Best in the Press: Feb. 2 – Feb. 8

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Kay Coles James on The Hugh Hewitt Show

Genevieve Wood: The Whole Country Deserves a Secure Border

David Azerrad: Diversity is not a Strength in Politics – A Strength in Politics is Unity

Romina Boccia: All Socialism Has Delivered is Death and Destruction

James Roberts: Socialism “Has Always Led Somewhere Bad”

Bruce Klingner: Just As Much Uncertainty With This Trump-Kim Summit As Singapore

Peter Brookes: “Tremendous Progress” Against ISIS, But U.S. Must Stay Vigilant

Peter Brookes: We Want A “Peaceful, Nonviolent Transfer of Political Power in Venezuela”

Peter Brookes on INF Treaty Withdrawal: “The President’s Policy Is Right”

Kelsey Harkness: Virginia Leadership Crisis Reflects Lack of Respect for Human Beings

Riley Walters on Trade War: “Do We Want to Continue the Tariffs for Another Three Months?”

Gabby Beaumont-Smith: Labor and Environmental Issues Should be Left Out of USMCA

Lee Edwards: Trump Tackles Socialism in SOTU Address

Commentary and Quoteables of the Week: Feb. 2 – Feb. 8

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Kay Coles James, Happy birthday, President Ronald Reagan — Your legacy is with us, even today,

The Iranians held American hostages, and OPEC had us over a barrel. Our economy was sclerotic, and America’s foes doubted our national will – our determination to stand up for our interests and principles around the world. Then came Reagan, a man of sunny disposition, can-do attitude and unshakeable belief in the goodness, ingenuity and determination of the American people.

Ed Feulner, INF Treaty, a wise withdrawal,

The Russians have been cheating and continue to cheat. What was once a mutually beneficial arms control agreement now serves no one.

Genevieve Wood, Trump was right to highlight economic successes,

America is better off now than it was two years ago and Trump was right to highlight those successes.

Peter Brookes, This Is No time For an Artificial Peace in Korea, RealClearWorld

Moving ahead with a peace declaration that would do little more than superficially end the Korean War could threaten American interests and policy in several unintended ways.

Justin Bogie, Shut down this shutdown ‘solution’, Newsday (via Tribune News Service)

Tired of government shutdowns? Some lawmakers think they have a solution: “automatic continuing resolutions,” which could keep the government open even if Congress can’t pass spending bills. But Auto-CRs could also increase spending and make the appropriations process even more dysfunctional.

Jim Carafano,Everyone finally agrees China can’t be allowed to take over the world,

For years, supporters of Chinese policies argued that a rising China would grow to accept international norms and be a net contributor to global peace and prosperity. Meanwhile, critics made gloomy predictions that an increasingly powerful China would exert an increasingly destabilizing influence. That argument is over.

Jim Carafano, Trump announces another North Korea nuke summit—Here’s the big mistake he should now avoid,

Trump gave no clues as to how this new round of talks will move the denuclearization ball forward in the face of a recalcitrant North Korea. But if the administration sticks to its current strategy, U.S. vital interests will remain secure. And in the end, that’s what is most important.

Luke Coffey, Russia Exploits ‘Yellow Vest’ Turmoil In France, Too, Investor’s Business Daily

France is ripe for Russian hybrid warfare. The social, economic and political turmoil gives Moscow’s operatives fertile fields in which to sow instability.

Olivia Enos, Why Human Rights Must Be Raised At A Second Summit With North Korea, Forbes

As long as North Korea engages in money laundering, sponsoring terrorists and human rights abuses, the president cannot legally lift sanctions against the regime—even if it denuclearizes.

Mike Gonzalez, Battle over the census is not over, The Hill

The census is used to distribute nearly $1 trillion in government programs, to apportion political power, and to divide the country into racial blocs. Is it any wonder why the organized left wants to stop the Trump administration from asking a question on citizenship in the 2020 census.

Mike Gonzalez, Spain’s Political Siesta Is Over, The National Interest

Spain may be waking up from the fifteen-year political siesta that made it an outlier in Europe. During that time, Spain was the only state without a major conservative party. Today, suddenly, it has two.

Rachel Greszler, Americans love paid family leave—until they learn what it costs them, Washington Times

Three of every four Americans support the idea of getting paid family leave from Uncle Sam. But that support craters when they find out what it would cost.

Rachel Greszler, Federal worker compensation needs drastic overhaul instead of pay raise, The Hill

Average compensation for federal workers is about 75 percent higher than what the average private sector worker gets. Now some members of Congress want to give them another pay raise—for most, it would be the second one this year.

Tom Jipping, The Battle for Judicial Confirmations Commences, National Review

The Senate Judiciary Committee today reported 44 judicial nominees to the full Senate—the first batch of judicial nominations to advance under the chairmanship of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.). That’s the good news. But it’s not as encouraging as it might sound.

Bruce Klingner, North Korea and America’s Second Summit, The National Interest

While there is always a chance of a surprise breakthrough in a second summit, recent North Korean public statements indicate the two sides are no closer to even having a common definition of denuclearization let alone a comprehensive detailed agreement.

Nick Loris, Uncle Sam plays taxpayers for suckers by subsidizing the ultra-rich, Richmond Times-Dispatch (via Tribune News Service)

Relatively few Americans have electric cars. But every American taxpayer has helped pay to buy them and keep them on the road. That’s because Uncle Sam subsidizes those buying electric vehicles with a $7,500 tax credit. Add in-state and local government incentives and the “free money” can easily top 10 grand.

Ana Quintana, Maduro most go: Venezuelans deserve a functioning democracy, Chicago Tribune (via Tribune News Service)

Last weekend, the Bank of England blocked Nicolas Maduro from withdrawing $1.2 billion worth of gold from a Venezuelan state account. He will experience similar banking troubles elsewhere, as 52 countries — including the majority of nations in South America, North America and Europe — now recognize Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s lawful leader.

Bob Moffit, No choice, no exit: The truth about ‘Medicare for all’ proposals, Chicago Tribune (via Tribune News Service)

Ironically, the House and Senate “Medicare for All” bills would abolish Medicare. The Kaiser Family Foundation survey finds that Americans oppose any plan that “threatens the current Medicare program” by a margin of 60 to 32 percent. The survey also found that a plan that would “eliminate private insurance companies”—as ‘Medicare for All’ would do–is opposed it by a margin of 58 to 37 percent.

Brett Schaefer, Budget Discipline at the U.N.? Not So Fast, National Review

Because most member states have little skin in the game, they have little financial incentive to fulfill their oversight role and seriously consider budgetary restraint. This a key reason why multiple U.S. administrations, Democratic and Republican, have struggled to get support from other member states to rein in U.N. salarieseliminate outdated mandates, and enact other budgetary reforms.

John Venable, The Air Force wants to buy more F-15X jets, and it’s a huge mistake, Washington Examiner

Congress should be very skeptical of plans to buy a legacy fighter such as the F-15X. Any new fighter jets we acquire should allow us to take the fight to the enemy on our terms for the next quarter-century.


Kay Coles James, Countdown to CPAC, the theme this year: “What makes America great’, Washington Times

The ever-expanding speakers’ roster includes such notable Republican lawmakers as Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming and Reps. Matt Gaetzof Florida and Jim Banks of Indiana. Big thinkers include Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Andrew McCarthy and Gordon Chang. Investigative stalwarts Tom Fitton, James O’Keefe and Sara Carter are in the mix, along with Kay Coles James, president of the Heritage Foundation. And speaking of stalwarts, American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp, of course, will be a guiding presence throughout.

Heritage, Andy Puzder: Trump’s economy has taken us from stagnation to boom — That’s a story that needs to be told, Fox News

For the past 25 years, the Heritage Foundation has published its Index of Economic Freedom, ranking 180 countries on the extent to which they recognize the “fundamental right” of every person to control his or her own labor and property.

Heritage, Stability In Think Tank Rankings, But Are They An Elitist Bunch?, Forbes

Since I began writing these articles about how peers rank market-oriented think tanks, Heritage Foundation has been the consistent leader.

Heritage, State of the Union is time to shine the spotlight on economic growth, The Hill

To protect the solid expansion, President Trump should use the State of the Union address to call on our lawmakers to make these small business tax cuts permanent. Doing this could increase economic growth by about 60 percent, according to a study by the Heritage Foundation.

Heritage, Trump’s Federal Judges Will Make Sure Trumpism Is Forever, Yahoo!

“Who gets on the federal courts for life is high-stakes,” she said. “Just ask the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation, who have spent decades and lots of money placing people who are on their ideological page on our federal courts. That over 80 percent of Trump’s nominees are members of the Federalist Society is no accident…And yet, only four percent of American lawyers are Federalist Society members. Court-packing is continuing apace. Just sitting here before us, saying we will follow the law, and follow Supreme Court precedent-well, that’s what they all say.”

Ryan Anderson, New York City Being Sued by Therapist Over Law Banning Faith-Based Counseling, Western Journal

“Of course the state has authority to regulate medicine to ensure safety, but that’s not what this law is about,” said Ryan T. Anderson, The Heritage Foundation’s William E. Simon senior research fellow in American principles and public policy.

David Azerrad, Fox News guest on identity politics: ‘Diversity is not a strength in politics,’ By Yahoo Finance

Carlson then turned to guest David Azerrad from the Heritage Foundation, who agreed with the host’s remarks when asked if he thinks Abrams’s way of looking at things has ever produced a stable nation.

“Diversity is not a strength in politics. A strength in politics is unity, if a you want to have a strong, united country, you want the citizens to be united,” Azerrad said. “Now we’ll have a free country. You don’t want everyone to be the same, you need to make an allowance for pluralism but it is not good to promote division.”

Justin Bogie, Spotlight: Trump to stress unity in State of the Union address amid divided Congress, border wall fight, Global Times

Justin Bogie, senior policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation, told Xinhua that Trump “has fairly broad power to do so, though it would almost certainly be challenged in the court system.”

Peter Brookes, US withdraws from INF arms treaty with Russia, Yahoo News

The Heritage Foundation senior fellow Peter Brookes weighs in on the president’s decision to withdraw from the INF arms treaty with Russia.

Lindsey Burke, Conservative Activists: ‘Great Risk’ in Federalizing School Choice, Breitbart

In August 2017, the Heritage Foundation’s Lindsey Burke and Cato’s Neal McCluskey observed that “school choice has many benefits.”

Thomas Callender, How the U.S. Navy scuttled its 355-warship goal — and what it tells Russia, China, Washington Times

Thomas Callender, a retired Navy submarine officer and a defense analyst at The Heritage Foundation, argued in an in-depth report published in October that the 355-ship target underestimates the Navy’s real needs, especially if the service is expected to be able to confront two “major regional crises” at the same time.

James Carafano, Donald Trump is doing everything right with North Korea: Today’s talker, USA Today

“In the end, there is only one way to tell if the negotiations with Kim are going anywhere, and that’s if his regime agrees to a complete and verifiable accounting of all its nuclear assets. If the North Koreans don’t do that, there is little point to negotiating. It would have been helpful if President Trump had made that point with crystal clarity in the State of the Union. Then at least all parties could have headed to the summit with no doubt as to what real progress in the talks would look like.” – James Carafano

James Carafano, Even skeptics wonder: Does Trump deserve some foreign policy credit?, Politico

“He’s willing to do things,” said James Carafano, an analyst with the mostly Trump-aligned conservative Heritage Foundation. “If it works, great. If it doesn’t work, it’s not the end of the world.”

Ed Haislmaier, DeLauro Slams Trump Over Management of ACA, CT News Junkie

Peck’s testimony was challenged by Ed Haislmaier, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, who testified that outreach and advertising would have little impact on enrollment in the health marketplace.

Melanie Israel, Massachusetts Democrats push bill to allow more late-term abortions, Washington Examiner

“Horrifying,” Melanie Israel, research associate at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said upon reading the legislation. “It’s New York and Virginia all over again.”

Bruce Klingner, (2nd LD) Trump: U.S.-N. Korea summit to be held in Vietnam Feb. 27-28, Yonhap News Agency

“Trump must not repeat the mistakes of Singapore,” Bruce Klingner, formerly the CIA’s deputy division chief for Korea, told Yonhap.

“Instead, Trump must insist on a detailed, comprehensive roadmap to North Korean denuclearization, robust verification measures, predicating benefits on tangible progress in reducing Pyongyang’s arsenal, and resuming advocacy for improving North Korea’s human rights record,” he said.

Bruce Klingner, Analysts brace for Trump card at next N. Korea summit, Yonhap News

“Equally important to what Trump does is what he must not do in the next summit,” said Bruce Klingner, formerly the CIA’s deputy division chief for Korea.

Bruce Klingner, Former VP Cheney calls on Trump to study Reagan’s Cold War-efforts in North Korea negotiations, Washington Times

Mr. Cheney’s assertion that the administration must resist the temptation to make concessions reflects wariness among some in Washington, such as Heritage Foundation senior fellow and former CIA Korea deputy division chief Bruce Klingner, who has argued Mr. Trump was “outplayed” by Mr. Kim at their first summit last June in Singapore.

Bruce Klingner, Overnight Trump-Kim summit calls for real progress: analysts, Breitbart

“What is critical… is that President Trump’s next meeting with Kim Jong Un goes beyond the pomp and circumstance of the first to achieve real steps toward denuclearisation,” said Bruce Klingner, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

Bruce Klingner, South Korea Becomes a Testing Ground for Trump’s Grievances With Allies, The Atlantic

It’s unclear whether the Trump administration will continue to pursue one-year contracts beyond this one. But given that the latest round of talks has dragged on for close to a year, a one-year timeframe means that “almost as soon as you sign the first [agreement], you have to then start negotiations on the next one,” Bruce Klingner, a former Korea analyst at the CIA who’s now with the Heritage Foundation, told me.

Bruce Klingner, The High Price of Trump’s Next North Korea Summit, Bloomberg

Bruce Klingner, a former CIA deputy division chief for Korea and now a scholar at the Heritage Foundation, told me Tuesday that a peace declaration could signal “continued degradation in the international resolve to enforce sanctions on North Korea.”

Bruce Klingner, Trump calls on Dems to break gridlock, help achieve ‘American greatness’, Washington Times

Bruce Klingner, a national security specialist at The Heritage Foundation and a former CIA Korea deputy division chief, said it’s critical that Mr. Trump’s next meeting with Mr. Kim “go beyond the pomp and circumstance of the first to achieve real steps toward denuclearization.”

Bruce Klingner, Trump will meet Kim Jong Un in Vietnam for 2nd nuclear summit, Virginian Pilot

Bruce Klingner, a former Korea specialist at the CIA now at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said the timing and venue of the summit were less important than the substance.

Bruce Klingner, Two-day Trump-Kim summit calls for real progress: analysts, Yahoo

“What is critical… is that President Trump’s next meeting with Kim Jong Un goes beyond the pomp and circumstance of the first to achieve real steps toward denuclearisation,” said Bruce Klingner, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

Bruce Klingner, U.S. envoy goes to North Korea to prepare second Kim-Trump summit, Washington Times

Former CIA Korea deputy division chief Bruce Klingner, a fellow with the Heritage Foundation, called it “critical” on Tuesday “that President Trump’s next meeting with Kim Jong-un go beyond the pomp and circumstance of the first to achieve real steps toward denuclearization.”

Nick Loris, Ed Markey pairs with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Green New Deal, Boston Herald

But Nick Loris, an economist at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said the U.S. should be helping other countries gain access to affordable, reliable energy, “and the Green New Deal takes us in the opposite direction.”  “The reality is the majority of our energy comes from coal, oil and natural gas,” Loris said, “and this plan calls for essentially restricting use of those resources.” It would also be costly to taxpayers and utility ratepayers, he added.

Fred Lucas, Stacey Abrams’ SOTU rebuttal slammed and panned by the right, hailed by the left, The Blaze

Fred Lucas from The Daily Signal refuted Abrams’ criticism of Trump’s tax cuts, her blame of the government shutdown on the president, and her claims of voter suppression. Lucas pointed to an analysis from The Heritage Foundation showing the average taxpayer actually “saw a tax cut of $1,400,” cited a number of times President Trump offered to compromise with Democrats to open the government, and noted that voter ID laws have not — in fact — hurt voter turnout.

Adam Michel, Connecticut Dem introduces 50 percent tax on ammunition, calling it ‘public health measure’, Fox News

In response to a similar proposal in Illinois last year, Adam Michel, a policy analyst for the Heritage Foundation, wrote that high taxes on ammunition would only create a dangerous black market, while also encroaching impermissibly on the Second Amendment.

Adam Michel, Republican Senators Look To End Death Tax, Western Journal

If repealed, economic growth would boost in the U.S. by $46 billion over ten years and “generate an average of 18,000 private-sector jobs annually,” according to a Heritage Foundation report about the possible impacts of scrapping the death tax.  

Not permanently repealing the death tax is economic malpractice,” Adam Michel, a policy analyst for The Heritage Foundation’s Roe Institute for Economic Policy, said in an email to The Daily Signal.

Ed Meese, On key judicial nomination, one last chance for Tim Scott to get it right, Washington Examiner

Those signatories included South Carolinian Jim DeMint, the former president of the Heritage Foundation whose former Senate seat Scott now holds, and former U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese.

Stephen Moore, And here’s how your state can prosper economically, One News Now

He co-authors “Rich States, Poor States” with economists Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore. Laffer was an advisor to the Reagan administration. Moore is an economist for The Heritage Foundation.

Stephen Moore, Donald Trump’s Broken Promises in Lordstown, The Atlantic

On one level, manufacturing is growing because the economy is strong. Economists disagree why: Stephen Moore, an economist for the Heritage Foundation and a former Trump-campaign adviser, pointed to the “pro-business environment” that Trump’s election sparked.

Stephen Moore, In Budweiser’s “Wind Never Felt Better” Super Bowl Commercial, Renewable Energy Takes Center Stage, Clean Technica

The Heritage Foundation’s Stephen Moore estimated an average Nevada family would see their utility bills alone rise by about $1,000 annually if Question 6 becomes law,” said Eisenhammer. … Needless to say, the Heritage Foundation is a right-wing think tank which has a primary objective to protect fossil fuel industry assets and billionaires wealth.

Stephen Moore, Ocasio-Cortez Targets ‘Owners Who Refuse To Hire Kaepernick’ for 70% Tax Hike, Western Journal

Critics of Ocasio-Cortez’s plan, like former Reagan administration economist Art Laffer and Heritage Foundation economist Stephen Moore, the authors of “Trumponomics,” argue that such steep taxation will hurt the economy and in the end result in the wealthy paying less of a percentage of total tax revenues overall.

Steve Moore, Trump Likely to Appoint Conservative as World Bank Head, Daily Caller

Steve Moore, a Heritage Foundation economist with close ties to the White House, extolled Malpass’s virtues to the Caller in January, saying his nomination “would be a dream come true.”

Ana Quintana, Trump’s gamble in Venezuela offers opportunity but could backfire badly, LA Times

“He is not the guy you put in place for negotiations,” said Ana Quintana, a Latin America specialist at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank that has advised the Trump administration. “He’s one who will get the job done.”

Brett Schaefer, China Is Eyeing a Widening Void at the UN Thanks to Trump, SF Gate

To gain long-term clout, the Chinese are eyeing more senior roles, including leadership of the peacekeeping organization, where it has pledged to increase its contribution of troops. Brett Schaefer, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, pointed to the mysterious disappearance of Interpol chief Meng Hongwei last year as a sign of a broader concern if China is to take on leadership roles in global bodies.

Robin Simcox, Ilhan Omar once blamed ‘our involvement in other people’s affairs’ after al-Shabab attack on Kenyan mall, Fox News

“We’ve heard variations of this argument for decades now. We hear it on 9/11, we heard it when suicide bombs go off on train stations in London or Madrid,” Robin Simcox, a national security and terrorism expert at The Heritage Foundation, told Fox News.

Hans von Spakovsky, 11K noncitizens illegally registered to vote in Pa., One News Now

Heritage Foundation Election Law Reform Initiative Manager Hans von Spakovsky – who formerly served as a member of the Federal Election Commission – also expressed his frustration over the Democrats’ handling of elections.

Hans von Spakovsky, After a messy election, a push to make voting easier, Crescent-New

Hans von Spakovsky, a manager in the Election Law Reform Initiative at the right-leaning think tank Heritage Foundation, said there are hardened partisan lines around issues like automatic voter registration. Voting rights advocates, he said, “don’t have the momentum that they think they have.”

Hans von Spakovsky, Democrats Seek to Work Around the Electoral College, Epoch Times

“The compact is an end run around the Constitution. It would lead to litigation,” said von Spakovsky, a former attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Election Commission, told The Daily Signal. “The national popular vote backers realize they will never convince the public to amend the Constitution. But they can convince [the public] to enter a compact.”

Hans von Spakovsky, FACT CHECK: Stacey Abrams Claimed ‘Voter Suppression Is Real’, Breitbart

“Journalists have credulously repeated unsupported, patronizing claims that in Georgia and other states, voter registration and absentee ballot laws somehow suppress minority votes,” John Fund, Senior Fellow and Director of Government Finance Programs at the Heritage Foundation and Hans von Spakovsky, Election Law Reform Initiative and Senior Legal Fellow at Heritage, wrote in an October commentary.

Amy Swearer, Amy Swearer: Second Amendment Rights Are the Key for Safety, NRATV

Amy Swearer of The Heritage Foundation joins Grant to discuss the growing number of data that prove good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns.

Tori Whiting, Heritage: Trump’s USMCA falls short in several key areas, One News Now

“A lot of the USMCA is pretty similar to NAFTA,” says Tori Whiting of The Heritage Foundation, which did an extensive analysis of the agreement negotiated by the Trump administration. “It maintains a lot of the tariff-free treatment for scores of goods and services, so that’s a good thing – [and] it also does one of the chief ‘asks’ The Heritage Foundation had, which is having a keen eye on modernization.”

Heritage, Shoot down a 50 percent tax increase on ammunition, Washington Examiner

According to the Heritage Foundation, the following is true as it relates to gun violence: Violent crime is down. Most gun crime is committed with an illegal firearm, not a legal one, anyway. Furthermore, people who own more guns do not commit more gun crimes, and, in fact, they usually use them for lawful purposes like hunting and self-defense rather than crime.

Heritage, Trump administration seeks authority to fund religious foster-care groups that reject LGBTQ parents, Washington Post

At a May event about foster care at the Heritage Foundation, HHS’s Shannon Royce, director of the Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives, formed under George W. Bush’s administration as a liaison to the religious community, floated the idea of the waivers for faith-based foster-care groups and suggested it would help ease a shortage of homes.

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