Heritage’s Homeland Security team is leading the conversation


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After September 11, 2001, Heritage was the first think tank to create a homeland security research team. Sixteen years later, that team is still at it.

“There have have been many sunshine homeland security programs in think tanks since 9/11,” said James Carafano, Vice President of The Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy and E. W. Richardson Fellow. “Most drifted away as the passion of 9/11 faded but not Heritage.”

Heritage is also the first and only organization to track and compile all Islamist terror plots and attacks against the U.S. homeland since 9/11.

“We have the most robust and respected program in town,” said Carafano. “Much of the credit goes to David Inserra and his consistent work with the House Homeland Security Committee over the years.”

Inserra has been leading the charge behind conservative homeland security issues. He joined Heritage in 2012 and focuses on how to improve the refugee programprivatize the TSA, and improve cybersecurity by instating a system of active cyber defense.

In the next five years, Inserra sees home grown terrorism as one of the biggest threats to homeland security. He is also very concerned with the growing severity of cyber attacks and has published several reports on this threat.

Inserra recently testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee as part of a hearing on the radicalization and rise of terrorism in the United States.

“Heritage is well positioned to continue to advance cost-effective, risk-based solutions to the Trump Administration and Congress,” said Inserra.

Read more of Heritage’s homeland security research and commentary here.

What do you see as the greatest threat for America’s Homeland security?  Do you have any questions for Heritage’s Homeland Security team?

What’s happening with North Korea?


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Heritage experts have been working around the clock these last few weeks in order to stay on top of the developing North Korean threats and the path forward for the U.S. and their work has been featured in numerous media outlets.

To summarize the latest developments in North Korea, Heritage’s Senior Research Fellow, Bruce Klingner, and policy analyst for the Asian Studies Center, Olivia Enos, went on this week’s episode of Mass Ave–Heritage’s latest podcast series–to explain the impact these developments will have.

In the podcast they take a deeper look at:

  • What an attack on Guam would look like
  • How China is not supporting the U.S.–and what can be done about it
  • Would Kim Jong Un really fire a nuclear missile at the U.S.?
  • The reliability of intelligence gathered from North Korea and
  • What should be done to help the roughly 100,000 North Koreans who are currently being held in prison camps–including three Americans

You can listen to the full podcast here >>

In addition to Klingner and Enos’ analysis, you can also find numerous media appearances by other Heritage experts discussing different aspects of the North Korea threat by going here.

How should the U.S. respond to the increasing threats and nuclear tests by North Korea?

White House pushes Heritage research


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Your voice continues to be heard in the Trump administration.

Tuesday, the White House pushed out a statement on the RAISE Act–directly quoting and linking to Heritage research.

The RAISE (Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment) Act would limit the future of low-skill immigration which could save taxpayers trillions of dollars.

Here is the White House statement:

The Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector and Jamie Bryan Hall recently analyzed the economic benefits of the Trump-backed RAISE Act and found that “the RAISE Act has the potential to save U.S. taxpayers trillions of dollars in future years.”

Rector and Hall noted that a number of studies have shown that low-wage immigration reduces the wages of U.S.-born workers, with some studies showing “wage losses as high as 17 percent.”

You can read the full article that the White House linked to here >>

Because of your support, Heritage experts are able to continually share their research, plans, and conservative solutions with the administration.

Do you believe the RAISE Act is a good step in reforming our immigration system?

What it takes to reorganize the Federal government


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You are leading the charge to make the Federal government more efficient, effective and accountable through the work of Heritage.

As previously mentioned, earlier this summer President Trump tasked OMB Director Mick Mulvaney to come up with a plan to get America back on track for real growth in the economy. The goal is to get sustained economic growth up to 3% or higher.

Immediately after being assigned that project, Director Mulvaney and his team called upon Heritage and Heritage Action for help in pulling together such a plan.

Since then Heritage’s economic experts have been working closely with Director Mulvaney’s team to craft this plan that would provide a much-needed economic boost to our country.

Specifically, in an effort to provide the OMB with its request for ideas for reform, Heritage published two separate Blueprint for Reorganization reports. The first, An Analysis of Federal Departments and Agencies, contains bold and timely recommendations to downsize and reform the Executive Branch while the second, Pathways to Reform and Cross-Cutting Issues, discusses the problems of a cluttered and overgrown federal government, the history of executive branch reorganizations, various pathways for a successful reorganization, and recommendations for cross-cutting reforms – such as federal personnel, budget, and regulatory reforms – to help streamline and improve the federal government.

As part of that plan Heritage hosted an event Tuesday titled, Reorganizing the Federal Government: What needs to be done and how to do it. At this event a panel of experts explained the steps needed to reorganize the Federal government.

You can watch the full video below:

Do you think the Federal government needs to be reorganized to make it more efficient? If so, how would you start reorganizing it?

Here’s the next generation of conservative leaders


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I would say that the internship changed my life because it genuinely did. I can’t wait to come back to D.C. and to work for the movement in the future. ~Mimi Teixeira, Heritage intern summer ’17

Heritage believes strongly in preparing the next generation of conservatives for their role in leading our country. 

Through the Young Leaders Program young conservatives from around the country get a chance to work at Heritage and learn about the conservative principles that made this country great.

Yesterday, our summer intern class graduated.

Below is one interns story about her experiences this summer:

“Here’s what the Heritage internship did for me”

by Kathleen Reynolds

As our internships through The Heritage Foundation’s Young Leaders Program draw to a close, I want to tell you how grateful we all are for your generous support that made this opportunity possible.

This summer alone, Heritage trained 67 principled and passionate young conservative leaders. As part of our 12-week internship, we have been equipped through meaningful work experiences, thought-provoking lectures and discussions, exceptional community, and mentorships by the dedicated Heritage staff. We learned from experts and we developed a greater grasp of the principles behind our politics. We learned how to communicate these principles and policies. By working closely with Heritage’s renowned policy experts, we have conducted challenging research projects and we’ve gained critical experience in valuable professional skills like resume writing and networking.

My fellow interns and I wanted to take this moment to share with you a few of our favorite aspects and key takeaways from this internship. Below are some of our class reflections:

This summer we learned many things about Heritage, including that it hosts many international guests and dignitaries for both public and private events. We have also been impressed by the number of Heritage staff who have transitioned to the Hill or the administration. We have been encouraged by the culture of the organization – where everyone, no matter the title, is valued and genuinely respected by all other employees.

Some of our favorite memories from this summer included meeting and interacting with many influential individuals like Newt Gingrich, Kellyanne Conway, and Ben Shapiro and hearing from foreign leaders like the President of Romania and President of Ukraine. We came to realize just what a significant venue Heritage is in bringing together important leaders and decision makers. You never knew who you would meet in the elevator! This, in addition to the time Heritage’s own experts took to brief us and invest in us was very impactful. We also enjoyed the many opportunities to refine our professional focus, and were touched by the willingness and eagerness of employees to share with us and to assist. Many of us also had our first articles published, whether that was in The Daily Signal or a Heritage research publication, highlighting Heritage’s willingness to showcase its interns.

When it comes to key takeaways – lessons Heritage taught us that we look forward to carrying on with us – here are a few things the class had to say:

  • We learned: “the power of networking, and the power of associations. Doors open to you when you have taken the initiative to go to new places and meet new people.”
  • We learned: “how important it is to have friends who share your values to keep you grounded and help you make the right decisions. D.C. is a big city full of ambition and temptation, and it would be easy to be swept away by it without good friends.”
  • We gained: “the knowledge of being able to articulate what [we] stand for, rather than believing in a platform of knowing what [we] stand against.”
  • We learned: how to articulate, defend, and promote, our conservative principles and solutions, and are now prepared “to take the debate to our college campuses.”

According to one Heritage intern:

This internship has greatly enhanced my understanding of Conservatism. The First Principles lunches taught me the the foundations of conservative philosophy. The lectures and policy briefings showed me how these policies based on Conservative principles benefit all of American society. The practical experience and philosophical training that I received from Heritage will prove invaluable as I seek to advance Conservatism in America.

And as Max Morrison, the homeland and cyber security intern, put it:

I sincerely appreciate the effort, funds, and time that went into providing us all with this wonderful opportunity, and that the energy was not wasted because you’ve trained the next generation of leaders in the conservative movement.

How true this is! There are 67 of us in the summer intern program. 67 distinct individuals with unique callings and personal passions, but a common purpose. As my friends have highlighted above, we know what we believe. We know why we believe it. We know how to articulate, defend, and promote our beliefs. In short, we’re not your average 20-somethings. And as we now leave for our college campuses and careers across the country, thanks to Heritage, we are well prepared to spread our conservative values. As Dr. Feulner says, there are no permanent victories, no permanent defeats, only the permanent battle of ideas. We have the ideas, the solutions. And so with grace and humility we will continue to break through the liberal echo chambers on college campuses and in society, boldly and effectively confronting the left-wing ideology that sweeps up so many, and encouraging our conservative peers to do the same.

Heritage has equipped us, empowered us, and challenged us to do this and more. This summer, we have seen firsthand your and Heritage’s inspirational dedication to investing in us– the young conservative leaders of today– and we are forever grateful. Your dedication is ensuring American values and principles are restored and secured. You are truly shaping the future of the conservative movement. Thank you.

-Kathleen Reynolds, summer intern 2017

Heritage 2017 summer intern class. 

Do you believe in Heritage’s mission to shape the next generation of conservative leaders? Why or why not?

You are pushing the American economy forward


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Earlier this summer President Trump tasked OMB Director Mick Mulvaney to come up with a plan to get America back on track for real growth in the economy. The goal is to get sustained economic growth up to 3% or higher.

Immediately after being assigned that project, Director Mulvaney and his team called upon Heritage and Heritage Action for help in pulling together such a plan.

Since then Heritage’s economic experts have been working closely with Director Mulvaney’s team to craft this plan that would provide a much-needed economic boost to our country.

The key areas the plan will focus on include tax reform, unnecessary regulation, welfare reform, restraining government spending, smart energy strategy, and strengthening America’s infrastructure.

Describing the need for this plan, Director Mulvaney recently wrote in the Wall Street Journal that:

“The focus of MAGAnomics is simple: Grow the economy and with it the wealth of, and opportunity for, all Americans. It does that by focusing on fundamental principles that made the U.S. economy the greatest engine of prosperity in the history of the planet:

If we enact the president’s broad agenda–if MAGAnomics is allowed to work–we will have set the stage for the greatest revival of the American economy since the early 1980s.”

This is the economic progress that our nation needs and that President Trump promises to push forward.

This is also a great example of Heritage doing what it was created to do–provide conservative policy solutions to get our country back on track.

Your support of Heritage is directly enabling this impact and you should be proud.

It’s the continued commitment of members like you that will revitalize our economy and get America back to work.

Thank you for making this possible.

What do you believe is the biggest issue holding America’s economy back?

Congressman tells why he relies on Heritage


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During a recent visit to Heritage, Congressman Warren Davidson (R-OH), who is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, shared why he relies on Heritage.

You can watch his remarks below:

Do you support the work the members of the House Freedom Caucus are doing to stand up to party leadership?

Kellyanne Conway explains how she uses Heritage’s resources


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This morning Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Trump, visited Heritage and shared how she uses Heritage’s resources.

Listen to what she has to say below:

As a Heritage member, you make it possible for influential leaders like Kellyanne Conway to get the research, facts and figures, and policy solutions they need to make life better for all Americans.

You can watch her full interview and find out why she was at Heritage today here >>

Meet the man responsible for keeping Heritage safe


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In these days of Islamic terrorism, domestic unrest, and increasing security threats the importance of safety and security for an organization like Heritage cannot be overstated –especially due to the location on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Director of Workplace Solutions at Heritage Jeremy Gilbert, and his team, are responsible for providing security for Heritage’s three D.C. office locations that house approximately 300 staff.

The work they do to ensure that the proper security precautions and protocols are in place keep Heritage running smoothly in these turbulent times.

Recently, Jeremy Gilbert was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for actions taken while he was in Afghanistan serving in our nations’ military.

We are grateful to Jeremy for his service to our country and to Heritage.

This week, Heritage’s own Kathleen Reynolds sat down with Jeremy to get the inside story behind the event that led to him receiving the Bronze Star Medal, his path getting to Heritage, and his work since.

You can read his answers below:

Kathleen: Do you mind sharing the story behind the award you recently received?

Jeremy:about 3.5 hours into the mission we started taking automatic machine gun fire from across the soccer fields…2 machine gun teams had set up in a compound and they were shooting out across the soccer field towards us. Everyone started to scatter, all my soldiers got behind cover and tried to assess the situation; I looked over and in the middle of the field there was a little girl that was lying in a small ditch. She was on the ground screaming and crying. I didn’t think, I just went. I ran out, grabbed her, and brought her back to the safety of my vehicles. I was in the middle of an open field so luckily my guys kept me alive, covering me the entire way. So you know in my mind, there were people in my unit that did far more valorous things than that…

Kathleen: Why are you a conservative?

Jeremy: A lot of it has to do with my upbringing. I was raised by a single mom who was a full time nurse anesthetist. She raised three kids and we also owned a horse farm. She’s just a really hard worker and she really instilled traditional American values in me and it stuck with me my whole life. She never, ever gave me anything – she made me work hard for everything that I have. And that’s one of the key things about conservative values – not being given, but working hard, being a contributing member of society to get where you are. I believe strongly in people being able to work hard and to provide for their families, and the idea of having a large percentage of someone’s money taken away from them and given to people who don’t have that mentality, well honestly, I don’t agree with that. I am very much a fiscal conservative.

Kathleen: What do you enjoy most about working for Heritage?

Jeremy:  I love that every single day that I come in here it’s something new and exciting. And I think it’s a product of the fact that I work in the operations role. I don’t get stuck in a ‘this is my 9-5 mentality’ and ‘I do the same thing every day,’ because every day is different — and that’s awesome. So I think it makes the days go by and it makes the job extremely interesting.

The second reason is being able to interact with the people that are actually here … all rowing towards the same issue whether it’s the employees, the guests that come into the building, the interns that work here…everybody has the same mentality and that is furthering the conservative movement.

And outside the military I don’t think you find many organizations where everybody comes to work and has the same end goal…a lot of people come to organizations and they all want to make money for example, but they could all go about it in different ways. They could be completely different people, some being conservative, some being liberal, some not caring about anything…and here we all have the ultimate endgame in mind, and we all know exactly which way we want the organization to go. I think that has a lot to do with our shared values – the fact that we’re independent thinkers and that we speak with one voice, and that’s really cool. You see it in places like the military or police organizations and places like The Heritage Foundation.


Please join us in thanking Jeremy for his service to our country and to Heritage.

Go behind-the-scenes with Heritage director Nile Gardiner


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Nile Gardiner is the director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom where he focus on global politics, terrorism, and European affairs.

You may recognize Gardiner from one of his many appearances on mainstream TV networks like Fox News and CNN where he regularly appears to provide the conservative perspective on current events.

Wednesday, the managing editor of Heritage.org, Michelle Cordero, interviewed Gardiner for a behind-the-scenes look at what happens at Conservative headquarters.

Watch the video below and learn about Gardiner’s former job working for Lady Margaret Thatcher.

You can also watch Gardiner’s latest TV appearance last night on Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs program discussing President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement.

Read more about Nile Gardiner and the work he has done at Heritage>>

What questions do you have for Nile Gardiner?

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