The Number One Goal of America’s Foreign Policy

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The number one goal of America’s foreign policy is to defend and protect American interests, Heritage Foundation expert Ted Bromund said.

These interests include:

  1. American Sovereignty. This can be summarized as: no other nation can tell us what to do. The United States has established and maintained a system of law, diplomacy, virtue, and a respect for her citizens. These qualities allow America to thrive.
  2. Independence. This is our basic ability to maintain and sustain sovereignty. Independence is gained by producing natural resources, maintaining military security, and creating an environment in which citizens can thrive without dependence on another nation.
  3. Respectability. This is earned when sovereignty and independence are secured. The result is a people and a government that are noble and civilized, not just on the world stage but in the day-to-day interactions of the people and the government.

Without these three fundamental interests, America ceases to exist, Bromund argues. And that’s why we must always be willing to fight for them.

Bromund’s outline of America’s interests are not new. In his farewell address, George Washington listed similar themes:

Happy in the confirmation of our Independence and Sovereignty, and pleased with the opportunity afforded the United States of becoming a respectable Nation, I resign with satisfaction the Appointment I accepted with diffidence.

Do you think the U.S. should protect our national interest?

6 Former Heritage Interns Selected for Prestigious Fellowship

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04072014 fellows

Six former Heritage Foundation interns have been recognized as key leaders in strengthening the conservative movement.

The Young Conservative Coalition recently announced its 2014 Young Conservative Leaders Fellows. Six former Heritage interns are among the 13 selected this year: Derek Bekebrede, Matthew Gallagher, Emily Goff, Paige Haynes, Alyssa Silkwood, and Chad Yelinski.

Over the next six months, the fellows will learn about the history of the modern conservative movement, including the “fusionism” pioneered by William F. Buckley, Jr. and Frank Meyer.  The fellows will also interact with conservative leaders and scholars in Washington, DC to better understand the philosophies and ideas that underlie today’s movement.

Thanks to their internship experience at Heritage, the ideas of fusionism and conservative philosophy will not be new territory for Bekerbrede, Gallagher, Goff, Haynes, Silkwood, or Yelinski. Through policy briefings and First Principles lectures, Heritage’s Young Leaders Program educates interns on the importance of rediscovering our principles in order to reclaim our future. Heritage interns learn how these conservative principles were “fused” together to create a powerful political force in American politics. Exposure to such principles has equipped these new fellows to approach contemporary political issues with strong, conservative solutions.

Visit the Young Leaders Program page for more information about Heritage’s internship program.

Heritage Interns Win Prestigious Debate

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Heritage interns Aaron Trujillo and Michael Koziarski won the Center for Strategic and International Studies Speed Debate Tournament.

Heritage Foundation interns Aaron Trujillo and Michael Koziarski won the Center for Strategic and International Studies Speed Debate Tournament earlier this month.

Competing against eighteen other interns representing organizations like the Cato Institute, the Wilson Center, and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy, Trujillo and Koziarski were assigned to debate several policy resolutions.

For example, the duo argued against government subsidies for renewable energy, arguing that this policy allows the government to pick winners and losers, propping up inefficient businesses like Solyndra. Continue Reading »

The Perks of Being a Heritage Foundation Intern: Meeting Sen. Ted Cruz

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Heritage Foundation interns pose with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Heritage Foundation interns pose with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

The Heritage Foundation’s Young Leaders program provides many opportunities for Heritage interns to expand their knowledge of conservative thought.

At weekly luncheons, Heritage experts instruct us on America’s First Principles—the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the principles of America’s Founding. These lectures, and other events that are held across the nation’s capital, help us to understand the importance of Heritage’s work and how we can carry it on in the future.

Better still, the paid program provides us with the opportunity to gain real work experience, develop professional skills, and enhance our expertise in public policy issues by interacting with Heritage experts and outside speakers.

But there are other perks as well. A dozen Heritage interns volunteered to help out at the American Spectator’s recent Robert L. Bartley Gala in Washington. And afterwards, we had the chance to meet Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who has inspired us this fall with his stands on Obamacare and other issues.

Learn more about the Young Leaders Program here.

Heritage’s Staff Book Fair Benefits Service Members

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The Heritage Foundation’s Wounded Warrior Book Fair

In 2009, Heritage vice president Becky Norton Dunlop was reorganizing her office when she realized she no longer had room for the majority of her books. Dunlop, who oversees Heritage’s external relations, thought that young conservatives would benefit greatly from the materials and opinions presented in these books. So, she and others in her department started The Heritage Foundation’s Wounded Warrior Book Fair.

The book fair for Heritage staff turned into an annual event, each year more successful than the previous. Heritage intern Santina Scarcella describes this year’s recently-concluded fair: Continue Reading »

Heritage Introduces D.C. High School Students to Conservative Ideas

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Washington, D.C. high school students De’Quan Staton (left) and Jamar Traynham worked at Heritage for three weeks this summer.

This summer marked the seventh year that The Heritage Foundation and the Cesar Chavez Public Charter School in Washington, D.C. partnered to provide fellowships for D.C. high school students.

During their three-week fellowships this summer, De’Quan Staton and Jamar Traynham participated in a number of policy briefings and First Principles luncheons with interns from Heritage’s Young Leaders Program. The students also received guidance and direction about their future plans, including college and career advice from mentors at Heritage.

This experience has often served as the students’ first taste of conservative policy. Through this partnership with Chavez, The Heritage Foundation will continue to give students like De’Quan and Jamar opportunities to learn about conservative ideals and to instill these values for a lifetime.

Click here to learn more about the program.

How do you teach young people in your community about conservative ideas?

Heritage’s Commitment to Building the Conservative Movement Begins with Young Leaders


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Members of Heritage's Young Leaders program.

Members of Heritage's Young Leaders program.

To build the conservative movement, The Heritage Foundation focuses considerable attention on educating and training rising young leaders.

For example, we have identified more than two dozen promising young professionals working on Capitol Hill or in other public policy roles for a workshop this week on foreign policy and national security. The program—developed, organized and run by our very own young professionals here at Heritage—aims not only to educate participants on policy but to teach the next generation how to lead, motivate, and influence their peers.

Organizing this event are Heritage’s own young professionals from our Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies.

Continue Reading »

Heritage’s Pfitzenmaier Honored for Work With Young Conservatives

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Heather PfitzenmaierThe Heritage Foundation’s Heather Pfitzenmaier has been recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the most influential young policy leaders in the country.

Named as one of the “30 Under 30 in Law and Policy,” she was lauded in particular for her “efforts to reach out and promote its conservative agenda to the next generation.”

Pftizenmaier oversees Heritage’s Young Leaders Program, including our internship program, to guide young conservatives as they start their careers. This program continues to have an impact: two former Heritage interns were elected to Congress in 2012.

Entrepreneur Bob Miller Inspires Graduating Heritage Interns

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Bob Miller addresses Heritage's fall 2012 intern class as Heritage Vice President Becky Norton Dunlop looks on.

Entrepreneur and Heritage Foundation member Bob Miller urged Heritage interns in a speech last week to “to keep the American Dream alive for those who come after us.”

Miller, who built Better Baked Foods from the ground up, knows actions speak louder than words.

“My life demonstrates the positive effect of the American Dream. My 50 year story is really a love affair with freedom,” he told the 60 interns assembled in Heritage’s Allison Auditorium for their graduation ceremony.

Miller came from humble beginnings  making donuts at his family’s bakery. He eventually started a hot dog and pizza stand, which grew into one of the largest frozen food manufacturers in the United States. Continue Reading »

Newly-Elected Congressmen Have Heritage Roots

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For three newly-elected members of Congress, this past weekend’s Heritage Foundation briefings for freshmen lawmakers should have been a refresher. That’s because they participated in Heritage’s educational programs before.

  • Rep.-elect Andy Barr (R-KY) was a Heritage intern in 1996 while an undergraduate at the University of Virginia. He worked for Heritage scholar Matthew Spalding before moving to the Hill to work for then-Rep. Jim Talent.
  • Rep.-elect Tom Cotton (R-AR) interned at, which was then a Heritage project, in 1997 while an undergraduate at Harvard. Inspired by Heritage, he spent a year at the Claremont Graduate School, before going to law school and joining the military after 9/11.
  • Rep.-elect Richard Hudson (R-NC) participated both in our educational programs for Congressional chiefs of staff and in our James Madison Fellows program while serving as chief of staff to Reps. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) and Mike Conaway (R-TX).

One of Heritage’s chief missions is to educate rising leaders in the conservative movement. Our internship program, part of our Young Leaders Program, is just one part of what Heritage does to educate the next generation of policymakers.

That three freshmen lawmakers have links to Heritage indicates that our efforts truly pay off in the long run.

Do you think educating interns and Congress members alike about conservative principles is the best way to ensure the future of the conservative movement?


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