Advance Praise for the New Book by Jim DeMint and Heritage

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Falling in Love with America AgainAdvance praise is already coming in for Falling in Love with America Again, the new book by Jim DeMint and The Heritage Foundation:

“Jim DeMint’s important new book reminds us that America’s real heroes are not to be found strolling through the corridors of power or ensconced in the mansions of the rich and famous. Rather, they’re the modest man or woman who lives next door.”
—Dr. Ben Carson

“In this important book, Jim shares stories of Americans standing rock-solid for their faith and values against the ‘Bigs.’ He speaks candidly about this anchoring faith, connecting love of God, country, and fellow man.”
—Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council

“With its bold ideas, this book is sure to shake up the power structure in Washington—which is what we expect (and love) about Jim DeMint.  He is listening to the heartbeat of America: hard work, active faith, and local control drive real solutions. These stories will surprise and inspire you. ”
—Star Parker, Nationally Syndicated Columnist and Political Commentator

“The heroes my friend Jim DeMint describes in these pages – like those I cover on the battlefield – are dedicated, resilient and committed to a cause bigger than ‘self.’ They inspire me – and they will do the same for you. This book is a must read for every American who cares about our future.”
—Lt. Col. Oliver North, USMC (Ret), #1 Best-Selling Author and Founder of Freedom Alliance

You can pre-order your copy of Falling in Love with America Again from

Happy Birthday, President Reagan


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Today would have been President Ronald Reagan’s 103rd birthday.

His legacy lives on today, especially his commitment to and confidence in America’s virtues.

But Reagan was more than a conservative leader. He was a family man who deserves tribute as a husband and father.

The Heritage Foundation’s Ted Bromund highlights a letter then-Governor Reagan wrote to his son Mike before his wedding in 1971. It is an example of the Gipper’s sincerity, charm, and humanity. It shows how deeply he cared about family values: Continue Reading »

One Thing You Can Do to Get Your Community Engaged in Serving America’s Veterans


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America’s communities, not governments, can offer real solutions to address the problems facing millions of veterans.

That’s the message of Veteran Nation, a documentary about how we’ve treated those who wore the nation’s uniform.

Organizing a screening of Veteran Nation is an easy and effective way to get your friends, neighbors, and colleagues engaged in serving the nation’s veterans. Much of the video above, for example, was filmed at a special screening in Dallas organized by a Heritage Foundation supporter.

Find out more about how to host a screening in your community.

Audio: Listen to Jim DeMint and Mike Needham’s Conservative Vision for 2014


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Jim DeMint

Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint joined Heritage Action for America’s Mike Needham last week for a conversation with members about the future of the conservative movement and how Heritage plans to lead the charge.

During the teleconference, DeMint and Needham previewed President Obama’s State of the Union address, and their predictions were spot on — more regulation, full implementation of Obamacare, and more executive overreach.

You can listen to the audio of the call online in MP3 format.

Video: Jim DeMint Explains Why Local Heroes, Not Big Government, Can Solve America’s Problems


In Other Work of Note

No matter what President Obama said last night, it’s not Washington that has the solutions to America’s problems.

Lasting solutions can instead be found in communities across America. That’s the message of Falling in Love with America Again, the new book by Jim DeMint and The Heritage Foundation.

In story after story, DeMint and leaders across America give firsthand accounts of overcoming obstacles in education, health care, and other concerns Washington has failed to solve. It’s an inspiring journey, with solid research insights contributed by Heritage experts.

Pre-order your copy of Falling in Love with America Again today.

WSJ’s Stephen Moore Returns to Heritage as Chief Economist


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Stephen Moore (Photo: Willis Bretz)

Stephen Moore, a member of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board and founder of the Club for Growth, is returning to The Heritage Foundation as chief economist.

Moore, who first worked at Heritage in the 1980s, returned because he believes in our ideas and because he wants to have a real impact on policy debates, he told The Foundry: Continue Reading »

Here’s One Unique Way You Can Strengthen the Conservative Movement—and Save on Your Taxes Too

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In Other Work of Note

Children with the American flag.

For The Heritage Foundation, leadership means that when facing problems like health care, economic growth, or immigration, we first consult our nation’s highest principles — the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Now if you’re 70 ½ or older, there’s a unique way you can get involved in helping Heritage provide the principled leadership America needs. You can donate up to $100,000 from your IRA to Heritage tax free!

But you’ll have to act fast. This opportunity expires on December 31. Please see below for more information about this limited-time opportunity.

If you have arranged for a 2013 gift from your IRA, or if you have any questions, please contact my colleague Lori McNicoll at (800) 409-2003. Continue Reading »

Happy Thanksgiving

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Support Heritage Through the Combined Federal Campaign

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In Other Work of Note

If you’re a federal employee or a member of our armed services, you can donate to The Heritage Foundation through the Combined Federal Campaign, which withdraws a contribution directly from your paycheck.

To donate to Heritage, use CFC #10155. Visit the CFC website for more information about opportunities in your workplace.

The Perks of Being a Heritage Foundation Intern: Meeting Sen. Ted Cruz

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Heritage Foundation interns pose with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Heritage Foundation interns pose with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

The Heritage Foundation’s Young Leaders program provides many opportunities for Heritage interns to expand their knowledge of conservative thought.

At weekly luncheons, Heritage experts instruct us on America’s First Principles—the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the principles of America’s Founding. These lectures, and other events that are held across the nation’s capital, help us to understand the importance of Heritage’s work and how we can carry it on in the future.

Better still, the paid program provides us with the opportunity to gain real work experience, develop professional skills, and enhance our expertise in public policy issues by interacting with Heritage experts and outside speakers.

But there are other perks as well. A dozen Heritage interns volunteered to help out at the American Spectator’s recent Robert L. Bartley Gala in Washington. And afterwards, we had the chance to meet Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who has inspired us this fall with his stands on Obamacare and other issues.

Learn more about the Young Leaders Program here.

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