Heritage pushes back against Congress’ immigration compromise


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This week, Congress planned to vote on two immigration-related bills. One was the “compromise” immigration bill, which is based on a complex pathway-to-citizenship plan for DACA recipients that might make it even harder to enforce existing immigration law. The other, termed the Goodlatte bill, was the more conservative alternative to the compromise bill. It took steps to fund the border wall and limited the amnesty options for DACA recipients. While the compromise bill has been pushed to next week, Congress voted down the Goodlatte bill last Thursday, thus closing a door for conservative reform in immigration.

Heritage experts have been voicing their concerns about Congress’s actions and made it clear that, if there is to be any solution to our immigration issue in America, there must be legislation that respects the rule of law.

Heritage expert David Inserra rightly criticized Congress in a commentary this week, saying they are pushing “one big amnesty scheme.” It sets a dangerous precedent, and Congress failed to offer more resources to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which is critical to positive reform.

According to Inserra, the immigration courts have 700,000 asylum cases on the docket alone. He noted that 95% of illegal immigrants with expired Visas do not show up to their court hearing, which means that an additional 262,000 illegals would be roaming about in your backyard every year.

Heritage’s Director of Congressional and Executive Branch Relations Tommy Binion agrees. In a commentary, he points to ineffective enforcement as a major problem in America and one that Congress needs to address immediately—but Congress seems to have no interest in coming to agreement on that solution.

Heritage experts gave Congress many prudent and sensible solutions, many of which involved making improvements in internal enforcement. Instead, Congress focused on one small piece of a very complicated puzzle: amnesty. This choice neglected to strengthen the agencies that protect us.

America’s hardworking civil servants in ICE can only do so much to secure our safety. With your support, Heritage is helping them in the fight to secure our great nation.

To learn more about the truth of immigration, listen to Heritage’s podcast on immigration enforcement, featuring David Inserra.

What do you think are the best next steps for enforcing immigration?

Blueprint for Balance: Heritage’s answer to America’s budget crisis


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A sensible federal budget is critical for the stability of our nation. Last Monday, The Heritage Foundation’s Roe Institute for Economic Policy published the Blueprint for Balance, Heritage’s annual budget proposal for the US government. It provides President Trump and lawmakers with a helpful guide to answer the country’s budget crisis.

The Blueprint for Balance is already making its mark on the Trump Administration. Fifty percent of Heritage’s proposal has been embraced in legislation. This development gives conservatives hope that a well-reasoned budget will be passed by Congress.

One of our leading fiscal and economic experts, Romina Boccia, hosted a panel to discuss the Blueprint’s unveiling. She described its purpose as a detailed policy agenda to balance the budget. “Not just without raising taxes,” she said, “but cutting taxes further, while ensuring a strong national defense and protecting individual liberty and economic freedom.”

Within a week of its release, Heritage’s budgeting success has been highlighted by some the country’s major news outlets.

Steve Mufson at The Washington Post noted that the President’s budget bears many similarities to the Blueprint. Key examples include the elimination of various federal programs, such as those regarding international relations and climate change. These details were inspired by Heritage’s experts.

While the Blueprint for Balance does exactly what its title says – achieving budgetary balance within  six years – it also would do much to strengthen the economy. Because of you, Heritage is able to produce unmatched research and recommendations for restoring and revitalizing our nation. Thank you so much for your support.

Click here to watch experts Justin Bogie, Stephen Moore, and Adam Michel explain the Blueprint for Balance:

What do you think is the solution to our budget crisis?

Heritage alum addresses mental health through her husband’s powerful story


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Heritage’s former Digital Strategy Manager, Ericka Anderson, unveiled her powerful new book called Leaving Cloud 9, where she tells her husband Rick Sylvester’s inspiring true story about overcoming a life of child abuse, generational poverty, and bipolar disorder.

Anderson revealed that Sylvester’s mother – a drug-user, prostitute, alcoholic, and thief – abused her son. With his mother being his only influence growing up, Sylvester’s adulthood life was set on a self-destructive path. He became an alcoholic, a drug abuser, and a divorced man. Sylvester was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a disease which exhibits this kind of volatile behavior.

Fortunately, Sylvester’s story has a happy ending. He overcame his past and became a family man and strong believer in Christ.

His wife ardently told the audience, “I hope that God will use Rick’s story to help those experiencing generational poverty, opioid addiction, depression, and childhood trauma.” She also thanked the experts at Heritage who helped her with the research for her book.

Your support for Heritage matters. Without it, Anderson would not have had Heritage’s extensive platform to tell real stories about real Americans. She thanks President Trump for making noble efforts to curb the opioid crisis, providing more resources for mental health education, and offering treatment and recovery programs to addicts and victims.

To learn more about how Rick overcame his childhood trauma and addictions, watch the video of the event below:

How do you think we should address mental health issues in America?

Assistant Secretary of State Addresses European Affairs at Heritage


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Anchoring the Western alliance is key, Assistant Secretary of State A. Wess Mitchell said Tuesday in remarks at The Heritage Foundation. Under President Trump, America is finally accepting its responsibilities to Europe and aims to put real resources into its defense, He said.“The stronger we are today,” he says, “the less likely a certain school of rivals can choose our path for tomorrow.”

In his closing statement, Mitchell reassured us that the United States is making important progress in strengthening Europe. As a follower of Heritage’s research for years, Mitchell thanked us for “bringing original ideas to the policy debate here in Washington.”

The Heritage Foundation is honored to facilitate discussions on U.S. interests in foreign policy. With your help, we hope to continue to assist leaders in Washington by hosting platform that discusses sound policies which defend our national security.

Watch the event here:

What do you think about America’s relationship with Europe right now?

Heritage Helps Support Baker in SCOTUS Victory


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In a 7-2 decision last Monday, the Supreme Court rule upheld Jack Phillips’ religious liberty. Phillips, the owner of Colorado’s Masterpiece Cakeshop, was accused of violating public accommodations law when he declined to bake a custom cake for a same-sex wedding. This is groundbreaking news for all Americans and a big win for freedom.

The Heritage Foundation has worked closely alongside the Phillips family in the journey to the finish line. In September of last year, Heritage expert Ryan Anderson sat down with him in our Allison Auditorium to discuss the Colorado Civil Rights Commission’s attack against his rights as an American citizen to exercise his religion.

A deeply religious man, Phillips believed that it was his duty to serve the savior that he loves. Because of that conviction, he refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. In his opening remarks, Phillips tells Anderson, “No man can serve two masters,” and he says when he lays out his business plan that “you can’t serve God and money.”

That December, The Daily Signal followed Phillips back to his hometown in Lakewood, Colorado. In an interview, Phillip’s daughter told The Daily Signal that God had chosen her father to bear the burden of this attack, and his sacrifice paid off.

On the day of the Supreme Court’s decision, Ryan Anderson captured exactly why Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission is a monumental victory for the country in an article on The Daily Signal. He said, “The court made it clear that hostility toward religion has no place in America, least of all our government.”

We at The Heritage Foundation sincerely admire Jack Phillips and his family’s six-year sacrifice in the name of religious liberty. Their commitment to truth has finally been rewarded by justice.

We are also very thankful for you and your support. As a Heritage member, you made justice for Jack possible. Without your generosity, we would not have been able to help Jack Phillips uphold his firm beliefs. Thank you!

Have there been circumstances where you’ve been persecuted for your faith? If yes, how so?

Heritage experts set the record straight on immigration


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Thanks to your membership, our policy experts keep the public informed of the latest news on immigration reform and foreign policy. Our staff’s analysis paves the way for vital immigration reform, all thanks to you.

Heritage homeland security expert David Inserra recently published a report on amnesty, advocating for Congress to clearly enforce the rule of law for illegal immigrants. Inserra points out that,“Amnesty rewards those who have broken the law with citizenship,” which goes against our fundamental principles as a republic. Inserra urges the U.S. government to “apply the laws fairly and equally.” He believes that Congress should “put the needs and interests of American citizens” first.

Heritage experts Ana Quintana and James Jay Carafano published another commentary soon after on President Trump’s successful relationship with Mexico. They note that the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico are now closer than it was with previous U.S. administrations. A good standing relationship with Mexico helps secure the border, and “the facts speak for themselves,” says the commentary. President Trump focuses his efforts in securing the interests of the American people, which should be reassuring to our fellow Americans.

Heritage stresses the importance of rejecting amnesty proposals, enforcing the border, and strengthening the relationship with Mexico, among many other solutions. Until the federal government prioritizes law-abiding citizens over lawbreakers, those at Heritage will continue to advocate on behalf of U.S. interests. We’re pleased to see President Trump embrace our recommendation to improve cooperation with the Mexican government, and look forward to seeing more of our policies embraced in the near future.

What do you think is the biggest problem with immigration in America? How has it affected you?

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