Help Fight for Real Spending Cuts

Join Heritage’s Fight to Cut Federal Spending

Conservatives in Congress have put forward a plan to keep their campaign promises and cut federal spending. But liberals are putting up roadblocks to cutting just $61 billion, which is only 1.6% of federal spending.

Instead, the liberals have a plan that would do practically nothing to control runaway spending.

It is time for our leaders to lead. The Members of the House have made clear they are prepared to accept the challenge. Help us educate our lawmakers. Join our fight; become a part of our mission. President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid must follow the House’s example and cut spending without compromising national security, rather than continue to delay the process with short-term spending resolutions.

This fight is about much more than cutting $61 billion. It is the opening salvo in the battle to change the culture of Washington.

The Heritage Foundation, America’s premier conservative think tank, understands what needs to be done!

We are taking the lead in Washington. Our experts have a detailed plan to cut $343 billion.

Moreover, we will work with Congress to implement a broader agenda that will —

  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Stop all tax increases
  • Significantly cut spending
  • Defend our nation’s security and stop bowing to foreign dictators
  • Put elected officials back in charge by reining in abuses by Executive Branch agencies like the EPA and its job-killing cap-and-trade plan
  • Restore the Constitution

That is the message The Heritage Foundation is sending to Congress on your behalf.  But we need your support!

With 710,000 members, The Heritage Foundation is the nation’s premier conservative policy institute.  From our Capitol Hill headquarters, The Heritage Foundation is your voice in Washington.  Heritage policy experts provide the men and women in Congress with the ammunition they need to fight for initiatives based firmly in conservative principles.

Join with us and help us fight for the principles that have made America great.