Heritage Experts Cross the Pond to Discuss Conservative Principles

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Ted Bromund

Two Heritage Foundation experts have been invited to speak this weekend at the Freedom Association’s inaugural Freedom Festival in Bournemouth, UK.

Heritage’s Ted Bromund and Bryan Riley will explain the importance of free markets and free enterprise. Bromund is a scholar in Heritage’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, while Riley serves as the Jay Van Andel Senior Policy Analyst in Trade Policy.

“Heritage is glad to support the friends of freedom abroad as it does at home,” Bromund said. The Freedom Association works to promote a free society in Britain.

“The Heritage Foundation is considered to be one of the world’s leading conservative think tanks,” Freedom Association director Rory Broomfield said. “To have them participating in the inaugural Freedom Festival is extremely exciting.”

Learn more about the Freedom Festival here.

Video: Clips from Jim DeMint’s Interviews on Falling in Love with America Again

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Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint his been very busy over the past two weeks promoting Falling in Love with America Again, the new book he wrote with Heritage experts.

During a visit to New York City last week, he did interviews with Fox News, Fox News Radio, CNN, CNBC, ABC Radio, The Blaze, WSJ Video, NewsMax TV, Sirius XM, and many more — even the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

All told, he has conducted more than 60 interviews to spread the message that conservative principles lead to a strong America, a strong economy and a strong society. The video above compiles the highlights from these appearances.

The tour continues this weekend in South Carolina.

Have you ordered your copy of Falling in Love with America Again?

Video: Heritage Expert Represents Conservatives at Historically Liberal SXSW Conference

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In Heritage Impact

This Friday marks the start of the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin, Texas.

The technology and music conference has traditionally lacked conservative representation in its speaker lineup. This year, though, Heritage Foundation expert James Carafano will speak at the conference.

Watch the video above to see more about Heritage’s role at the conference from Carafano, former SXSW board member Julie Germany, and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA).

Watch Jim DeMint on the Daily Show Tonight

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In Heritage Impact

Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint will appear tonight on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” to discuss his new book, Falling in Love with America Again.

Update: Watch the video on the Daily Show website.

You can purchase your copy of Falling in Love with America from Amazon.

Be sure to tune in tonight!

Video: What’s Really in President Obama’s 2015 Budget


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Heritage’s Romina Boccia previews the new taxes and spending in President Obama’s forthcoming 2015 budget plan on Fox Business:

“This president has presided over the largest peacetime deficits in U.S. history,” Boccia told Gerri Willis. And based on early reports, the new budget would pile on more spending and debt while imposing new taxes.

Do you think the budget should increase taxes and spending?

Watch: Stephen Moore Tells Ralph Nader Why We Shouldn’t Hike the Minimum Wage

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Congress should not raise the minimum wage, Heritage Foundation chief economist Stephen Moore argued yesterday in a debate with liberal activist Ralph Nader on CNN’s Crossfire.

Most workers earning minimum wage get a raise within six month, Moore reminded Nader. And he pointed out that most minimum wage earners are teens or young adults.

Read Heritage’s fact sheet on the minimum wage.

Watch the video above and tell us in the comments: should we raise the minimum wage?

Watch Tonight: Genevieve Wood Joins Lou Dobbs to Talk Immigration

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In Heritage Impact

Heritage’s Genevieve Wood will be on Fox Business tonight to discuss immigration reform:

James Sherk Tells You What the New York Times Won’t About the Minimum Wage

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James Sherk

James Sherk

The New York Times argues for a minimum wage increase by pointing out that it’s difficult to support oneself on just the minimum wage. But they left out a few key facts, Heritage Foundation labor expert James Sherk points out on National Review Online:

The New York Times did not mention that the average family income of a minimum-wage worker exceeds $50,000 a year. How? The vast majority of minimum-wage workers are second (or third or fourth) earners in their family. Minimum-wage jobs are entry-level positions, primarily filled by unskilled and inexperienced workers. Many minimum-wage workers are between the ages of 16 and 24, and two-thirds work part-time.

So while lots of Americans start out working near the minimum wage, few raise a family on it. Instead, as they gain experience, they become more productive and command higher pay. Two-thirds of minimum-wage workers get a raise within a year. The typical pay increase: 24 percent. (Here are more facts the Times avoided mentioning.)

Do you think Congress should increase the national minimum wage?

Video: Jim DeMint on Face the Nation

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In Heritage Impact

Conservatives are poorly represented in Washington, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint said today on CBS’s Face the Nation.

Heritage and other organizations are working to change the debate in Washington and nationally, he said, but the recent debt limit vote suggests we have a long way to go.

Watch the full video above.

Do you think conservatives are well-represented in Washington?

Video: The Conservative Policy Summit Sets the Agenda for 2014

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In Heritage Impact

Reporting for the Foundry, Heritage’s Jackie Anderson reviews yesterday’s Conservative Policy Summit, held yesterday by Heritage Action for America.

The event brought together nine lawmakers to help define and advance a principled, conservative reform agenda for 2014.

“We’re conservatives first and foremost,” Heritage President Jim DeMint said, so we should put our principles above partisan advantage.

What reforms do you think conservatives should push in 2014?

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