On Thursday, The Heritage Foundation and The Gloucester Institute hosted the Second Annual Jay A. Parker Lecture, which was established in honor of Jay A. Parker, founding farther of the emerging black conservative movement.

The event featured A. R. Bernard, Sr., founding pastor of the Christian Cultural Center in New York City and founder of the Brooklyn Preparatory School and Cultural Arts Academy Charter School; Joshua Johnson, host of National Public Radio’s 1A, a show that explores important national issues; and Armstrong Williams, host of The Armstrong Williams Show. The three discussed civility in American discourse. You can watch the event here.

What are your thoughts on civility in America?

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Lynne Broderius - February 22, 2019

My personal observation; since Pres Clinton was exposed as taking advantage of an intern in his office as a lacky prostitute. The general public seemed to excuse the behavior and they acted out on it as well. This has continued to pile on, with the media; the policians and law enforcement treatment from the public. Just a drilled down “Who Cares”. Having been raised in an Officer of the Air Force home, I spent time with an Austrian family as well. The family center has always been important central influence of protocal as reflect’s on the family behavior. The Austria experience was a sustainable farm, the privelge of an education, and the wonders of the arts and music. Americans have lost thier “Culture” as a definition. HELP HELP HELP, make this a priority too.

Art Johnson - February 23, 2019

Civility is learned at an early age by observing people who are civil. Our problem now is that those who should be good role models behave badly, in many cases and that has a bad influence on impressionable individuals. Politicians, teachers and parents need to clean up their act.

Reiner Kirsten - February 23, 2019

Civility starts when one does not generalize another person by race, gender or nationality, but respect the person in front of him more than oneself

Lovina Mae Regehr - February 23, 2019

I am so thankful that you bring some sanity to the culture today. I am 85 years old so have lived through a lot of turmoil in our country through the years. I’m glad for your pursuit of civil and sane efforts to continue some hope for us.

Diane - February 23, 2019

Civility has gone to pot in this nation.
anything goes from anyone. We have a actor not happy with 2million wage so he stages an attack on himself, sending a letter; asking 2 friends to pretend to attack him and then blame them for it in public. He should be fired, fined, jailed. Fraud, Libel. Slander. Anyone can say and do anything to anyone today and nothing happens to them. Where are our laws? Where are the those in charge of the law? Teachers teaching liberalism; college kids being attacked if they don’t believe the same thing; drive by shootings, hit and runs, someone asked to stop smoking in front of his kids; run over twice and killing his pregnant wife protecting the baby in a stroller. That guy deserves life imprisonment. Now they want to legalize POT. I graduated in the 60’s, I was around for the 70’s flower children pot heads. Now they will be legal driving in our towns on our roads????

Marilyn S Mackey - February 23, 2019

Pastor Bernard addressed how the media
has the capability to create perceptions.
He mentioned Huntley-Brinkley and that they reported, and that today it’s not reporting it’s entertainment. However, the thought came to my mind that Huntley-Brinkley got to decide WHAT to report and WHAT to leave out. Therefore creating perception. It’s not different in some ways than it has ever been.

david Fong - February 23, 2019

Unselfish love in the example of Jesus working in our society means affecting goodness with truth in your neighbor even to the disagreeable. This can occur only with persons who hold to the truth of God”s great affection for fallen mankind.

Edward Morvant - February 23, 2019

I’d like to thank Heritage for sponsoring the Jay A Parker lecture in honor of Black History Month. I was impressed with the format and the content of the event. I was familiar with Armstrong Williams who sits in for Rush Limbaugh from time to time, and so I enjoyed seeing him along with Joshua Johnson from APR Radio, and A R Bernard, who pastors a large church in New York City. It was very thought provoking to hear what this three men had to say, along with the President of the Heritage Foundation, Kay James. The Panel had, in my opinion, some very good insight into the topic on Civil Discussion. Thank you for hosting this event, and I thought Angela did a good job of moderating.

Eric Wallin - February 23, 2019

Civility in America is an endangered species. Social media fuels the societal dysfunction by allowing people to spew hatred without consequences and with utter disregard for the facts. Truth is another casualty of our culture that panders to the whiny, petulant, self-righteous, intolerant ideologues who stand in the spotlight by a progressively politicized media.

James L Justice - February 23, 2019

I would love to sit down and talk and reason with the left, ( and listen to their ideas) but in my 68 years of living I have learned that you can not reason with an unreasonable person. How do you convince a rattle snake to not bite? The left refuses to even agree to the rules of polite conversation.

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