3 Reforms to Create a Patient-Centered Health Care System


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The list of problems with President Obama’s health care law is extensive. Among other things,

  • It encourages government dependency
  • It delegates the authority of making health care decisions to the government
  • It moves our country’s health care system further in the wrong direction
  • It’s unconstitutional

The law is fundamentally problematic and it must be repealed, even if the Supreme Court rules to uphold it this week or next.

There’s a better way. Heritage Foundation health care expert Nina Owcharenko has helped formulate a plan to save our country’s health care system. She explains her proposal: Continue Reading »

The Farm Bill: Harvesting Taxpayer Dollars Since 1933


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Many provisions of the current farm bill will expire at the end of September. It is estimated to have cost Americans $284 billion over the last five years.

Most programs in the farm bill were established during the Depression-era and they have not changed as our agricultural landscape has changed. Through various farm subsidies, the burden of agricultural risk is placed on taxpayers. Heritage Foundation policy expert Diane Katz says “Americans are taking a double hit:  Tax revenues are used to subsidize producers, and production limits raise the cost of products.”

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