Heritage’s Genevieve Wood Explains Liberals’ Misleading Rhetoric on Women on CNN


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In a CNN debate with former Obama White House press secretary Anita Dunn, The Heritage Foundation’s Genevieve Wood said that the Obama administration is doling out bad rhetoric that discourages young women.

The White House must stop promoting the myth that women are paid significantly less than men because of their sex, Wood explained. Pay discrepancies instead reflect life and career choices, she said.

“We ought to be celebrating where women are,” Wood continued.

Watch the whole debate in the video above.

Do you think liberals’ “war on women” rhetoric goes too far?

How to Get a Real All-of-the-Above Energy Policy


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A few years ago, President Obama announced what he called an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy. In this year’s State of the Union address, he proclaimed it was working.

But the energy sector’s success comes in spite of the administration’s policies, not because of them, Heritage Foundation expert Nicolas Loris argues: Continue Reading »

James Sherk Debunks Liberal Myths About the Minimum Wage


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President Obama is expected to call for a minimum wage hike in today’s State of the Union address. But Heritage Foundation expert James Sherk debunks the common liberal myth that we need to raise the minimum wage to help low-income workers:

The minimum wage does not need to rise for minimum-wage employees to get a raise. Two-thirds of minimum-wage workers make above the minimum wage a year later. This happens because most minimum-wage jobs are entry-level positions. They teach unskilled and inexperienced workers basic employment skills. Without these skills, they cannot qualify for higher-paying jobs. As they acquire these skills, they become more productive and can command higher pay.

What do you think? Should we raise the minimum wage?

If It’s Broke…Don’t Fix It?


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Photo: Shawn Thew/EPA/Newscom

Monday night was a busy one for Heritage Foundation experts. They burned the midnight oil as they pored through the 1,582-page omnibus spending bill.

Congress will vote on this bill in the next few days. And since the bill was just released Monday, we’re wondering how many Members of Congress will actually know what’s in it before they vote.

Here’s some of what’s in it. In today’s Morning Bell, Heritage’s Amy Payne lists six examples of failed government programs that get funding at your expense: Continue Reading »

Video: James Sherk on the Real Problem Facing Unemployed Americans

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President Obama is urging Congress to extend unemployment benefits to as long as 73 weeks.

But the real problem facing unemployed Americans is not insufficiently generous benefits but a weak economy, Heritage Foundation economist James Sherk tells Fox News’ Molly Henneberg.

“Businesses are recruiting much less intensely than before in part because they’re uncertain where the economy is going,” Sherk says. “They don’t want to commit to hiring a full-time worker if their sales aren’t going to hold up, if hiring that worker is not going to be a good investment for the company.”

“Extending either the amount or the duration of UI benefits increases the length of time that workers remain unemployed,” Sherk reports in a briefing on the issue. “UI benefits reduce the pressure to make difficult choices—such as moving or switching industries—to begin a new job.”

What policies do you think will allow the economy to expand?

President Obama’s Infrastructure Plan Is More Tax-and-Spend Liberalism


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Photo: Newscom

President Obama delivered another misguided speech on the economy on Tuesday. He argued for more taxes on businesses to pay for new infrastructure “investments.”

This plan would cover a broad range of projects such as widening roads, dredging ports, repairing old bridges, and updating America’s air traffic control system.

The Heritage Foundation’s Emily Goff points out the flaws with Obama’s approach: Continue Reading »

How President Obama’s Speech on the Economy Plays Fast and Loose with the Facts

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Zbigniew Bzdak/MCT/Newscom

On Wednesday, President Obama kicked off a planned series of speeches that will focus on the economy and the recession. According to the White House, President Obama is ”laying out the progress we’ve made since then and the work that’s left to do to rebuild an economy where everyone who works hard can get ahead.”

President Obama certainly made an effort on Wednesday to demonstrate progress. He claimed, for example, that he cut the deficit in half. But is he really to thank?

The Heritage Foundation’s Amy Payne breaks down this claim: Continue Reading »

Should the Feds Bail Out Detroit?

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Jeremiah Robinson/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Detroit’s decades-long decline has accelerated of late. Over the last four years, the city has lost over a fifth of its population, and its manufacturing base has continued to erode. What was the city’s response to this? It shifted city resources from the private sector to the public sector, raised taxes, and increased regulations.

And last week, Detroit became the biggest American city to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. The Heritage Foundation’s Alison Acosta Fraser and Rachel Greszler point out:

Detroit’s tragic downward cycle has reached its end. With all tax rates close to their statutory max and dismal public services that discourage individuals and businesses from remaining in or coming to Detroit, the city simply cannot continue to fund its operations and service its debt.

Detroit will undoubtedly seek help from the federal government. This must be resisted, Fraser and Greszler argue: Continue Reading »

Does Big Labor Agree with Conservatives on Obamacare?

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“The ACA (Affordable Care Act) will shatter not only our hard-earned health benefits, but destroy the foundation of the 40 hour work week that is the backbone of the American middle class.”

While that sounds like something a conservative might say, it’s actually from a letter by the leaders of three major labor unions: the Teamsters, United Food and Commercial Workers, and UNITE-HERE.

During the initial Obamacare debate, unions praised the bill. But today, many unions have jumped ship. The three union leaders explain one reason they’ve come around: Continue Reading »

Video: Do Temporary Workers Inflate the Employment Rate?

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Temporary employment always fluctuates during a recession, Heritage Foundation expert James Sherk explained this week on Fox Business. Employers will often fire temporary workers during a downturn, while new hires during recovery are also often temporary. It’s likely that these temporary workers are contributing to the higher official employment rate, Sherk said.

Watch the video below:

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