Fireworks explode over the National Mall as seen on July 4, 2017, in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images)

By Kay Coles James

This week, as Americans commemorate Independence Day and the creation of the most free, most prosperous nation on earth, we will inevitably hear from those who say there’s no reason to celebrate a country where not everyone gained their freedom or their equality in 1776. They will say that a nation stained with the evil of slavery, a nation that once refused women and blacks the right to vote or hold property, isn’t a nation worth lauding.

As a woman and as a black person who lived through segregation, I have experienced both the inequality and the opportunity of this nation. As a student of history and as someone who works with governments around the world, I know how women and minorities are treated in other societies compared to the United States. Because of these experiences, I want to tell you exactly why America is worth celebrating.

Despite their flawed nature as human beings, our Founders laid out principles for forming a nation based on humanity’s highest ideals. Nowhere else on earth had that ever been done before. Those founding principles have guided this nation and created a framework that allows society to recognize the error of its ways.

The fact is, we abolished slavery. We even fought a war over it. We ultimately recognized women’s and minorities’ right to vote, to own property, and to have the full and equal rights of any other citizen. We have endeavored through our laws and our actions to eradicate the unequal treatment and marginalization of fellow Americans because of their ethnicity, religion, politics, or other characteristics.

July 4, 1776 — and the principles that day epitomized — began the foundation for a nation that would right its own wrongs.

The unfortunate reality is that we had to grow into our principles. The Founders knew what we aspired to be, but the country wasn’t there yet and even today, we still have a ways to go. In fact, every Founder admitted in his writings that slavery contradicted the equality principle of the Declaration of Independence. They knew that it would be a journey for us to fully realize our ideals, but they set a course for achieving them, and every generation since has been working to advance them. That’s what has made America the unique and wonderful nation that it is.

I love America not only because we’ve grown to rectify many of our wrongs, but also because we’ve been an incredibly positive force for good. We’ve built a free and prosperous nation where anyone has the opportunity to thrive and live out their dreams. We’ve also shared that gift with the world, helping others to achieve the same.

Despite that success, we continue to hear from the “America is irreparably flawed” crowd that our freedom and free market system only bring opportunity to the wealthy and well connected. They claim that the system just makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.

The reality is exactly the opposite: Capitalism has done more to lift people out of poverty than any other economic system in history. Plain and simple, over the last 25 years, it has been free markets that have cut the global poverty rate by two thirds. In the United States, every segment of the population — including women, minorities, and even the lowest income earners — have seen their incomes rise and their opportunities grow.

Realizing that people around the world deserve the same blessings of freedom and prosperity that we have, Americans work through our government, non-profits, and private charities to spread these blessings to other countries. We’ve even helped others fight for their very freedom — from both world wars to peacekeeping missions around the world. Despite the leftists who call our nation imperialist, when we help other countries defeat tyrants or repel invaders, we don’t use the opportunity to conquer them and build an empire. Rather, we help them to rebuild and become self-sufficient.

These are all proofs of a nation reaching for its highest ideals.

While it took too long to correct many of America’s early injustices, and while we will always be a work in progress, our founding principles themselves created the framework that has allowed us to solve some of our biggest issues. While not perfect, we are a great force for good that works to bring freedom, prosperity, and that problem-solving ability to our own land and to others that want to replicate them. This is all part of what we are celebrating on Independence Day.

Alexis de Tocqueville said admiringly of America, “The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.” His words still ring true almost 200 years later.

So, on this Independence Day, I encourage you to join me in watching fireworks, eating hot dogs and apple pie, proudly celebrating America, and continuing to work toward the vision of the nation our Founders thought we could be.

Happy Independence Day!

This op-ed first appeared in The Washington Times on Monday, July 1, 2019.

What do you appreciate most about America?

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Matt - July 4, 2019

One word: liberty!

J Brown - July 4, 2019


John Dickie - July 4, 2019

Thank you for those great and encouraging words, Kay. They still exemplify to me – an emigrant from Scotland since 1968 – why we came to be a part of the greatest country and opportunity in the world. May God continue to bless the United states of America

Nancy Monts-Rayfield - July 4, 2019

Thanks be to all the Americans with their courageous and contagious spirit of, ‘I will do it!’.
Any 1 bad apple is countered by 1000 Americans who take risk to make life better for the rest of us.
God bless the USA.

Robert Dawkins - July 4, 2019

I love many things about this country. The most loved would be that I have freedom from government tyranny.

James - July 4, 2019

our Freedoms !

Gary Tegler - July 4, 2019

Thank You Kay!! Your op-ed is excellent advice and truth — God Bless You and God Bless America)))))) May He keep us Strong and Free!

Richard E. Nance - July 4, 2019

What I appreciate most about the USA?
The opportunity to pursue my goals without fear of persecution for the ideas and opinions that I hold and my expression of them.

James Meynard - July 4, 2019

This puts it all in perspective, Kay. Some how we should ask Megan Rapinoe and Colin Kapaernick to read it and understand that this truly is a great nation made up of flawed individuals.

Tony Trungadi - July 4, 2019

The Constitution, our Flag and Freedom!

Mary Evans - July 4, 2019

I appreciate Heritage Foundation and how we practice being Americans everyday!

Suzanne - July 4, 2019

That we can worship God and try our best to serve Him and people in the way that is good and productive for our country and citizens!

Larry Strohl - July 4, 2019

That commentaries like President James can be published so that we celebrate our 243rd birthday as Americans have. May the true meanings of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution continue to guide us as we determine our destiny.

Patrick J. Wren - July 4, 2019

Amen, Kay! Your comments echo my own published weekly in the Cottonwood Chronicle-Redneck Review. Am going to send you a copy! (Two Heritage already get them weekly.) Hey! Get Big Q Little q from Amazon! Full of hope! And God, please do bless U.S.A.!

Ralph Staples - July 4, 2019

America produces brave young men and women willing to fight and sustain the freedom we enjoy. No one wants to use military power in anger but when required, we have the resolve to use that power to fight and win. If there were no Sailors, Soldiers, Airman, Coast Guardsmen and Marines to do that, we would not exist.

James Vetrone - July 4, 2019

I am most grateful for our Founding Fathers and Revolutionary War Patriots that sacrificed everything for our Country! Then, having the wisdom to create our Constitutional Republic acknowledging OUR unalienable Rights as Citizens of the greatest nation ever created. WE MUST NOT REMOVE THEM FROM HISTORY!

James Paul - July 4, 2019


COL.. Robert Schloesser,PhD - July 4, 2019

Home of the brave who have made America the land of the free!

PHILIP MUIR - July 4, 2019

We have lived in several countries overseas. We have experienced government corruption, failed infrastructure, and failed safety and security systems. In America we enjoy daily safety, security, safe food and water supply, infrastructure and service systems that work, and no need to bribe officials to get needed services. We also enjoy freedom of religion, of the press, and of speech. These are a few things we thank God for about our country.

John Miller - July 4, 2019

Freedom — as defined in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights;
Separation of powers;
Private property rights,
Freedom of expression (speech),
The right to try and opportunity to fail.

Janet Kem - July 4, 2019

We are thankful that we can worship and teach our children God’s truth, from the Bible, we can own our own homes and choose our occupation. We can also contribute to charities of our choosing and serve our fellow men and women.

Phil & Immy Ferrara, Sr - July 4, 2019

We acknowledge, support, admire and are blessed to have Donald John Trump Sr as our POTUS, Mrs. Melanija Trump as our FLOTUS & Barron W. Trump as our First Son. Their sacrifices & achievements these last 4 years, and for the hopefully 6 years to come, along with those of our Servicemen & women as they daily work to protect our freedom and security, make this 4th of July particularly worth celebrating. God Bless America, God Bless The First Family, and GOD BLESS OUR MEN & WOMEN OF ALL SERVICES, AND OUR COURAGEOUS LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMUNITIES for MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN & KEEPING AMERICA GREAT in the future.

Kathleen Richardson - July 4, 2019

I appreciate our five basic freedoms of the First Amendment of our Constitution: speech, religion, press, assembly and petitioning the government. These are the first freedoms to go when a totalitarian government takes over. Every single day of my life I am grateful to be an American, able to express my beliefs and opinions without fear.

Bernard Hayden MD - July 4, 2019

The op-ed is excellent and we are indeed a work in progress. The greatest freedom we still enjoy is the right to bear arms. Without that particular freedom, the others could come to naught. We are already seeing large segments of our country disregarding the rule of law which we so cherish. I feel comforted knowing that if that leftist violence continues to spread and the “government” in that region opts to allow it, we as citizens have the opportunity to defend ourselves and stamp out the anarchy–much as our founding fathers did. There are the same ones who then wrote our beautiful Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Norma Toenjes - July 4, 2019

I am the granddaughter of immigrants – maternal in the mid-1800s and paternal in 1904. They worked hard and did not need “a hand out”; they learned English; they raises large families; they were not rich, but lived the American dream of living in freedom from religious oppression; they immigrated legally and became American citizens. My late husband served as an Air Force officer for 23 years. We had $400 between the two of us in 1964 and after almost 45 years of marriage (when he passed ), we had worked hard to prosper in America. We did not make a huge salary as a military family, but consistently were blessed and thankful for our Great Nation. Now, my grandchildren in college are being bombarded with liberal professors rhetoric! We have to stay strong and fight for the freedom we have lived our entire lives and to show our patriotism with no apologies!

God Bless America!

Tryphena - July 4, 2019

I appreciate the opportunity that we have to worship God freely and the chance to achieve with hard work the things I would never have been able to accomplish where I’m originally from.

Susan - July 4, 2019

The opportunity to improve, reinvent ourselves as a nation and as individuals!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Nigel Village - July 4, 2019

Love the USA ! Happy 4th July !

Glynnda White - July 4, 2019

American Model follows God’s model….we not only promote TRUE freedom we fight for it…even for those in other nations….following Christ is the same thing the experience of TRUE FREEDOM and the opportunity to promote it and fight for it in the spiritual sense while the US does it in the physical sense…

Judi - July 4, 2019

We appreciate, allow,. Accept,. Give attention to,. And are blessed with the God given/ endowed with choices. Freedom is not license which some call rights but no Given and received to enable us to work our own field of dreams. Thankful to be born Free even if some suppression or hardships exists still. The possibility to overcome is individually there for the taking. . not evident in other lands globally. I’m am thankful. America My land I love. Thanks

Clarence Ray Alcon - July 4, 2019

Religious freedom!

Teresa Collins - July 4, 2019

Free market capitalism and abundant opportunities to prosper. And, oh, freedom of religion!

Nancy AF Brizzee - July 4, 2019

That we as a nation (well most of us I hope) keep on keeping on. Not giving up or in to all the criticism! Forgiving, knowing that we as a nation or as individuals have a long road ahead in becoming really good at all the ideals we strive for!And… we have the freedom to keep on trying!

Jack Keightly - July 4, 2019

I am proud to be an American living in a great country that offers opportunities to anyone willing to dream and work hard. Freedom is not to be taken for granted, its priceless and many have died to preserve it. May God continue to bless our nation and may the people of God stand up and defend our Bill of Rights our Constitution and Our Declaration of Independence as our founding
fathers introduced this to our nation Thank God for their great
wisdom and hard work!!!
God Bless America

Mary A. Heale - July 4, 2019

I cherish what I believe is a fact: that each person on earth has intrinsic and special values. I am grateful to be living in the USA where those values can not only emerge but are encouraged and Constitutionally guaranteed.

Jacques VANDEN BORRE - July 4, 2019

For all what was said in the article above.

Kathy Misek - July 4, 2019

Well said! I wish your message could be shouted from the mountain tops!!!! We are not perfect, but we are excellent!!!!! God bless America!

James Alderman - July 4, 2019

Thank you so much for taking the time to construct such a thoughtful message that needs to be heard by all Americans during these divisive times and shared by patriots.

Joyce Busch - July 4, 2019

Now in our eighties, Larry and I are keenly aware of the advantages we have had living in America and have become more appreciative of the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and of the sacrifice others have made to make this country not only great but also safe.

Millie Kirschner - July 4, 2019

In the Declaration of Independence, our founders penned some of the most beautiful and important sentences in political history:
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
Many things have changed over the past 243 years, but we can be grateful that some of the foundational features of our nation are still true.
We will ignore the protesters who burn the American flag in a grotesque expression of free speech. Instead, we will turn to our favorite president, Ronald Reagan, who said:
Let us never forget that in honoring our flag, we honor the American men and women who have courageously fought and died for it over the last 200 years, patriots who set an ideal above any consideration of self. Our flag flies today because of their sacrifice.
Long may it continue to fly.
The two quotes above are not mine. One is Miss Coles the other I forget.
For me the Life issue is the most important to me for all pre born babies (without compromise) unto natural death.
Thanks Heritage Foundation for your good works.
God Bless all Americans and those trying to come legally. God have mercy on those being USED and do not know the difference. Sad

Rev Andrew Hird - July 4, 2019

I appreciate that we have president trump.

James D McKnight - July 4, 2019

A nation where we can first and foremost worship and fellowship with like minded people of faith without permission or persecution of any government group. My prayer is that it will always continue.

Dick & Ginny Walsman - July 4, 2019

You said it so well. How about placing some adds in major newspapers around the country showing your op-ed?

The only thing I would ad is in some way having voices from those who have found it true in thei circumstances.

Ross - July 4, 2019

I love America because it provides the oppertunity for its people to make choices and achieve their aspirations.God Bless America.

James Stumpf - July 4, 2019

Opportunity! Great op-ed. I am a retired USAF combat vet, 130 missions F-4. Farm boy, walked to 1 room grade school. High school awarded college scholarship. USAF via ROTC. My children enjoyed geography because of our change of base travels. Enjoy retirement with traveling and volunteer work. Able to recover from recent hurricane and marvel the way people in a free country help each other. USA, In God We Trust.

Pat Delaney - July 4, 2019

Our greatest strength is our diversity !!!! Different groups bring different talents, natural abilities that propel America forward in business, education and thinking !!!!
This strength is also what cause us to struggle…Right now, America is struggling to remember this basis fact. All views must be allowed to speak not. Right now efforts are being made to quiet Christians. I have seen this I my life time. Right now we must all allow America too be the messy congregation that we are. No group can be allowed to be silenced. Many countries have tried to silence some segments and have suffered tremendously for it…The squelching of thought is America’s most deadly sin of all that we are still working on…May GOD continue to bless America!!!!

James Daugherty - July 4, 2019

All the Freedoms we all enjoy and the
silent Patriots that see that we keep them.
Thanks be to GOD for those creations!

Meri Russell - July 4, 2019

I appreciate that God founded our country and we still have freedom to worship him. Like it or not our constitution was founded on Christian principles and I appreciate the people today that still uphold those ideas.

Lou Shaup - July 4, 2019

The freedoms we Americans have. We are a noble nation that has done much to help others. We are a giving nation.
Being a Vietnam Veteran, every day I pause to honor the names of my 16 buddies that are on the Wall that were KIA. They stay forever young. Their sacrifice will not be forgotten.
Happy Birthday America.

Delilah Cox Samples - July 4, 2019

I appreciate most FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the right to worship JESUS CHRIST.

omole - July 4, 2019

FREEDOM, that’s even for the ignorant protesters that are trying to take ours away!

Linda - July 4, 2019

I appreciate all the opportunities that we have because of all those who came before us to help mold our wonderful country!

F.V. - July 4, 2019

I appreciate we have a chance to defeat all future evils under God and under the flag of the United States of America.

Larry Young - July 4, 2019

Thank you Kay, well written. We appreciate Heritage Foundation and our country’s heritage. This nation was founded on the guiding principles of God our creator. It is only through Him that our country will sustain itself as a great nation and guiding light in the world. In the name of Jesus… “now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”.

Naomi Dean - July 4, 2019

Freedom to:
Read my Bible, pray, meet with others,
Work to make a living,
To be myself
all the good organizations that work for the good of America.
God bless you and your work.

Ross Schriftman - July 4, 2019

I most appreciate the right to speak my mind and share ideas with others. I am concerned that we are now being told that, if we do so we would hurt someone else’s feelings. Shutting down debate is not what our nation was founded on. I cherish civil discourse and will continue to exercise my 1st amendment right AND responsibility as a citizen to express my views.

Paul H. Dunn - July 4, 2019

America is the greatest country on the planet. The proof is that so many people want to break INTO our country. That does not seem to happen anyplace else. I am so sick of some current politicians saying our bad our country is. Every single woman on the demo stage should know what would happen to her in any Middle Eastern country.
GOD Bless America, and thank GOD I was born here.

ROGER A DESHETLER - July 4, 2019

Wonderful and very appropriate article Kay.
I make no apologies for being an American.

MiltonHumphreys - July 4, 2019

At this time,I review the Halifax Resolves, Supported by my Mother’s side of the family who settled in Halifax County, in the 1700’S. I rightly inherited a desire to fight for our Freedoms and Religious Liberty which I did in WWII

Salli McDonald - July 4, 2019

I am so thankful that we have freedom of religion, education and the opportunity to become better. We can pursue our rights so long as we don’t infringe upon others.

Arlene Shako - July 4, 2019

Our freedom to worship Jesus and to express our thoughts.I fly our flag daily on my home and car.
I cherish our ideals and values .
I am grateful for Pres, Trump and for your \
Heritage organization.
God bless. !! Arlene

Caroline Woodis - July 4, 2019

I appreciate that the Founding Fathers set up a free nation, recognizing that our freedoms come from God, and, therefore, cannot be taken away by man. And I appreciate that The Heritage Foundation fights for those rights that some are trying to limit or remove all together. Thank you.

Kevin O’Donnell - July 4, 2019

I appreciate our freedoms and unalienable rights afforded us by our U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence. We have the freedom to create our own destiny in a nation bound by rules of law.

Jack Harbaugh - July 4, 2019

What I appreciate most is that in spite of man’s bent toward depravity, our founders gave creedence to a mighty God who gave us inalienable rights which were never to be, nor could they be, taken from us as long as we worked within the framework of our constitution.
As long as that foundation remains, this nation will be a blessing to the world at large. This nation is not perfect and has made its share of mistakes as we all do individually, but so far has worked to correct them. The work continues.

Mona - July 4, 2019

I am grateful for the genuine American heroes who promote protection, hope, strength, and peace. May God bless these brave men and women and the USA.

Darrell Foell - July 4, 2019

FREEDOM! Freedom to learn, to adapt and to live. Without freedom we can never achieve our dreams or to help others to achieve their own desires.

Ken Delfeld - July 4, 2019

I appreciate Kay James

John Koon - July 4, 2019

We are a country with many who strongly uphold our traditional values.

Also a land of opportunities.

Hope - July 4, 2019

Liberty and freedom religion. There is simply no place on earth where these two important values are upheld and cherished. That’s is why we cannot remain silent when these foundational principles are under attack.

Eldon Archer - July 4, 2019

What a wonderful country that can have many organizations like The Heritage Foundation dedicated to continuing making America the greatest nation on the planet.

Patricia M Pfeiffer - July 4, 2019

To gather together, in freedom, to worship and celebrate God and the country we love.

Jay Goudey - July 4, 2019

The ability to fail without being labeled as a failure. The Constitution.

Alan Feuerwerker - July 4, 2019

I appreciate people like you, Kay, who lead us to right principles and values and answer those who have been misguided and uninformed. Under your leadership, and the leadership of President Trump, we will continue to fight for the right.

Dee - July 4, 2019

I appreciate being able to retire, to have a voice on things, to vote, to enjoy my surroundings w/o fear on invasion. to worship as I choose. To enjoy our country. Kay, you said it all, thank you. In capitalism; if you work hard, study hard; you can do almost anything you want to do, even become President.

Judy Hughes - July 4, 2019

In today’s culture, the words of the Pledge of Allegiance often fall on closed minds and deaf ears, its message still rings true: “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” There is no other earthly nation that has acknowledged its position submissive to the Sovereign God. Even on our currency, the foundational truth, “In God we trust” represents the heart of our Founders. They unified around these truths for the sake of this nation and it’s people. How amazing is that! What a legacy! Let’s not lose it.


every day we thank God for organizations like you that help us keep the truth out there for us all to share in God bless you and all of USA
We all are winners when we read the truth and try to live life as a good citizen.

John Engelhart - July 4, 2019

I love AMERICA because a person like Kay Cole James can rise to the top withe her great leadership and excellent writeings.

David B Goedde - July 4, 2019

“We are endowed by our Creator….” The recognition of rights given by God, and that all authority comes from God.

Beverly - July 4, 2019

America is the only country in the world where you can you can improve your position in life.

Charles S. Wertalik, CDR, USNR (Ret.) - July 4, 2019

What I appreciate most about America are the huge numbers of military veterans who made the supreme sacrifice of their lives to ensure that the rest of us can live in freedom and have the opportunity to say what they want about this country – even if it’s derogatory. Even though I’m reviled and sad that those persons choose to say such terrible things, I can’t help but wonder if they stop to consider how many gave their lives to make it possible for them to do just that.

Leonard - July 4, 2019

Freedom for all through all the amendments to the constitution.

Kathy Griggs - July 4, 2019

Thank you Lord God , Jesus Christ, Holy Spririt
Thank you Kay Cole James for your wonderful 4th of july words!
Thank you all who have shared through this avenue all your wonderful words for God, our country, and for freedom! I am so thamkful that God has raised up Heritage and placed wonderful God Fearing people into this organization. It lets me know God is still at work in this wonderful USA .
Thank you to all the patriots past and present for your work and lives to keep America Free and go to the aid of other countries that need help to fight off the Evil ! God Bless America .

JP Miller - July 4, 2019

I appreciate most the realization of our Founders and of most Americans today that individuals have the opportunity and freedom to make of themselves what they will and that government will not be a force that limits those possibilities. To those who struggle to make a decent life for themselves or who do not have the capabilities to do so, our Founders believed that civil society: family, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens should and can only be the bulwark that sustains them. Never forget, as our Founders so clearly understood, that government is the legitimized use of force and such power must be used as sparingly as possible.

Keep up the good fight to help others understand what makes America great: it’s the beliefs and behaviors of its citizens. May we forever be the model for others to follow! I’ve worked in countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia and almost all I meet envy what we have, most in a positive way. Let us work hard to continue to earn their understanding and respect for who we are and what we show others is possible.

George - July 4, 2019

I delight in the words of Kay C James and how she represents through her personal history and humanity a lesson for all peoples. It is unfortunate that much of the media postures their messaging in a manner that denies the American dream to many. God bless America!!

Patricia Ewers - July 4, 2019

The sensation of freedom – go where I want to, do what I want to, worship as I want to, join organizations that I want to participate in, and be friends with anyone, regardless of religion, income status, political stands, etc.

Berta Adams - July 4, 2019

I appreciate our fundamental ( based on our expressed founding principles) encouragement to become our “ Best Selves”…

THOMAS D BOUNDS - July 4, 2019

I appreciate that an Organization such as Heritage Foundation can peacefully stand against a vast Leftwing Organization and Conspiracy that is intent upon destroying the Constitution & Founding Principles of our Nation, founded upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ and The Wisdom of Our Creators Word and History from the Creation Story of Genesis and of Mankind since the beginning, applying the strengths and correcting as many of the abuses of subsequent Western Nations that sought wealth through Empires and finally giving in to some liberty and rights of the subjects of such rulers.
Opponents to Our Freedoms and Inalienable Rights from Our Creator & Not any Government continue to attempt to deny Our Creator exist and to forbid His Name & Our Prayers from Our Schools and Public Squares; Use Race as a Political Weapon rather than confess and teach real history that “Progressive Movements” such as theirs attempted to force their views on states and citizens before their time, in the midst of a Great Industrial Revolution that would have made Slavery Obsolete as it was becoming in England and Europe already. And when the States followed the spirit & words of The Declaration of Independence, which we celebrate on This Day, and left the Union to form their own, were attacked on President Lincoln’s Orders by reinforcing and resupplying Fort Sumter in Charleston’s Harbor, setting off the first shots of the War Between the States or Civil War; that the cause was not Slavery, but a Struggle between the Elites of the Industrial North and the Elites of the Agricultural South, much as happened in Europe previously as a New Wave of Economic Power swept in. Now they use “Political Correctness” to prevent ‘Freedom of Speech’ of those who would oppose them today in our Schools and Universities and public debate.
Their Cause and Conspiracy has been joined and supported by most of our News and Entertainment Media as well as by most of our Academic Professions and Social Networks to continue the Farce of their interest in supporting Minorities and Economically Depressed, etc. They only seek to Enslave them through dependence upon their Political Payments from the Public Tax Payer Treasury, which destroys Democracy. They depend upon huge Propaganda forces to accomplish this as TRUTH, and especially God’s Truth is their Greatest Enemy.
God created Governments for Man’s Benefit and Protection. However Evil Man always seeks POWER by attempting to enslave others to his MISUSE. This has been true throughout the history of Man. While God’s Word tells us in Romans Chapter 13:1-7 that “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. “ Evil always seeks to attack God’s Word wherever it sees opportunity to Mislead, Divide, and pit Man against Man and especially against God. Today’s Leftist, Progressive Radicals follow a guide, ‘Rules for Radicals’, written by Saul David Alinsky and dedicated to ‘Lucifer’ or Satan, The Devil. Alinsky research God’s Word to find every trick and strategy Satan used to successfully mislead Man against God, to create this work.
I am disappointed in Heritage Foundation for not calling these Facts to Our Attention and correcting the History and Political and Religious Reality that is being taught our Younger Generations by a Corrupt Education System and Community, which these Forces for Evil depend upon to survive. When such forces are exposed to truth on a continuous basis, they are defeated – Nazi & Communist Forces for example, always remove God from the People and subject them to their forced Propaganda and ‘Re-Education’ to insure subservience. Not unlike the “Progressive Forces” in America today, including the massive Conspiracy we are living through since 2016.

Craig E Ater - July 4, 2019

I believe as a American we have been given more freedom than any other country.But I also believe we should fallow it with GODLY wisdom for as it say’s in GODS word Unless the Lord builds the house,They labor in vain who build it. Psalms 127 1NKJV

Herbert A. Smith Jr. - July 4, 2019

Living in this country for 82 YEARS

Daryl Doane - July 4, 2019

Thank you to Kay Coles James and to the Heritage foundation for the constant, ever present benefit for good that is presented by them daily

Sharon Anne Rhoads - July 4, 2019

So thankful for being able to grow up here and raise my family and begin a business of our own and especially being able to worship Almighty God freely.

Judy Doyle - July 4, 2019

I am proud to be an American citizen. We are blessed to have our freedoms. I am truly concerned about the state of our Federal government and pray daily that those in power stand up for American citizens and come together to resolve so many issues. God bless America, the land that I L💗VE.

Keith Graham - July 4, 2019

One should go to UTube and listen to Red Skelton recite and explain the pledge of allegiance .

Jim Fizzell - July 4, 2019

God Bless you Kay James, and may God continue to Bless The United States of America, the greatest nation ever.

And may the powers of the true patriots continue to fight for and preserve the nation our forefathers created and bled for.

And especially, may God Bless the Heritage Foundation for its tremendous work to do just that.

Mike Early - July 4, 2019

How can we celebrate Independence Day without grieving the lives of children killed in their mother’s womb as a “non-person”, and therefore, ARE ROUTINELY DEPRIVED “of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. . .” AND DENIED “equal protection of the law”?

Robert L. Tedoldi - July 4, 2019

The opportunity to be able to be successful according to my efforts, to be able to choose those that I want to govern us and the freedom to practice any religion of my choice.
God bless our country.

John Jay Hughes - July 4, 2019

That it still is, what it has been since the first settler arrived on our shores: the Land of Opportunity.

Regina Grubbs - July 4, 2019

I appreciate all those who gave their all including their lives for us to be free.Free to worship, speak, prosper and to protect ourselves from attack. Opened their arms t to legal immigrants providing them these freedoms..That we are a country founded on God given principles of truth, respect, order, and brotherly love.

Scott Craig - July 4, 2019

The framework our Founders provided to ensure the freedoms of each individual was and is the key to our greatest. But we must all understand like our forefathers that only a morale people which recognize God as the source of our freedom and prosperity will survive the test of time. God bless America.

Eugene Maynard - July 4, 2019

I speak as a veteran of the Armed Forces who experienced a career of over 20 years before entering civilian life. I think the most wonderful spirt of this nation lies in the grit and drive of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. Without this spirit this nation would have gone under the brutal boot of those tyrants and dictators who have come to life over the previous decades. Hooray for that spirit and may it endeavor to be present always. God Bless these United States!

David A. Fogal - July 4, 2019

Thankful for the freedom of speech and freedom of religion that we still have For those who paid the ultimate sacrifice on battle fields throughout the world ,throughout the decades for our country . Thankful for our President for all he’s done and still accomplishing despite the odds.

Marilynn Musser - July 4, 2019

The liberty we have to secede and to fail if we need a lesson. I love it’s diversity as well as our ability to heal ourselves and to help others to do the same. The difficult lessons are where we learn the most. If one fails this country still gives us the opportunity to mend and still move forward. We can fix our faults but they do require time. And naysayers don’t want to award the time. Thanks America. We will remain strong.

steve morrow - July 4, 2019

the freedom to do as I choose

Josef Zangerle - July 4, 2019

Hi there –
my name is JZ and i moved here in 1976 from germany after i got my green card
( still active today) . i love this country, retired on my own money in 1998- now 69 and do not understand the left’s misbehavings, so sad, so sad-
love TRUMP

David LaVergne - July 4, 2019

America is the greatest force in the world for freedom and equaility. We take it very seriously, as any country should. My wife and I have visited many countries but none compare to our way of life. Unlike many places, this country has not been invaded since 1812. We appreciate our military and their heroic sacrifices for this land. There has been only one man on this Earth that didn’t need to ask forgiveness for past transgressions and this country is no exception. For anyone that has not sinned cast the first stone. We appreciate the spacious sky, the amber waves of grain, the purple mountains majesty above the fruited plain, May GOD’S amassing grace stay with this country and its people. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!

Chris - July 4, 2019

I am thankful that in America, we have the freedom to recognize our dreams and the opportunities to make them come true. Thankful for God blessing us, for our soldiers, policemen and firefighters protecting us!

Sharon Smith - July 4, 2019

I appreciate my FREEDOM – a freedom bought and paid for with sweat, blood and tears! May God bless our Military personnel and first responders!

Pat Ellis - July 4, 2019

I worked in the college dining hall as a server and delivered the local newspaper to help pay for my education; I worked all my life and became a college professor. No wonder people from other nations want to come here!!! America is a land of the free where their is free enterprise and individual liberties. We ARE the best nation in the world!!!

Gay Witbeck - July 4, 2019

Wow! What a way to begin the 4th of July, 2019! Ms. Cole, THANK YOU for your wonderful written message…thank you for sharing your thoughts, your LIFE, your vision with us. And all to other comments in this email…how encouraging!/ I am a 2nd generation American…my people came on sailing ships to get here, and have done everything they could to make the true America what it is today; we have fought in the wars, leaving one of our own in an unmarked grave on foreign soil….I know this is too long, but I thank you for the opportunity to share it. God BLESS you, and all those who work closely with you. Gay Johnson Witbeck

p hebert - July 4, 2019

I am grateful that I can get up each day without fear, and praise God!

Tom - July 4, 2019

Freedom to worship, to say, and do what I choose within not keeping other the same right. As for me, I will worship the LORD!

San Beachy - July 4, 2019

I appreciate most the Judeo-Christian principles upon which this nation was founded. My heart grieves when I see how those ideals and principles are being attacked today. Thank you Kay for these words and your strong leadership of The Heritage Foundation.

LaRena Davis, OR #1 Cheerleader - July 4, 2019

Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech. example: Brian Kilmeade of Fox, finished his program with an arrow of Truth: It would be good if we all would remember there was only one who was perfect and they nailed Him to a tree.

Lynn Taylor - July 4, 2019

Our freedom and our ability to right wrongs when realized. Capitalism as a way for all to prosper and continue to keep America a great nation that I’m round to be a citizen of!
God Bless America!

Allen Lovekin - July 4, 2019

My favorite thing about America.. is our freedom. No secret police come to my hpme or church.

Joni Dunn - July 4, 2019

I was blessed by God to be born in America! I am free to work hard and succeed and thus, do with my earnings anything I want—-buy, travel, help others less fortunate! I am blessed!

Bonnie Hudgens - July 4, 2019

I love the freedom to worship the Lord Jesus Christ! We will have to work harder to keep those rights. May God be with us!

Tom Colangelo - July 4, 2019

Thank you Kay for ever so elegantly stating feelings of the Heritage Foundation family. Best wishes this Independence Day.

OLGA V FINCHER - July 4, 2019


TIMOTHY R DARNELL - July 4, 2019

Thanks Kay for your perspective of the Founders and this nation’s ability to right its wrongs, grow, change, and welcome new ideas and people from all over the world. We’ve never been the aggressor and have reached far beyond helping other nations attain similar ideals and hope. Happy Independence Day!

Richard Ferraro - July 4, 2019

I thank God this is a country under the rule of law. No one should be above the law and there should not be a law for the well-connected and a law for the rest of us.
I pray the largest abuse of power in our history, yet the one unknown through media indifference willl be exposed. I look for indictments. The ship of state must be righted through the law.

Bob - July 4, 2019

Religious freedom

J Nat Prince - July 4, 2019

The Freedom’s : Religious , Speech, Self determination, vote your convictions, self protection (own Gun(s) advocate for smaller Government and the American dream that anyone with a desire can succeed. In all this we must love our neighbor for it to be successful.

Cathy Gilbert - July 4, 2019

Thank you Heritage! My greatest joy is to worship my Lord Jesus Christ openly and without fear. His blessings go out to all the brave souls who have kept our freedom alive.

David Gschwend - July 4, 2019

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the greatness of the United States of America.
As a barefoot country boy farmer’s son, I joined the US Navy 62 years ago, served 35 years continuous active duty, rose through the ranks from E-1 to 05. Sacrifice is a way of life for military people who serve for the good of God and Country. I have been blessed .

Carol Hendricks - July 4, 2019

What i like about America from noting to something u can be what you want to be you can take your dreams to the highest freedom!

William A Huber - July 4, 2019

I prize our religious freedom to worship God according to the dictates of our own conscience and support all people to do so likewise, or hold to their own particular world view without imposing it on me. May God bless America!! May God watch over all those seeking to protect our land and the precious gift of life and the right He’s given us to choose how we may live it.

Bruce - July 4, 2019

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. “

Terry Bauer - July 4, 2019

Our freedom is the most precious gift given to us by our Constitution that has been selflessly defended by many who have lost their lives to keep us free. “We the People” have a duty to never forget and to respect the patriots who have made all this possible. When we “take a knee” it should be to give thanks in prayer to Christ and the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us all.

John Walko - July 4, 2019

Freedom to choose my way through life.

Dianne N. Thodos - July 4, 2019

Only in this blessed America are its citizens rendered the precious right to worship our Lord freely in any chosen denomination……
Fort Worth, Texas

Lee Horner - July 4, 2019

In spite of some faults America is still the greatest nation on earth. We are a strong Republic and we should never give in to the radicals who want to tear us apart. I am a Korean Veteran and I was proud to serve our country. And, I always stand for the flag a proud symboling; of our country.

Frank J. Raymond - July 4, 2019

The freedom to worship our living, loving, eternal God Almighty!

John Domalski - July 4, 2019

Great op-ed. That America’s system of government has been able to correct our problems and shortcomings is a profound statement. The greatest blessing of America is freedom of religion…not just on Sundays for an hour or two, but every day of our lives. It will take effort to keep it this way.

Donald B. Jeakins - July 4, 2019


Ann Bakkensen - July 4, 2019

My dad is MIA from the Korean War. I appreciate him and all others who were willing to risk their all in support of our country and its ideals. The fact that so many are trying to enter our country both legally and illegally is a testament to the appeal of our American way of life.

June H Gladding - July 4, 2019

God bless you, Ms James. Thank you for seeing the goodness in our beloved country.

Brad Omick - July 4, 2019

What a wonderful country we live in Freedom of speech,.religion and choices even in politics.

Sinclair B. Doggett - July 4, 2019

The freedom of speech, to travel anywhere, to own my own property, to replace leaders with my vote and most of all be able to choose whatever religion I want!

Sandy Spatta - July 4, 2019

We have the right to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We have more freedom then any other country in the world. We accept anyone to become an American who will follow our Constitution!!! God bless America!!

Juanita Huber - July 4, 2019

An important thing about making mistakes is to what extent we learn from them. America has flaws because it is comprised of imperfect people. However, in learning from our past, we have the potential for becoming stronger…We abolished the evil practice of slavery…We extended the privilege of voting rights to all eligible citizens, thus acknowledging that everyone has the ability to think critically and analytically…We have reached out to other nations with assistance in rising from the ruins of war, disease, or natural disasters…America is a work in progress, whose strength can be measured in what we have learned from our mistakes as opposed to repeating them.

John Smeed - July 4, 2019

LEST WE FORGET – As an Australian who lived through the Second World War, I am eternally grateful to America for saving the Western World from Axis domination – Nazi, Japanese and later Communism.- God Bless America

Dale Lipp - July 4, 2019

Have studied our country’s history the last few years and am proud to be an American. I’m thankful for the God given talents our forefathers were blessed with to create a new country that provides for the freedom we all enjoy. It is ironic and such a paradox that the very freedom given to voice one’s opinion, as noted in the constitution, is in fact what some are objecting to. They couldn’t object without the freedom to do so! I wonder at times, if those who are so against this country, would stop and do their home work/study, realizing what was created over 200 years ago and how it impacts the world and themselves for the freedom they do enjoy..
I’m continuously amazed at the vision our forefathers were blessed with to create this country so different then any other country on earth. I’m blessed every day for the freedom I enjoy.
Have Fourth of July!!!

Fred Kady - July 4, 2019

I am always thankful for people such as Kay who tell it like it is!!!

Marianne Pearce - July 4, 2019

I love this land, because it is one place in the world where I can be all I really wat to be. I can worship my God without being told I cannot! At least, so far. I love our President and the fact he came as a breath of fresh air to turn us away from the cliff. I love America’s peaches and watermelon, and I love that Kay Cole James is leading The Heritage Foundation! Good job, Kay!

Satya N. Narra - July 4, 2019

Dear Ms. Kay C. James!

Thank you for your e-mail; I consider it a privilege. Wish you a very Happy Independence Day. I fully agree with the THF op-ed info.

I write this letter to you with great pride of being the resident of this great nation. In spite of living here for over 50 years, my understanding is not perfect. However, I feel, in these days, it is important to express my views so that the people do not misunderstand intent of my presence. I also would like to be a part of the ” immigration” solution.

The beauty of the Philosophy of the Declaration of Independence with its theological lucidity, became the beacon of the modern civilization, all over the World. The founding fathers commited treason in the eyes of the British Crown and risked their lives to bring forth their vision of Liberty to their fellowmen and the World. They established the wisest and the most comprehensive Constitution of the United States of America with the vision of securing the rights of Liberty and Justice for all.

The sacrifices and bravery of the Founding Fathers is hardly ever talked about. Since then, countless number of dedicated brave men and women sacrificed their lives, their liberties, and their beloved families, to preserve the dreams of liberty and justice, both here and abroad. The Vision of the Constitution is to establish a government strong enough to secure those rights as well as keep the People together in their diverse points of view in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. Inspite of bitter divisions between political parties, in policy making, and execution, The United States of America endured and evolved into the most moden society in the world. Still very serious disagreements exist regarding foreign policy, immigration, individual freedom, government spending and free enterprise.

I believe that I must do my part of sacrifices and endure to be eligible for that great dream of liberty and happiness. As an immigrant,I should express my views about current hot topic “immigration”. Taken the fact that the Founding Fathers were immigrants to this land, the nation was built with a large numbers of immigrants, it is obvious that continuing that same trend is good for the economy and the people’s prosperity. However, the world view of trade and the influence of US in promoting Liberty abroad and controlling terrorism, has gone through a range of modifications since the establishmemnt of original United Nations, in which US played a very significant leading role in it’s establishment and sustainance. Modern technology has promoted nations all over the world to make signifcant strides in economy, security and self-governance, including the gigantic progress by some nations, as well as notable radical transformations of a few others. The 21st century global trade competetions and dominance, backed by strong desire for self governance and self sufficiency, among the nations, US is forced to take a more conservative approach to its governance, self sufficiency, prosperity, and promotion of liberty abroad, and foreign policy in general; this situation also required controlling the massive illegal immigration, at least for now, from the southern border. To conserve the resourses needed to pass comprehensive immigration legislation, it seems very reasonable to stop illegal immigration with every means humanely possible, including building a permanent wall backed by strong border surveilleance and security, as well as putting restraints on all illegal immigrant activity and deportation when necessary. Once in full control, leniency in immigration can be resumed, for the benefit of the people.

In the face of this strong stand and humanitarian aspects, assimilation of illegal immigrants already in the US, is to be done without physical force, coersion or servitude, to avoid future regrets or backlash. Particularly, I am concerned about very trained, skilled ( technically or othervise-some even with advanced degrees) prople, who migrated to the US, with lot of cash and financial backing to build their own trade to live well. Some of these people turned out to be my own kith and kin, including my own immediate family, who did not know that what they were doing was illegal and that their trade could be illegal also. I was out of contact with my family for over 30 years; and out of touch with their culture for more than 40 years and my views are more and more aligned with american thinking in principle and philosophy. Even though I was very productive for over 50 years in US, and converted to christianity, I never was a culture freak(still in grade school) and so experienced difficulties in assimilation not knowing what was expected of me by the socity I lived in; I expected my bosses and girlfriends to educate me, with no avail, not knowing that they have their own limits of culture and self respect. The result of my cultural ignorance contributed to my being abused on several occasions, by the citzens in communities, for which I take full resposibility. Obviously my assimilation into American society in general was ineffective and to this day incomplete. Only recently, after living the past 17 years alone, and had the opportunity to introspect the situation, I started coming out of my psychological self suppression, and am at the point of writting this letter.

Why am I writing this letter: to prevent a similar situation arizing in the case of my illegal aliens. Partly putting two and two together with some intuition, I believe the following is the current situation. They really did not understand this country’s values and philosophy as I did. They thought they were building a trade by helping the local people and was emboldened by the members of the local community that they got in touch with and lived in. With the support and encouragement of the community, they built their business, but was ignorant of the fact that it was illegal and the citizens never told them as they were motivated by their prosperity they experiened because of these illegal aliens belonging to a egotistic privileged caste. They came into the country with my name and settled in Savannah, GA before they found out that I lived in Greenville, SC. Their goal was to make me the figure head of the business so they can play politics with OPM. They made several trips to Greenville, tried to get me hooked to young women and somehow make me commit a crime so that they can claim that I am one of the family, not knowing that I changed significantly in the 50+ years that I lived here and that I don’t think as they do nor crave for the pompus life style they live with illegally earned money. They pulled all kinds of tricks they learned in South Africa and used, camaflauge, computer and internet hacking, use and abuse of older men, including newly invented biological and behavioural techniques( couple of them have Ph.D’s along with medical professionals that they colluded with in remote controle and programming of brain waves when people are asleep). Their visits were always sudden, uninformed, unidentified and ellusive as they appeared and disappeared so fast, I could not immediately identify them. After going home, I always mulled over the scenes I was in and concluded that they were members of my immediate and extended family, but I could not go back and investigate without looking stupid and spacy.
They never sent me photographs of them or a letter explaining what was happening and so I was helpless in practical sense to help them. It appeared that their business policies evoled from a 1000 year old Indian Dynasty. They lent money to people to be part of their lucretive business and when any one kept money for themselves or disobeyed their rules, they punished them using tasers and lasers directed through the internet( perhaps a special intra net or international net that was desighned for people in the business)so no one can detect them. In their desparation, they used those weapons on me over a period of 2 years continuously and then another year intrermittantly, damaging my skeletal muscles severely and damaging my cardiac muscle and arteris as well as my cortex and memory recall. Fortunately, as I kept my patience ( I live by faith) , I was healed slowly over a period of 1 year; of course I may never regain my vitality fully( I surrendered to God’s Will).

The past is past and I can not gain anything positive by dwelling on the negative past. God made all humans and no one is perfect; we all make mistakes. In this case damages were incurred by the members of the society, who can not talk about it because they took their money and self pride of being a citizen came in the way. When the business took a beating, they started abusing them here in Greenville county. A few of my immediate family members were killed; they probably were selling the body parts too. When an illegal alien is not bound by legal system; who will represent them and who will pay for the process of apprehending and prosecuting. The county must have looked the other way and/or bribed just as they have done with some local businesses where they hid themselves. I can not prove any of this; but I am willing to do what it takes to help them become legal residents of this country. If i take the initiative to find out or comminicate, who will talk to me; they all took their money.

This is where I am seeking your help to be able to communicate with them; there is danger involved but the Spirit will guide my steps and filter my words, as it has many times in my life. I started donating political entities(NRSC, NRCC, GOP, TMAGAC, THF, HC, JW, ACLJ Etc.) in a small way( with only SS income) hoping that something might fall in place. Any money generated illegally with my name or audio/video set, on the internet or intra net or international net or local network, can be used to accomplish this assimilation; you and other entities have my full apprioval and cooperation.

I like to know if anything like that can be done and how you view my thinking. Thank you very much for your time and attention to this matter.

Gratefully and Humbly,

Satya N. Narra.

Roger Edwards - July 4, 2019

I love our freedom to fly and sky dive and do other things that are greaty restricted or banned in other countries. I feel very lucky to have been born and live here. Just ask all the people from other countries why they risk their lives to move here. GOD BLESS THE USA

Rita McGauvran - July 4, 2019

Our Bill of Rights

Wesley Umeda - July 4, 2019

The Heritage Foundation made a wise choice in selecting Ms. James as its president. I hope she leads the Heritage Foundation for a long time.

Charles McCoy - July 4, 2019

Freedom, and freedom of speech & the wonderful system that we have had; thank you for your commentary!

Bill Rogers - July 4, 2019

In one word; FREEDOM !

Stephen Heckman - July 4, 2019

Our freedom to live our lives without interference from anyone or anything. Our Government is too big and powerful and is ruining our personal freedoms. A once great nation is in danger of failure.

Deborah Rice - July 4, 2019

That a woman and black person could write that beautiful paean to America! And from a position of authority and power!
May we continue in this direction.

James Page - July 4, 2019

I read your very interesting Oped and found much to agree with but also much to disagree. It is true that we, as a country of rules, regulations and government, have accomplished tremendous success through cooperation of people from different political views. What has happened to this effort. Why has compromise become a very bad word, as it was how equal rights were achieved. It was through compromise that political independents, republicans and liberals achieved success. There is yet much more work to be done to keep America great. Our elected officials must learn from the past to make a better future.

Pat Edmundson - July 4, 2019

My grandparents immigrated from Norway in 1924 when my mother was 6 years old. I’ve been blessed growing up in America where I have freedom to be a follower of Jesus. I could pursue education and career, while living and raising our family in a safe, healthy community. I am grateful every day.

Lori Fletcher - July 4, 2019

GOD bless AMERICA!!!!

Jane Tucker - July 4, 2019

My most important thing about America is the Freedom to worship as I believe God wants me to, and give grace to those who have a different viewpoint. Also the corrections through the years of wrong treatment to those who are different from us.

Eleanor Gay Seiler - July 4, 2019

I gratefully express my gratitude to the soldiers fighting on the fighting lines. Helping keeping our nation safe from arms way. So we a nation can live a good life, we know where are going to have food and a good rest. We have a lot to be greatfull for. Happy 4th of July to All. Good Bless!

Dean Havill - July 4, 2019

What an excellent, to the point summary of the framework of this awesome country. Great read for all Americans!!!

Larry Dedmon - July 4, 2019

FREEDOM, as it is.

Greg Shoup - July 4, 2019

Freedom of speech, limited central government and the encouragement of capitalism. All three are under attack, but still predominant. God bless President Trump, Texas and the United States of America.

– Pam and Greg Shoup, Hutto TX

Vicki Ingersoll - July 4, 2019

I love our courageous military who protect us from evil -minded people,
I love our wonderful Constitution that promotes freedom, liberty and
equality. And I love being able to worship God freely, Who
has blessed this country because we trust Him.

Warren Pugh - July 4, 2019

That we are still here in spite of the criminal intent of the Muslim Brotherhood. Please get CAIR out of our schools. I love America

Kathleen Parr - July 4, 2019

Thank You Kay and God Bless You and God Bless America…This is the Year, Freedom is the Soul of America…The Salute to America…I have never felt so close to God and Country as I do today…Thinking Out Loud I want all Children to be Saved and Educated…Now that I Understand My God at a Higher Level and Learned how God Predestined All Souls…Breathed Life into us and Basically Let Us Each Take Off on Our Own Path Hopefully I don’t get to Bossy on that Path…I have a Passion for America…I have a Passion for Ancestry…I have to Thank My Parents for Love of Country …They Loved America…They Loved the Flag!
I Stand With My President Trump!

Alton Harrison - July 4, 2019

This July 4, 2019, I am greatly pleased that my wife and I can worship God and to worship Him in a Gospel believing church and to have a devoted pastor who walks with God and tells about it in a humble way.

Kyung Hee Moon - July 4, 2019

Blessed are those who live on the land of the free and in the home of the brave, for they shall see what they hope to see.

LTC, Ret William J Williams - July 4, 2019

It may sound foolish, but I appreciate everything about America. I am concerned by the crazy shenaniggans that some Americans are trying to make our country go backward. However, I believe that there is always a silent majority, and I pray that it manifests itself to get us back on track. God bless America and you.

Paul Lowery - July 4, 2019

I appreciate these United Stated of America because it has become the country that I love, and shed tears over, and fought for on our own shores as well as the shores of some foreign countries! I’m grateful that I can worship the Great God in heaven above freely in this country. We have freedoms that many other countries don’t have, and we should appreciate and continue to pray!

Greg Crawford - July 4, 2019

That was spot on Kay. Thank you. I am so thankful to almighty God that I live in this nation where I am free to pursue my dreams; to share the blessings I have with others and see them grow and prosper as I have. I pray all of us will see that we are strongest when we give not receive; when we live with humility and thankfulness not arrogance.

Patricia Galle - July 5, 2019

The fact that we have God given Rights that no man can take away. Also, we finally have a President who realizes that our country is Christian, and God and his word are it’s foundation.

Tim Heenan - July 5, 2019

Now that I’m seventy it is much clearer that dying for the America way of live seems to be easier to accept. Not because I’m braver than I was 50 years ago, but because I have fifty more years to refect upon the good life that this country has afforded me. The opportunities that I have had most likely may not have been possible in any other country. It is truly my blessing to live here.
A gift from Almighty God

janicestarkey Starkey - July 5, 2019

My father was born to an unwed mother who was disowned by her family and fell into a lifetime depression in her 20’s and my father was in orphanages for many years then found his grandfather and new uncles near his age. He joined the Navey met my California born mom and reinlisted during WWII. After he got a job at HAFB in Utah, built a house, and 3 of my brothers served our country. One in the Navy, one in the Marines and one in the Airforce. My niece Janica Cheney works for NASA and has a PHD in Chemical Engineering, We have a Nurse and an International Accountant in Japan and our children and grandchildren own their own homes. We can worship freely, talk freely and go places and work where we want to.

don weidinger - July 5, 2019

freedom for all to prosper. However, people can use government to exert powers that enslave others via regulation and unjust laws, thereby abusing this freedom to control others. We can always identify this attempt to control others as what it is, a limitation of freedom.

Jay E Shulsinger - July 5, 2019

I love the chance to accomplish whatever I can and to still continue to serve our great country in spite of the acrominity within the political world of Washington D.C.

Cal Taylor - July 5, 2019

As a youth, growing up in rural South Dakota, I deeply appreciated the freedom of movement, and thought, that we possessed. Trust was a key word for those that we knew and for those
government representatives who spoke for us. It is with sadness that we now witness the un-American spirit of people who pull us away from our Constitutional foundation. May God continue to bless the patriots who support the early values of our country.

Ed Green - July 5, 2019

I am proud that America has freed other people around the world from tyranny and has asked for little in return.

Robert Daniels - July 5, 2019

The opportunities that it presents to each and every person to pursue his goals and to worship or not as he alone determines.

Kenneth C. Yohn, M.D. - July 5, 2019

FREEDOM- flourishing in spite of naysayers and potshotters. Many thanks to Heritage Foundation! Thanks.

Ron Martin - July 5, 2019

Truth, justice and the American way are extensions of the Judeo Christian values that are the true foundation of our national successes. For this I’m most grateful, and it should inspire more of us to seek the truth, speak the truth, and stand for the truth.

Thomas Little - July 5, 2019

Freedom and Liberty make a life worth living. Free speech gives us a voice in our future. May we all continue to live as we are, in the Greatest Country in the World.

Carolyn - July 5, 2019

Wonderful article! Would be nice if all Americans could read it.
You should run for President of the United Stares once, hopefully, Donald Trump finishes his second term.

Cal Lorenz - July 5, 2019

The 0ppertunity to get out if bed, go to work and do anything I want legally. Unlike China and russia..liberals and A N T I F A should try there antics over there and see how long Russia or China put up with it. They would be soon among the missing and no one could say anything about it.

Kristiaan De Laet - July 5, 2019

I am a Belgian citizen, but would strongly prefer to be a true American. I dicovered the Heritage Foundation two years ago and admire the USA. God bless you all !

Ken Hodge - July 5, 2019

I appreciate the freedom we enjoy in America and that fact that it is available to anyone who comes here. Most importantly, I appreciate freedom of religion, to be able to worship as we believe in our hearts. America is the greatest nation in the world and will always be so as long as we continue the traditions launched by our marvelous and courageous founding fathers.

Alberta - July 5, 2019

Ms Kay James has said it beautifully!

May God continue to bless America.

George Fromme - July 5, 2019

For K C James
Thank you very much for your inspiring July 4th article. Just that you are able to say and publish and remind us as to how great USA is despite some warts is what I appreciate
about my citizenship and American heritage

Katie M Clark - July 5, 2019

I appreciate our foundation and the founding fathers that established the many freedoms we, as Americans, continue to enjoy!

Dolores Bright - July 5, 2019

Freedom is number 1 for me….opportunities …for those who work next.
The men who wrote the constitution I feel were men who understood men & their strive for power..they wanted to protect all from their words & lives & even their fortunes…God Bless America

Steven Shuey - July 5, 2019

I am a 70 year old American, born of American parents, with a heritage from France, Germany, England and Ireland.
I am proud to be an American. I follow the Christian Faith as an emissary of Christ. I am thankful for our founders who wrote our governing documents and I wish other Americans, including those who immigrate, would understand the value they have living in such a great country. Heritage Foundation is helping get the message out.

Praying is important and stating the Pledge of allegiance to our flag is important. Understanding that we become what we think about is important, which means that we need to guard our children from inappropriate messages (games depicting killing and hate, as an example). Everyone should practice loving one another. We should also guard against being offended (particularly with what happened in our history). Our forefathers had a message with flags, statues, and messages on buildings. We should let them remain and not allow ourselves to be offended at a message we “think” they contain.
God Bless America!
Our God Is Awesome!

David W Burbach - July 5, 2019

I appreciate that Ms.James, while holding her position of prestige, can so positively expound on the merits of our country, the greatest nation in the world, in spite of our remaining flaws.
We are much improved from when I experienced culture shock in 1959 when I arrived in Charleston, SC (from WI) to begin my Navy service. I was ashamed of our segregated country then.
Now I am (generally) proud of our country, and that Ms. James is our leader!
Well done, Kay!

Karen Spry - July 5, 2019

I love this Country for many of the same reasons but also because of all the people who helped make this Country what it is today–and that it was the lives lost and sweat of those that built the railroads , those that picked cotton leading to the invention of the Cotton Gin leading to an economic success, and those that fought for the end of slavery but also to recognize that ALL people are equal, and those who came to this Country for a better life. I was not one of any of those and am blessed for all that I have today

Susan Thomas - July 5, 2019

I love that America was founded on principles from the word of God. So many of our founding fathers had deep beliefs in the almighty God and his son, Jesus Christ. Although this has been hidden from many in America, it is now coming out in hard evidence. I love that God was with us in the the founding of our nation, and now we have a President who encourages and asks for God to continue to bless us. Only with God’s blessing will we succeed. My prayers are with our country and our president.

Paul D’AIgle - July 5, 2019

The longer I live and learn, the more I fully appreciate my joy at being an American who fully appreciates our unique stance in the world. We will never be perfect, but we will always improve.

Patricia Petrecca - July 5, 2019

Thank you Ms. James for your dedication, perspective and ability to persuade by informing. I have admired and respected you since first hearing a speech years ago on Focus on the Family, working in and out of home, raising kids to be informed citizens. I found the Heritage Foundation to be an effective and reliable source. When you became the President I learned so much more about your credentials and your background which broadened my perspective on the culture and history I knew growing up in suburban D.C. Thanks for your leadership in advancing our shared values and finding common ground.

Stephen Wallis - July 5, 2019

Nicely done, Kay!

Ever thankful to be an American, and I pray that our children and grandchildren will continue to exemplify all that we have taught them and role-modeled for them. May they be forever joined by millions of conservative, America-loving citizens in ensuring that our Ship of State will forever remain a beacon of feedom, worthy of emulation the world over!

God Bless America!

Joe Marzano - July 5, 2019

Kay, thank you for speaking out with a clear, compelling message of truth and devotion for our great country. We have been given a great gift by founders who found themselves together in an era of enlightenment, to forge something extraordinary that has drawn so many including all of my grandparents. I am grateful to think and live freely, and earn my happiness and prosperity.

Rosemary W Tomy - July 5, 2019

People who think it would be wonderful to live in Norway, a non-native, would get very tired of those high taxes very fast. And in Norway my family has had the same properties forever. They don’t buy and sell they just upgrade the property already in the family. I lived in the house where my grandmother and her mother were born. I love America, the land of my birth, and I say if someone doesn’t love America, please take your hate somewhere else. P.S. My family doesn’t want you in Norway either.

Sheila M.Neugebauer - July 5, 2019

The freedom that appeals to me is one of public recourse and expression. My husband and I are on the street in defense of mothers who are pregnant, and our garage near the road is decorated with pro-life information. Some day perhaps people will realize we have a future if we protect the mother who is gifted with a child.

Dave Miley - July 5, 2019


James Philllips - July 5, 2019

America has been able to correct where she failed the spirit of our Constitution and its Preface, the Declaration of Independence. But now she must trim her sails and its citizens (the individual) for whom it was written must reclaim ownership by forcing our political hires to adhere to it as well.

Royce Lynn - July 5, 2019

Thank you Kay for the reminder of the greatness of the nation in which we live.

Margaret Perry - July 6, 2019

Thank you, Kay!
You have said it all… and perfectly. “Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance!” …and ours as well. Jude 2

Georgie Riolo - July 6, 2019

As I read the article by Kay & the comments of so many God fearing Americans I must admit my eyes filled with tears. But they are tears of joy. We are so fortunate of all people who have ever lived. We live in the greatest country the world has known because of the Christian principles on which it was founded. Thank God for Heritage, Faith & Freedom & other Organization who are standing with our President & fighting for the American way of life. God will continue to bless America. I say that in Faith.

Kezia Kolb - July 6, 2019

America provides a safe place to freely express individual beliefs and mobilize aspirations in prosperity and charity.

Sandy Dileo - July 6, 2019

Thank you Kay. Your statement covered it all. Everything I love about our country and the people who appreciate what our Forefathers did. Our freedom is a gift from God, and something we should continue to fight for and protect. May God continue to bless us. And blessings to you for the role you play.
Sincerely. Sandy Dileo 🇺🇸

Gilbert Sandoval - July 6, 2019

As a Vietnam Veteran, I was privileged to have serve with many who gave up their lives for the sake of Freedom. Many of which were not born American but expressed pride for the ability to serve a country which is like no other in the world. God Bless their souls and God Bless our country which they adopted!

Mildred Lynch - July 8, 2019

The fact that we are a truly free society. Every country has laws, and we are a Nation of Laws. So if you follow your conscience, and the 10 commandments & our Constitution, you can live a happy life. I AM proud of the fact that my Brother served proudly when in N. Korea & died honorably.

Elizabeth Houghton - July 8, 2019

I agree wholeheartedly with Ms. James comments!

Robert E. & Joyce E. Roney - July 8, 2019

Many do not appreciate America until they live any place overseas. We lived in Ethiopia for 28 months in the military. Yes, we kissed the ground in New York
Our son was born in Ethiopia and we met many missionaries while there! We were honored to share a meal with them!

Mary Bowlin - July 15, 2019

I appreciate the freedom our country gives us to choose those expressed ideas and policies which I feel are in the best interest for me and my family.

D M Ianacone - August 15, 2019

God brought the USA into existence; God granted tremendous blessing on the USA. He continues to honor those who continue to honor Him. The USA continues to exist in spite of those who continue to bring about its demise. As long as those who realize and pray regarding these truths, God will not completely remove His blessing on the USA.
Does any other country annually celebrate its “birthday”?
As the granddaughter of immigrants (both sides of the family), I know what they escaped. I know their joy of having children and grandchildren born into freedom. I know their thankfulness and gratitude to God for such blessedness.

miguel A. martinez - October 18, 2019

17 Oct 2019
I have written NUMEROUS times, in the past three (3) years, to the person in charge of membership recruitment and records, asking why I have NOT received my membership certificate that shows I have been a member since 1982. WHY NO ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OR RESPONSE?

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