Bad budget bill passes

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Thanks to your support, Heritage is continuing to provide conservative solutions to limiting government and reining in runway spending.

And those solutions are needed more now than ever before.

Last week, Congress passed a budget deal that increases the federal government by 14%.

In a video that’s already received thousands of views, Heritage’s Genevieve Wood stated:

President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress were elected to drain the swamp, not add water.

But adding water, and lots of it, is exactly what happened with the passage of the most recent budget deal.

In fact, this bill asks for 70 percent more than President Barack Obama did while in office.

This was a budget deal that, as Genevieve Wood says in the video below, President Obama could have only dreamed of.

Heritage has provided a guide to promote comprehensive economic reform for our country–laying out a clear path forward for lawmakers.

That path includes:

  • Cutting spending immediately and enforcing spending caps
  • Pursue pro-growth tax reform
  • Reform the Entitlement programs
  • Reform the federal budget process
  • And move domestic programs to the State and local sector

Read the guide for a full explanation >>

Thank you for enabling Heritage to continue to act as “True North” in Washington.

What do you think it will take for lawmakers to pass a fiscally conservative budget?


Building the conservative movement

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You play a key role inside the conservative movement through providing policy research, strengthening relations between conservative coalition groups, and training the next generation of conservative leaders.

One recent example of this influence is the presence Heritage had CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference)—one of the largest gatherings of conservatives in our country this week.

During the conference, Heritage recruited students for our Young Leaders Internship Program, gave our latest policy recommendations to attendees, and shared how we impact the policy debates on Capitol Hill.

Below are some of the ways Heritage was directly involved:

  • Heritage President Kay Coles James hosted a session with the Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, and discussed providing more school choice to military families.
  • Heritage also hosted a breakout session with three Heritage experts–Steve Moore, Romina Boccia, and Paul Winfree—to discuss the next steps to get our country on the right financial track after the terrible budget deal of last week.
  • Additional Heritage speakers also presented during the conference. These included:  Jeffrey Smith, Kelsey Harkness, Genevieve Wood, and John Malcolm.
  • The Young Leaders Program hosted an alumni reception
  • Heritage’s Truluck Center–that trains young conservatives and connects them to careers–participated in the Career Fair
  • 20+ staff attended, and 37 interns worked over 9 shifts in the Heritage Booth to share the impact Heritage is having on our country.

Thanks to your support we are able to reach more young Americans with the conservative message.


What are other ways that the conservative movement should be strengthened?

Influencing members of Congress


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Last week, Heritage hosted the annual Conservative Member Retreat for members of the House of Representatives.

This year’s theme was Boldness in the Face of Adversity–a fitting theme with the Congressional fights that conservatives are facing this year.

The retreat is intended to provide conservative members of Congress with policy-analysis from Heritage experts and to build relationships with them that will continue into their congressional term.

Almost 40 members attended the retreat.

During the retreat, lawmakers were given the opportunity to discuss issues with fellow conservatives and hear from movement leaders like Rick Santorum, Matt Bevin, and Heritage’s own David Azzerad.

Thanks to your support, Heritage is able to provide this support and guidance to members of Congress.

Do you believe it is important to support conservative members of Congress? Why or why not?  What are other ways that we should support them?

Rebuilding America’s military power


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America’s military has rapidly declined and is in need of a significant overhaul as shown by Heritage’s 2018 Index of Military Strength.

Two Heritage scholars, Dakota Wood and Tom Spoehr, are working on a project called Rebuilding America’s Military Power (RAMP), which will provide the concrete steps needed to get America’s military back on track.

RAMP will answer questions like:

  • What is the role of each branch of the military in the future?
  • What is the role of technology (AI, cyber, autonomous weapons) and conventional weaponry?
  • How does the positioning and deployment of forces around the world affect our readiness?
  • Beyond funding, what infrastructure will we need to achieve the growth and changes we propose?

RAMP will also keep in mind the long-term nature of changes to the military to understand what other areas the United States will need to meet future challenges.

Thank you for making this project possible.

What do you think are the top three needs of America’s military today?


Educating candidates in conservative policy

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Next week, the Heritage Foundation will invite every candidate who are filed with the FCC to the Conservative Members Conference. At this Conference, Heritage experts will brief the candidates on conservative policies priorities.

This conference is a powerful example of how Heritage is leading the fight by educating every possible candidate in conservative policy. Each candidate is given a copy of the “Solutions 2018” handbook of conservative policy, compiled by Heritage.

Read the Solutions 2018 handbook >>

Not only is this handbook given to candidates, but it’s given to every sitting member of Congress.

By attending this conference, every conservative becomes familiar with us as an organization, ensuring that Heritage is always available as a resource to them as they fight for conservative principals on Capitol Hill.

What policy recommendation are you most excited to learn more about and why?



How does economic freedom affect progress?


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Last week, Heritage released the 2018 Index of Economic Freedom.

This product has become a benchmark of Heritage research and is used by nations around the world to gauge the progress they are making.

For over twenty years the Index has delivered thoughtful analysis in a clear, friendly, and straight-forward format. The Index is poised to help readers track over two decades of the advancement in economic freedom, prosperity, and opportunity and promote these ideas in their homes, schools, and communities.

The Index continues to validate the belief that the amount of economic freedom a country has will directly impact their progress–or lack thereof.

View the Index and find out how the U.S. ranks >>

As a result of your membership, Heritage is able to provide a reliable benchmark for economic and market freedom for countries across the world.

What were you most surprised to learn in the Index?

Providing a policy arsenal to today’s leaders


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Heritage’s Solutions 2018 policy guide was just released and provides an arsenal of conservative policy recommendations for elected officials, candidates, and their staff who are on the front line in today’s political battles.

Solutions covers forty issues from across the foreign and domestic policy spectrum and is written in a digestible format — offering a succinct summary and analysis of the issue, the policy recommendation, and facts and figures to back up the recommendation.

Here are the top policy recommendations for the following issues:

  1. Federal spending and debt  Congress should immediately cut all unnecessary spending programs that aren’t needed for our military or basic government function.
  2. Border security — Congress must reject calls for amnesty and focus on measures to discourage migrants from illegally crossing into and staying in the U.S.
  3. Healthcare — The first phase in reforming healthcare is to repeal and replace the harmful Obamacare policies with free-market policies that give the consumer more control of their healthcare.

A copy of Solutions is provided to every sitting member of Congress.

Powerful research like Solutions 2018 is what makes Heritage the bedrock of conservatism.

Get access to Solutions 2018 >>

Thank you for providing the support needed to create research like this that strengthens the conservative movement.

What do you believe is the most valuable aspect of Solutions 2018?

Controlling the narrative–‘shut down’ video passes 4 million views


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Because of your membership at Heritage, the conservative narrative is being widely shared.

Just last week, Heritage’s news source, The Daily Signal, released a video titled, “Why do Democrats want a government shutdown?” that explained the true reasons behind the shutdown.

As of today, the video has received over 4.2 million views on Facebook.

Watch the video below:

Thanks to your support, The Daily Signal is playing a crucial role in spreading reliable, factual reporting on the conservative message on today’s issues.

What is your opinion on the government shutdown last weekend?

Ted Cruz is using Heritage research on North Korea


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Tuesday, Senator Ted Cruz released an op-ed in the Washington Post about the U.S. relationship with North Korea that extensively cited research done by The Heritage Foundation.

In the op-ed Cruz stated:

President Trump’s November decision to designate North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism — in response to legislation I introduced that passed in Congress last year — was more than just a symbolic move.

The administration has not only plugged holes in America’s sanctions regime against Pyongyang, but it has also established a decisive break from the policy failures of past administrations. It’s now time to seize the initiative, put Kim Jong Un on his heels and set conditions on America’s terms.

The Heritage report that Cruz cited dealt with imposing sanctions on North Korea.

Read the full report >>

When leading elected officials cite Heritage’s research in their work, it demonstrates the impact your Heritage membership is making on the conservative movement.

Thank you for making this possible.

Do you agree with Senator Cruz? Has the time arrived for the United States to put Kim Jong Un on his heels? 

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