Why We Need to Show Up to Support Our Veterans


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The Jones homecoming

The author, right, and her young son welcome her husband back from Afghanistan. Photo: Celise Salmon Photography

San Francisco hosted a Veterans’ day parade this past weekend. And only a few people showed up. Some blame a lack of publicity. Perhaps. Maybe not everyone chooses to celebrate our veterans by attending a parade. But I wonder: as a nation, are we showing up for our veterans? Are we showing up to remember, support, and help those who choose to serve and fight for us?

>> Heritage’s Steve Bucci and Cully Stimson, veterans both, reflect on the importance of thanking those who served

Around this time last year, I was at the airport, anxiously awaiting my husband’s return from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He’d spent the better part of a year treating our wounded servicemen and women at the Bagram Air Base trauma unit.

Our dear friends snapped the candid picture above as we walked through the terminal. We were so happy to be reunited.  A few minutes after this photo was taken, I realized the man who left was not the man who came home. He was different because he didn’t come home alone.

He saw young men and women full of talent and potential die in the service of our country. Others sustained devastating wounds. He brought them home with him and he carries them wherever he goes. Their sacrifices are sealed in his memory. When our country asked for their service, they showed up. Now one year later, do we remember? They died in one of the deadliest attacks Bagram has seen in the last five years. Do we know their names? Who helps bear the burden of grief borne by those they left behind? Continue Reading »

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