James Jay Carafano fights for you “to make a better America”


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When Jim Carafano works with his Heritage team to develop a policy solution, he asks his analysts three questions: “Does it keep America free? Does it keep America safe? And does it allow America to prosper?” If anyone on his team says no to any of these questions, then it’s the wrong policy.

A leading expert in national defense, Carafano appears regularly on television broadcasts, is quoted frequently in major news publications, and often testifies before Congress. He is the vice president of Heritage’s Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy, and also our E.W. Richardson Fellow. “I’m honored to carry the title of one of the greatest generation, a decorated WW II veteran and POW,” Carafano says of the Richardson fellowship.

Long before Carafano found a home at Heritage, he was a student at West Point. He studied a diverse curriculum there, which would later set a solid foundation for his conservative values. From the classes he took, Carafano developed a sincere appreciation for the Constitution. He spent the rest of his career defending those values.

Carafano served in the Army for 25 years before joining The Heritage Foundation as a Senior Fellow for Strategic Defense in 2003. He advised Donald Trump on foreign and defense policies in 2016 and, after the election, led the transition team to staff President Trump’s State and Homeland Security departments. He and his team at Heritage continue to shape the administration’s defense and diplomatic strategies.

Despite all his accomplishments, for which he seldom takes credit, Carafano says that some of his proudest moments at Heritage arise from seeing the young colleagues he has mentored become tremendously successful. “Olivia Enos, who is not even 30 years old, is already a world-recognized expert on human trafficking and human rights,” he says proudly. “Michaela Dodge,” he continues, “started out as an intern at Heritage and now she’s a top nuclear analyst.”

Carafano loves how Heritage has successfully empowered exceptional, hardworking people to keep America free, safe, and prosperous. Heritage, he says, is “fighting for you to make a better America.” To him, Heritage members “are family.”

He thanks you for giving him and his colleagues the opportunity to fight for U.S. interests and improve the state of our nation.

So thank you again for being a part of the Heritage family and supporting those who pursue what is good and true for the United States.

Do you have any questions that you want to ask James Carafano and his team?

You are helping protect the Constitution and the Supreme Court


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National Law Journal credits Heritage’s John Malcom with helping “populate the short lists to fill the earlier court vacancy left by Justice Antonin Scalia’s death.”

Back in 2016, Heritage released a list of several candidates to replace the late Antonin Scalia. “President Trump was very kind and credited the Heritage Foundation for having some influence on the matter” of Gorsuch’s nomination, said Malcolm, who directs our Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies.

One of those Heritage’s original short list was Brett Kavanaugh, now President Trump’s latest nominee to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh is an originalist who applies the law as written, Malcolm noted, an “independent, fair-minded individual who is not going to prejudge cases.”

Malcolm fully expects Kavanaugh to be an outstanding success on the Supreme Court.  He points to the nominee’s record as a Judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. It is a record of faithful adherence to the Constitution, Malcolm said, especially when it comes to keeping the executive branch’s power in check. He noted, for example, Kavanaugh’s criticism of the “Chevron doctrine,” the practice of deferring to the government’s interpretations of the law rather than to the text of the law.

Click here to read the rest of the interview.

Through your loyalty to the Heritage Foundation, you are providing President Trump with the strong nominees he needs for the highest court in the country. Thank you!

How do you think having another originalist judge will impact the Supreme Court’s decisions?

Heritage scholars warn the country to stay vigilant against North Korea


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While some in Washington have claimed that North Korea’s nuclear capabilities are “no longer a threat,” Heritage experts are far from convinced and have been active in the media urging vigilance.

All of North Korea’s nuclear programs “are continuing, perhaps even expanding,” Bruce Klingner warned in an interview with CNN.

And while it’s a positive sign that North Korea is making moves to dismantle its missile-testing facilities, Heritage expert Olivia Enos went on Fox News to say that we should “not necessarily overstate its benefits.”

“We still have to watch and see what North Korea does when it comes to denuclearization,” she cautioned.

Similarly, North Korea’s decision to return the bodies of fallen U.S. soldiers from the Korean War doesn’t move the nuclear-threat needle. Klingner agreed that “any day America gets some of its fallen warriors back is a good day,” but noted there’s no evidence yet of denuclearization in an interview with the BBC.

Because of you, the conservative perspective on North Korea’s actions can inform Americans everywhere. Heritage will continue to pay close attention to events as they unfold.

How do you think America should move forward with North Korea?

Heritage’s Ana Quintana impacts Latin American foreign policy


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Ana Quintana’s parents fled Fidel Castro in the 1980s. Her mother and father came to the United States as political refugees to take hold of the God-given rights that conservatives all fight to secure: “the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” They achieved the American dream, and their family has always deeply appreciated the United States, never taking their freedoms for granted.

Today, as a Heritage Foundation expert focused on Latin American affairs, Quintana vigorously promotes the conservative principles that her parents instilled in her.

“Above all else,” she says, “I am a patriot. That is what motivates me, and we should always be actively defending our country.”

She found her way to the Heritage Foundation after working at the United States Agency for International Development and the Defense Intelligence Agency. Her experiences at those agencies led her to Heritage, because unlike the USAID and DIA, the Heritage Foundation doesn’t divorce policy from analysis.

Quintana explained that the “Founders of the Heritage Foundation let it be known that if you were affiliated with Heritage, you were worth something.” She has been with Heritage since 2013 because she firmly believes that her work makes a difference for her country.

Quintana’s policy proposals have influenced U.S. policy toward Latin America. For instance, as a member of the Trump administration’s transition team (working alongside Heritage’s James Jay Carafano), she helped shape foreign policy goals and devise the strategies now being used to undo the damage caused by the Obama administration.

She and Heritage maintain strong diplomatic ties with governments in Latin America as well. Quintana routinely travels to Central America to meet with senior officials, and they repay the visits. For example, she recently hosted Mexico’s foreign minister at Heritage. These contacts give her unique insight into shaping America’s policy towards this important region.

Quintana believes in the Heritage Foundation, and she thanks you for believing in us too.

“Everything Heritage does is framed around how to make America better and how to advance America’s interests in the entire world,” Quintana stressed. And that’s all thanks to your membership and support.

Do you have any questions for Ana?

You are promoting America’s entrepreneurial spirit with Senator Ron Johnson


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President Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs have harmed American workers, Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said Thursday at The Heritage Foundation.

Tariffs amount to government control over trade, imposing artificial restrictions on free enterprise, Johnson said. They select winners and losers in the marketplace and keep entrepreneurs from developing innovative solutions that grow the economy.

Heritage experts have laid out the negative consequences of these tariffs, which have hurt many small businesses, including manufacturers.

Johnson thanked Heritage for providing “Congress and the administration the information it needs to try and govern this nation.”

And we that you, our members, for making that work possible.

Watch Senator Johnson’s speech to find out more:

What do you think the government should do about trade?

UK official recommends US-UK free trade agreement at Heritage


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On Wednesday, the Heritage Foundation gladly welcomed Liam Fox, the United Kingdom’s Secretary of State for International Trade, to explain the benefits of free trade, particularly a free trade partnership between America and the United Kingdom after Brexit.

The US and the UK are interdependent economically, Fox said. An open trade agreement between the two nations would be good for both countries as Britain leaves the European Union, he added.

Heritage experts have been making the case for a US-UK free trade deal for nearly four years.

Free trade has been a boon for people around the world, Fox said. “The effects of free and open trade allowed us to take a billion people out of abject poverty in a single generation.”

Watch the video to hear more of the UK Secretary’s speech:

In the wake of Brexit, should the United States strike a free trade deal with Britain, one of our closest allies?

Heritage helps Secretary Azar build better health insurance markets


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The Trump administration is using the federal government for unusual—and welcome—ends: to advance free market principles and limit the size and scope of government. This is especially true in health care, where the administration aims to undo the damage done by Obamacare.

“Our actions will be aimed at building markets and competition,” Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar explained in remarks Thursday at The Heritage Foundation. His goal it to “empower consumers through choice rather than having government decide what is best for the individual.”

He credited the Heritage Foundation for playing a vital role in public policy. “Many administrations, including this one, having benefited from the work of the Heritage Foundation,” Azar said.

Watch the event below to hear Azar’s standpoint on the health care system:

What are your thoughts on how government can improve health care?

You are bringing tax reform to America


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In a new report from Heritage’s Center for Data Analysis, Heritage experts Kevin Darayatna, Parker Sheppard, and Adam Michel conclude that Americans all across the country will have more money to spend and save thanks to the 2017 tax cuts. A typical American household will save $,1400 this year and have a take-home pay increase of $26,000 over 10 years.

Their report also broke down the how the tax cuts affect households in every state and every Congressional district. Based on federal tax return data, this is the most sophisticated analysis to date of the effects of last year’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Click here to see the interactive map and read the report >>

Among the many modifications made by the law were reductions in federal income tax rates, pro-growth reforms in business and investment taxes, and a doubling of the child tax credit.

This data-rich study by Heritage gives lawmakers and citizens the ammunition they need to defend the tax cuts against those trying to repeal them. In Washington, it’s always a fight to protect the paychecks of hard working families across the nation.

How have you seen last year’s tax reforms impact your community?


Senator Marco Rubio holds ‘deep fake’ technology accountable at Heritage


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Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) visited the Heritage Foundation on Thursday to talk about an issue that only a few Americans even know about: “deep fake” media.

In this new high-tech age that we live in, Rubio explained, people can use special effects with such accuracy that they can manufacture recordings of “you saying or doing something that you never did or said.” These are deceptions that can easily ruin a person’s reputation, and people will certainly believe them.

“I’m grateful that we have this forum here [at Heritage] to begin to talk about this,” Rubio said. We need to address the issue now, he argued, because the technology can sow instability and chaos in the nation.

Watch Rubio’s speech and the following panel:

Your loyal support for the conservative movement allows Heritage to spearhead these critical conversations. Thank you for  defending national security and the reputations of fellow Americans.

How do you think we should address lies and distortions in the media?

You and Ambassador Nikki Haley are defending America’s international integrity


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The Heritage Foundation had the honor of hosting Ambassador Nikki Haley, a woman who fights for her country on the world stage, to explain why the United States withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The UNHRC consistently fails to thwart human rights violations, Haley said. It did nothing to stop member nations like Russia, China, or Venezuela from committing heinous crimes against their people. And America, she declared, is not in the business of “reducing human dignity into another instrument of international politics.”

Heritage president Kay Coles James praised Ambassador Haley’s strength and courage in holding to her principles as ambassador, and in calling out the UNHRC on their corrupt double standards and hostility towards America and Israel. Her remarks were “a true profile in courage.”

Watch the video of the event below:

A Conversation With Nikki Haley

How will the U.S. continue to advance its human rights agenda outside of the human Rights Council? U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley joins us live to discuss.

Posted by The Heritage Foundation on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Heritage Foundation appreciates your valuable support in making these historic events possible. Haley’s appearance at Heritage not only benefits the country, but the cause of freedom worldwide.

How do you think the United States should address human rights issues abroad?

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