Liberals always seem to be suggesting ways for conservatives to get back on the right track. E.J. Dionne, for example, suggests in a new book that conservatives would be more successful if they “moderated,” abandoned many of their core ideals, and came to terms with big government.

This is nonsense, Heritage scholar Lee Edwards writes in The Daily Signal:

Contrary to Dionne’s advice, conservatives understand that the way to win the electoral debate is to take a strong forward position and stick with it just as Reagan did with his 1981 tax cuts that triggered 90 months of economic growth and his Strategic Defense Initiative which forced the Soviets to abandon the arms race and agree to end the cold war at the bargaining table and not on the battlefield.

Dionne is correct that President Eisenhower presided over a period of comparative peace and prosperity in the 1950s, but his “modern” Republicanism was rejected as “a dime store New Deal” by Barry Goldwater, a prime maker of the conservative movement. What Reagan said in his first inaugural address still applies: “In this crisis, government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem.”

Contrary to Dionne’s counsel, American conservatism does not need warmed-over Republicanism from the Fifties to get back on track but principled leadership committed to real health care solutions, meaningful spending cuts, tax reform that spurs economic growth and creates jobs, a strong national defense, energy independence, commonsense immigration reform, protection of human life from conception to natural death, and preservation of the traditional family.

What do you think? Is abandoning principle the only way conservatives can succeed? Or should conservatives look to change the debate and win more Americans to our views?

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Ed Jonson - April 8, 2016

If we have no principles, we don’t matter.

Linda May - April 8, 2016

We need to go back to the beginning, starting with teaching kids in school. They need to learn American history, civics, and American values. When did we lose our patriotism and our love for our country? I hate seeing what the Liberals have done to the America I grew up in and love.

Mary Evans - April 8, 2016

On the contrary, Conservatism needs to be strengthened, not watered down. We have lost all morality in America, and it is only by adhering to Conservative principles that we have any hope of getting back on track. America was great because America was good. When we kill our unborn and change marriage, which God created; how can we expect to be great? We are living the results of bad law forced on us by our Supreme Court. Now is the time for Conservatives to be stronger in our beliefs than ever.

David Applegate - April 8, 2016

I’m always amused when “liberals,” “progressives,” or whatever American Leftists prefer to call themselves on any given day pretend to offer friendly advice to conservatives. If they actually cared about conservatism (or conservatives), of course, they would join our cause, not pretend to offer ways to change it. But they don’t. Despite all evidence to the contrary, they either sincerely or cynically believe that they have discovered the only fundamental truths in the universe and that we should come over to their side. If and when we do, the world will end, not history, for the true problem with socialism is that, in the end, you really do run out of other people’s money.

Donna Blair - April 8, 2016

NO!! If you abandoned your principle, your core values then there are none. Core values are what controls who you are. What you focus on, what choices you make in life.

Randy Wright - April 8, 2016

“Moderation” is usually a misnomer for standing for nothing (other than re-election). What conservative, constitutionally-minded people want are leaders that have core principles and values that revolve around freedom from big government and responsibility for individuals. They don’t want waffling “moderates” that react to the latest pressure points from today’s loudest voices.

Jim Moore - April 8, 2016

We cannot survive “reaching across the aisle” compromise. There is not middle ground between conservative and liberal positions. They are direct opposites in direction.

Bob - April 8, 2016

I am not the least bit interested in what Dionne or any other liberal thinks we Republicans should do or think. By the same token we do not have to abandon our principles to win nor do we have to give the finger to anyone who doesn’t agree with us, which is what I see Heritage suggesting more and more.

Something for Heritage and it’s readers to keep in mind is that it was not on the back of conservatives that Reagan won office, he appealed to a broad segment of the political population.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the two sides weren’t nearly as divided in 1980 as they are now. Go to Conservative Union and check out the ratings for 1980. You will be astonished. Having said that if anyone should move to the center it is the Democrats, not one has a score better than 50 while some Republicans are below 50. It is the Democrats who are most tyrannical in their ideology not Republicans.

Tom Nobis - April 8, 2016

Abandoning principles would mean givivg in. We can’t afford to do that. Individual Freedom is what this counzry eas built on.

Lawrence R. Whalley - April 8, 2016

Never give up principles for short term gain. It is better to lose than to yield principles.

Larry Baldwin - April 8, 2016

Principled leadership was needed back in the first term of GW. We had all three branches and could have dealt with healthcare, the debt and entitlements and made the democrat party a thing of the past. But there never seems to be enough with courage to lead the fight when we have the upperhand. Now we have what we have because of lack of courage.

John D. Watts - April 8, 2016

I keep issues simple to reduce deliberate confusion, which is the prime liberal tool. Reduce Federal to the 5 powers allowed it by the Constitution, and State successes will be copied by other states, which will eliminate the MAFIA TYPE POLITICAL PARTIES now in control.

Robert McWain - April 8, 2016

Plain socialism pure and simple.

Richard Wilson - April 8, 2016

Kim Holmes is clearly an optimist and I commend him on that! At the same time, realistically I am loath to admit that I don’t see much long range hope for the nation. The leftists are in no mood to let up on their drive to impose their values and worldview on the rest of us. They see that they have the upper hand and are bent on exploiting that edge until the USA is a clone of Denmark.

USmade - April 8, 2016

Principals usually have strong moral values; so no, I would stand on firm ground of Principals. Real Americans know this and don’t need to be ‘won over’.
STAY CONSERVATIVE, Less Government in everything!

David Ray - April 8, 2016


Robert lawson - April 8, 2016

Never compromise principle. Expose the hypocrisy of political correctness, and eliminate its pervasiveness of our education, media and social communication.

Elizabeth Whitehouse - April 8, 2016

“principled leadership committed to real health care solutions, meaningful spending cuts, tax reform that spurs economic growth and creates jobs, a strong national defense, energy independence, commonsense immigration reform, protection of human life from conception to natural death, and preservation of the traditional family.”
If Conservatives, or the Republican party in general, actually practiced what is being preached here, this would be quite a good country to live in. But as a non-partisan, long-time resident and very new citizen, I see some glaring anomalies between principles and practice.
Take health care. The ACA may not be perfect, but it has provided meaningful coverage for millions of Americans. Yet Republicans have voted, what is it?, 50 times to ‘repeal and replace’ the ACA, with absolutely no suggestions for replacement.
Spending cuts are good, and there is a lot of waste in government that can should be addressed. But I don’t see how cutting social security, medicare, medicaid, food stamps and disability benefits helps the average American.

Tax reform is an excellent idea. I’ve just completed my 2015 tax return and my mind is reeling at all the ways that it is legally possible to get out of paying taxes. Simplify the tax code and eliminate the loopholes which allow corporations and the very rich to shelter their wealth.
Strong national defense. In theory a good idea, but what is the United States defending itself against? We do not have a Department of Defense; it should really be called the Department of Offense because that is where the money goes – attacking other countries.

Energy independence! Again, a great concept, and perfectly achievable. But it is more profitable to ship US oil and gas overseas.

And then, protection of life from conception to natural death. I could write a book on this subject, but I will just say that I could almost accept the principle if it applied to all forms of life. But that is not what you mean. I do not believe that humans are exceptional, and I am convinced that quality of life is more important than life at any cost.

Manny - April 8, 2016

Commitment to principles is not just the the right way. It’s the only way to win over the intolerance of the atheist liberals and socialists who promote the agenda of divisiveness and hate in order to the destroy the family unit as the building block of society.

Julie Barnett - April 8, 2016

Absolutely not. Character and principle are everything and one famous quote says it all, “To be silent is to be an accomplice to evil.”

ralph del bove - April 8, 2016

I let them know I grew up during the cold war meet the commies in naim and leftist enclaves of the 60’s and that I will crush any of the ignorant minions that threaten my rights an liberties tell them where the airport is an offer them a ride but get the hell out

Paul L Whitehouse - April 8, 2016

Those who say we need to abandon conservative principles are suffering from faulty reasoning and haven’t learned the lessons of history. Lessons abound on the negative results from the moderation of which Dionne speaks, but how can one understand the lessons without understanding the principles. But there’s more:
The true lesson is that what Reagan had would still work best today. Oh, he understood conservative principles and could communicate them effectively, but he had another key element I haven’t seen very often and heard less often. He recognized and understood the sophistry of the left and could effectively attack their fallacies and specious reasoning, on the fly, with conservative-based reasoning and counterexamples. I think that ability is indispensable changing the debate, winning over more Americans, and winning elections.
I’ve been on a personal campaign (quixotic perhaps) to do the same with family and friends using information and methods given by T. Edward Damer in his book, “Attacking Faulty Reasoning: A Practical Guide to Fallacy-Free Arguments.” It’s not easy and takes a lot of understanding and practice. I often have to ask, “what came first, the liberal or their faulty reasoning derived from fallacious arguments?” I swear there’s a feedback mechanism that rewires their brains.

Evelyn F. Wiegert - April 8, 2016

Some buildings have single unmarked facilities for all to use. (with locked doors). Having these as well as the larger marked rooms may be the only solution. No one should enter a room intended for a gender opposite theirs.
Debating this subject is unnecessary and not in good taste.

Paul D’Aigle - April 8, 2016

American conservatism does not need warmed-over Republicanism from the Fifties to get back on track but principled leadership committed to real health care solutions, meaningful spending cuts, tax reform that spurs economic growth and creates jobs, a strong national defense, energy independence, commonsense immigration reform, protection of human life from conception to natural death, and preservation of the traditional family.

Var - April 8, 2016

Just to make the point, I propose an experiment:
I would love to see the country divided in half. Any way the liberals would like to do it, as long as the line was straight and the halves were equal in size. Let all the liberals live in one half and govern anyway they want, and let the conservatives live in the other half and govern with Constitutional law, the rule of law. I would even go so far as to let the liberals have the side of their choice. Only one rule, each side must deal with the financing they can get only from their side of the line. No cross-line financing. Then I would sit back and watch the outcome over time.
Liberals would reject any such idea and call it a bigoted idea, because they know they would fail, just like every other country in the world that embraced socialism/communism. I also know that conservatism would succeed at such a test. Because there, government would get out of the way and let the private sector function doing what it does best, better than any other system in the world. Our education system would be the best in the world. Families would have the highest quality of life of any country in the world. We would be the most productive country in the world. The welfare system would be based upon the private sector and would be the best in the world, because those receiving assistance would be working and producing. Our infrastructure would be the best in the world. Our moral standard would high. There would be more inventions, making life better. Our military would be unsurpassed.
And Liberalism would fail miserably.

Robert Koonce - April 8, 2016

Again, ABSOLUTELY NOT. Unfortunately, Complacency has made many unwilling to accept the fact that something worth having, sometimes must be fought for. Whether that fight is at a table , with words. Or whether it has to be accomplished with weapons on a field of battle. There really is no difference.The intolerant will always demand their way, and eventually, blows will be thrown. This is a fact of human nature. I’m sorry, but the theory of evolution just doesn’t cut it in this regard. As long as someone is different, there will be those who have to impose their will upon them. As well as the fact that as long as someone can do something for themselves, there will be those lazy ones who feel they should do it for everyone, whether those who can want to or not.Example, This GAY WEDDING CAKE FIASCO. Are those who filed suit going to admit that there aren’t any gay bakers? , or is it that they just had to impose their will on someone who didn’t agree with their point of view. I would have to believe that by the lawsuit, they were stating that no one in the gay community has the expertise to supply the product, so they had to force the baker to submit to their agenda.It certainly wasn’t the baker who told them they couldn’t be gay, or get married. they simply didn’t want to participate. Socialism is nothing more than an exercise in control and intimidation to force compliance to a different point of view.

Gary Newton - April 8, 2016

Democrats have abandoned their values in the search for a vote. Republicans are fighting for the American dream and defending their values from Republicans that feel they need to abandon their values to get a vote and when they have a candidate that will help bring back the American dream Republicans will not back him. Conservatives must not abandon their principles, because that is when we have given up on America and have lost it to the people who want to destroy it.

Diane Moran - April 8, 2016

We should NEVER give up our principles, nor should we soften our stances. It is not going to solve anything if we make “sin grey”. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. The most difficult thing is that conservatives are being attacked on all fronts: school curriculum; church doctrine; social interactions, and on and on. I was ready to give up when attending school board meetings years ago, and it has only become worse, but we can NOT give up!

Howard Wemple - April 8, 2016

We need to get the Constitution (as originally written) and Civics taught in school again. We MUST re-educate people to the God-given gift of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers’ wisdom.

Carole Anzivino - April 8, 2016

I feel the reason the Republican Party is barely recognizable these days is precisely because they have abandoned the core principles of conservatism. It is certainly not the party I have defended for all these years.

Judy - April 8, 2016

Why is it that we hardly ever hear anything but the occasional lame response to all the liberal attacks that come from the left and the “enlightened” ones?
It’s just the same as the R’s sitting on their collective can with crickets chirping in the background while the D’s continue to lambast conservative ideals – you never hear an idea coming from the R’s – it’s always the hot air from the D’s and the accusations of everything from prejudice over race, sexual orientation, religious preference and on and on, ad nauseum. Again, crickets!

David Brown - April 8, 2016

Abandoning tried and true principles is by definition failing!

Donald Rowe - April 8, 2016

No, I don’t think that conservatives should give up their ideals and their principles, but rather double down in their resolve to demonstrate that conservative principles, when applied to our current social and economic problems, do a better job of making short work of them. It’s seldom that the liberal mindset can be easily changed, but with care and committment it can be done.

Jean Ross - April 8, 2016

There are few principles that Republican elected officials follow or espouse because they are too busy taking Koch money & have become the auto-evrerything party that refuses to do the job they have been elected to do. They have no healthcare plan to replace the ACA they’ve unsuccessfully tried to repeal 50 + times. The only tax plan they have is to give the ultra-wealthy bigger tax cuts. Republicans want to spend more on defense wine we already spend almost two thirds of our budget on defense and cut social assistance programs to those most in need. Food assistance, job assistance, assistance to the homeless amount to 2 percent of the budget. Professors of right to life do not give a good god damn about the child once it has left the womb. They don’r want to make sure it is cared for, feed, housed or educated

Charles Lingo - April 8, 2016

The only way to keep the United States of America as a free country is to take a very strong stand for the Constitution and not sacrifice it either piecemeal or lump sum

Robert L Appleton - April 8, 2016

Change the debate, to show that conservatives have better answers for people’s needs and the needs of the country.

Karen Merritt - April 8, 2016

We have seen in the last two elections a move towards moderate republicans Ian’s it cost us 8 years of the worst presidency in the history of our country. Its conservative core values that bring strength and longevity to our fight to restore our lost freedoms. It’s a complete and utter lie from the left (and some cowering republicans) that conservatives move away from their platform, especially social values. We will lose our country if that happens.

Joe - April 8, 2016

Lee Edwards is exactly right!

Karl Landgren - April 8, 2016

The way to triumph is to persistently try to help people understand how wise & prescient our Founders were to entrust far more power to the citizens and our States than to the federal government. We must keep explaining why encroachment of citizens’ rights & liberties has always, everywhere resulted in widespread misery.

Nancy Moody - April 8, 2016

Conservatives and people of Faith must stand up to liberal bullies. We can’t be intimidated by them calling us names or boycotting states or filing lawsuits if we don’t bow to their way of thinking. We must keep the debate live if we want to have any chance of converting moderate liberals to more conservative values.

Mary Wilkinson - April 8, 2016

Anyone can clearly see that abandonment of core conservative principles has led to the demise of our republic. Constant caving to the democrat administration when our republican congress should do everything in their power to stop the runaway presidential dictates is shameful.

Bill Potter - April 8, 2016

It seems we need more conservative schools,colleges and how can we get liberal,socialist, Marxist teachers out of our schools?it seems we need to pass legislation possibly to keep anti American teachers out.I guess you would need lots of money.

Robert Patterson - April 8, 2016


Patricia Mullenix - April 8, 2016

As a moderate liberal who does still care about freedoms, I would find it much easier to band with conservatives as suggested if they had not swung so far to the extreme right. I don’t see it happening currently.

Glenda Alley - April 8, 2016

I believe conservatives need to change the debate and win more Americans to our views.

S - April 8, 2016

Conservatives should look to change the debate and win more Americans to our views?

Kurt Pratt - April 8, 2016

I. Do believe that we she stick to our principles and persuade liberals that conservatism is the only way to save our country .
I don’t understand why people want to change this country to be more like Europe when our forefathers fought to be free !

Chris Cecil - April 8, 2016

Conservatives should never abandon their principles. If the minds of Americans become clouded with evil confusion, it is not the job of conservatives to try to win them over by abandoning the foundations of their character.

Kurt Pratt - April 8, 2016

The more you rely on government the less free you are .

Robert Gardner - April 8, 2016

If a conservative abandons his ideals he no longer is one.

Andrew ( Andy) Lawson - April 8, 2016

Obama will go down in history as one of the most successful Presidents the USA has ever had. He came with a promise to fundimentally change America and he has kept his promise. He has done damage that could be unrepairable. Civil unrest is tghe highest I have seen in my lifetime; the factions of the Progressive Liberal Movement are so unbelieviably wrong for the benefit of our nation and so unacceptiable to the conservative that our nation is completely divided on many levals. The comming together of the conservatives is absolutely necessary. The election of a Conservative President and true Conservative control of the House and the Senate is our only hope. Our Nation must return to the Moral and Religious standards that made us a great nation under God. This is our only hope and without a great change in how the public visions our need there is little hope.

Andrew Crouse - April 8, 2016

Strong unwavering commitment to the conservative principles that Reagan espoused must be adhered to in hopes of saving our nation. Failure to do so will condemn our nation and its founding documents and principles to the ash heap of history.

Dr. Paul Dunn - April 8, 2016

Conservatives have allowed the liberal “political correctness” philosophy to keep them silent and inactive for so long that we may not be the “silent majority” but now with the education of our children by the liberal professors we may be the “silent minority”. I hope it is not too late for us to wake up and speak out and save our country.

Steve Glass - April 8, 2016

We as conservatives should NEVER EVER abandon our principles. We should always take a stand and not back off for any reason. The problems we see in this country have come about because of misguided compromise on the very things we should stand for and never move an inch! Things like marriage between a man and a woman is something we should have never even hinted at compromise. The rainbow gestapo have taken any hint of compromise as an open door and when they have found that open door, they have flung it wide open. Other things like religious protection laws should have been passed no matter what the left threatens because our religious freedoms mean so much. No matter the outcome of these egregious happenings, we as individuals must stand together with like mind and fight for our rights without compromise.

Mimi Shanahan - April 8, 2016

We must never abandon our principles. Instead we must find a way to articulate our beliefs and present them in a clear no nonsense, common sensical fashion.

Stanley Carson - April 8, 2016

Publish this material in a format that will be seen by moderate liberals and independents. Maybe this is being done but to send it only to Heritage Foundation members is preaching to the choir.

Jonathan Hussey - April 8, 2016

Ronald Reagan spoke to the people and the people responded. I think Ted Cruz, or whomever our Republican masters deem appropriate, could get the same response.

William Koontz - April 8, 2016

One of the main reasons that Reagan beat Carter so bad was; Reagan stood for something! While Carter was so wishy-washy, no one knew where he stood on an issue! Carter could change his mind on an issue from day to day.

R. M. Cooper - April 8, 2016

Whenever republicans lose an election it is because they try so hard to pacify the liberal democrat voters. Or, if they have been elected but tossed aside in the next election, it is because their promises were empty lies. Give us a true constitutional conservative as a choice.

Lewis Groberg - April 8, 2016

I think we need to stick to principles. It is scary how dishonest liberals like Obama have been saying things that he knew were not true, like if you like your policy you can keep it. The mainstream media and corporations have pressured Governors like Georgia’s, great economic harm if he signs a watered down freedom of religion bill. It is a scary time to be a Christian in America.

Don Wheeler - April 8, 2016

Sticking to principles is the way. Abandoning them is the road to ineffectual
leadership — which really is no longer leadership.

James Albanese - April 8, 2016

I agree with premise, we must stand with conservative principles, and win more Americans to our views , more public spokespersons are needed .

Lee Anders - April 8, 2016

Commercial interests abandon conservative principles when they are intimidated by the “PC” crowd, motivated to increase their public appeal or to keep a workforce of illegals. Our politicians will abandon conservative principles to maintain the flow of lobbyist money for their reelection and/or avoid bad publicity from the liberal media. This contrasts with the examples of Hobby Lobby, Chicflet, small pizza shops and bakeries that bravely maintain their principles at their expense. These examples would not be the exceptions if our D.C. representatives were leaders and not self-serving plutocrats.

Dr. Albert L. Smith, Ph.D. - April 8, 2016

Conservatives need to be steady. Face intolerances with counter-argument and, in some cases, shunning when potential violence occurs. Common sense needs to be applied at the voting booth. Reagan’s “80-20” principle could be applied whenever compromise is necessary. Be smart without revealing how smart you are to adversaries except in the courts. Measure carefully just how forceful to push back. Study the Art of War and use its principles against liberalism. Radicals like Bill Ayers need to have a “mirror of rationality” held up to them whenever they claim conservativism is “un-American” as Ayers recently proclaimed. Stay brave, courageous, non-violent and adhere to the Gandhian quotation:
“First they ignored me;
Then they made fun of me;
Then they fought me;
Then I won.”

Linda G. White - April 8, 2016

We’ve already seen what abandoning our principles leads to … more liberalism. It’s time to enforce our Constitution to have clear standards in the Republic. Liberalism only leads to confusion and dilution of the laws. Time to turn this around NOW!

Myrtle C Delaney-Kipfer - April 8, 2016

It greatly disturbs me to see anyone advise another to give up principles to be able to get along. I learned throughout my growing up years that giving up principles and beliefs is a very dangerous path to follow. It doesn’t take much to push that envelope just a little further down the road, and before you know it, you given up everything. My opinion is for one to stick to one’s principles, and if the other person can’t handle it, he’s got the problem. I don’t think that moderation, appeasement, all compromise is always appropriate. And I would be very careful how I applied any of them in any circumstance. I know that I’m not a public figure, and that makes a difference to some, but I personally don’t care if a liberal believes I am an ignorant bigot. The liberal mentality is in far more dangerous territory than mine is.

Jeremy. Wales - April 8, 2016

I believe we should NEVER abandon our principles, for they are the fabric for the country. There has been enough attacks on conservative views. We shouldn’t have to buckle under.

Caroline woodis - April 8, 2016

The election results of 2014 was not only a msg to Obama’s Administration but to RHINOS as well. The people are tired of lies from our leaders who promise one thing during campaigns and then do what will benefit themselves once they have been elected. The “conservatives” need to get a back bone and work for conservative issues by initiating and/or supporting bills that advance conservative ideas to benefit the people–not the politician or the Party. Because a majority of Republican Congressmen have not done so, but have caved in to liberal ideas, is exactly why the people are so angry. Stick to the Conservative principles which will turn this country around. But maybe the corruption is too wide and too deep in our Federal, State and Local Governments to turn us around. I hope not.

Douglas Emery - April 8, 2016

It just baffles me how liberals think, I don’t understand that they don’t have what I call common sense. I thank God that I had some and was strong enough to not let them indoctrinate me. I hope that we have the ability to get Senator Cruz nominated for I believe he can get us back on track.

William M Zachman - April 8, 2016

I agree completely! Conservatives are “pronciple” driven. Core values, Christian world view, limited government, balanced byudgets, no debt, sanctity of life, absolute truth always! Those values cannot be compromised. Liberals are “cause” oriented. That produces Machevelian values. “Whatever it takes to advance our cause is justified.” The Eastern Establishment Republicans are compromisiers. You can’t distinguish them from the liberals. Reagan repudiated them and we must do it again in the 2016 election. I strongly advise the Heritage Foundation to work to this end. I have been a faithful contributor to the Foundation but the Obama Administration has spent all my cash. I am “land poor”. Lots of assets but no cash and a deplorable real estate market. HELP!

Renee Szabo - April 8, 2016

Lee Edwards is correct.

Dr. Kenneth Lenz - April 9, 2016

Statists / Socialists twist or gut the meaning of words. Classical liberals (those of us in favor of liberty) should reframe discussions not as “left” vs. “right” or “liberal” vs. “conservative” but rather utilize traditional words which have not yet been corrupted.
I suggest we promote a positive, upbeat “Pro-Freedom” message and refer to statists as “Anti-Freedom” when discussing their liberty-reducing efforts.
Let’s promote ideas like greater worker choice, individual-controlled tax systems (such as a sales tax rather than an income tax), a bureaucrat’s bonus program to incentivize government employees to save rather than waste taxpayer money, and other similar ideas which would be difficult for statists to argue against.

Sinclair Doggett - April 9, 2016

Dionne writes for our local liberal rag. I try to read his comments but I’ve stopped because they make me so frustrated to the point I feel sorry for this poor guy. I just can’t imagine someone paying him to write such crazy comments.

Carl Eckles - April 9, 2016

I believe that conservative politicians need to be up front about their beliefs and the principles on which our country was founded instead of worrying about being reelected.

Sharm Wendt - April 9, 2016

How can being “unprincipled” ever be defined as success? We would then be susceptible to every new whim, fancy and crazy scheme that comes from the liberals.

Dixie Richardson - April 9, 2016

I’m just appalled at the liberal trends of today. Out the window have gone our basic values of morality, (in any form),
honesty, mutual regard, faith in a higher power , and allowing others the right to believe in and live with differing values than our own. I wonder where this can lead our country; it doesn’t look too promising to mr. I truly fear for our children and grandchildren! What are we leaving for them to face? If we don’t get a strong conservative leader in this election, I fear that America could go the way of so many nations who could only survive for 200 years before wickedness ( yes I dare to use such a word) and the things listed above took them down to disastrous destructiom. I’ve said my piece, Now, aren’t you sorry you invited me to speak up? Thanks for your column. I enjoy it and support your perspectives!

Bill Hastings - April 9, 2016

Abandonment-no: stay the course-yes. Modifying principled behavior to accomadate changing liberal perceptions of morality is to cede the high ground of righteousness and justice, trading freedom and self reliance for the slavery of big government and worldview. Back to the basics of the Bible and Constitution is the battleground of of unyielding freedom and morality.

James Kinsaul - April 9, 2016

One of the fundamental problems here is liberals view the Constitution as a “living” document where its interpretation changes with the times. The Constitution is a “literal” document where words such as “shall not” literally mean “don’t,” now and forever.

Jan Zischke - April 9, 2016

Dear Jim,
I am with you all the way. Your description of conservatism depicts my views 100%. I voted for Barry Goldwater years ago against my husband’s views. It wasn’t long before he became an advocate for conservatism. He was a lone wolf in the diplomatic service for many years and unabashedly proclaimed the conservative message.
I am proud to be a member of the Heritage Foundation and so thankful that you are educating members of the Senate and House on important issues facing the lawmakers.

Mark Malcolm - April 9, 2016

I think Conservatives need to be willing to publically band together and no longer “hold their noses” for the candidate we are told “is the only one who can win” even if it means allowing progressive liberals to be elected. I hold this belief because I would rather see the country burn at the hands of Liberals who I expect to act like liberals rather than watch it be destroyed by Establishment Republicans who are acting like Liberals but whom I do not expect to act that way. At least then I won’t have to hear my liberal friends tell me how awful my side is because they do bad things too.

Rick Hand - April 9, 2016

The American public elected a Republican House and Senate in hopes of returning our country to a more conservative path. Less government intrusion, responsible spending, stopping the flow of illegal immigrants to our country, stopping an ineffective health care program, stopping the shift of assets from hard working Americans to those who contribute little of nothing to our society and on and on. The leadership of the Republican party including the Congress has been almost virtual silence. If anything under the leadership of Mitch McConnell and John Boehner they have assisted the President in completing his agenda. Unfortunately the Republicans along with the Democrats only concern in doing anything is their next election. Their desire for reelection and being part of the “privileged” class has left them frozen unable to do what is good for our country. Until we have term limits on Congress we will continue to sink in the abyss. It is no wonder Americans are voicing the frustration that they do.

yvette hall - April 9, 2016

I am a conservative I will always fight liberal rules. Nothing they say or do could change that.I am a posed to same gender bath rooms. I am sick of liberals telling us what to do an our government doing nothing. That’s why I’m voting for Trump if he gets in he can change alot of this.Hes a fighter an can’t be swayed no matter what they try he loves this country just like us.

yvette hall - April 9, 2016

I am a conservative I will always fight liberal rules . Nothing they say or do could change that. I am a posed to same gender bath rooms. I am sick of liberals telling us what to do an our government doing nothing. That’s why I’m voting for Trump if he gets in he can change alot of this. He’s a fighter an can’t be swayed no matter what they try he loves this country just like us.

Tim - April 9, 2016

We need to stand on principles. You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. If we go with the flow and abandon principles, then we will all flow over the cliff. The principles that made America great are founded in basic truths that will never change. If we abandon our foundation and chip away at it, then entire structure collapses. Liberal thinking is founded in socialism. That has proven to create poverty over time and a wider gap between classes.

Jackie Buchta - April 9, 2016

Yes to the latter question.

Leonard Ivel - April 9, 2016

Stand for principals. If there is to be any compromise it needs to come from the left. Educate the left showing the harm liberals policies have done while showing how the people benefit from conservative values. Government can only sustain your poverty while free enterprise raises standards of living for all.

kris - April 9, 2016

right on!

Dan Oswald - April 9, 2016

The question is asked, “Is abandoning principle the only way conservatives can succeed”. I believe that abandoning Constitutional and foundational principles is, indeed, the only way conservatives can fail. As conservatves, we should be endeavoring to influence liberals with Constitutional principles-they have stood for 240 years.

Dennis M Fries - April 9, 2016

We need to take a strong forward looking position and stick with it, but we need to do a better job of pointing out the flaws and the word deception that our opponents are utilizing,

Milena Podhrazska - April 9, 2016

Change the debate not the principles. Political correctness is the enemy of a healthy debate. Intellectual honesty needs to prevail.

Shanelle - April 9, 2016

For way too long our congressmen and others have moderated to get along. I am happy that a few are sticking to their beliefs. We should stick to our values and not bow to the liberal agenda, we all should. I always have and hope always will.

Don Pascucci - April 9, 2016

Can’t disagree with any of the articles of course. BUT NOT I APPROVE OF THE ASKING FOR A DONATION WITH EACH COMMENT.
In financial hardship so will contribute when I can. Just send reminders to contribute. Don’t stick them in with requests for opinions you know we all agree with anyway. How could we not?!

David Lopez - April 9, 2016

Congress should be elected for 4 yrs. and restricted to no more that 3 terms. Senators elected for 6 yrs. and restricted to 2 terms. No pay raises unless and only cost of living raises. They must pass a budget and not pass laws that are beyond the budget. Basic pay for Senators $125K and Congressmen $100K

Timothy R. Buttner - April 9, 2016

We may be seeing he end of the two-party system; certainly the Dems would like to see that.

Paul Betjeman - April 9, 2016

I listen to Rush – beat them is the solution. Their firepower is massive and reminds me of a soft verision of Marxism in the 20’s and thirties – especially the media. The taboo topic taken on by Sozhenitsyn in “200 Years Together” is crucial – I have tried to bring it out within my circle of acquaintances.

Charles Fickling - April 9, 2016

The damage already done by the liberal progressives in this country is insurmountable. If conservative ideas are not implemented soon we are doomed!!!

Karen Rieger - April 9, 2016

Good morning, Senator DeMint! I greatly appreciate being on your mailing list. Thank you for seeking the viewpoints of those who read your postings and commentary.
As a conservative and a Christian, I see the need to hold fast to conservative economic and fiscal principles in like fashion to the need for holding fast to my faith in Jesus Christ. “Watering down” conservative principles, just like “watering down” Christian commandments and morals, doesn’t water them down – it dissolves them. We citizenry of the United States must take courage, and remain steadfast against all attempts to coerce, belittle, and shame us into compromising even one scintilla of the conservative core values upon which our great country was founded, and without which EVERY civilization before us has failed. Why do people not want to acknowledge reality??!! Thank you. God bless you! Respectfully, Mrs. Karen Rieger

Don & Bonnie Sappington - April 9, 2016

If the Republican party, the RNC and GOP, do not stand on principle, they are finished. Because of what they are planning to do to Donald Trump, we will vote 3rd party if he goes that way. We are sick and tired of the hypocrisy and lies and control of the Republican party. They are showing that they are communist & not Americans. We are Americans in our hearts, just like we are Christians in our hearts, or we are on the side of the monsters. And, the youth of America is this country’s greatest resource, and look what the RNC & the GOP are teaching them!

Werner Alber - April 9, 2016

I’m proud of Jim DeMint for staying with the fight to save this republic at Heritage.
I’m proud of Larry Arnn and Hillsdale college for pitching in as they realize how near we are getting to the point of no return.

Carol AveLallemant - April 9, 2016

Yes, I agree that we have to change!

Janet Edem - April 9, 2016

We must change the debate. We must stand firm and speak out on our commitment to the constitution and traditional moral values our country was founded on.

Sharon Sullivan - April 9, 2016

The biggest mistake the Republican Party has made in my lifetime is continuing to adopt or emulate the Democratic Progessive philosophy. Neither McCain or Romney stood up and defended our founding father’s principles. We have 90 million people either out of work or underemployed. We encourage illegal immigrants to come here and then the taxpayers have to subsidize their existence. Our debt is a disgrace! Corporate welfare, crony capitalism, public sector employees and corrupt politicians have squandered our wealth. The Republican Party wonders why people are rejecting their candidates? Perhaps if we lose the Presidecy again, it will be time to dismantle the Republican Party.

Alan Bartley - April 9, 2016

Commit to principles and sway them to the truth and correct way. In the original King James bible, the book of prophecy , it prophecy’s about liberals. Isaiah chapter 32 verses 5 – 8. Calls liberals vile, churls (deceivers), and fools.

Tom - April 9, 2016

Individuals must embrace a “Principal Centered Life” to achieve a blessed life that brings fulfillment from the inside of ones self. America was founded on fundamental Christian principals and a community of laws. “Give me Liberty or Give me Death”
PS: We need another Thomas Paine article on “Common Sense” for the 20th Century.

Deborah McNally - April 9, 2016

Never surrender bold principles that made this country great ! We will NOT be great without free market capitalism, liberty and Justice , private property rights, religious freedom, etc, all in our Foundng Docments. Need to elect a candidate who has read Our Constitution and articulate it, not slander and use leftist name calling to end the argument . God help us

Alton Age - April 9, 2016

To abandon Conservative principles and our Constitution makes for a new America that will implode from within. Has any world leader said this in the past? Yep, they knew that Liberalism from within would take us down and when that happens, the Liberals will blame Conservatives…that’s how they roll.

Phillip Davis - April 9, 2016

“real health care solutions”- Should not involve the Federal government.But, a free economy with less regulations and taxes on business would have a building snowball effect. “Immigration reform” – Enforce the laws on the books. There is your immigration reform.

Dan Mosse - April 9, 2016

Why is there no pushback from our side? Keeping silent is surrender. Yet no one seems to speak up save Ted Cruz and he is villified by our side.Obama destroys the constitution and nothing is said. People like me are disgusted with McConnel, McCain, Graham, Reed,Clinton just to name a few.God help us.

janice lewis - April 9, 2016

We need to fight the good fight to get our message out, especially to young people who seem to be lost. They are not taught in school as we were when I was a kid, they don’t seem to know where to turn to get an answer to what is troubling them and we need to be the ones to guide them back to a more civil, loving and God like existence instead of the fighting and back stabbing that is going on in our colleges today and even in our high schools, what a waste of the wonderful young people who are our future. God Bless America, once again and help those who are trying to guide us away from the Lord.

Marjorie Taylor - April 9, 2016

Anyone who would abandon their principles
obviously doesn’t really believe in them. We need to show people that conservative ideas are actually better than progressive ideas. We need to tell people how harmful progressive policies are to families, cities, and the whole nation. Just look at Detroit as an example.

Dan Baerthel - April 9, 2016

Conservatism needs to recognize and clearly and compellingly inform the voters that what once stood for liberalism in America is dead and been replaced by wanton Progressivism that is distinct from Liberalism and much more akin to extreme Socialism and a facilitator to Communism. While the Progressives practice the justification of their ends by any means possible, voters need to perceive that a somewhat subtle approach to their ends has been their fostering of muddled PC thinking and unabashed, frequently repeated lies. The Conservatives need to defeat the Progressive’s proclaimed falsehood that these strategies, promulgated by a resonant mainstream media and a President not afraid to boldly lie, cheat, and steal from his bully pulpit, are tantamount to treason and have been rammed down America’s throat with less than a whimper from the Republican Establishment.

Virginia Thomas - April 9, 2016

Conservatives need to stand for their beliefs. You cannot compromise your beliefs and values. If you don’t live your beliefs and values, then you might as well not have any. Conservatives have lost their footing in America because we have already compromised too much. The more we compromise, the more the liberals keep coming back bullying us and taking more and more of our values until there will be nothing left. “You have to STAND for something, or you’ll FALL for anything.”

Lynn Withrow - April 9, 2016

As a conservative who believes in the Constitution, and its importance throughout its history, I am also of the belief that there is room to work solve America’s problems. One of these is to seek common ground and build from there. However, in the lexicon of the Tea Party and Freedom Caucus, I no longer qualify as a Conservative because I hold such a belief. These two groups deny Conservatives any thought beyond their defined limits. They are just as closed minded as the Liberals.

Shirley Kindt - April 9, 2016

It is never a good idea to abandon ones principles. It is like saying that what one believes in is of no importance at all. It is like betraying a trusted friend to please another that is not trustworthy.

David C Thurgood - April 9, 2016

We should hold fast to our values and principles and educate the masses.

steve porter - April 9, 2016

conservatives must stick with what they know is right until a more persuasive idea comes along…even then be careful in giving up what is tried and true.

Jewel Wilson - April 9, 2016

There’s a well-known, anonymous quote, “stand for something, or fall for anything.” That truth is more important today than it ever has been. On my latest blog post, I’ve written the following:

“Verity applies to all of life, not just the political arena. While truism isn’t always pleasant, it consistently cleanses.”–

The liberal left actively seek ways to bypass anything requiring self-denial; however, as I’ve also authored in the above referenced blog post, “In life, there are no shortcuts–period–no ifs, ands, or buts.”

Ronald L.Johnson - April 9, 2016

We must remain committed to our principles!
One of the major missing elements is the need for all people to assume responsibility for their own actions and to remove themselves from the need for government support. We must move away from welfare and unemployment programs that encourage dependency and instead require all peoples to move toward self sufficiency and independence.

Earl Jennings - April 9, 2016

No! Abandoning our conservative principles is not the way to go and this would not succeed anyway. If we truly believe what we say we believe, then we need to take a stand! My belief is, that if you truly believe in something you are willing to die for it. (The founding of this country) People died for for what they believed and weren’t, willing to compromise, because of what others thought or what the political fallout might be. For me it’s not what others think of me but what GOD thinks of me.

Katherine Cranford - April 9, 2016

Abandoning principles–and, in particular, Godly principles–is what got us here. No, “compromise” in matters of principle always leads to the lowest common denominator.

Cliff Hanscom - April 9, 2016

Abandoning our principles is what got us here. Instead of voting for someone who told the truth, was an American and would uphold the constitution the country voted for a liar, a Kenyon and a man who wanted to remove the constitution and the bill of rights. If we had not done that this conversation would not be getting made. STICK TO OUR PRINCIPLES, CONVICTIONS AND COMMON SENSE.

Retta - April 9, 2016

Stand for principles! Educate others about what it means to be a Conservative.

John E Humiston - April 9, 2016

Everyone – even the confused liberals – are always looking for the courageous prophet-king, the political leader with sound spiritual roots and knowledge. Ronald Reagan was the greatest embodiment of that since Abraham Lincoln. When that type of man comes forth, everyone follows.

Laurie Bluth - April 9, 2016

I’m so disturbed by the insidious spread of liberal “socialist” ideals, that I can hardly stand it. This country is no longer the country in which I grew up.. Conservatives must act, and act fast in keeping their conservative views and freedoms in place.

I am sorry to say, if Trump gets the candidacy, I will be working for TX independence, as there will be no one I can support.

John Huffman - April 9, 2016

Conservatives should look to change the debate and win more Americans to our views.

Jonathan Oaks - April 9, 2016

Stick with conservative principles, stick with conservative principles, STICK WITH CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES! Ronald Reagan had it right, and he won two elections, one a landslide. Also, there is no such thing as a moderate conservative–that is known as a liberal.

KEITH LEONARD - April 9, 2016


Mark Del Monaco - April 9, 2016

Showing ethical and moral leadership is all it will take, and people will follow. Moral Leadership simply follows the ten commandments. Ethical leadership abides by agree-to law that is rooted in the ten commandments. Personal leadership is humbled before the people whom they serve, not dictate to. Principled leadership is assertive to protect the people, property, God-given rights, and freedoms desired of all humans. IF a politician described the USA as an individual founded in Judea-Christian principles with strength by the people and for the people, the population of this country would follow that politician because that politician has associated him/herself with the USA as a country with its own identity. Now, one does not have to like the country, but they do have to show it respect and acknowledge its individuality. To do otherwise is to denigrate one’s self as if you faced your neighbor and told them of your hate for them. There are way too many people in this country who shouldn’t be here; if they hate it so much, they should pursue their self-interests elsewhere, or at lease be respectful enough to not spit upon the community of which they are themselves a part of.

Pat Fry - April 10, 2016

We need to stick to principles and change the ‘debate’ or perhaps the word ‘conversation’ should be used. It seems that the division in our country has become greater and greater and people of so many differing groups are murmuring and unsettled and frustrated. Would it be possible to try and bring these groups to the table and have a mediation to discuss their differences and resolve the great conflict we have within. I feel like there should be hopes and desires on all sides to mend the divide and work toward unity and be the United States and not the ‘Divided States’. I would love to be on a committee to work on bringing something about. Thank you for this opportunity.

velma steele - April 10, 2016

Conservatives should not abandon principled conservativism to appease liberals. Conservatives are what we stand for which is less government influence in our affairs and freedoms. Our founding fathers created the Constitution with our inalienable rights.
Conservatives should never appease liberals because if that happens we are going to become a nanny state of liberalism and socialism where we will have to abide by government rules instead of our constitutional rights. Conservatives must never give in to the liberals demands or rhetoric we must continue to stick to our guns which is to abide by the Constitution.

BudK - April 10, 2016

I think if conservatives would focus on individual liberty, one of the principles on which this country was founded, we’d be better off. I’m a Christian, but I think forcing others to follow our religious rules is wrong, if our rules infringe on individual liberty. Essentially, go back to simply following the Constitution and Bill of Rights, with strict interpretation.

Don - April 10, 2016

There’s a reason we call them “principles” and it isn’t so you abandon them when times get tough. On the contrary, now is the time to double-down on allegiance to the principles that made America great over the last 240 years.

Alexander - April 10, 2016

Fight back! Call students shouting down conservative speakers “bigots”; etc. etc. In all cases tit for tat. Make sure that “undesirables” are always surrounded by a crowd of supporters andhave enough police on hand to protect those.

Sharilee - April 10, 2016

We MUST stay firmly conservative and protect our liberty and freedom as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Rainer Schildknecht - April 10, 2016

It seems to me it would be worth mentioning upon occasion together
with spending cuts, reductions in the non-
military, non-national security federal
employment. These huge federal bureaucracies are the problem, and always are unaccountable.

Lisa Hall - April 10, 2016

I do not believe our primary ideals should be abandoned. However, many principled conservatives ran in the primary and unfortunately did not garner sufficient GOP or voter support.
We have failed in the last two presidential elections by presenting a one-dimensional conservative message to a largely uninformed public.
In my opinion, the republican party will continue to alienate members if the hierarchy does not respect and adhere to the will of the people (voters).
I am a strong and principled conservative and support both primary leaders,
D. Trump and T. Cruz. for the presidential nomination.

Charles Tartt - April 10, 2016

I think conservatives should maintain there
principles and win the argument.

CHARLES SCHAAFF - April 10, 2016

Liberals aren’t interested in discussing issues. their approach to commonsense is so foreign it’s impossible to understand. However, I must say they do make goof followers. No leaders ship qualities whatsoever. Why are there so many kool aid drinkers??? Maybe it is a cult. .

Patrick j. Gilhooly - April 10, 2016

Conservatives have been forced to swallow big government by “crossing the aisle” and “making great deals”, like Donald Trump bloviates about consistently. These efforts have just pulled conservatives so far to the political left, that we have to accept eroded liberties, and a 20 trillion dollar, insurmountable national debt. Time to step on the brakes totally, and try to right the ship regardless if it is popular with most Americans. Most Americans, in my estimation are aloof to the situation, and the national media does it’s level best to make sure they stay that way. I believe Americans as a whole have moved far enough to the left to ensure that conservatives can do very little even if they are in power, to actually fix these fundamental problems, such as federal spending, etc….

JDH - April 10, 2016

Principle’s are the “foundation”, therefore if you weaken or destroy the foundation,the house will eventually fall!

Patricia - April 10, 2016

By abandoning our principals we will most certainly lose. Liberals seem to have blinders on and can only see their own vision and no other possibility’s. It seems as if they are not interested in what others might think, so we will continue in their wallowing, and in their lack of tolerance for anything that only they can see. We need to stand on our principals or we will sink.

David Caraballo - April 10, 2016

I believe that the Conservative needs to stand there grounds and educate the american non conservative population what is the Conservative belief and understandings. I believe people need to understand that we are NOT old fashion, Bible thumping over jealous crazy people. But do believe in Pro life and peace and Justice for ALL America’s First and Foremost. We do believe in GOD and in family and Country. We believe in the US Constitution especially in the 2nd and 4th amendment. We believe in limited government also.

Robert M. Crossley - April 10, 2016

I find it truly amazing how many Americans seem to want the Government to run every part of their lives. I believe that in the last eight years, the left has become increasingly empowered to push the limits of their agenda and a big portion of America just accepts this as the new normal. The Republican establishment has done nothing to try and stop this. In fact, I believe that they are complicit in a lot of it. I would like to believe that they have now awakened the conservative base to stand up and fight to get our country back. I, for one, will not ever give in to their rhetoric. I’m sure that the Republican Party truly believes that we will eventually give in and they will nominate who they desire and we will go grudgingly go along. I’am so angry with our party that I will never submit and will do everything that I can to help disband the party if that is what it takes. I hope that there are a lot of other Americans who feel the same way, and I believe that there are and we are getting more and more on our side every day. I believe that you have hit the nail on the head of what is going on and I thank you for your commitment and continued action in support of the true conservative American people.

Kurt Acord - April 10, 2016

What liberals (and socialists) don’t understand is the rising cost of big government ensures that the people they wish to help do not receive enough help. The cost of big government (the national debt and the interest on that debt) will never fully help those truly in need.

Vieva Johnson - April 10, 2016

The Republican party has spent too many years abandoning “principles”. They win when they stand on principles and social issues! That’s where the grassroots are and have always been. Stop the progressive-ism, social-ism and commun-ism.

Bill & Betty Whitehead - April 11, 2016

If one abandons their principles then they were never really worth supporting. Of course, it will depend a great deal on what those principles were in the first place: i.e. apartheid is a principle which most reasonable people would agree is worth abandoning as it is illogical at best to support such a philosophy. Principles based on the Bible are of the highest order as they relate directly to a Creator and His philosophy and guidance for His Creation.Of course we have a free will and can reject these things but there are always consequences for their acceptance and rejection that we should be aware of when making that decision. You must be an informed decision -maker. The same is true of our form of government as set forth in the Constitution. We can either accept it or reject it but we must understand that there are circumstances that will result from doing either. In rejecting it we are doing away with our form of lawful, democratic republicanism existence and putting in its place either a pure form of democracy, totalitarianism, or rule by elites who control the powers of the state. That means we would be under the same form of government that we originally rebelled against in the first place. If we accept this form of government then we must realize there are also circumstances that will present themselves as well. First, we have a responsibility to be involved in the governance of ourselves and be at least basically educated in the principles and workings of this form of government. Then we also need to exercise that responsibility by keeping communication with those who represent us before it. This all involves time and effort but nothing good that happens usually happens on its own accord. So, we must decide how we wish to be governed and, in making that decision we need to be fully aware of the consequences that will come about by those decisions. Whichever principles you choose you must choose them wisely and if they are good, moral, constructive ones that would benefit not only yourself but others as well then you must continue to support them no matter the insanity that is trying to tell you to abandon or compromise them. They should be your principles for life, if they are worthy ones at all.

Richard Lopes - April 11, 2016

Dionne is way off base. Conservatives absolutely need to hold to our principles.
He would better serve the political dialogue by “advising” his liberal colleagues that they have evolved into the party of intolerance. Dionne must tell the king about his invisible suit.

Pamela Luttrell - April 11, 2016

As I was composing what I had in mind to say here, I read David Applegate’s comments and find I cannot say it any better – took the words right out of my mouth !

Thomas Moore - April 11, 2016

Conservatives need to unite and push back with more ferocious resolve than the libs. There are a lot of silent conservatives who chose not to say anything out of fear of being shamed or put down. The bigger and stronger the movement becomes the more that will join the cause there is evidence of this happening as we speak.

Donna wunderley - April 11, 2016

We learn principles from the Bible. Read the book of Proverbs to learn what God says. This cannot be abandoned or compromised.

Karen Bartlett - April 12, 2016

If conservatives abandon the principles they uphold, then liberals will gain complete control in America. Leftists and the “politically correct” have already taken over our academic institutions. The media teaches us that trivia is important rather than being informed. Morality is almost non-existent. Rather than having liberty, we have a licentiousness where “anything goes” except Christianity and conservative values. Our Constitution is in danger of being overthrown by Supreme Court rulings which reflect a liberal view and which attempt to make law rather than interpret it. The Supreme Court is as guilty of overreach of power as Obama. The States were originally meant to be sovereign entities in control of their own direction, not the federal government, which usurped power over the States by force of arms in the “Civil War” (our Northern brothers and sisters are just now realizing the impact of the centralization of power in the hands of the feds rather than the States). Corruption and getting away with it are becoming the norm in the federal government. This country is becoming like Sodom and Gommorha, and God’s judgement isn’t far away. I believe Christ will be coming soon, however, so if this country goes down the sewer, I believe God will save us. In the meantime, we need to stand with God and stand for conservative principles out of respect for Him, and not dishonor ourselves by dishonoring God in “giving in” to the depraved spirit of the times.

Henry C. Holder - April 12, 2016

We must stand on our principles if we are to survive as a structured people. Destroying principles leads to becoming a liberal, a socialist or communist.

Ron Mazzucchi - April 12, 2016

We have to get back to being a God fearing and God loving country. What has happened to our morals… down the tube. We either come back to God or we’re do for. We have to have conservative values.

Lavonne Hunt - April 13, 2016

Same song, 2016 verse…
“give up, give in, la la la”
If we don’t stand for something we’ll fall for anything. America needs strength not weakness, there needs to be a strong conservative voice not a weak watered down one.

Art - April 13, 2016

Conservative leadership in the Congress has become more and more hypocritical; so long as “they” say in power, get their perks, and above all, obtain their piggy back legislation that helps their districts or states then that’s all they care about. Look how long the Benghazi committee has taken to investigate — and what do they have to show for it. It’s a sham! Same thing for “Fast and Furious” — another sham, with Republicans in control of both Houses! I am disgusted with them all. Republicans do not just have to “moderate” themselves, they basically need to stick with our principles and “reinvent” themselves to carry out those principles.
End of story!!!

Bill Coates - April 13, 2016

History demonstrates that progressive principles will lead to national collapse, or destruction by competing nations. I think the left cannot be persuaded, except by extreme circumstances, to accept individual liberty and individual responsibility. The most likely of such circumstances are detailed in the book ‘One Second After’ by Forstchen.

Paula Pettit Skender - April 14, 2016

We need strong and determined men and women in public authority positions that will stand fast for the reasons that they were voted into public authority. I am seeing too many conservatives say one thing and then not stand fast against the bizarre propositions of the left.

Tom - April 14, 2016

We must defeat the liberal progressives at the ballot box. We have to support the grass roots movements to get the conservatives to the ballot box. Winning is the only way to swing the pendulum back.

Debbie Hall - April 14, 2016

It depends on how you define “succeed”. If that means, taking the white house, and Congress but continuing the pattern of “governing by decree” then absolutely, yes, they must abandon their principles. But if success is defined as living by the rule of law, returning to common sense thinking, looking to the Constitution as our guide for governing and a return to the true history of America, then no they cannot. However, I doubt that there are ANY politicians Republican, Independent, Tea Party or Democrat capable of such actions. It calls for same sacrifice of fortunes that our founding fathers and the Pilgrims before them made. Without God we have no hope. And we’ve allowed others (liberalism/socialism) to essentially and fundamentally change the truth of America’s history. It saddens me to no end. “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 33:12. We are doomed unless we repent as a nation and return to God.

Bruce Mehew - April 15, 2016

I never allow my enemies or the enemies of the United States (overseas or domestic) to define who I am. I already know that. We should ALWAYS stand firm on conservative principles. If we don’t define that, then we are lost. Look to William F. Buckley. Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, etc. were students of the man who defined modern day conservatism.

John - April 17, 2016

Don’t get this wrong, but it seems kind of funny to state that comments are subject to approval and “moderation”. I hope what you mean is that personal attacks, abrasive agitation will not be allowed. Sometimes, quite often actually, the only way to overcome an intolerant mind and freedom robbing, control personalities is to call them as they are, while not becoming intolerant yourself; accept against dangerous and blind ambitions.

daniel - April 17, 2016

education pulic schools are ruining our children teaching them to oppose the principle of our countrys founding beliefs and laws we as a people need to be more vocal and pro active against such vial morality as is being taught

Gordon Leitch - April 18, 2016

The Dem. party culture of intolerance mirrors their own bigotry! The Dem. party has become a party of democratic depravity & must now be looked at and referred to, for psychological reasons as the Anti-American Party, along with their RINO’S & the Anti-American Hillary & Bernie.

“Gender fluid” boys in a shared bathroom? Craziness! Use the bathroom pertaining to your anatomy, not the propaganda being put between your ears by the Anti-American Party.

Ignorant bigot? Turn this on them! e.g. Bigots are always ignorant. They exhibit microcephalic thinking in their inability to recognize the Ponzi scheme being worked with the money.

All should be aware of the Deceitful Democratic Depravity that has been forced on us since W. Wilson & FDR.

A. Hamilton June 18, 1787 in the Const’l Convention of 1787, said: “Bad principles in a gov’t., though slow, are sure in their operation and will gradually destroy it.” We see the destruction since WW & FDR, and now being carried on by Bernie & Hill!

EJ Dionne is surrounded by societal decay & does not recognize it. His counsel is Anti-American. As Reagan said, “gov’t is the problem.” Well, gov’t still is the problem. and moreso now.

Constitutional Republican Conservatism is the way to go!

The Ant-American Party a la Hillary favors utericide, or in the womb killing. How crazy & misled can a civil society get?

Socialism professed by the left is now synonymous with liberalism, but given the psychological warfare of words we are in it is psychologically better to use just the word “socialism.”

Gun control not the solution to reducing homicides in America–the solution is a well-armed citizenry!

donald Gray - April 19, 2016

The left is for all liberal ideas because of what it gives them. They really don’t care about our country!

Mary Tucker - April 25, 2016

I agree with the second opinion. Liberals will kill America with their crazy views.

Gary Schlieve - April 28, 2016

Principles are not negotiable. What if Jesus , in the “best interests” of Himself and His disciples had chosen to abandon principle?? (He DID have that option).
Ask many/most, “What is the most unifying factor in America?”, and the common answers are “diversity”,”equality”,”tolerance”, etc…
However, the correct answer is “our constitution”…It, in itself, is “principle”, and we dare not deviate from it, in order to satisfy the evolving (C. Darwin) needs/wishes of “evolving” American people. Their needs/wishes are irrelevant to constitutional government (“feeling your pain; “compassionate conservatism”); their individual RIGHTS ARE the codified responsibility of constitutional government, and therefore the unifying factor that ALL can and should coalesce around.

Emily Farmer - May 18, 2016

Loved Ronald . Love Ted Cruz.I’ve decided I need a better choice than Hillary or Donald. Who???

Diane Woodard - May 21, 2016

Your last paragraph simply and fully covers my thoughts and views of conservatism. I must agree with Linda May in that we start at the beginning with both American and English
history a well as civics. American values must begin at home with love of God,country, and family.
(this worked for me)

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