The deal the Obama administration reached with Iran is one of the worst in history, according to Heritage Foundation defense expert Jim Carafano:

Rarely has there been a deal like the one reached in Vienna . . . a deal in which all the nations most closely affected by it, including Iran, pretty much start out knowing it won’t end well.

Not only does the deal undermine nuclear proliferation by legitimizing Iran as a nuclear threshold state, it also undermines our allies.

Here are the four most dangerous problems with the deal:

  1. The whole neighborhood will race to go nuclear. This deal most likely will accelerate nuclear proliferation. Because if regional powers feel threatened by the possibility of Iran getting a weapon and the penalty for producing nuclear weapons decreases, then why wouldn’t they?
  2. Tehran gets to keep its vast nuclear infrastructure and its missile program.  And the promises from Iran only confirm the obvious: that the regime definitely has nuclear-weapons ambitions. After all, why have a massive ballistic-missile program and secret military nuclear facilities if the plan isn’t to build nuclear weapons?
  3. Sanctions relief will make the region far less safe. The sanctions relief and the renewed ability to sell more oil on the open market could wind up bringing $300-400 billion into the Iranian economy, bolstering the Iranian government. Essentially, this means the deal will pay for undermining U.S. policy and interests throughout the region.
  4. The deal is temporary, by design. Even the White House doesn’t claim it will permanently keep Iran from getting a bomb. So, what’s the point?

The deal enriches and emboldens Iran — an unstable and unprincipled nation. And it destabilizes the region even further and its puts its neighbors — our allies — at risk. It is a bad deal.  While the Obama administration insists that there were only two choices — the deal or war — the choices were neither that limited, nor that simple.  As Carafano concludes, “This deal is not the antidote to war. Rather, it makes increased conflict all the more likely.”

What do you think of the Iran deal?

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James Williams - July 17, 2015


Bob Pitman - July 17, 2015

Not only do I agree with everything that has been said in this article, but, I am totally convinced that Obama sees things both through the eyes of his own ego and that of a devout Muslim. My immediate concern is the additional money that will be available to finance terrorist activities both in the region and directly in the USA. My opinion is further emboldened by the caliber of the individual representing the United States, John Kerry. He showed his true colors while in the military.

James Williams - July 17, 2015


bert - July 17, 2015

North Korea all over again. We will be soo
surprised when their 1st bomb is tested!!

Jo Humber - July 17, 2015

It is a terrible mistake. The world will become a much more dangerous place, and our country will suffer. Obama is concerned only about his legacy, not about the country.

Lyman Rust - July 17, 2015

A total disaster both in spending time and money to make a deal and the rotten deal that was made. A waste of time and money.

Rodney Sizemore - July 17, 2015

A very bad deal for us , Oboma is writing his legacy, has never preformed like a president of the USA… He says ,let congress send regressive & stipid , reply … Says he will veto ! His way or no way is this mans legacy ! Get him out ! Killing us all . Get him out ! We are not dogs on a chain . We are prayer warriors in our closet with God !

Buddy - July 17, 2015

What do you expect from Obama when our representatives only give lip service and cave every time. Why don’t they call him out for who he really is and treat him like he treats them. Obama is not a regular politician and they still do not see and act accordingly. Our republican cartel is not good now.

Barry Howell - July 17, 2015

Irresponsible but typical of liberal politicians – our only hope is to survive the rest of Obama’s term in office and elect a republican that will support true American beliefs.

Robert S. Licata - July 17, 2015

Obama just wants to be able to claim a record of accomplishment(s) (legacy) and is desperately searching for one prior to his exit from office. His “accomplishments” are next to nil. If he was to be fairly graded for his performance in office it would be a D-, not including his complicit actions to help the muslim/jihadists achieve parity with our democracy/republic which is nonsense. His ideologies are slowly destroying America as we have known it.

Jan - July 17, 2015

Iran deal is absolutely wrong!

Stuart MacLean - July 17, 2015

I believe we’re dealing with the consequences of a world-wide dysfunctional ‘means of exchange’ exacerbated by socialist Central Banking & ‘false promises’. ‘Honest’ relationships have been rendered impossible. Serious consideration must be given to restoring ‘harmonious’ relations with a return to ‘legal contracts’ not ‘legal-tender’. This “catastrophe” was anticipated 131 years ago.

Iran is but a symptom of a much more pernicious disease. As the closing remarks of Justice Steven Field’s ‘Heroic Lone Dissent’ articulated “From the decision of the Court I see only evil likely to follow”.
We are the ‘posterity’ they addressed!

linda barber - July 17, 2015

I feel so helpless. Because I don’t think there is anyway that I can do to prevent this from happening. I worry about my grand children.

A. Jerry Lehrer - July 17, 2015

It sucks!

E.R.Lake - July 17, 2015

It is a deal designed and put forth by satan.

Lloyd Bennett - July 17, 2015


It difficult to sort out the truth after reading and listening to both left and right thinking folks. It never ceases to amaze me how educated and intelligent men can differ on critical issues. This agreement in particular disturbs my reason in that none of the local nations of the mid east had any input but stand to lose the most while interested parties seem to ignore their concerns, especially the United States vs. Israel. I think Mr Netanyahu gains my trust more so than Mr Obama and his Democratic machine. If the next president of the USA in not a Democrat, he will be greatly burdened to protect world peace.

Glenda Philippe - July 17, 2015

I agree with you commentary. “What’s the point.” Why didn’t he at least get the 4 Americans released? He went to a lot of trouble to get Bertha out.

Charlene Mellen - July 17, 2015

The Iran deal that Obama cut w/Iran is as dangerous as danger can be. Iran has already forecast doing away with the Western World, yet they should have nuclear ability to do it? And in earlier reading today, relaxing sanctions puts billions of dollars at their disposal to carry out their threats.

I wish I knew of a way to get BO out of town while we still have a country. Religion, morals, the econony, lies have taken such a toll on this wonderful nation. And the Iranian deal slams another at us

God is the only answer and even He must be saddened at the world’s affairs. This is what I think. What will I do: PRAY..


Glenda Philippe - July 17, 2015

I don’t know how the Bertha got on this comment. The best I could remember how to spell Berdhal, I did.

DICK - July 17, 2015

It is a nightmare which the democrats
probably will support. Trump speaks
out quickly against the deal and protecting our soldiers first and foremost.

Stephen - July 17, 2015

The deal is not a good one for anyone that wants to keep nucular weapons from Iran. We will see WWIII start as soon as Iran decides its time to destroy Israel and the US.

Dean Urmston - July 17, 2015

I think we need to strike a deal with Israel,
wherein the United States and her allies agree that they will not stand in the way, or seek retribution from Israel for bombing Iran’s nuclear and weapons production facilities.
I think Israel would go for it. After all, they will be the first recipient of one of Iran’s atomic warheads.

dave smith - July 17, 2015

Not only is BO a Communist, but he is a radical Islamist who hates America. He has also shown that 95+% of the GOP are traitors as well. Only Tom Cotton was bright enough last April to understand what was coming. Mark Levine clearly explained then how Corker’s bill would make voting this down almost impossible. Americans are like the babies murdered by Planned Parenthood. God help us.

Daniel Bottoni - July 17, 2015

The Republicans have to get it together.
We the people who support them do not feel they are in touch with us. Who will step up and stop this man from destroying America. Enough of the Bull Crap coming out of Washington. When I for one start to see the change then I will start to donate again. An American Patriot

Carl Griffin - July 17, 2015

I think the deal stinks, Obama has got to go.

Richard - July 17, 2015

The (not our) President is an incompetent individual….he is not capable of carrying out the key security duties of the office…….Solution..Impeachment ASAP ….further damage to the country is not tolerable
Let’s get started Jim

Richard - July 17, 2015

The President wanted a deal
The Sec of State wanted a Nobel
Iran wanted a bomb.
Two of three are done. Can a Nobel be far behind?

Judy Brown - July 17, 2015

Obama & Carey have betrayed the United States and should be charged with treason.

Larry DeBerry - July 17, 2015

I don’t know a time in history that we have ever done a great job in the Middle East. We have supported bad guys in many areas that don’t desire to be our friend. I believe the only thing you can do is not support them. Support your friends not your enemies. Some of these so-called friends need to be looked at very hard before ever giving them a penny of our hard earned tax payer money. In fact, these oil producing nations don’t need our money. We definitely need to isolate them. I was brought up to believe that trust is earned not given. What has happened with our government in foreign policy is unacceptable.

Richard Southmayd - July 17, 2015

The Iran deal is only a deal for Iran. This President has placed our Nation – and the world – in eminent danger. Iran is a rogue terrorist nation whose nuclear capabilites need to be eliminated – clearly this agreement does not come close to realizing that outcome. So-called inspections conducted by inspectors from countries who have diplomatic relations with Iran (excludes any Americans), a 24 day lag time before insepectors can access military sites, billions of dollars flowing back in to the Iranian ecnomy to further bolster their nuclear capability – exactly what do these components of the “deal” do to insure the safety of the U.S. and the Middle East, specifically Israel? A rogue deal with a rogue Iran, advocated by a rogue President, is a formula for a cataclysmic conclusion. Our only hope is for a President to be elected in 2016 who will immmediately rescind this deal and re-install the most stringent sanctions possible. If not, the world will suffer the consequences of making a deal with the devil.

Richard Southmayd - July 17, 2015

The Iran deal is only a deal for Iran. This President has placed our Nation – and the world – in eminent danger. Iran is a rogue terrorist nation whose nuclear capabilites need to be eliminated – clearly this agreement does not come close to realizing that outcome. So-called inspections conducted by inspectors from countries who have diplomatic relations with Iran (excludes any Americans), a 24 day lag time before insepectors can access military sites, billions of dollars flowing back in to the Iranian economy to further bolster their nuclear capability – exactly what do these components of the “deal” do to insure the safety of the U.S. and the Middle East, specifically Israel? A rogue deal with a rogue Iran, advocated by a rogue President, is a formula for a cataclysmic conclusion. Our only hope is for a President to be elected in 2016 who will immmediately rescind this deal and re-install the most stringent sanctions possible. If not, the world will suffer the consequences of making a deal with the devil.

Ron Knievel - July 17, 2015

This Iran deal is a bad deal. The Obama adeministration gave away too many concessions. I hope Congress votes it down.

Joyce Spatz - July 17, 2015

Why are we even involved in negotiations with Iran? What possible benefit is it to the US? I wonder if it is an attempt to lower oil prices to put the US oil development out of business. I agree with the article’s assertion that it puts the world in a much more precarious position enabling our enemies. I am vehemently opposed to this deal. Where is the separation of power in our government and how does this president get away with bullying our Congress? How do we stop this?

Lewis Jones - July 17, 2015

Can anyone advise what is the motivation for pursuing this agreement with Iran? It makes no sense to anyone I’ve asked. Is there a self interest here that is so great that he would compromise national and world security to attain it? What are we missing?

Dale Gaumer - July 17, 2015

I do not live in a population center likely to be targeted by an Iranian missile, but I find the “agreement” to be very frightening.
Second, the political upheaval in the U.S. will be damaging.

Marianne Gwinn - July 17, 2015

If the president does not achieve his twin goals of destroying Israel and neutralizing America during his next 18 months, he is positioning Iran to do it for him after his term ends.

Janet Smith - July 17, 2015

The Iran deal is the worst move this administration has made, to date, in a long list of destructive policies. I question Obama’s loyalties, motives & agenda. Who does he really benefit by dealing with human rights violating, lying, repressive regimes?

Russell Sanderson - July 17, 2015

If you evaluate everything Barack has done since he occupied the office through the looking glass of an Islamic Extremist, all the pieces fall perfectly into place. He is not an inept leader; he is very shrewd and well on his way to fundamentally transforming America (for the far worst I might add). He has managed to destroy our culture, demographics, safety, stature, trustworthiness, reliability, finances, language and “border” (border is a poor choice of words; let me instead say “red line”). The man has 18 months to continue his destruction from within without so much as a speed bump to stop him!

Barbara Clark Myall - July 17, 2015


Darrel Palmer - July 17, 2015

Should never have been an agreement without having captives returned and complete unannounced inspections without notice. President obama willing to give up four terrorists in return we get a traitor back. Makes you wonder who’s side the president is on. It’s becoming more evident that he wants to do away with our Constitution and make us to be on par economically with Mexico. What is even more frightening is that we have so many congressman that back him and worse than that the of voters.

Marian Copeland - July 17, 2015

A deal with a tyrant is impossible! Their word means nothing – it’s a joke. Didn’t we learn anything from the ‘deal’ Chamberlan made with Hitler before WWII?

Diana doran - July 17, 2015

Horrible but expected out of this anti American administration.

Michael Peel - July 17, 2015

Obama must be stopped. When is congress going to do what we elected them to do Protect the people from this traidor.
He should be impeached long ago. This aggrement will put an end to our way of life forever.

Melvin Ellis - July 17, 2015

Our Ivy League-educated elites have endangered the whole world. This ranks with Neville Chamberlain’s disgraced agreement with Hitler. What a sorry day.

Malcolm Osmer - July 17, 2015

We have a POTUS that is a Muslim in Democrat clothing with at least 5 members of the Muslim b
Brotherhood (MBH) plus a female Iranian as advisors. Our recent Secretary of State had a personal secretary whose family was alleged to be members of the MBH.. The community dis-organizers are rapidly turning race against race, North against South, and neighbor against neighbor to distract the citizens attention from the number of Muslims settling in the US as political refugees from foreign countries.
So, at the rate of change, By the time Iran, a Muslim ruled country, develops the A-bomb, the USA may be just another Muslim Country immune from Iran’s A-bomb.
My first and last vote for a Democrat was for Harry S. Truman. When Harry and Bess left the Whitehouse, they drove their own auto back to Missouri without police protection and probably paid for the expense.

Kaley - July 17, 2015

This agreement does nothing more than a concession to Iran to go ahead and build their nuclear weapon…and gives them our help through the cancellation of sanctions.

Dennis L Oyler - July 17, 2015

The deal stinks big time!!!!

Cleve Denny - July 17, 2015

Heritage is right. Stop the agreement if you can.

Harry J Glass - July 17, 2015

The “deal” is a sell-out of the interests of
the US and the entire MidEast region, and
particularly Israel. The disclosure that the
administration further plans to submit the
signed agreement to the UN as a policy
fait-accompli, without congressional action
is confirmation of Obama and Kerry’s bad
faith. I equate it with treason.

Robert shanahan - July 17, 2015

This President will do anything that hurts this country. I understand that today Iran has indicated that there will be no inspections under any circumstances. So predictable. And our feckless Senate which willingly gave up its Treaty power. There’s going to be one hell of a war and these idiots will be responsible.

Wayne B Ray - July 17, 2015

President Obama does not have the best interests of the United States nor the world in mind. Why has he turned his back on Israel? His actions seem to indicate that he has an Islamic point of view and not a Christian point of view.

Richard Gruber - July 17, 2015

All I can see is the picture of Neville Chamberlain, waving a piece of paper and saying, “Peace in our time”. Well we all know how that worked out. History is about to repeat its self and God help us all.

Karen Llewellyn - July 17, 2015

I think it’s a bloody awful deal. I agree that it endangers both our allies and all nations around Iran. Iran now has permission to develop nuclear weapons, but they know the U.S. will do NOTHING to stop them using those weapons on any nation they choose. Obama has undermined the stability of the Middle East in so many ways, but this is the topper.

Arlianne Lukkes - July 17, 2015

It is totally insane.

Barry Kane - July 17, 2015

It will go down in history a s one of the worst. God help us all if it goes through.

Gary Elliott - July 17, 2015

Appeasing a bully only encourages his bad behavior. The only way to stop a bully is to smack him down. The State department and Military are no place for liberal ideology.

W illiam Heffron - July 17, 2015

IT SUCKS…!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Selinger - July 17, 2015

The Iran deal isn’t a deal. It’s a giveaway to Iran to control the Middle East with their terror groups already in place. How Israel survives this horror is a very scary thought.

Larry Permann - July 17, 2015

I question why even ask such a question. From the beginning this man has not showed any respect or followed protocol, procures, or the law. This man has done nothing to protect this country. I feel he is a VERY serious threat to this country and we just might be witnessing the beginning of the end of this country.

James Swelgin - July 17, 2015

Without a doubt the worst pres ever.
He is clearly very active in undermining the Constitution and relegating the USA to just another mediocre country in his World wide govt plan. I say his, knowing that he is the puppet.

Carol J. Thomas - July 17, 2015

To begin talks, John Kerry should have laid the names of the four men being held hostage in Iran, and then said, “Only after these men are released, will there even be a beginning of any talks.” Then he should have walked away from the table.

Chris Griffin - July 17, 2015

I believe the Iran deal is much more sinister than we can imagine. This deal puts Israel in a position that may necessitate their use of military force in the region. When that happens, all Muslim nations will go to war with them. Given the growing rate of antisemitism throughout the world, this will embolden the U.N. to spread even more antisemitic propaganda.
I also believe that this deal will inevitably lead to military involvement on the part of the U.S. and will fuel outrage from the progressive left and will further divide our Nation. It is my opinion that this is by design, and that it is just another step in Obamas plan to destroy the United States.

Paul Ruske - July 17, 2015

Democrats do things to feel good about themselves, to hell with the consequences to our collective future. Obama and Kerry will now receive the accolades of their deluded peers and the fawning press at their gala affairs. Could a Nobel peace prize be in the offing?
Those of us that know history will not be surprised when some years from now Iran has a nuclear weapon and a missile system to deliver the apocalyptic payload to mainland USA.
Democrats will rush to negotiate another treaty never admitting failure of the first treaty, but this time Iran will call the shots as they will be in possession of the weapon to start World War III.

Conrad DuBois - July 17, 2015

This deal with Iran will make the world a dangerous place. Our President Obama should not make this deal. He is a Muslim helping his people and should be impeached and taken out of office

marie seeds - July 17, 2015

A traitorous act! Not a “deal,” it was a surrender! A traitors deal made by two traitors, Obama and John nitwit Kerry!

Craig Roberts - July 17, 2015

This will be the trigger that starts WWIII. I hope I’m wrong but History is repeating itself.

Carole Giacomazzo - July 17, 2015

This is the most dangerous deal that obama has created. Spending all this time getting a deal instead of walking away from the table is idiotic. I am furious that he is involving our country in something that literally endangers the entire world. Iran is a terrorist country with bad intentions towards us, Israel, and others. They want to dominate the Miiddle East and then the world. The question is: can we count on our legislators to stop this deal? If not, I fear we have already lost the “war” with Iran……..Our world will be changed forever, God help us all!

Robert Yoder - July 17, 2015

How did this get not to be a treaty, and is that maneuver challengeable in court? If anyone could challenge it, I would think it would be Judicial Watch.
Mabe they could take up the challenge before Judge Andrew Hanan in Texas?

Ginny Eaton - July 17, 2015

I believe it is a very bad deal. It may not
affect us now but it will be a disaster for
the future. I hope Congress and the Senate can do something to stop Obama from totally destroying the USA.

Carol Heimbach - July 17, 2015

It is one more reason why this wimpy, cowardly congress should have seen what this president was doing and thrown him out of office months or years ago. It makes me angry that they have dragged their heels.

Greg Hergott - July 17, 2015

I agree…. !

Wesley J Lindberg - July 17, 2015

I’m tired of Congress sitting on there hands and doing nothing to rein in this so called leader.who is taking our once Great country down to be a 3rd world power and subject to Isis terror also.

Julia - July 17, 2015

The Iran deal is just that — a deal for Iran.

Alonzo Zaugg - July 17, 2015

I think it stinks!!!
This president is set on destroying this nation that he and his wife hate.

David Campbell - July 17, 2015

This shows his true colors. His intentions has always been to distroy this county and to remake it into what he procieved his father would approve . Should have been kept in the federal penn for treason.

John Witt - July 17, 2015

Once again this administration has bowed to the belief we would be loved if we are considered to be weak. We leave our allies up the well known creek and our enemies in high cotton. This is the way my father would have put it.

Donna Ellingsen - July 17, 2015

This was a deliberate move to undermine and destabilize the whole region and Israel along with American interests.

Arthur Huey - July 17, 2015

It is the worst foreign policy deal in my memory, and I am in my mid-70’s. This administration in general, and Obama in particular, seems determined to make the US a second class country, totally changed from the country our founding fathers created. This deal is a major step toward World War III, and this time it will be nuclear war.

Gordon Humphrey - July 17, 2015

This is TREASON! Obama is a TRAITOR to this country!
Also, Obama LOVES ILLEGALS & HATES US Citizens!

Colleen Kime - July 17, 2015

Senator Cruz is trying to get the Senate to insist on the opportunity to vote on this terrible agreement by defunding the state dept. We must pray for his success.

R - July 17, 2015

Obama should be thrown in Jail for treason

Cheryl Craig - July 17, 2015

This is a disaster for us and for the world. Iran has shown we cannot trust them over and over. They hate us and do not hide the fact. This must not be allowed to stand!

Robert - July 17, 2015

Obama should be jailed for TREASON

Harry - July 17, 2015

A cowardly juvenile capitulation to an enemy of the human race!

Pat Reilly - July 17, 2015

I hope Congress does not approve it.

Ed Robinson - July 17, 2015

This President has accomplished what his Rev Wright espoused all along in some of his worst rantings. Obama is bound and determined to ruin America. No one is stupid enough to have caused all the havoc this man has caused without doing it intentionally.

Orlo Paff - July 17, 2015

It is clear as daylight, we need an American in office, not a traitor who says one thing and does another. This has been plain to see from the beginning. We don’t have much more time till it will be to late for AMERICA!

Roseann L. Tusa - July 17, 2015

The President is trying to destroy America and Israel, and I am afraid Congress is going to help him do it by doing nothing. I think his actions are treasonous!=

Richard Bowman - July 17, 2015

this plan does nothing to control Iran’s desire to build nuclear Weapons. We must find a way to stop thisplan from continuing, Obama continues to promote terrorism throughout the world.
We are in the beginning of world war three, We must take the offensive and win this war by whatever means it takes.

Ivan Beaulieu - July 17, 2015

Obama has betrayed America, our military and all the veterans who have fought and died to preserve world peace. Its not the first time he betrayed America and it won’t be the last.

Beverly Dorris - July 17, 2015

No American should trust anything Obama and Kerry do regarding national security. Both men want to declare they achieved something historical and when that is the motivation, it’s a good bet it is not good for any American or for that matter, the world!

J. E. Miller - July 17, 2015

What did you expect out of Obama and Kerry? Their goal is to take the United States down and so far NO ONE has done a da*# thing about it. And don’t tell me Obama is a “christan” now. We all have hear it straight from his own mouth that he is a Muslim! I thought Jimmy Carter was the worst president in our history, that is until Obama took office. And now there’s no comparison, Obama is the all time worst president by a long shot. I’m very afraid of our future as the GOP JUST DOES NOT GET IT and does NOTHING to correct the massive and numerous problems.

Francis DiNenna - July 17, 2015

It only emboldens Iran. Without on site inspections by the US, there is no deal.
They can do what ever they want , and BO is alright with it.
U can take the man out of Islam, but U can’t take Islam out of the man.
Obama is our greatest threat.

Donald Buechler - July 17, 2015

I have given up on Obama and think it is futile to try anything to obstruct what he is doing. He does not pay any attention to laws, Congress or the courts and does what he wants. He is a dictatorial, socialist, closet Muslim sympathizer who Sarkozy identified as an egotistical, nieve individual. I just hope we survive the time between now and 20 January 2017. God help us if Clinton wins the 12016 election and continues his “progressive” policies..

Charles Palladino - July 17, 2015

The Iranian nuclear deal is definitely something to be extremely concerned about. Obama has been pushing America down a very slippery slope since he first rook the oath as President. This deal is in my opinion one of the last nails Iin America’s coffin. I think it ould spell disaster some day for America and maybe all of mankind.

Manuel Castro - July 17, 2015

I’m not educated on the Iran deal, but if is so bad, why did Germany, France and the UK sign off on it?

Ken lowery - July 17, 2015

Jus one step closer to Nuclear war , I guess we will have to learn the hard way ,witch will mean oblivion for all man kind .and we the people just stand by and watch it happen . While the liberals ,and communist dictate how it will be .seems like no one cares anymore. Common sense is gone for most .

William Rieckmann - July 17, 2015

From a book review from long ago!

“It is indeed late in the day, when Pygmies cast long shadows!”

We elected these incompetent politicians, what does that say about us?

Prepare for battle, the enemy is arming!

Nancy McConnell - July 17, 2015

“None Dare Call It Treason” was a popular book during the 1964 Goldwater campaign. Time for an update? Have we crossed the line and no longer have any recourse against those who have sold our country down the river?

Melissa Manning - July 17, 2015

I think it is treason.

Billy Hart - July 17, 2015

Let’s pray that God imposes His solution before Obama leaves office!

John F Clark - July 17, 2015

Obama is the Neville Chamberlain of our times. His national security advisors must be Muslim lovers. Obamd is Islams Trojan Horse

Warren J. Ferry - July 17, 2015

What is this administration thinking? If it’s just stupidity and/or cowardice our nation can survive and recover our earned place in the world. We have done so before. If it’s more than that…something more insidious, we got a big problem.

bill sheets - July 17, 2015

The absolute worst president in the history of our country has’nt only done enough damage to our constitutional order and fundamentally changed the relationship between the government and the people it govens, for the worse possible effect, he has lit the fuse for a nuclear arms race in the most unstable region on planet earth. The damage this mental midget has done domestically might take 50 years of strict conservative governance, true conservative governance to fix if it is even possible to fix it. Then he puts a machine gun into the hands of a manical regieme which guarentees all the other maniacs will get them too so the crazed muslims can start a circular firing squad and starts ww3, which will end in a nuclear holocausf. Great job idiot obama!!! I pray every stupid s.o.b. who voted for this moron really reflects on the hell they have sentenced our children and grandchildren too. A sad ending to the greatezt country this planet has ever seen. Washington, jefferson and madison must be rolling over in their graves knowing what the republic they gave us has become.

raymond froehlich - July 17, 2015

if a real Marxist were in the white house what would he as president do differently than the existing ‘king’ is now doing?

Yvonne - July 17, 2015

The deal (if we can even call it that) is AWFUL imo. I Pray for Israel & America daily. God Bless our Military & please forgive us for not fighting harder to keep us #OneNationUnderGod proud to display & follow your 10Commandments & be a true friend to Israel. I pray this ‘deal’ doesn’t go through & America gets a backbone again.

TIM DESMOND - July 17, 2015


Dan wood - July 17, 2015

Obama is anti American! He is very good at pitting Americans against each other! Change is killing our country and people are not paying attention!

William King III - July 17, 2015

Very bad deal for everyone by a very bad leader on both sides making this deal. Probably working on end times a coming this way sooner rather than latter.

Roger Pilie - July 17, 2015

Terrible deal — Obama capitulated to Iran on every issue. The US and the World is now a much more dangerous place. Our children and grand children will now have to live under the threat of Nuclear destruction by Radical Muslims.

Obama celebrates while Iran Muslim Leaders and people shout Death to America! Obama and Kerry are liars who have sold out the American people.

Richard Rogers - July 17, 2015

The sanctions had to be lifted so the companies that had provided nuclear support could be paid.

It would be interesting to see if third-party connections can be tied to American companies.
For me, this is the most plausible explanation since original stated goal was not pursued.

The idiocy is Iran will now have the resources through the lifted sanctions to wage jihad against us and our allies.

WilliamJ. Parker - July 17, 2015

Even an Alabama red neck can see how bad this deal is. It is more dangerous than all other actions taken by this administration. It seems that of with all the politicians in Washington DC some of them would have back bone and intelligence enough to stop this administration from further damage to America.

Jeff sharp - July 17, 2015

Obama, Kerry and the whole administration should be tried for treason found guilty and stood before a firing squad

Barry Martin - July 17, 2015

I could not be more disappointed and disgusted. Obama can not be this naive? The only explanation is he is making every possible bad decision he can to tank this country. The man is a menace! And has put the entire World on the brink of destruction. Impeach him now!

F. Douglas Richmond - July 17, 2015

I am 84 years old. This news today was not unexpected, from the first days of Obama’s declaration of intent to run for the presidency he has indicated he wanted to change the United States of America. With his background it was obvious he wanted to destroy this country. He has almost succeeded. Our only hope now is to plead for mercy from God. The silent majority, being politically correct are major contributors but turning our backs on God, ignoring his words in the bible and allowing “reinterpretation” of those words are the real cause of what comes now. Pray for our families and what used to be our country and the freedoms he gave us.

Linda - July 17, 2015

Time to impeach for failing to uphold the law, defend the Constitution, and provide national defense. There’s a fox in the hen house.

Linda - July 17, 2015

I agree with Heritage, the Iran deal is the worst in U.S. history. Obama needs to close our borders. He needs to strengthen our military and protect their right to vote as they are our citizens. Take the vote away from illegals. He needs to fight ISIS over there. Be loyal to our country.

Dolores Smith - July 17, 2015

It is frightening and extremely discouraging to be living in my beloved country, which is being led by a man and his party who are intent upon destroying not only everything our nation was founded upon, but also the integrity of America’s word to our allies. He continues to outmaneuver our insipid Republican congress, who at times appear to be coroborating with him. Our forefathers would weep.

John H Ross - July 17, 2015

Obama’s recent negotiations with Iran, while they seem insane to most of us, are in line with his promise to “basically change America” which translated means destroy America and our freedoms in any way that he can. I totally agree with the comment recently made by the person in one of our government bureaus that Obama is the worst president in our history, that he is a Marxist and an amateur politician. Obama has only a year and half to complete his objective of creating violent revolution, so let see what he will bring about next.

Kent Aland - July 17, 2015

Obama is a tyrant who does not listen or care about anyone who has a different point of view. He bullies his way through. “I will veto any action that congress takes against this deal.” Congress is so weak and ineffective I honestly believe they will not stand up against him to override his veto which is what needs to take place.
At least the attempt so the issue can be brought before the American people and the world to show them what he has done again. He has gotten away with so much illegal and destructive acts and lies, it is time for our elected officials to stand against the Bully.
This is what needs to take place to preserve our country and others from the very likely aggression of Iran to the US and our allies. Members of congress need to be identified along with how they support the veto of this horrible deal so they can be held accountable. Any harm from this deal lies on the congress and how they individually vote and take action against this deplorable deal and incompetent negotiator and president. I this criticism is not true then he must hate the country and the people who love the Constitution.

Kevin Sweeney - July 17, 2015

Insanity. How can this possibly benefit the world. Why does Iran need nuclear power in the first place. America frowns on nuclear right here at home. What is the motivation for this deal?

David L. - July 17, 2015

what has Obama, Hillary, or Kerry done to call any foreign policy decision a good decision?

Mark Wishart-Graham - July 17, 2015

Hussien Obama’s actions are treasonous to not just the United States but the entire western world and certainly Isreal. There have already been at least 5 instances where he should have been impeached. Now he should be in prison. If this so called treaty is allowed to stand the government can only be considered unto themselves because they no longer represent the will of the people.

JANET ENSMINGER - July 17, 2015


James L. Hewlett - July 17, 2015

I think Obama has made a deal with the devil. He has sold America down the drain with so many of his arbitrary decisions to go against the Constitution. How can discussions even take place without the mentioning of the four American hostages that Iran holds? This deal will be so bad for the world that all subsequent administrations (if there are any administrations after the deal allows Iran to start the nuclear proliferation) will be faced with choices in an all out nuclear war. Our allies in the mid-eastern areas including Israel will no longer be allies. With all of the terrorist activities around the world being supported by ISIS and the Iranian, Syrian and other mid east terror organizations they will now have a large infusion of capital from the funds that have been held as economic sanctions for the world to have any control over Iran developing nuclear weapons. That lever will now be eliminated. Who benefits in a nuclear holocaust? If the earth is devastated who benefits? How can our President Obama benefit from a nuclear proliferation? Has he not listened to any advisers, especially our military advisers?

Ted Varnier - July 17, 2015

Wrong, wrong, wrong……our “so-called” president is just plain stupid !!!

Willard Smith - July 17, 2015

Willfull incompetence!!!! Obama is a traitor! it is the only rational conclusion we can come to!

Dwight - July 17, 2015

Ted Cruz issued a statement that says it well. Of course yours does too.

J. Kelly - July 17, 2015

I cannot for the life of me understand the thinking behind this agreement with Iran. It’s as if this tyrannical administration does everything in its power to usurp the will of the people, congress, other world allies and anyone else not on board with “the plan.” If you say black, they say white; if you say wrong, they say right; and if you say this is a very bad deal for the United States and the world, they say “talk to the hand!” This is all insanity. May God help us all!

patricia fink - July 17, 2015

I so agree with your analysis regarding the negotiations with Iran. Pat

Wayne lambert - July 17, 2015

Iran deal is to hurt israel

Jane Rice - July 17, 2015

First, I am a conservative Republican.
BUT, if I were an Obama fan, I would believe his statements he so sincerely makes about the IRAN “deal” they made, and I would not listen to our opinions of the mess Obama has created for the United States!
Okay…………who is lying? How will people who don’t follow FOX NEWS or hear any other conservative opinions know?
Our America is in DEEP failure because of the last 8 years (or more). This is one BIG reason so many people are for Donald Trump….because he owes no one, and he is a manager and not afraid to stick up for what he knows is right!!!
We are so SICK of POLITICIANS ! We need a seasoned manager to run this country, and vote out the pansy politicians! (Personally, I favor the Wisconsin Governor)
Jane Rice

Rodney Huff - July 17, 2015

Have the people of this nation come to grips with the fact that we have someone in charge who hates this nation, hates Israel and completely supports elements of Islam bent on destruction of the west?
Look at the multiple terror attacks in the last six years on our own soil that he simply denies. Our allies don’t trust us and our enemies are cheering at our collapse on the world stage. Do we understand yet?

Ron Kissich - July 18, 2015

There is no security in this deal. We’ll have to let Israel handle this problem. But what about the money and military hardware he has given the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

MICHAEL PHILLIPS - July 18, 2015

I beleive that this administration is meant to be the last so called democratic administration. Our supposed President has no love for this nation and has been selling it out to the one world elitists from the beginning of his first election. I also believe that this imposter is not only Communist at heart but also a Muslim.

So, why would he not sign a deal like this? Our congress has not tried to stop this dictator as Democrats, RINOs and Independents far outnumber our Constitutionalists in congress. Think Boehner and McConnel right after the elections of 2012 when they made a complete turn around on their rhetoric on Obamacare, immigration and their willingness to give “Fast Track” authority, not to mention other areas of policy making, to the president on trade deals that hurt not help the US and then went on to punish those of their own party that dared oppose them. Until Americans wake up to the fact that Democrats, RINOs and Independents, by design are but one party, get educated, hold their representatives and senators accountable America will,again by design continue to become a third world nation immersed in the united nations one world communist government..

Shirley Jerome - July 18, 2015

The majority of the American population are against this “deal”, including me. I am sick of this administration. Presisent Obama thinks he answers to no one and thus far he is right. He has no respect for America, no respect for Israel, and panders to the Islamic nations. We have 4 Americans held “hostage” not “detained” in Iran. Yet, the president carries on as if they don’t exist. When questioned by the media, he results to intimidation to avoid answering. Hshuns the best ally we could ever have, Israel, and allows his arrogance and pride to make his decisions.

Shirley Jerome - July 18, 2015

The majority of the American population are against this “deal”, including me. I am sick of this administration. Presisent Obama thinks he answers to no one and thus far he is right. He has no respect for America, no respect for Israel, and panders to the Islamic nations. We have 4 Americans held “hostage” not “detained” in Iran. Yet, the president carries on as if they don’t exist. When questioned by the media, he results to intimidation to avoid answering. He shuns the best ally we could ever have, Israel, and allows his arrogance and pride to make his decisions.

Anita Benedict - July 18, 2015

I think Obama gave Iran everything they wanted, with complete disregard for our interests for two reasons only. The first is for his name sake, his legacy. And second, because of his intense anger at Netanyahu and hatred for Israel. I also think he gave in to Iran’s wishes with great joy at the thought it would humiliate Netanyahu and jeopardize Israel. Yes, the world is now a much more dangerous
place and Obama is not only the worst, and most dangerous president in our history, but also the most evil.

Terry Kiesinger - July 18, 2015

Stop this deal before we have another civil war and total collapse of the government. Iran hates America and wants total control of world. My fear is that they strike Israel.

Mary A Cole - July 18, 2015

I have read our president’s book: DREAM FROM MY FATHER. This deal would support the realization of his father’s dream. He had said that he would get it approved by the UN without regard to our constitution and congress–and he is moving to do that. I pray that somehow he will be stopped. His getting away with lawlessness encourages others to act with disregard for the law. It is very destablizing.

Dr. Robert J. Sanator - July 18, 2015

It is not a deal that would be acceptable to thinking people. If it stands it will bring disaster.

sharon strilipec - July 18, 2015

I hope congress stops this deal.

PER HEIDENREICH - July 18, 2015

The deal is terrible and should not be approved by Congress. When that is said, I have not seen much of anything from the Republicans on how to resolve the problems in the Middle east.

John Zolkowski - July 18, 2015

The US is giving up too much in the Iran deal. Obama should insist on Iran completely dismantling its military if it wants nuclear power.

Connie Brady - July 18, 2015

This is a bad and frightening deal. The little boys and girls in Washington need to grow up and quit playing the spoilt kid’s games and think about how their decisions effect others. As the Good Book states “the love of money is evil”. Sure does appear there is a lot of evil and a lot of lining of pockets to buy votes going on. We will all be held accountable for our choices so make them wisely.

Arthur Peffer - July 18, 2015

I think that Barack Hussein Obama has replaced Jimmy Carter as America’s worst President. With this Iran “deal” he has now replaced Benedict Arnold as the worst American traitor. He should be tried for treason, and convicted. This deal will make Neville Chamberlain’s concessions at Munich seem paltry.

Donna Mariano - July 18, 2015

the Iran deal is more of Obama ensuring that terriorism goes forth unimpeded.

cynthia jones - July 18, 2015

The worst thing and it is all a very bad deal is that it boxes Isreal into a corner. They have very little chance of survival unless they take Iran out now while they still can. Also in the deal is he allowence of Iran to buy the delivery systems for their weapons. It will be soon that we will face nuclear war.So in essence our president is committing treason by not protecting the US from our ennimies. We are always included in the Iran rants of death.

cynthia jones - July 18, 2015

The worst thing ,and it is all a very bad deal, is that it boxes Isreal into a corner. They have very little chance of survival unless they take Iran out now while they still can. Also in the deal is the allowence of Iran to buy the delivery systems for their weapons. It will be soon that we will face nuclear war.So in essence our president is committing treason by not protecting the US from our ennimies. We are always included in the Iran rants of death.

Tim & Mary Gilligan - July 18, 2015

Impeach Obama !!!!!! Failure to defend & protect the Constitution and the United States. Sadly the Republicans Leadership in the Senate and House DON;T have the guts to do it. Send John “Neville Chamberlin” Kerry to Leavenworth for Treason.

Dennis Fowler - July 18, 2015

Islamics are taught to lie to get their way. Obama is helping them to do just that-, and, paying them to do it! How foolish we must appear to the Muslims.

David Mertz - July 18, 2015

It is time for the intelligent democrats to acknowledge the their president does not have the skill to run this country, join the intelligent republicans and remove him from the presidency right now !!!

D thornton - July 18, 2015

This is just part of this man’s maniacal legacy and how he views himself as the great negotiator. Very disturbing but oh so typical .

Cindy Savignac - July 18, 2015

It sucks, and so does he.

Anthony Nicastro - July 18, 2015

It’s murderous (for our allies) and suicidal (for US). Period.

Karen Lutey - July 18, 2015

Obama has never met a terrorist regime he doesn’t like. He took this deal to the UN
Security Council for a vote on Monday morning which will make it International
Law. He has signed Israel’s death warrant
which is what he and the rest of the leftists
have wanted for years. Samantha Power
has been having secret meetings with the Council. We are even going to show Iran
how to secure secure their sites from any attacks. They now have a minimum of $100 million dollars to give to Hamas, Hezbollah
etc., to continue their terrorism.
Nuclear proliferation is all but guaranteed.
Corker and the boys can feel betrayed all they want and line up to oppose it. So what. It doesn’t matter. It’s a done deal. The betrayal is to the American people perpetrated by the republican party.
By surrendering their power under the Treaty Clause of the Constitution, turning the Constitution upside down with the Corker/Cardin bill guaranteed this outcome.
These fools still don’t know who they are dealing with. I will never forgive them.
All the work that was done to get Conservatives elected to oppose Obama’s
lawlessness has been for nothing. These
people only listen to their masters, US
Chamber of Commerce and K-Street.
Heritage is wasting its breath.
In keeping with the reminder that Heritage
promotes a civil society my remarks are cut short. I have an epistle on this topic and
it’s not very nice.

J. Donald Zulick - July 18, 2015

The worst President in our history! Initially elected for his race, he has done nothing but divide us as a nation.

I keep hoping he’ll trip and break his neck as he does his riculous bound down the steps of Air Force One. I pray we can make it to the next election and that voters have the good sense to a elect one of the solid Republican candidates to begin repairing the damage this Socialist idiot as done!
Don Zulick

Robet Steele - July 18, 2015

Scrap the world for a legacy item. A narcissist is a narcissist and this guy makes the top of the heap.

Paula Abbott - July 18, 2015

Bad deal; USA appears weak; USA has not leverage; Iran cannot be trusted.

Harold Smithson - July 18, 2015

This deal is blatant disregard for Israel and the world, and shows exactly what Obama really is,

Joe birle - July 18, 2015

One must remember one person pulls many of the strings in the White House- the top advisor- Valerie Jarett- She’s behind everything. Born in Iran, Miss Valarie, like Obama, a closet Muslim, was an instrument in this creation. The proper name is ISIS- not for Valarie- she named it ISIL meaning Levant- Antii Israel.

Patriot 714 - July 18, 2015

As with most things Obama does, this will either weaken us or strengthen our enemies. This will do both.

Marian Carlson - July 18, 2015

I think the Iran deal defies any logic or common sense. The negotiation was a farce and we did not come from a position of strength and gave away the “store”. I do believe the world is in a much more dangerous place.

James Power - July 18, 2015



Phil Fetzer - July 18, 2015

I stated to my regular group of friends at our Friday get-together, that to me this reverts to Jimmy Carter’s inability to take appropriate action, and disappointingly Ronald Reagan’s action or lack thereof, coupled with Geo. Bush’s, Bill Clinton’s and Geo. Bush the second’s as well; then you throw-in this Obama anti-American administration, and this squandering group of executives missed miserably in controlling this regional and world threat. Granted “we the people” only glean what we have available to us in the media or through connected organizations we belong to, but at least some of us have abilities to early and quickly, comprehend and anticipate what human behavior will produce. This being prior to any real consideration as to what the Israelis and Saudis, and others may have offered. To me this now represents the true abrogation of the most important duty of the Chief Executive, “the security of the nation and its people”; although due to my conclusion in the early ’60’s after hearing Tom Hayden speak at the U. of Michigan, I knew if his and the SDS’s anti-American dogma gained momentum, the nation was in trouble; we have if now in spades.

Carol Meier - July 18, 2015

I believe this Iran Deal constitutes Treason, and appropriate action should be taken! However, I also know that the greed of European mercenaries, and the inability of the ‘political class’ in this country to see the truth, will preclude that happening.

You’re right; the Human race – and all life – is at risk.

Herbert A. Smith Jr. - July 18, 2015

Congress shoot it down and then override the Presidents veto. Please GOD.

Howard - July 18, 2015

Obama is like his modern chromed: immediate gratification ; let future worry about itself. Applies to Iran deal. His legacy is served, if nothing else. He was “the I tried” for peace, equalty, & freedom fighters redefined (not our principles, but the Bill Ayres type fighters, which applies to domestic protesters& Islamic state fighters). At least we avoid military conflict for, maybe a decade. Obama removed the Winston Churchill statue from Oval Office: Churchill stated- “An appeaser is one that feeds the crocodile in hopes it eats him last” (sounds like th Iran deal & other Obama deals). Obama also had Che Quavara pic in his main campaign campaign hqtrs & stated the U.S. Flag should be changed(not the rebel flag) & stated the national anthem should be a different song, etc.

Aimee Molina - July 18, 2015

I am terrified for our future under this deal and the “leadership” of this President. He is leading us down the path to destruction.

Robert Mathews - July 18, 2015

Something needs to be done fast.
A select group of military personal needs to remove Obama from office and take him to a secret location out of the country and hold him there, water board him to find out all his intentions and try him as a terrorist.
Extreme you say? Our country is in extreme danger by this death of the USA movement by billionaire, progressive, radical haters.
Then we need to go after the enablers and try them as terrorists trying to destroy the USA. George Soros could be our first.

jon hartenberger - July 18, 2015

The deal seams to be nothing but pro-Iranian/pro- muslim. We never hear our president described (in public) as being muslim, but Valerie Jarrett would know what his real aspirations are. I fear for not only our country but the world as well. Our enemy has no fear of starting an armageddon as this would bring in the 12th Immam. Something we all think about but cannot express due to the PC world we live in.

Neil Nelson - July 18, 2015

A big mistake!

Bob Zizik - July 18, 2015

The deal is not only dangerous for the U.S. and its allies, it is disgraceful how the American public has been lied to time and time again by this President and his administration. But why should I expect anything different when this President has come down on the side of the Islamic world on every single issue since he took office and refuses to call terrorist violence for what it is. One can draw their own conclusions.

A bigger disgrace, in my opinion, is how docile the Republican response has been to this “dictatorship” in Washington, D.C.. The last I heard they ran BOTH houses of Congress but you wouldn’t know it by their actions or lack thereof.

And money is not the answer…leadership and courage are!

Richard Eckelhofer - July 18, 2015

I knew this deal with Iran was going to be a go. Obama gets everything his way., and bypasses Congress on all the important issues. I will not be surprised that McConnell will give it the ok. I have no faith in this congress with few exceptions. McConnell ,Beyhner and the Republicans are just as bad as Obama and his party and the media . They are a disgrace to this country. This past week I heard that Obama and Hud are working on a plan to eliminate the states, county and local government of keeping zoning control. I heard the Fed will take this over and congress will not have a say in the decision. The congress has caved on everything Obama wants and gets. When will sanity ever come back to our country. I received email every day asking for donations for candidates and conservative causes. I am retired and not able to give to all these causes. I could go on and on . The corruption is running rambid. I will just pray for this once great nation. God Bless our Country. Richard Eckelhofer

Halyna - July 18, 2015

If this Iran Deal were made by a Moslem Executive , it would be the “Best Diplomatic Decision in History”:. However, He said, He is a Christian., (But he said many things.)
Thus we may have to consider this also.
H. Desler..

Bob - July 18, 2015

Obama is a traitor to this country and should be impeached as such

GWC - July 18, 2015

Obama’s contempt for Congress and for anojone with a difference of opinion , is so damaging to our Nation one must wonder why Congress does not simply notify Obama, in writing, the Congress has decided not to lend credibility to this Agreement by its review. Then publish this statement for all to read and to understand why the Congress has decided to act in this manner!

Jane Enfield - July 18, 2015

Obama, George Soros and Valerie Jarrett got exactly what they planned – to make America weaker and “transform” our entire nation into a weak position in the world. His plan to transform America in right on schedule. Valerie Jarrett is Iranian – and the “boss” at the White House. Look at the racial problems they have instigated with the help of Al Sharpton – Eric Holder also. Look at the Supreme Court decisions – weakening the very fabric of America. And Obama’s weakening of our military – and now jihad comes to America! And we now see not only to we let babies be aborted – but PP sells their body parts for money!A lot of Americans are so uninformed and we have a Congress that is a “nothing burger”! I just pray that somehow the conservatives learn how to get our message out and it’s going to have to be on social media and on the “ground”. Can you imagine Hillary as President – she lies all the time like Obama and gets away with it! Her closest “servant” is a Muslim. We need help and we are not all Americans who are asleep. We just need to do more to tell more and stand up more. And prayer is a never ending must to ask God to help us elect the “right” President for this time who will unify us again and bring back the American values I had when I grew up. At least Donald Trump has spoken loud and clear which none of the “bought off politicians” will do. I think we need someone who will speak for the American people – Ted Cruz and Rick Perry are also strong leaders – forget nominating another candidate who fears saying the truth about our mess here in America and be strong in how they will clean it up. The Republican Party has become nothing but a bunch of elitists. How about getting behind a real conservative? The Republicans have done nothing but bash the “real Americans” who believe in limited Gov’t. They make fun of the Tea Party and people who “stand up” and fight for America –
Sorry but I am sick of the Washington establishment. They can’t even prosecute Hillary for all her crimes.

Helen Herd - July 18, 2015

I think the Obama deal with Iran puts the entire Western Hemisphere in danger of a nuclear attack. How far does he have to go before he is guilty of “…Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors?” He must be removed from power immediately.

Roberta Whelan - July 18, 2015

Obama is following his heritage – Islamic! He is not for We The People of the United States – on almost anything. We must get rid of him and those in the House & Senate who support these Islamic policies!

Lorraine Nolan - July 18, 2015

Our president and his men are wrecking the joint. If this is what the left stands for, than I hate it! Their hope and change is the most dangerous course for our country and the world. Who is willing to tell us the truth about these people….Trump? god, I hope not.

David L. Manney - July 18, 2015

Along with Sen. Pat Toomey, R-PA, and
with Heritage leadership, I firmly urge you
to take every possible means to derail
this Iran deal. May God give you His
wisdom in doing so.


Paul S. Scott - July 18, 2015

Obama has consistently done what ever possible to destabilize the USA and her allies in the name of peace at any price. What more is in his bag of tricks before he is dethroned? The free world can not afford much more of this Wolf in sheeps clothing. Absolutely the worst president ever..

John Bergin - July 18, 2015

Our President supports Islam.
He has no respect for America our constitution nor does he have a moral compass. Putting the US at risk does not bother him in the least.
Heritage must use its influence to defeat the Iran deal.
Impeachment is long past due!
John Bergin

George Powell - July 18, 2015

Our ” negotiator in chief “has once again given away the candy store and all the candy in return for nothing much but hope. We must get Congress to vote this agreement down

Chan Bailey - July 18, 2015

This deal with Iran is worse than no deal. There is no need or point in saying more.

jill bevel - July 18, 2015


Lynn - July 18, 2015

This deal will cost the blood of Americans in the future. Freedom is not free, it comes with a cost. The President has signed the death warrant on future Americans and it won’t be his children, it will be ours.

Keith Brobst - July 18, 2015

I believe that Obama did not care what was in the final deal, only that he got one. He feels that it is going to be a positive for his legacy. He nor our Congress has made decisions based on what is best for our country, just for selfish and political reasons. I think that Obama is the worst president that I can remember and certainly is far from being a patriot.
I personally do not believe that he was fully vetted and unfortunately our country is worst off for it. I only hope that the destruction that he has done can be repaired for the sake of our country.

David Lopez - July 18, 2015

The US is weak with this president-He is in favor of Islam and not of our freedon. The Senators and Congressmen should immediately object to this deal. Maybe even let Israel start their own Nuclear plant.

Clair Williams - July 18, 2015

I think it stinks!

Ken Marx - July 18, 2015

Duck and cover!!!!!

Shirley Passias - July 18, 2015

This president cares only about
his legacy which is bogus.
This is the final nail in the coffin.
If the American people do not rise
up and stop this we are DOOMED.
He must be expunged from office.

Mike - July 18, 2015

A country like America should negotiate out of strength, not weakness like we seem to have done in this situation. We don’t pay, beg, and bribe our enemy to make agreements. If we don’t come away from negotiations as the winner, then we must be the loose. Iran claims to be the winner in these negotiations, Washington has made no such claims, we must have lost! Time for new leaders!!!

molly gunderson - July 18, 2015

It’s the most dangerous deal this American government has agreed upon since the Cold War. It is an essentially a dangerous agreement with the ability to affect the entire world.
There is no acceptable reason intellectually or morally for signing such a deal.

alfred McKnight - July 18, 2015

“Not only does the deal undermine nuclear proliferation by legitimizing Iran as a nuclear threshold state, it also undermines our allies.”
They were all part of the negotiations and signed on. Are they incapable of thinking for themselves? Does President Obama control them?

John M Frier Jr - July 18, 2015

The Moolahs of Iran are thugs supported by the rabble.They usurped power using
Blood..The agreement paper is worthless.
The Middle East only respects military power. Now we will have a war. Name it Obama’s Islamic Delusion.

Alice Cromley - July 18, 2015

Just another ploy by a president who hates America!!! He is constantly making decisions that will diminish our country in every way possible.

Richard - July 18, 2015

It looks like we are seeing the unfulfill Prophecy in Bible, the book of Revelation being unfolded durning our life time…

DanDavis - July 18, 2015

it’s hard to imagine a worse deal. it will be a total surprise if this deal doesn’t lead to proliferation of nuclear devices through out the Middle East. my hope is we will get it repealed by congress or the next President.

Marilyn Laub - July 18, 2015

This is a good deal for Iran, and a bad deal for America, Israel and the rest of the world. It may even hasten to onset of Armageddon, thanks to Obama’s bad decisions and policies. We need to pray for America and Israel.

Jerry Metcalf - July 18, 2015

Congress must do everything in it’s power to stop the Iran deal and defund Obama.

ROBERT HAMMONS - July 18, 2015

just another nail in our country’s coffin

Mary Pyle - July 18, 2015

At first it leaves me terrified, but then I remember that God has already told us what to expect in the end and this looks like we are getting very close to the final act.

Linda Dyar - July 18, 2015

Barach Obama does everything he can do to favor the Sunni Muslims even if it endangers our country or the rest of the world. I feel that we have a traitor in the White House worse than Benedict Arnold!

Ken Kinzel - July 18, 2015

Like everything that Obama does it is wrong.

John - July 18, 2015

The agreement is terrible and should NOT be agreed to by Congress, if in fact they are even given the opportunity to vote on it.

Nancy Orr - July 18, 2015

A terrible disaster! One more thing that Obama has done to hurt and weaken this country.

Gary - July 18, 2015

Obama is a Narcissistic megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur. He could care less about the world around him and he hates the USA more than he hates Christians and Israel. The Iran deal will just give him more weaponry to wipe us out.

Fred W Cunningham - July 18, 2015

Do we have a domestic enemy in the White House, or just a man blinded by Sol Alinsky and too stupid to know where he is leading us. I do not trust this liar!

Janet Zwiebel - July 18, 2015

This deal promoted by Obama has brought the world closer to chaos –
It must be defeated in the House and Senate.

Kathy Bates - July 19, 2015

It is insane, short sighted, stupid, makes absolutely NO SENSE and may end up with a nuclear war sooner than anyone thinks. The sanctions should stay in place until we see whether or not the Iran liars comply with anything at all – which I doubt that they will.

Gene Stemper - July 19, 2015

Very foolish and dangerous.

Don Kirchoff - July 19, 2015

This is a deal by a President who cares only about his political ambitions and little about the safety of the us and world peace. It is negotiated by a community organizer with no experience beyond Chicago politics. It is dangerous, grossly misguided, and must be stopped. If allowed to proceed it only kicks a more seriously problem down the road for a future President to resolve.

Ruchard walker - July 19, 2015

Why is this allowed? What about the constitution, why does the republican controlled congress do nothing. The people of this country overwhelmingly voted out the communists (democrats) in the last two elections.

Quinby Gurnee - July 19, 2015

If you consider that an Alinsky follower has been elected president, then it’s easy to understand we have an enemy in the White House, one who is dedicated to the destruction of the U.S. ALL his activities, decisions, “laws”, etc. must be deleted, reversed, and otherwise nullified if we are to continue as a nation. It’s that serious.

Robert J Sonnelitter - July 19, 2015

I agree with Heritage 100%

Rick - July 19, 2015

I believe Obama’s ego and his need to appear as a great leader has sold us and our allies down the river. Iran will never abide by the agreement, just wait until the first inspectors try to do their job. This will not end well.

Henry C. Holder - July 19, 2015

It is another sell-out to the Arab world and benefits our primary enemies, namely Russia and China.

paul m willouer - July 19, 2015

Dear Sirs, Some times the truth really hurts. May our congress have the will and courage to give a strong NO to this very unwise agreement. Paul

Michelle Ricciardone - July 19, 2015

I believe the president knows exactly what he’s doing. Sadly I firmly believe this was his intention from the beginning. The comments he made, caught making about ,”wait till I get elected again to get things done ” his history his contacts in the past his books they all point to his beliefs in destroying all that is great and good about the United States of America . taking this country down so he has no devotion no love no real belief in the United States of America.

Robert Gordon - July 19, 2015

I agree that this is a very bad deal, an historic mistake as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has put it. You don’t reward the bad guys in the region by allowing them to continue on the same path they have been taking. You allow Israel to take unilateral action to stop the enemies of peace by blowing up their nuclear facilities as has been done in the past by striking Iran’s nuclear facilities from the air. You don’t allow these thugs to continue to bully and intimidate. Nor do you allow them to assist Israel’s enemies. We must allow Israel to do what is necessary to defend itself. And in the meantime get a Republican President here in the U.S. next fall.

John Collins - July 19, 2015

Any deal with Iran is a crap shoot at best, but the criticisms I am reading do not offer alternatives to the deal or the tactics employed to achieve it. Has the Republican Party become the party of naysayers? Where is our leadership? What are our ideas? It is not enough to criticize. Alternatives that are compelling are needed. This applies to Iran’s nuclear future, Obamacare, illegal immigration, government spending and global warming/fossil fuel exploitation. We are not publicizing an effective message on these issues.

A.J Frankenwurth - July 19, 2015

Guess the Munich Agreement is replaced by the Vienna Agreement-Peace in our Times -God save us!

werner keil - July 19, 2015

If you merged Obama/Kerry together one thing that you would not be able to create: BACKBONE! They let the American down.AMEN

Sharilee Roper - July 19, 2015

This DEAL is a blueprint for Armagedden, truly the beginning of the end for this civilization. It also confirms that Obama is out to destroy this nation and turn the world into a Islamic state for all Muslims to take over. Nuclear destruction will precede the Second Coming of Christ, and this deal puts us on the threshold.

Paul Margraff - July 19, 2015

1 . This agreement should never have begun because Israel was not properly recognized.
2. This … because the stated purpose of Iran is to kill every Jew on earth
3. This … America and or any other nation can not prosper without blessing the Jewish nation; SAYS THE LORD GOD OF ISRAEL.

Elizabeth Turner - July 19, 2015

Charles Krauthammer’s assessment of Obama’s deal with Iran as recently published in the Washington Post (and other papers) should be read by every member of Congress and every American. For Obama to be able to take this deal and get approval from the U.N. BEFORE Congress votes on it is insane. What can we Americans do to get Congress to see the terrible aspects of this “deal” and stop Obama from signing the deal? Obviously, Obama is continuing to do whatever he wants to do because Congress and the Supreme Court are not stopping him. How sad for the future of this country.

Dave Stalland - July 19, 2015

I think the liberal rationale for the deal is basically this: If we wipe the traditional historical logic off the map (which would of course reveal that we cannot trust Iran), then we can positivistically and annihilistically build……a whole new reality! Plus, since Judaism in Israel is also an element of tradition, they want to wipe that away too. They should consider T.S. Eliot: “The present is made of the past.”

Steve Nerison - July 19, 2015

I am continuously amazed at the irresponsible, un-American actions of this president and equally disappointed in our anemic congress inability to throw down the gauntlet. I hope the American people are paying attention! Thanks.

Ed Ries - July 20, 2015

Congress needs to overturn this agreement. Even more importantly, congress must have the courage to overturn Obama’s promised veto when they do overturn it.

David Schafer - July 20, 2015

You’re right on. Unfortunately, I don’t trust our own President to look out for the interests of U.S. citizens. One of the main reasons we have a President is to administrate protection of the U.S. citizenry. Allowing Iran to proceed with unsettling nuclear weapon development, however it’s couched, is a big mistake.

Cindy - July 20, 2015

Obama needs to be impeached for not standing up to the oath he took when he became president.

Richard Benson - July 20, 2015

Gentleman: I have reviewed your 4 points why you feel this is a bad deal. I disagree with your assessment and here’s why.

1) You are assuming all the regional powers will want to develop nukes themselves, but yet you provide no proof.

2) We went from 19,000 centrifuges down to 6,000 a significant drop and we are able to verify at all known facilities and 24 days at military. I understand the reasons why. We weren’t going to get everything nor did they. Why not give peace a try rather than continue our military complex of destruction. I trust the scientist and leaders that were involved.

3) Sanctions were successful bringing Iran to the table. The hard liners there are dying off, just as the hardliners here need to be dying off.

4) If we continue the process as was, yes Iran would have been close to having a bomb. Why don’t we negotiate getting the nukes back from Israel and broker a 2 state solution? Is stead of using FEAR to persuade your agenda. What a concept.

Robert HEssinger - July 20, 2015

Churchill said it best after Nevel Chamberlins appeasement strategy with the germans. We study history but we refuse to learn from it. Our present leadership are fools and it is a hopeless position our citizens are in.

steve proctor - July 20, 2015

I think it is a transparent and blatant aid package to Iran. Obama has clearly used every effort to support Muslin extremist but this is beyond anything imaginable even with Obama’s track record.

Liz - July 20, 2015

Obama should be impeached for this.

Ronald A. Baer - July 20, 2015

Congress needs to VETO this agreement even though our dictator president says he will veto their action. Without Congress there is no deal according to the Constitution.

JRA - July 20, 2015

I have always understood that the Constitution gave only the Senate the authority to make treaties, and there was no provision for the Executive (President) to veto the approval or disapproval of the Senate. Also, The House of Representatives is not involved and has no say.

Author Joy Youngblood - July 20, 2015

I have never been so scared in my life, and I am 81. My only prayer is that there will be enough in Congress to vote “no” that they can over ride his veto power that he has threatened.

Howard Burger - July 20, 2015

Another case of tearing our Country down and endangering the World.

David Boyd - July 20, 2015

After Neville Chamberlain signed his peace deal with Adolph Hitler just prior to WWII, Winston Churchhill commented (paraphrase): ‘Mr Chamberlain had two choices: Infamy or War. Unfortunately he has chosen both.’

Lou Oberman - July 20, 2015

Our President will not negotiate with The Congress, and dumps on them in public,but agrees to make a deal with a country and its people who hate us and sponsor terror all over the world. This is a very bad deal and we need to let him know, it will do great harm in the Middle East and to our Nation.

Bill Coates - July 21, 2015

A try for another Nobel Peace Prize, by a man who is ignorant of history and determined to take America down so he can replace Ban Ki-Moon at the U.N., and use it to extract all our wealth and resources. Islam, of course, is insatiable and will be happy to destroy him after it uses him.

Carol Mattick - July 21, 2015

This is just another one or Obama’s moves to prove that he can do what ever he wants and refuses to comply with the rule of law or the Constitution, He beleives that he alone has the authority to do what ever pleases him and the rest of the USA has to except it.
We no longer have a government by the people. Obama thinks he is king.

Marilee Reilly - July 22, 2015

BO is consistant in his actions. He loathes America and it’s people, white and black. He has achieved his goal which is to reduce us to third world status, this Treaty is another nail in our coffin.

Will Toney - July 23, 2015

Nothing surprising here.
Ted Cruz recently stated….when asked on a Sunday morning talk show…. “Is there anything about President Obama that you like?” ….Cruz stated that he feels Obama is a “believer” in the decisions he makes and opinions he has….Cruz added that he disagrees with almost every decision/opinion Obama has.
I believe the Americans who voted for him are leftist to the extent that they also are quasi socialist/leftist.
Caving in to the Iran demands is either insane…..or delusional.
This is not the United States I grew up in……and served four years serving in the United States Marine Corps.

Fred L. Henry - July 27, 2015

This president can not be trusted to provide for the common defense—the most important function of the federal government.President Obama has punished our most important ally we have in the middle east which is Israel and given their avowed enemy the means to succeed in their goal to destroy Israel. The world will be a much more dangerous place if this agreement is allowed to go into effect.

Edward D Gates - July 31, 2015

I have always said this guy is an idiot. How many more Americans does he have to leave in prison somewhere with no hope of getting out after being beaten to within an inch of their life. How many more Americans have to be killed. How many more of our precious allies does he have to turn his back on and hang them out to dry. He is true blue Muslim and he’s livinng up to his religion trying to take over this country and bury us. Wake up America, impeach this idiot for every thing he has done wrong and all the lies he’s told before he burries us. Call your congressmen and have them vote this veto of his down.

Kevin - August 2, 2015

May the good Lord above have mercy on us all. Only a demon such as Obama could put this nation and the world in so much danger. This “deal” may very well be the start of the destruction of our known world.

Edward D Gates - August 21, 2015

I made my coments July 31 and all I have to say now is obama is prety much an idiot. I think about 95% of you will agree with me. He has to be to do what he did. A two year old could have made a better decision than he did. Absolutely unbelievable.

Josh Kornbluth - August 4, 2016

Great writing, great points, I wrote down the words to feel what it was like to write them. Pretty sure Hunter did that for Fitzgerald.

Samuel E - October 8, 2017

Way to go Obama! History repeats itself. After North Korea, now it’s Iran. Very soon, a nuclear arms race in the Middle East begins.

dennis and mary schrader - October 12, 2017

dear heritage, this has to be the worst deal in the history of our great country! obama and kerry should be in jail for being traitors to the usa! this deal isn’t incompetence, it is pro muslim radical islamic terrorist activity by obama and kerry! the 150 billion dollars obama and kerry gave to the worlds no 1 sponsor of terrorism in the world will be used to murder american woman, children and men!

Nan Day - April 22, 2019

Thank you. I’m appalled by the blindness of some people in leadership. Money power and prestige seems to be more important than representing the people who pay their wages. Stop any agreement with Iran, once a scorpion always a scorpion.

Lloyd Wilson - February 14, 2020

i be leave the dems are very sick people and beleave they run this contry and not the citizens’\

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