Ambassador Bolton reveals new strategy at Heritage


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Im delighted again to be here at Heritage, an institution that really has contributed so much to the public policy debate for many decades now in the United States.” –Ambassador John Bolton

Ambassador John Bolton chose to unveil the Trump Administration’s new Africa policy this week in a packed Allison Auditorium at The Heritage Foundation. President Trump approved the strategy just a day before the Ambassador was slated to speak.  Once again, Heritage’s main stage was used to make a major announcement by the Trump Administration.

The strategy prioritizes securing commercial ties, mutually beneficial trade, and security agreements to protect against Radical Islamic Terrorism. Ambassador Bolton also announced that taxpayers would aid nations according to American priorities, and that nations who voted against our interests at the United Nations risked losing American financial support.

The ambassador also pledged that the United States would seek to counter Chinese and Russian attempts to gain competitive advantages in Africa through “corrupt economic dealings.”He reminded the Heritage audience that in Fiscal Year 2017, the United States Government devoted $8.7 billion to African aid. He pledged that future dollars would be spent to “efficiently and effectively advance peace, stability, independence, and prosperity in the region.”

Ambassador Bolton thanked Heritage for the honor of showcasing America’s new Africa policy at our headquarters. No doubt, thanks belongs to you, because without you, Heritage would not be the influential, effective policy platform that it is today. Thank you.

What sort of policy changes would you recommend for America to have a healthy relationship with African nations?

Reagan’s OPM Director: what’s wrong with the federal bureaucracy


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Whether it’s liberal holdovers who disrupt conservative reforms from the inside or disqualified employees, the federal workforce is plagued with bad bureaucracy. Dr. Donald Devine, who headed the Office of Personnel Management for President Ronald Reagan, wrote a comprehensive report this week that lays out the problems with our current administrative state.

These are serious problems. Partisan appointees have “burrowed” into civil service positions, which are meant to be nonpartisan. Moreover, the workforce is unionized, and their leaders are determined to block serious reform efforts.

After all, there’s a lot of money at stake. Overall, federal employees enjoy compensation significantly higher than that of their private sector counterparts. Federal compensation totals $276 billion per year, much more than the same number of private employees would cost.

Your support allows our experts to develop conservative solutions that promise to correct federal bureaucracy. Thank you for standing with us.

Read Dr. Devine’s Report here >>

What should be done to clean up the federal bureaucracy?

Heritage supports conservative reforms in the FIRST STEP Act


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Conservatives believe in justice. That’s what the FIRST Step Act is about: making punishments fit crimes, rather than filling prisons with otherwise salvageable people. The bill, passed by the House and now moving through the Senate, was inspired by successful reforms in conservative states like Georgia and Texas. If passed, it would revise sentencing requirements for non-violent offenders and offer rehabilitation programs proven to work. President Trump supports the legislation and will sign the bill if the Senate sends it to his desk.

As President Kay Coles James wrote in a recent column, “If we keep warehousing offenders without addressing any of the underlying issues that paved their path to prison in the first place, we’ll keep getting more of the same: people leaving prison even more hardened than when they went in, people who quickly fall back into their old lives and criminal activities, only to land back in jail.”

Because of your support, Heritage has the means to research policies that reduce crime and change lives for the better. Thank you for standing with us as we stand for conservative changes to the justice system.

Read President James’ Editorial on here.

Read Heritage Action’s Frequently Asked Questions about prison reform here.

What changes should be made to the justice system to reduce crime rates?


How Heritage builds conservatism on Capitol Hill and beyond

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Heritage held its New Member’s Orientation for new members of Congress. Nearly two-thirds of all newly-elected conservative Members of Congress attended the two-day orientation. Those attending received Heritage Job Bank-prepared binders and flash drives filled with hundreds of resumes representing experienced conservative staffers. For 35 years, Heritage has provided The Heritage Job Bank, a free resource for job seekers who would like to work in organizations across the conservative movement, in the Administration, on Capitol Hill, and state governments.

Prior to the midterms, the Job Bank hosted a career event for the staff of retiring Members of Congress representing both the House and Senate. This event provided one-on-one resume and career consultations with staff from these offices. After last month’s disappointing election results, many conservatives working in congressional offices knew they would need to start job-hunting. Luckily for them, the Heritage Job Bank was there to help. Following the midterms, Heritage Job Bank Manager, Kyle Bonnell hosted a career fair to connect staffers and recruiters from 15 allied conservative organizations.

Heritage can invest in the development and advancement of conservative professionals because you first invested in us. Thank you for supporting us as we build the professional experience needed to drain the swamp and preserve our nation’s future.

In addition to the Young Leaders Program and the Job Bank, what else can Heritage do to prepare young conservatives to change Washington? 

Honoring President Bush and his years of service


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In recognition of the late President George H.W. Bush’s years of public service, Heritage observed the National Day of Mourning declared by President Trump. On this day, we sought to remember President Bush.

As The Daily Signal’s Fred Lucas reported, President Bush was the last World War II veteran to serve as president. And no president since has served in combat. The youngest naval aviator in World War II, George H.W. Bush was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and a Presidential Unit Citation for his service in the Pacific.

President Bush served America long after the war, as Congressman, Ambassador to the United Nations, Head of U.S. Liaison Office in China, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Prior to his election as president in 1992, he served as Vice President to President Ronald Reagan.

As president, he will be remembered for presiding over the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, as well as the liberation of Kuwait in the First Gulf War.


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Heritage President Kay Coles James stated upon his passing, “President Bush was ever willing to disregard personal gain to pursue a public calling—and few did so with his grace and dignity.” President James concluded by saying, “George H.W. Bush’s character and commitment to our nation were reflections of his faith. They were also attributes he passed on through his children and grandchildren. May God comfort them and the rest of the Bush family in their grief.”

Read Heritage President Kay Coles James’ official statement here.

What is your favorite memory of President George H.W. Bush, and his public service?


Heritage experts discuss trade with China, Mexico, and Canada


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President Trump is making progress on trade. He has paused, for 90 days, tariff increases initially slated to take effect next month. The delay is to give negotiators more time to reach a more permanent solution to resolve trade issues.

As Heritage expert James Carafano said recently on Fox Business, “[China] blinked,.., [but] this administration will have to continue to pressure them, until we get substantive changes in Chinese behavior.” Carafano went on to say that, while the president will need to weigh domestic concerns like the way tariffs inhibit domestic economic growth, he will also have to continue pressuring Beijing to stop its unfair trade practices.

Just as James Carafano discussed the national security angle of the development with China, Heritage policy experts Emilie Kao, Ambassador Terry Miller, and Tori Whiting released a statement last Friday calling attention to challenges with the United States Mexico Canada Agreement. Among those problems: Canada’s addition of inappropriate language surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity, which does not belong in an international trade agreement.

While mentioning positive developments with the new agreement, Miller, Kao, and Whiting pledged to continue “working with the White House and lawmakers to address these concerns.” Heritage will continue monitoring that situation, to protect the United States’ sovereign right to set our own policies regarding gender identity and sexual orientation—without pressure from our neighbors.

Thank you for providing the resources to make Heritage an asset for policymakers, and allowing us to call ball and strikes to achieve conservative victories on policy. Your support creates trade wins for America and so many other positive outcomes.

Read Heritage’s USMCA statement here.

How will these developments impact the United States economy?

Fighting “Medicare for All,” the government takeover of healthcare


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The Veterans Administration Health Program and the Indian Health Service are already under full government control. Liberals want more—a government monopoly on health care. Heritage’s Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity recently released a report on the realities of a government takeover of healthcare.

The report examines several plans, including one introduced by Vermont socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. The plan would fold nearly all existing public coverage arrangements–including Medicare, Medicaid, and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)—into one massive program.

By the end of a four-year transition period, 75 million Americans previously covered by Medicaid or CHIP would be under the new system.  In addition,  164 million Americans previously covered by employer-sponsored insurance and 17 million Americans previously insured through private plans available in the individual market would be under the plan.   Heritage expert Meridian Paulton explains in the report that, “Medicare for All” means over 58 million elderly and disabled Americans would lose their existing Medicare coverage.”

Heritage remains opposed to any healthcare plan that increases government control and potentially costing tens of trillions of taxpayer dollars while threatening to leave Americans without access to health care services. Thank you for equipping our experts with the tools to break down these proposals and warn America against the perils of socialized medicine.

Read Meridian Paulton’s report here.

How should the conservative movement fight “Medicare for All”?


Heritage launches training academy for judicial clerks


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The Heritage Foundation believes in bringing the best and brightest to the fore to serve America. Constitutionalists on the federal bench represent that standard of excellence, and they, like all federal judges, rely heavily on their clerks for the legal research needed to administer justice in full accordance with the Constitution.

John Malcolm, the head of our Institute for Constitutional Government, spoke with the New York Times about the launch of the federal judicial clerkship academy saying, “It allows us to establish relationships with very bright lawyers who are potential future stars in the legal community either on the right or on the left.”

The program will give applicants practical advice on the daily work of clerks, including technical issues and legal writing. It will also offer sessions on originalism and textualism, to advance a better understanding of the Constitution.

Heritage Members make it possible for us to support judges who uphold the law and defend liberty from the federal bench. Thank you for investing in our future.

How else should Heritage prepare the next generation of constitutionalist judges?

Heritage expert responds to second attack in New York Times


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Dr. Ryan Anderson, Heritage’s William E. Simon Senior Research Fellow, recently released a book titled, “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment”. This week, he responded again, with a commentary rebutting mischaracterizations of his work in New York Times column. The author of the piece, Andrea Long Chu, accused Dr. Anderson of “‘compassion-mongering,’ peddling bigotry in the guise of sympathetic concern” because he dared to question the wisdom of sexual reassignment surgeries.

While impugning Dr. Anderson, she inadvertently conceded some key points that cut against her own argument. She admitted, for example, that surgery doesn’t promise happiness to those trying to change their gender, and that gender dysphoria is painful.

This marked the second time that Dr. Anderson has been forced to fend off attacks from the paper because he refused to yield to the notion that surgery is helping gender dysphoria. Citing voluminous research, Ryan argues that such surgeries fail to bring happiness to the patients, they may well increase the risk of suicide among them, posing a serious ethical problem to those who administer care.

Heritage experts stand for truth, regardless of what is published about them. Thank you for empowering them to hold fast, when buffeted by politically correct, but fallacious, headwinds.

How should conservatives address this issue with public policy?

Heritage goes behind the headlines on the caravan story


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The caravan of Central Americans making their way toward our southern border has dominated the news for weeks. Rather than rely on others’ reports of what’s happening, Heritage experts flew to Mexico to get the real story, firsthand.

Nolan Peterson, Ana Quintana, and David Inserra brought three different approaches to the caravan. Peterson wrote about what was happening; Quintana about why it was happening, and Inserra wrote about how to fix it.

Left wing organizers with ties to liberal groups in the United States urged people to start traveling northward from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to overwhelm border authorities. Along the way, they actively discouraged those in the caravan from accepting offers of asylum from Mexico. Suffice to say, there’s much more to this story than you will hear from the media, but you can find it in The Daily Signal.

Thank you for letting Heritage get to the bottom of the caravan problem, so we can talk about real solutions to secure our border. Whether it’s a question of drug violence, immigration, border security or all three, Heritage can develop policy solutions because of you.

Read Nolan Peterson’s caravan article here >>

Read an interview with Ana Quintana and David Inserra here >

Read David Inserra’s policy recommendations here >>

Beyond securing the southern border, what policies would prevent caravans from forming in the first place? 

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