How You Can Use Your IRA to Advance the Cause of Freedom

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One of the greatest charitable giving incentives of all time—the charitable IRA rollover provision—is proof that even our fiscally irresponsible Congress gets things right sometimes.

First introduced in 2005 in an effort to increase contributions to hurricane disaster relief, the provision allows qualified IRA owners age 70 ½ or older to make tax-free withdrawals of up to $100,000 per year for charitable purposes. It’s been extended in subsequent years under various tax bills, but 2011 will mark the end of an era. Only a few weeks remain for charitable-minded Americans to take advantage of this incredible opportunity before the clock runs out on December 31. Continue Reading »

Michael Giobbe – Boca Grande, Florida

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Michael Giobbe

Michael Giobbe views his membership in the Heritage Legacy Society as a sound investment

To say that Heritage Foundation member Michael Giobbe knows a thing or two about finance would be quite an understatement considering he’s spent his entire professional life working on Wall Street. Given Mike’s thorough understanding of finances, it should come as no surprise that one of the ways he’s chosen to support The Heritage Foundation’s work is to establish multiple charitable gift annuities.

“There’s only so much I can do as an individual,” says Mike. “Supporting Heritage is a way for me to turn my resources into action. It’s important for me to have a voice on Capitol Hill, and Heritage is that voice.”

Mike was immediately intrigued by the idea of using charitable gift annuities to support Heritage’s long-range efforts, and he’s established multiple annuities over the years. Continue Reading »

Member Story: Carol Manning — Naples, FL


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Carol Manning

Heritage member Carol Manning established a trust to support conservative ideas through the Heritage Legacy Society.

Like many Heritage members, Carol Manning feels a deep sense of gratitude for what she has achieved in life, and it’s this feeling that inspires people to give something back to the institutions that may have played an important part in their early formation. For Carol, as well as many other Americans, this often takes the form of a planned gift to their beloved alma mater. These are gifts that are not only motivated by gratitude but can also be born out of a deep sense of nostalgia. One of the most common types of life income paying gifts promoted by college and university planned giving departments is the charitable remainder trust, which is precisely the vehicle Carol chose to make her legacy gift.

Aside from the many wonderful income and tax benefits that charitable trusts offer, the main purpose of a charitable trust is to convey a significant “remainder” after a donor’s passing.  With this in mind, many thoughtful conservatives have begun to rethink their decision to support an alma mater that does little in support of their conservative values—or worse—is actively involved in advancing a liberal agenda. As in many other areas of American life, college campuses are increasingly subject to liberal sentiments and policies that threaten our founding principles, and conservatives can no longer in good conscience financially support these efforts. This is the dilemma Carol found herself facing as she considered the charitable trust she’d established for her university years earlier. Continue Reading »

Member Story: Joyce Sihler — Oxnard, CA

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Lifetime Income in Exchange for a Lasting Legacy: How One Heritage Member Achieved Both With A Charitable Gift Annuity.

Joyce Shiler

Joyce Shiler believes that “what our country needs is action and solutions, and that’s why Heritage is so important.”

Native Californian Joyce Sihler may not have had a strong sense of where she belonged on the political spectrum during her youth, but that would soon change, as life would teach her important lessons about responsibility and self-reliance.

As a young mother, unfortunate circumstances meant that Joyce would be left alone to fend for herself and her two small children. Joyce knew that she could either think of herself as a victim or find the strength to rise above difficult circumstances and succeed in spite of it. Relying on her deep sense of faith and a strong work ethic, Joyce embraced the latter, and the experience would shape the rest of her adult life in a positive way. Continue Reading »

Member Story: Gene D’Agostino — Stamford, CT


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Ensuring the Future of America: How One Heritage Member Expressed His Love for America With a Bequest

Gene D'Agostino

"Remembering Heritage in my estate plans was one of the most satisfying things I’ve done to combat my frustration about these dark political times."

In his view, Gene D’Agostino’s discovery of The Heritage Foundation couldn’t come at a more providential time–a time when our country finds itself at a critical crossroads. As Gene says, it’s hard to imagine anyone who values our country’s founding principles watching what’s happening in Washington without developing a sense that we’re in the midst of a defining battle, one that may ultimately change the face of our nation forever.

Instead of despairing about misguided liberal policies and their destructive influence on America, however, Gene was inspired to take action by including Heritage in his will. Continue Reading »

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