The Heritage Foundation hosted a dinner featuring a keynote address by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

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  • Date: Oct 26, 2011
  • Location: Sheraton West Des Moines
  • Time: 6:00 p.m. - 9:15 p.m.
  • Address: 1800 50th Street
    West Des Moines, Iowa

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The Honorable Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin

On January 3, 2011, Scott Walker was inaugurated as Wisconsin’s 45th Governor. On his first day in office, Governor Walker called the State Legislature into a special session on job creation. Governor Walker’s reforms are a part of his bold vision for Wisconsin that is founded upon making state government more efficient and allowing the private sector to create 250,000 jobs by 2015. Scott Walker was born on November 2, 1967 to Llewellyn and Patricia Walker in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He spent his earliest years in Plainfield, Iowa, where Llewellyn served as the pastor of their local church. The family moved to Delavan, Wisconsin in 1977 when Scott’s father was called to pastor a church there. Scott was involved in sports, band, church, and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. He remains active in the Boy Scouts of America to this day. While in high school, Scott was selected to attend the American Legion’s Badger Boys State Program in Ripon. There, he was selected as one of two representatives to Boys Nation in Washington, D.C. Both of these programs teach young men that the American form of government is stronger and more vital in today’s world of struggle and change than ever before. The experience opened Scott’s eyes to public service. Scott was elected to the State Assembly in 1993. While there, he chaired several committees and authored important pieces of legislation that include: Truth-in-Sentencing, photo identification requirements to vote, and the elimination of the statute of limitations in sexual assault cases. In 2002, Scott was elected Milwaukee County Executive to reform the scandal-ridden county government. For eight years as County Executive, Scott faithfully kept his promise to spend taxpayer money as if it were his own. He cut the county’s debt by 30%, reduced the county workforce by more than 25%, and authored nine consecutive budgets without increasing the property tax levy from the previous year. Despite failing national and state economies, Milwaukee County recorded a budget surplus in 2009. Scott is married to Tonette, and they have two sons, Matt and Alex. They are active in the community and their church.

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    featuring The Honorable Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin

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1800 50th Street
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