Alyene Senger on ‘the Arrogant Notion that Government Knows Best’

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While there were certainly problems with America’s health care system, Heritage’s Alyene Senger writes in the Washington Times, Obamacare has made things worse.

And while the administration has pushed unlawful “fixes” to deal with the political fallout from rules making health plans costlier, Senger writes, the administration still holds onto “the arrogant notion that government knows best.”

She continues: Continue Reading »

Another Day, Another Obamacare Delay

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Alyene Senger

Alyene Senger

There’s a catch to the Obama administration’s latest unilateral end-run around Obamacare’s “settled law,” Heritage’s Alyene Senger explains.

The new delay to the employer mandate now phases in starting in 2015 for companies with more than 100 employees. It’s delayed even further until 2016 for companies with between 50 and 100 employees—if they meet two conditions:

  1. They can’t lay off employees or cut worker hours because of Obamacare; and
  2. They can’t drop existing coverage.

Senger points out that individuals are still subject to the mandate. Only businesses have been given a delay.

Do you think the entire law should be delayed as a first step towards repeal?

Watch Heritage Experts on TV Tonight Discussing the New Obamacare Exchanges

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Heritage Foundation experts are going on TV tonight to explain the new Obamacare exchanges and conservatives’ next steps.

At 6:45 p.m. Eastern on Fox Business’ “The Willis Report,” Heritage’s Bob Moffit will discuss what we can expect now that the exchanges are open.

Then at 9:00 p.m. Eastern on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Alyene Senger will discuss what we can expect from the echanges.

Read more about the exchanges on the Foundry. And be sure to tune in!

Video: Heritage Analyst Warns Young Americans Will Suffer Most from Obamacare

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Because “future generations will be responsible for paying off our national debt,” young Americans should be particularly concerned about Obamacare, The Heritage Foundation’s Alyene Senger said yesterday on Fox and Friends.

Obamacare is a major contributor to our nation’s runaway spending. Over the next ten years alone, an additional $1.8 trillion will be spent on just coverage expansion.

Watch the video above to learn more about how Obamacare will negatively impact young people.

Some Good News on Obamacare


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StethoscopePhoto: Flickr/Wendy

The Heritage Foundation’s Alyene Senger reports some good news on Obamacare:

Though the government’s entitlement spending is still spiraling out of control, taxpayers have finally caught a break: The recently passed “fiscal cliff” deal included the repeal of one of Obamacare’s worst provisions, the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act.

The CLASS Act was a new entitlement program included in Obamacare. CLASS was created as a voluntary, government-run long-term care (LTC) program. It was supposed to be fully funded from the premiums paid by its beneficiaries and require no federal taxpayer dollars.

But the program was so poorly designed—much like the rest of Obamacare—that even the Obama Administration had to admit it wouldn’t work.

Today’s Morning Bell points out other elements of the law that are under attack from liberals and conservatives alike.

Do you think Obamacare can be repealed piecemeal?

Job One for the Next Administration: Repeal Obamacare

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Nina Owcharenko“Job one for a new Congress and a new administration must be repeal” of Obamacare, Heritage Foundation health care expert Nina Owcharenko said today at Heritage’s President’s Club meeting in Washington.

In addition, Congress must fix entitlement programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. For example, Congress can replace Medicare’s “empty IOU” with a free-market premium support program that includes a true safety net for the neediest, she said.

To advance a conservative, patient-based health reform, Owcharenko said lawmakers must fix the tax treatment of health insurance to allow individuals to purchase their own coverage, independently of their employers. And we need regulations to complement a patient-based, market-oriented health care model. Continue Reading »

Heritage Chart Shows When Obamacare’s 18 Tax Hikes Go Into Effect

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Government accountants recently updated their estimates of the costs of Obamacare’s 18 new tax increases. The Heritage Foundation’s Alyene Senger and John Fleming created a chart showing just when these taxes go into effect and how big they are:

Obamacare’s 18 New Tax Hikes

Click on the chart for a larger version.

How to Cut Health Care Costs While Maintaining Quality


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Health care spending is spiraling out of control in part because consumers are becoming “increasingly insulated from the costs of health care,” Heritage Foundation experts Kathryn Nix and Alyene Senger argue in a new report.

Third-party payment for health care means that many Americans are unaware of the full cost of their care, meaning they make decisions with little regard for cost.

Plans that put consumers in control of their health spending, known as consumer-directed health plans or CDHPs, offer a promising solution to bridging this information gap by enabling consumers to make more cost-conscious decisions about their health care. They provide comprehensive coverage by combining a high-deductible health plan with a tax-preferred health savings account (HSA) or an employer health reimbursement arrangement (HRA).

Consumer-directed health plans are becoming more attractive for good reason, Nix and Senger argue: Continue Reading »

A Broken Obamacare Promise: Keeping Your Own Health Plan

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At several key moments during the fiery debate over passing Obamacare, President Obama assured Americans that they could keep their current health care plans, “no matter what.” The promise seemed shaky then, and now even his own administration confesses that this just isn’t the case.

The Heritage  Foundation’s Alyene Senger explains that

Under Obamacare, grandfathered plans are not subject to preventative services mandate, a subset of which is the anti-conscience mandate that requires almost all non-exempted employers to provide and pay for abortion-inducing drugs, contraception, and sterilization.

In other words, your existing health insurance plan is not subject to Obamacare requirements, including the anti-conscience mandate. But there’s a catch. Continue Reading »

Middle Class Americans Will Suffer Under Obamacare’s Tax Burden


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When asked in 2009 if Obamacare’s individual mandate constituted a tax increase, President Obama had a firm response: “I absolutely reject that notion.”

But now, given the Supreme Court’s ruling on his health care law, the president must admit that the individual mandate in indeed a tax. It’s either that, or admitting to its unconstitutionality.

As tax increases go, Obamacare is a doozy. President Obama vowed not to tax any family making less than $250,000 annually. Obamacare will do just that. And unfortunately, it isn’t the only tax that middle class Americans will have to shoulder, The Heritage Foundation’s Alyene Senger explains: Continue Reading »

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