Kellyanne Conway explains how she uses Heritage’s resources


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This morning Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Trump, visited Heritage and shared how she uses Heritage’s resources.

Listen to what she has to say below:

As a Heritage member, you make it possible for influential leaders like Kellyanne Conway to get the research, facts and figures, and policy solutions they need to make life better for all Americans.

You can watch her full interview and find out why she was at Heritage today here >>

Meet the man responsible for keeping Heritage safe


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In these days of Islamic terrorism, domestic unrest, and increasing security threats the importance of safety and security for an organization like Heritage cannot be overstated –especially due to the location on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Director of Workplace Solutions at Heritage Jeremy Gilbert, and his team, are responsible for providing security for Heritage’s three D.C. office locations that house approximately 300 staff.

The work they do to ensure that the proper security precautions and protocols are in place keep Heritage running smoothly in these turbulent times.

Recently, Jeremy Gilbert was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for actions taken while he was in Afghanistan serving in our nations’ military.

We are grateful to Jeremy for his service to our country and to Heritage.

This week, Heritage’s own Kathleen Reynolds sat down with Jeremy to get the inside story behind the event that led to him receiving the Bronze Star Medal, his path getting to Heritage, and his work since.

You can read his answers below:

Kathleen: Do you mind sharing the story behind the award you recently received?

Jeremy:about 3.5 hours into the mission we started taking automatic machine gun fire from across the soccer fields…2 machine gun teams had set up in a compound and they were shooting out across the soccer field towards us. Everyone started to scatter, all my soldiers got behind cover and tried to assess the situation; I looked over and in the middle of the field there was a little girl that was lying in a small ditch. She was on the ground screaming and crying. I didn’t think, I just went. I ran out, grabbed her, and brought her back to the safety of my vehicles. I was in the middle of an open field so luckily my guys kept me alive, covering me the entire way. So you know in my mind, there were people in my unit that did far more valorous things than that…

Kathleen: Why are you a conservative?

Jeremy: A lot of it has to do with my upbringing. I was raised by a single mom who was a full time nurse anesthetist. She raised three kids and we also owned a horse farm. She’s just a really hard worker and she really instilled traditional American values in me and it stuck with me my whole life. She never, ever gave me anything – she made me work hard for everything that I have. And that’s one of the key things about conservative values – not being given, but working hard, being a contributing member of society to get where you are. I believe strongly in people being able to work hard and to provide for their families, and the idea of having a large percentage of someone’s money taken away from them and given to people who don’t have that mentality, well honestly, I don’t agree with that. I am very much a fiscal conservative.

Kathleen: What do you enjoy most about working for Heritage?

Jeremy:  I love that every single day that I come in here it’s something new and exciting. And I think it’s a product of the fact that I work in the operations role. I don’t get stuck in a ‘this is my 9-5 mentality’ and ‘I do the same thing every day,’ because every day is different — and that’s awesome. So I think it makes the days go by and it makes the job extremely interesting.

The second reason is being able to interact with the people that are actually here … all rowing towards the same issue whether it’s the employees, the guests that come into the building, the interns that work here…everybody has the same mentality and that is furthering the conservative movement.

And outside the military I don’t think you find many organizations where everybody comes to work and has the same end goal…a lot of people come to organizations and they all want to make money for example, but they could all go about it in different ways. They could be completely different people, some being conservative, some being liberal, some not caring about anything…and here we all have the ultimate endgame in mind, and we all know exactly which way we want the organization to go. I think that has a lot to do with our shared values – the fact that we’re independent thinkers and that we speak with one voice, and that’s really cool. You see it in places like the military or police organizations and places like The Heritage Foundation.


Please join us in thanking Jeremy for his service to our country and to Heritage.

Go behind-the-scenes with Heritage director Nile Gardiner


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Nile Gardiner is the director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom where he focus on global politics, terrorism, and European affairs.

You may recognize Gardiner from one of his many appearances on mainstream TV networks like Fox News and CNN where he regularly appears to provide the conservative perspective on current events.

Wednesday, the managing editor of, Michelle Cordero, interviewed Gardiner for a behind-the-scenes look at what happens at Conservative headquarters.

Watch the video below and learn about Gardiner’s former job working for Lady Margaret Thatcher.

You can also watch Gardiner’s latest TV appearance last night on Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs program discussing President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement.

Read more about Nile Gardiner and the work he has done at Heritage>>

What questions do you have for Nile Gardiner?

Strengthening relationships with foreign leaders


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Foreign leaders have been coming to Heritage for decades and their visits speak to the influence Heritage has in Washington and around the world.

Wednesday, the Prime Minister of Vietnam, His Excellency Nguyen Xuan Phuc, attended Heritage to outline his views on the issues in the Asia-Pacific region and the potential for U.S.-Vietnam cooperation.

This visit came about due to the work Heritage experts have done building relationships with the Vietnam embassy in Washington as well as traveling to Vietnam to meet with their government officials.

You can watch His Excellency Ngyuen Xuan Phuc’s speech below:

What do you believe is the most important issue for the U.S. to address in the Asia-Pacific region?


Heritage oped featured in daily White House update


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Through supporting Heritage, your voice is being heard by the most influential decision makers in the White House.

On Tuesday, the daily update email for White House officials listed Heritage expert Robert Moffit’s USA Today op-ed on health care in their “What we are reading” section.

In the email they listed the following excerpt from Moffit’s paper:

Obamacare is wrecking individual and small group markets. This year, premium cost increases in the individual markets are averaging 25%, and the thousands of dollars in deductibles are breathtaking. Many middle-class folks in these markets are stuck paying the equivalent of a second mortgage.

This is a great testament to the impact you are having.

You can read the latest from Heritage on health care below.

Read the latest from >>

Read the latest from the Daily Signal >>

What effects of Obamacare are you seeing in your community?



Why was the House Freedom Caucus created–and what is it?


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Due to the Establishment’s power in Washington there has long been a need for a core group of conservative lawmakers who are organized and equipped to stand up against the Washington elites.

Heritage leaders saw this need and took steps to help create the House Freedom Caucus in 2015.

The caucus initially formed after long meetings between Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham, COO Tim Chapman, and Congressman Jim Jordan who would all frequently gather around Needham’s kitchen table to discuss the need for the caucus. After the caucus was formed House leadership was so upset that they stripped several of the new House Freedom Caucus members of their committee assignments and even removed one member as chairman of his subcommittee.

The House Freedom Caucus is undeniably and irrevocably conservative.

“The House Freedom Caucus gives a voice to countless Americans who feel that Washington does not represent them,” the group’s mission statement reads. “We support open, accountable and limited government, the Constitution and the rule of law, and policies that promote the liberty, safety and prosperity of all Americans.”

Fast forward two years and the House Freedom Caucus has around forty members who work together to push conservative legislation regardless of the stance of party leadership or Establishment elites.

In only two years they have played a major role in Congressional battles including Obamacare and ousting John Boehner as Speaker of the House.

Recently, Heritage President Ed Feulner met with the Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) to discuss advancing conservative agenda in Congress. Congressman Meadows believes strongly in Heritage’s vision to build an America where freedom opportunity, prosperity, and civil society flourish by implementing policies based on conservative principles. He thanked me for all the valuable research and guidance Heritage has provide Congress throughout the years.

Read more about the impact of the House Freedom Caucus and who their members are>>

Do you agree with the mission of the House Freedom Caucus to advance an agenda of limited, constitutional government in Congress?

Honoring a conservative hero


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Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) is a conservative hero who has made a tremendous impact in his 10 years in office.

As a founder and current member of the House Freedom Caucus, Jordan works tirelessly to protect the agenda of limited, constitutional government in Congress regardless of the direction party leadership or the Establishment dictate.

Because of this uncompromising stance Jordan continually receives criticism from the media and the Republican Establishment for having the guts to stand against cronyism and business-as-usual.

Most recently, he’s received criticism from the media and Establishment for his incredible influence pushing for a full repeal of Obamacare.

According to the Daily Signal:

For nearly as many years as he’s been in Congress, the 10-year Republican incumbent [Jordan] has been outspoken about the need to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Jordan is unwavering in his commitment to eliminate, not fix, the health care law Democrats passed under President Barack Obama.

And even after Jordan and other members of the House Freedom Caucus, of which he is a founder, received a public scolding from President Donald Trump, Jordan was unapologetic for the role played by conservative lawmakers in sending Republican leaders back to the drawing board after their first attempt to repeal the health care law failed spectacularly.

Jordan says he is more concerned about following through on his commitment to the people who sent him to Washington.

We are grateful to Jordan and other conservative members of Congress who have the backbone to stand on principle and honor their promises to the American people.

Watch Jordan’s comments below about the partnership with Heritage:

We will continue to work with Jordan and other conservatives in Congress to provide them with policy solutions as they fight to break the status quo of the Washington Establishment.

Do you believe the House Freedom Caucus plays a critical role in Congress?

President Trump releases full budget

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Tuesday, President Trump released his full budget and Heritage experts have been hard at work ensuring conservative reforms are in the budget.

Starting last year, Heritage released the 2017 Blueprint for Balance, which is a detailed plan that Congress can use to balance the federal budget and rein in spending.

After the release of President Trump’s initial budget draft earlier this spring, the Washington Post wrote a piece crediting Heritage’s plan for heavily influencing his budget.

Around the same time Politico published a piece on former Heritage budget expert Paul Winfree’s influence on President Trump’s budget in his new role as the White House director of budget policy.

Heritage experts have been busy examining the new budget and you can find their research below:

Heritage Experts Analyze Trump’s Budget >>

9 Key Takeaways from Trump’s First Budget >>

Congress Must Embrace These 5 Principles to Create a More Responsible Budget >>

Why Washington Hates Trump’s Budget >>

What should the top priorities for this budget be?

Video: Heritage counter-terrorism expert on Manchester terror attack


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In the wake of another deadly terrorist attack in the United Kingdom, Heritage counter-terrorism expert Robin Simcox took to the media to shed light on what’s happening.

Below you can watch his interview on CNN:

In an article on the Daily Signal Simcox explains why the British terror threat will not improve soon:

The intelligence agencies currently assess the overall risk of an attack to be “severe,” meaning another attack is “highly likely.”

Part of the reason for this is that approximately 850 Brits have traveled to Syria to fight in the conflict there. Many will have joined ISIS and are returning with training and combat experience. The U.K. will remain under threat.

The barbarism of this attack—targeting a concert overwhelmingly attended by teenage girls and children—is almost unspeakable. Yet this is the nature of the ideological enemy we face: There are no limits to the kind of carnage they wish to unleash.

Until the scourge of Islamist ideology is eradicated, the horrendous images that we have seen over the last 24 hours will appear time and again.

Simcox also made appearances on CBS and ABC.

Do you agree with Simcox’s analysis?  What actions should the US Government take to stop the threat of terrorism?


The Hill: President Trump inspired by Heritage op-ed


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Tuesday, The Hill released a piece crediting President Trump’s movement on tax reform as a result of an op-ed that Heritage experts wrote.

President Trump was inspired to take action on tax reform after someone in the White House flagged for him an op-ed by his former campaign advisers, Politico reported Monday.

In April, Stephen Moore, Larry Kudlow, Steve Forbes and Arthur Laffer wrote an op-ed in The New York Times urging the administration to advance tax-reform legislation “with urgency.” Someone in the White House alerted Trump to the piece, and Trump then told his staff to make a tax plan that resembles the op-ed, according to Politico’s report.

One week after the op-ed was published, the White House released a plan that has a number of similarities to the recommendations from Moore, Kudlow, Forbes and Laffer. For example, Trump’s plan proposes lowering the tax rate for corporations and small businesses to 15 percent.

Stephen Moore is a distinguished visiting fellow in Heritage’s Institute for Economic Freedom and Opportunity and Steve Forbes has served as a member of Heritage’s Board of Trustees since 2001.

We are thankful for their work.

What do you believe is the most important issue to address in tax reform?

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