A strong national defense is critical to maintaining a stable, vibrant country…especially with today’s increasing global threats.

You made a lot of progress through Heritage in strengthening our national defense this past year.

These are a few examples of the tremendous work you’ve made possible.

Strength through expert personnel:

Former Heritage Asian studies expert, Lisa Curtis, was appointed to the National Security Council as the senior director for South Asia. Previously she worked in the U.S. government on South Asian issues for 16 years. During that time she worked as a staffer for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a senior advisor to the assistant secretary of state for South Asian affairs, an analyst for the CIA, and as a diplomat in the U.S. embassies in Pakistan and India. We are excited for her new role.  Read more about her appointment >>

Ranking our military strength:

Assessing U.S. national interests and America’s ability to defend those interests is one of the foremost responsibilities of the federal government. For that purpose, Heritage released the annual Index of U.S. Military Strength that has become a key resource for policymakers. It contains the latest assessments of global threats, operating environments, and the status of the U.S. military. Read the index >>

Changing Policy:

Heritage’s defense team, unmatched by other think tanks with their real world experience, had many of their recommendations incorporated into the National Defense Authorization Act. Read the recommendations >>

The Pentagon has reportedly formed a team to figure out how the United States can return to a “two-war” posture–something Heritage has been advocating for since the introduction of the Index of U.S. Military Strength in 2015. “This provides America the ability to engage in a major fight with the confidence that we have the wherewithal to deter and fight an opportunistic enemy who might take advantage of our commitment elsewhere,” says Tom Spoehr, director of Heritage’s Center for National Defense. Find out if the U.S. military is strong enough >>

Bringing leaders together:

Heritage hosted the Directors of the DNI, NSA, and FBI to discuss America’s security….specifically, the reauthorization of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) which provides invaluable information on non-U.S. people oversees. Some estimates say that Section 702 is responsible for more than 25 percent of all current intelligence collected. Watch the event >>

Since the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, Tehran has continued its malign policies in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Iran’s expanding influence in these war-torn countries has been facilitated by the strategic dividends and sanctions relief provided by the nuclear deal. Heritage’s recommendation has been to pull out of the Iran Deal entirely and that was the purpose of this event at Heritage.

Heritage also hosted the Ukrainian President for a private briefing with Heritage leadership and policy experts to discuss relations with Russia.

Testifying before Congress:

General Thomas Spoehr, retired Army lieutenant general and director of Heritage’s Center for National Defense, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on his recommendations for a future National Defense Strategy. Read his rules to get defense strategy right >>

Heritage’s National Security team briefed the House Armed Services Committee and laid out key assessments of our military drawing from Heritage’s 2018 Index of Military Strength. Overall, the 2018 Index concludes that the current U.S. military force is likely capable of meeting the demands of a single major regional conflict while also attending to various presence and engagement activities but that it would be very hard-pressed to do more and certainly would be ill-equipped to handle two nearly simultaneous major regional contingencies.

Preparing for the future:

There is a great need for national security leaders who can think critically about the issues our nation faces today. To train and educate the next generation of these leaders, Heritage partnered with the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security  which focuses on educating and training leaders for the national security and intelligence communities. Read more about this partnership >>

Heritage is also the first and only organization to track and compile all Islamist terror plots and attacks against the U.S. homeland since 9/11 through their homeland security research team. “We have the most robust and respected program in town,” said Carafano. “Much of the credit goes to David Inserra and his consistent work with the House Homeland Security Committee over the years.” Read more about the team and the work they have done >>

Take a moment to re-read the work you’ve made possible.

America is safer today because of your support of Heritage.

Thank you.

What are the top 3 national defense areas President Trump’s Administration should focus on in 2018? Why?

Comments (7)

Mrs. Phyllis Eix - February 3, 2018

Rebuild our military capability to where we are assured of “peace through strength”, whatever it takes. Secure our borders with a wall and technology. And, bring cybersecurity to state-of-the-art preparedness..

Timothy R. Buttner - February 3, 2018

1) Build a really high tech wall: “big and beautiful” as Mr. Trump says.
2) Limit “immigration” from questionable countries.
3) Keep better tabs on visa visitors.

Ragnar Liljequist - February 3, 2018

We will never rid our Congress of corruption until we have term limits.Why has this subject been eliminated from discourse?

E. Rochlan - February 3, 2018

1-3) Comprehensive immigration reform, including the wall, ending chain migration (completely and immediately, including not allowing those in the “pipeline”), ending the visa lottery (not transferring it to another group), mandatory e-verify, better tracking of those here on visas and green cards, and limiting immigration from high-risk countries.

Donald Drake - February 3, 2018

Secure all borders. Give our troops what they need deport all illegals. And refugees

Tom Lanners - February 3, 2018

Rebuild all the services based on what they say they need, and based on Heritage’s Index of Military Strength.
Modernize our nuclear weapons, and the infrastructure to make them.
Do the first two, because our security depends on it, and anything we do in foreign policy flows from it.
Pull out of the stupid and traitorous Iran deal, that the last guy that ran our Country signed.
Why, it guarantees a bunch of radical Muslims who hate us, Israel, and Western Europe will have nuclear weapons. Brilliant or traitorous.

Mary Sarty - February 7, 2018

Very Simple and I wish you good luck!

1. The Wall, or improve the staff at our borders, in the USA
2. No more FREE, for anyone who is illegal.
3. Make a plan for better Medical Insurance for Seniors

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