Obamacare taxes in billions of nominal dollars. Sources: Congressional Budget Office and Joint Committee on Taxation.

Obamacare imposes massive new taxes that will total nearly $800 billion over the next 10 years. These taxes on income and investment will slow the economy, making American families and businesses worse off.

Learn more about this infographic and browse through others in Heritage’s 2014 Federal Budget in Pictures.

Is Obamacare really the insurance plan for the hard-working middle class American? 

The 69th United Nations General Assembly is underway. And while the body is discussing some matters of huge importance to the United States, like fighting ISIS and controlling Ebola, the U.S. could do more to drive the agenda.

“The U.S. seems to be ignoring most of the key matters that the UNGA actually has within its authority,” Heritage Foundation expert Brett Schaefer explains, “such as blocking the election of Venezuela to the U.N. Security Council (UNSC) or seeking budgetary restraint and improved whistleblower protections.”

Since most “UNGA resolutions are non-binding and offer little more than rhetorical support,” Schaefer argues it would be beneficial to discuss matters that actually fall under UNGA authority.

Schaefer recommends that the General Assembly focus instead on: Continue Reading »

The union-led push for a $15 wage at fast-food restaurants would reduce sales and profits at fast food restaurants, cost jobs, and drive up the cost of fast food meals, Heritage Foundation economist James Sherk reports.

Some workers would come out ahead from a $15 fast-food wage: those with the most experience and the highest efficiency. Sadly, marginal workers–including those with the worst alternatives and the fewest marketable skills–would be left behind,” Heritage’s Salim furth points out.

Minimum Wage Hike Would Hurt Fast-Food Restaurants

Without major operational changes, fast-food restaurants would have to raise prices by 38 percent while seeing their profits fall by 77 percent,” Sherk explains. “This would cause many restaurants to close and many others to make extensive use of labor-saving technology—eliminating many of the entry-level jobs that inexperienced workers need to get ahead. “

Do you think fast-food restaurants should be made to pay their workers more?

national debt burden

Thanks to our government’s inability to spend within its means, a baby born today will shoulder $39,500 worth of debt. And by the time that child is graduated from college, his share of the U.S. debt will be a sickening $142,000.

See more charts like this at Heritage’s 2014 Federal Budget in Pictures. 

Do you think it’s time for the government to cut spending and rein in the debt?

Scotland’s vote Thursday to remain part of the United Kingdom is a boon to the United States, including our fight against terrorist groups like ISIS.

“If Great Britain breaks apart, that’s a terrible thing for the British people, and a very bad thing for America as well,” Heritage Foundation expert Nile Gardiner said in a pre-vote analysis yesterday on Fox News.

Britain is a critical ally for the United States, and a “yes” vote could have had serious implications for our Special Relationship. Read more in The Daily Signal.

What do you think of the Scots’ decision to remain part of Britain?

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