Does President Obama Think Failure Is an Option in the War on Drugs?

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Mexican flag

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President Obama is in Mexico discussing immigration, trade and education.  It would seem as though he left something critical out of his agenda: illegal drugs.

“Mortality statistics indicate that drug-related deaths now exceed auto fatalities in the U.S.,” The Heritage Foundation’s Ray Walser explains. He points to a “spectrum of issues related to the harm done by drug usage. They range from state-side violence among traffickers, gangbangers, and dealers to drug-influenced auto fatalities and increasing abuse of prescription drugs.”

Yet President Obama doesn’t want to talk about it. In December, President Obama claimed that there were “bigger fish to fry” that enforcing federal drug laws. Continue Reading »

Video: Why Some Democrats Oppose the Internet Sales Tax


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Opposition to the Internet sales tax is not limited to conservatives. Watch the video above to hear the words of the Democratic lawmakers who oppose this tax.

The Heritage Foundation’s T. Elliot Gaiser outlines 10 reasons these Democrats oppose the Internet sales tax.  Continue Reading »

Heritage Brings Together the Conservative Movement at Resource Bank

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Resource BankAs Heritage Foundation Founder Ed Feulner has always said, it is better to add and multiply the conservative movement than it it to divide and subtract.

This is why for the last 36 years Heritage has hosted the annual Resource Bank meeting: to bring together conservative leaders and organizations from around the country and around the world. Attendees will talk strategy, share tactics and best practices, and work to strengthen the movement.

This year’s meeting kicks off next Wednesday in Orlando. Highlights include: Continue Reading »

The Threat North Korea Poses to the United States


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North Korea has continued its saber-rattling this week, and news reports suggest the communist nation is preparing a missile launch.

North Korea’s threats should not be taken lightly. The Heritage Foundation’s Michaela Dodge tells us that Pyongyang’s missile program pose a threat to the United Statest:

North Korea can already hit Hawaii, parts of Alaska, and California. It can also hit U.S. forward-deployed troops in South Korea, Japan, and Guam…While the Obama Administration does not believe that North Korea is capable of hitting the U.S. with a nuclear weapon, the U.S. has a history of underestimating North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs.

American troops and bases are also located throughout the region, including along the Demilitarized Zone that serves as a border between North and South Korea.

 “The U.S. has already responded to the threats—but more commitment to missile defense is needed,” Heritage’s Amy Payne argues. Unfortunately,“diplomacy doesn’t work with Kim Jong-un,” suggesting we need to impose tough sanctions instead of endlessly talking. Continue Reading »

One Surprising Reform That Can Help Strengthen America’s Retirement System


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Most Americans retire between the ages of 62 and 64.  And the average American is now expected to live to 79, meaning people who retire at 62 can receive 17 years or more of government benefits like Social Security.

But Americans’ practical ability to retire is in jeopardy, as The Heritage Foundation’s David John reported last fall:

Americans’ ability to build a secure retirement is increasingly in danger. In addition to Social Security’s rapidly approaching fiscal problems and underfunded traditional defined-benefit pensions, the retirement savings system is available to only about half of the workforce and needs other improvements before today’s workers can create sufficient retirement income.

One alternative would be for seniors to change when they retire, Heritage’s Romina Boccia suggests: Continue Reading »

Video: Heritage’s Ryan Anderson Debates Marriage with Piers Morgan and Suze Orman


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The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson mounted a vigorous defense of traditional marriage last night on “Piers Morgan Live” during a debate with Morgan and Suze Orman, who both back same-sex marriage.

Anderson, who serves as Heritage’s William E. Simon Fellow in Religion and a Free Society, opened the segment by stating his view on marriage:

I think marriage exists to bring a man and woman together as husband and wife, to be mother and father to any children their union produces. And the Supreme Court, in the cases they’re hearing today and tomorrow, should really not cut short the democratic debate that we’re having. Citizens all across the country are discussing what marriage is and why it matters. And what we want to see the court do is uphold our constitutional authority to have that debate.

When Orman called him uneducated and ignorant for his views, Anderson politely responded:

Why do you assume that I’m ignorant? You say I just don’t know. I don’t assume anything badly about you. I just think we disagree. President Obama himself has said there are people of good will and sound mind on both sides of this issue. I agree with the President.

I’m not going to call you names and I’m not going to say you’re ignorant or don’t understand. But up until the year 2000, no political community on the face of earth had ever defined marriage as anything other than a male-female relationship. I think there are good reasons for that.

Anderson stated facts and never lost his calm, even as Suze Orman and Piers Morgan kept raising their voices. And he successfully explained what many conservatives are concerned about: “Marriage is based on the biological fact that reproduction depends on a man and a woman, and on the social reality that children need a mother and a father.”

The audience’s response was in line with Morgan and Orman’s views, but Anderson remained stoic. He said he while he may be in the minority in that audience, “in America there are lots of people who agree with me and we should have this conversation.”

Read more Heritage research in favor of traditional marriage.

Do you agree with what Ryan Anderson said about marriage on “Piers Morgan Live”?

Missouri High School Student Works with Heritage Action to Advance Conservative Ideas


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Alex Cohen’s high school club works with Heritage Action for America

Our sister organization, Heritage Action for America, has a new activist. But he’s not your typical activist.

Alex Cohen is a 17-year-old high school student who founded a conservative club at his high school to “promote and educate youth on Heritage Action’s mission.” Heritage Action organizes grassroots activists and pressures Congress to advance The Heritage Foundation’s conservative ideas.

His first order of business, Cohen told Heritage Action, is “getting everyone on the topic of defunding Obamacare.” He would also like to showcase and explain the Heritage Action Scorecard to the members of his club. Action’s Scorecard grades lawmakers on how they vote to advance conservative principles.

At a time when conservatives have found it challenging to connect with young people, this is an encouraging story indeed.

Heritage Action plans to recruit more activists like Cohen. Find out how you can get involved with Heritage Action.

What do you think? Tell us below in the comments.

Yes, We Can Maintain a Strong National Defense While Being Fiscally Responsible


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The sequestration cuts to the armed forces don’t really address the problem of wasteful Defense Department spending. In fact, The Heritage Foundation’s Baker Spring explains that the indiscriminate cuts “will result in the loss of military capabilities” while doing little to curb waste.

There is a lot of waste and inefficiency in the military, and Heritage recently outlined $70 billion in annual savings. But that’s not how the sequester or the Obama administration’s proposals work. Continue Reading »

With Hugo Chávez Gone, What’s Next for Venezuela?

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Hugo Chavez

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The death this week of Venezuelan despot Hugo Chávez death this week, while not a surprise given his health, is still a big deal.

“Chávez’s death has far-reaching—and potentially dangerous—implications for the U.S. and the world, ” The Heritage Foundation’s Jessica Zuckerman explains.

Recent actions by interim president Nicolás Maduro “threaten to take a dangerous situation from bad to worse,” Zuckerman says, and could “spark strong anti-American violence in Venezuela like that seen throughout the Middle East late last year.” Maduro went so far as to blame the United States for Chávez’s illness. While plainly ridiculous, in Venezuela these remarks may be taken seriously.  Continue Reading »

John Kerry’s Plan to Give $60 Million in Aid to Syrian Rebels ‘Will Not Work’

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Last week in Rome, Secretary of State John Kerry announced a change in the government’s stance in the Syrian civil war.

The Heritage Foundation’s Helle Dale explains:

Kerry announced that the U.S. will be supplying $60 million in food and medical supplies to the rebels fighting the brutal civil war against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The problem is, this change satisfies nobody. The rebels want arms, not food. And Congress, which faces challenges from the Obama administration over the sequester spending cuts, may balk at this new direction—which members of Congress were unaware of until its announcement.

“The Obama Administration,” Dale explains, “is dealing with Syria much the way it deals with domestic issues such as Head Start: by throwing money at it. It will not work.”

On top of that, this $60 million commitment “is a half-measure,” she adds. After two years of fighting and tens of thousands of deaths, just giving “non-military aid” is unlikely to help.

Do you think we should supply the Syrian rebels with $60 million in food and medical aid?

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