor passport. These “visitor passports” will get them back home legally.

Ray Andrade - January 31, 2013

I don’t agree with anything the Pres. says! I’m an American of Mexican decent and we need to enforce the laws on immigration. My first choice for Pres. was Jim DeMint

Jeff Yetter - January 31, 2013

In that fetid swamp on the Potomacis exists the environment that nurtures the inverse group-think- “comprehensive” translates directly to “incomprehensible”.
Strip away the gobbleyde-speak-gook! Get back to the constitutional fundamentals! No illegal entry across our borders! Period!!

Sherry - January 31, 2013

Coming from a Sanctuary City I can tell you the claim of 11 million illegals is a bad joke, there are way more. Before we can have any real reform -we need to close the boarder. Only by closing the boarder can we accurately determine what we are REALLY dealing with and what it will take to fix it.

Sherry - January 31, 2013

I forgot to clarify by “the boarder” I mean the United States boarder -the whole thing.

Barry M - January 31, 2013

Immigration reform should include mandatory E-verify, an end to birthright citizenship, and an end to chain immigration. Also the legalized immigrants should not be a burden on taxpayers by being eligible for government aid such as welfare and obamacare.

Louis Bellera - January 31, 2013

I agree with the Heritage Foundations approach to immigration reform. I would add one other requirement, that is that no one entering this Country can vote for 12 years after they become legalized. This will ensure that the person becomes familiar with our way of life and our values before they vote as opposed to entering the Country directly into the Democratic Party machine.

George Fuller - January 31, 2013

The most important question about immigration is not even being asked:

What is the purpose of Immigration?

Immigration has been used historically to settle virgin lands which we eliminated long ago,

We have no need for immigration of any consequence other than perhaps a few special skills people.

We have the third largest population in the world next to India and China. Do you know the top two nationalities immigrating to the USA last year were Chinese and Indians! I’m sure they are coming here because their countries are so overpopulated.

Marlene Stubler - January 31, 2013

Of course Obama’s plan for immigration is terrible. Everything he does is terrible. If you read his books you will learn that he cares nothing for this country. Unless we all stand together and do something about this man right now, this country is doomed and so are the futures of all of us, including the children

Dan Gurta - January 31, 2013

We have had an immigration policy laws for a very long time and it now has a stalled back log of those seeking to legally enter the U.S. Maybe this needs to be looked into to see if it is operating as well as it should given the great pay benefits that those who operate it get and are not failing like so many other government programs. It is insulting to those hopeful immigrants who try to operate by the book to be at a disadvantage compared to those who sneak in by the back door.
Illegals should be given a choice to be deported, or if that is a problem for them, then they can choose to be sent to a secure rehabilitation camp where they can be provided work to pay for their care and an education of learning progress by doing and not by an undignified unbalanced hand-out. Their option would be kept open to be deported where they could then get in line with all the others applying for entry.
Misguided compassion is destructive and this is not charitable. And we are not to be intimidated by a reaction of a Behaviorally Regressive Attitudinal Trauma. BRAT for short. This is an annoyance in a child and reprehensible in an adult.

Holly Chapo - January 31, 2013

I do not agree with any of the president’s supposed solutions for our problems. They are not solutions but, rather, demands that he get his way, that everything conform to his radical agenda. He was not spouting rhetoric when he claimed he wants to transform America. That’s exactly what he wants to do. And we have to understand his actions through the prism of Saul Alinsky radicalism, the perception that America is a colonial power and a rigid leftist ideology.

Carol - January 31, 2013

Though I may be wrong, I haven’t heard anything relating to these proposed bills that deals with the (forgive me, I don’t know the name of the clause) law of coming across the border, having a baby, and automatically the child becomes a citizen. That can NOT stand and must be addressed in any legislation. Also, the legislation must be to-the-point and not so massive (or comprehensive, if you will) that it’s hard to understand or has the pork in it that other large bills have had.

Charles F Gotter - January 31, 2013

Answer this question for me please: Just what is so bad that we need immigration reform? Would we feel the same about illegal immigration if these 20+ million illegal folks were Russian, Iranian, Syrian, no! We are trying to find a way to con the public into accepting all Mexicans who wish to live here. This is about Mexicans, right! My last question would be: Why don’t these folks see a need to create a decent country like the USA? After all, its not the dirt here, its the people. We don’t seem to have a government that respects its own citizens!

Jim Reynolds - February 1, 2013

I believe that some politicians are so eager to provide a path to legalization based on the additional votes to be gained that they will accept any program regardless of whether it is workable. Any new legislation should include as one of the penalties for all who entered illegally, no right to vote for a period of 25 years.

Annette - February 1, 2013

My Italian grandparents had to abide by strict rules when they chose to come to this country many years ago. They even endured 12 years of separation because my grandfather chose to come ahead of his wife and 4 children in order to get a job and save enough to be able to afford to have them join him. First there were limits on the number of people allowed to emmigrate from each country, and there were waiting lists. Then when the family’s turn came, 2 of the children were observed to have “pink eye,” and were placed back to the bottom of the list. This so-called “comprehensive” immigration plan is a slap in the face to people like my grandparents who suffered to come to this country the legal way and became hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens!

Enforce our borders and do not give free passes to those who have come into our country illegally.

Armando Lopez - February 2, 2013

My dad came to the US back in the late 1940’s. He came here to work due to a federal law titled as “brazeros” or workers here provide more laborers for American businesses. Most of it was hard labor. He became an American citizen in his early 60’s before retiring. In essence, he paid his dues. We cannot allow anyone here illegally to be granted an easy pathway to citizenship. They must pay their dues- background check, pay a fine, learn English, and become a law-abiding citizen. Also, they must not be allowed to vote until they have passed such aforementioned process.

Kathleen3 - February 2, 2013

The very people who are wholly responsible for this invasion of millions of illegal aliens are the same now drafting legislation which will exonerate their past criminal behavior and that of the illegal aliens.

There is a fine line separating gross and willful dereliction of duty from treason and those in this administration and Congress have crossed that line, betraying out country and people in favor of LaRaza, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and unions.

Purge the country of illegal aliens, purge Congress of those who aid and abet them, and place a 5 year moratorium on all immigration until such time as our systems are completely revamped.

Eric Jones - February 3, 2013

We do not need immigration reform as we already have laws against illegal immigration. What’s the point in creating more laws that will be ignored by this administration and so called “sanctuary” cities? . Enforcing laws, such as e-verify, will deny jobs to illegals and will not only remove the desire to come here illegally, but force thousands, if not millions, to self deport. There is a deep animosity toward illegals aliens and providing amnesty, in any form, will just deepen these feelings and further separate this country

Dean Newman - February 3, 2013

Obama’s proposals do not solve the immigration problem and encourage further illegal actions. Enforced immigration law that allows only immigration that will strengthen the U.S. is much needed. Any amnesty arrangement broadcasts that we are willing to accept regular influx of illegals.

Terry T - February 3, 2013

All the talk about immigration reform seems to have nothing to do with changing our immigration laws and processes. It is about how we deal with those who have already illegally immigrated here – a totally different problem. Do our current immigration laws really need to be reformed or just followed?

Gifford - February 3, 2013

Illegal activities should never be REWARDED.

Mary Seitz - February 5, 2013

President Obama just wants more voters. We should not have to do anything about ILLEGAL immigration but enforce
the exiting LAWS. Ronald Reagan tried this. Let’s stop being afraid to do what is right. Seal the borders, give only guest worker permits, not path to citizenship, and interpret the 14th amendment for what it really means. The future of this once great nation depends on it!

Gail Godsey - February 8, 2013

Obama wants to be dictator and have as many people in the
US that are dependent, unproductive and ill-informed as is possible
so that he can continue his plans to destroy the United States of
America. May God have mercy on us.

DJ Murray - February 9, 2013

I really appreciate the commonsense approach of this
article. I believe we also must address the anchor baby

the brat - February 9, 2013

The illegal immiugrants are ILLEGAL and should NOT be
rewarded for BREAKING OUR LAWS!! If they truly want to become
citizens they must go back to their native country and come in thru
the front door – by our laws. If these lawbreakers are given
preferential treatment YOU would be PUNISHING those who are now
waiting legally to be admitted to our country. If my Daddy robbed
the Brinks truck and then gave me the money – do I have the right
to keep it? It was a gift to me. Well – if my Daddy brought me into
this country ILLEGALLY would I have the right to stay??? NO

the brat - February 9, 2013

We should NOT REWARD lawbreakers – and people who come here
from ANY other country – including all the Muslims taking over the
cities in MI and elsewhere – are breaking our laws. As for those
who have been here long enough to go thru our school systems – they
should have to pay for that education! I believe this is called

ed j Cipriano - February 15, 2013

we need a immigration program that will eliminate passing new immigration law every 25 years or so to legalize another group of the illegal immigrants( 10 to million or more for the benefit of a political party or to promote the continuing globalization of America.( or is that what we want to happen so everyone one in the world will depend on government except for the extremely rich ( The Globalists).WE need to control the flow of illegal immigrats,we already control the legal immigrats.We want immigrants that will not become a burden on society and asimulate into America to live a dream that many of our for fathers lived or had a chance to achive. The more we allow illagals into our country the more social servies they use without paying and the bigger the financial burden it puts on llegal Americans who work hard to make a better life for themselves and their families. Is that” FAIR”

John Giersdorf - February 18, 2013

I don’t know that the issue is ever properly framed. So we smooth out the bureaucratic immigration paperwork and snap! everything is all approved in a matter of weeks instead of years. What does that accomplish? Jose is still going number 99,003,345 on the list of 120 million people trying to immigrate, and our legal quota is around one million. Are we really talking about simply throwing the door wide open and letting tens of millions in per year? Or is this all a lot of sound and fury and nothing really is going to change (except for the amnesty)…

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