The Perks of Being a Heritage Foundation Intern: Meeting Sen. Ted Cruz

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Heritage Foundation interns pose with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Heritage Foundation interns pose with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

The Heritage Foundation’s Young Leaders program provides many opportunities for Heritage interns to expand their knowledge of conservative thought.

At weekly luncheons, Heritage experts instruct us on America’s First Principles—the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the principles of America’s Founding. These lectures, and other events that are held across the nation’s capital, help us to understand the importance of Heritage’s work and how we can carry it on in the future.

Better still, the paid program provides us with the opportunity to gain real work experience, develop professional skills, and enhance our expertise in public policy issues by interacting with Heritage experts and outside speakers.

But there are other perks as well. A dozen Heritage interns volunteered to help out at the American Spectator’s recent Robert L. Bartley Gala in Washington. And afterwards, we had the chance to meet Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who has inspired us this fall with his stands on Obamacare and other issues.

Learn more about the Young Leaders Program here.

Can the Treaty Power Undermine the Constitution and American Sovereignty?

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaking at Heritage on October 30, 2013. Photo: Lindsey Martin

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaking at Heritage on October 30, 2013. Photo: Lindsey Martin

An overly broad interpretation of Congress’ power under the Constitution to ratify treaties could allow for unlimited government and undermine American sovereignty, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) warned last week in an address at The Heritage Foundation.

The Constitution is designed to limit the power of the federal government and thereby protect our liberty, Cruz said in his address, the last installment of The Heritage Foundation’s Preserving the Constitution series.

But a new case before the Supreme Court, United States v. Bond, could effectively grant the federal government never-ending authority.

The notion that “the Treaty Clause is a trump card that defeats all of the remaining structural limitations on the federal government is not a proposition that is logically defensible,” he said.

Read more about the Treaty Clause in the Heritage Guide to the Constitution.

Do you think our sovereignty is threatened?

You Have to Read This Story About Honoring a Fallen Marine

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The Heritage Foundation’s John Von Kannon recounts a story about honoring a fallen Marine that reminds us why America is great.

“While our government might be broken,” he writes, “our country isn’t.”

Read the whole story on The Foundry.

An Honest Obamacare Commercial


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Taxpayer-funded commercials paint a rosy picture of the Affordable Care Act. But let’s face it, Obamacare is unworkable. Enjoy our parody.

With Tom Clancy’s Passing, Conservatives Lost an Ally


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Tom Clancy. Photo: Wikimedia/Gary Wayne Gilbert

Tom Clancy. Photo: Wikimedia/Gary Wayne Gilbert

Only two men could make the American public really care about a strong national defense, Heritage Foundation vice president James Carafano writes on One was President Reagan, and the other was Tom Clancy.

So conservatives lost an ally when Clancy, author of bestsellers like The Hunt for Red October, passed away this week in Baltimore at the age of 66.

Carafano explains Clancy’s gift: Continue Reading »

California Student Blocked from Handing Out Copies of Heritage’s Pocket Constitution


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You may think that Constitution Day would be the perfect day to exercise your First Amendment free speech rights. But this was not the case for one college student.

Robert Van Tuinen, a student at Modesto Junior College in California, wanted to pass out copies of The Heritage Foundation’s pocket Declaration of Independence and Constitution to his fellow students.

But not even ten minutes had passed when college bureaucrats put a stop to this. They told him he would have to fill out forms and get permission from the administration to distribute copies of America’s founding documents. And even with this permission, he could only hand them out within an approved “free speech zone.”

Robert Shibley at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education said the video above “should send a chill down the spine of every American.”

If you would like to help promote our constitutional freedoms,  you can purchase your own copies of the pocket Constitution at The Heritage Foundation bookstore.

Do you think students should be prohibited from passing out copies of the Constitution of the United States?

Record-Breaking Gift Strengthens Heritage’s Foreign Policy Research

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Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis

Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis

The Heritage Foundation has received a record-breaking $26 million gift to support our research on foreign policy and national defense issues.

“Following decades of strong support, the family of the late Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis announced that they have made a $26 million gift to support the work and mission of the Davis Institute for International Studies at the Heritage Foundation,” Heritage’s press release says.

Heritage is extremely thankful for this generous gift. In a special statement, Heritage’s Board expressed “its profound respect and gratitude to the family of Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis for their many years of friendship to The Heritage Foundation and for their principled commitment to advance the cause of freedom in America and abroad.”

The Heritage press release has more: Continue Reading »

We Will Never Forget September 11, 2001

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Twelve years ago today, the men and women getting ready to go to work at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, or boarding planes for the West Coast, didn’t know their lives would change forever.

The Heritage Foundation’s Amy Payne offers a few reflections in today’s Morning Bell:

That day will forever serve as a generation’s reminder of the fragility of life. Today, we give thanks for those who survived. We remember those who were lost in the horrific terrorist attacks. And we salute all the heroes who set aside their own safety in the chaos of that day to help their fellow Americans—whether firefighters, police, emergency responders, or strangers in the crowd.

We will never forget.

How Jephthah Tse Came to Work at The Heritage Foundation

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Heritage security officer Jephthah Tse.

Heritage security officer Jephthah Tse recently became a United States citizen. Photo: Katie Nielsen

Jephthah Tse has taken an unusual route to The Heritage Foundation.

Six years ago, Tse left his native Cameroon to follow his older brother to the United States. Coming from a family of eleven, Tse made the difficult choice to leave some of his family behind. He also had to choose whether to apply to become a United States citizen. If he did, he would have to renounce his Cameroon citizenship.

Tse became a proud American citizen earlier this year. Continue Reading »

Heritage’s Staff Book Fair Benefits Service Members

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The Heritage Foundation’s Wounded Warrior Book Fair

In 2009, Heritage vice president Becky Norton Dunlop was reorganizing her office when she realized she no longer had room for the majority of her books. Dunlop, who oversees Heritage’s external relations, thought that young conservatives would benefit greatly from the materials and opinions presented in these books. So, she and others in her department started The Heritage Foundation’s Wounded Warrior Book Fair.

The book fair for Heritage staff turned into an annual event, each year more successful than the previous. Heritage intern Santina Scarcella describes this year’s recently-concluded fair: Continue Reading »

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