Video: ‘The Free World Is at War Against a Vicious Enemy’


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The free world needs “robust leadership” to counter terrorists like those who brutally attacked the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper in Paris, Heritage’s Nile Gardiner told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren.

“This is a war really for the survival of our civilization against vicious individuals who seek our destruction,” said Gardiner, who directs Heritage’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom. “We simply cannot give into these individuals.”

This is a battle for our God-given rights of life and liberty. That’s why every leader in the West needs to join forces to fight against the usurpation of these rights.

“There is no doubt about it,” he explained. “We are at war against militant Islamists who seek our destruction and the destruction of everything that we stand for.

Do you think the Obama administration is offering the “robust leadership” we need to fight the radical Islamists?

The Conservative Cause Gains New Muscle on Capitol Hill

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(Photo: Michael Sandoval)

The New Year brings new opportunities for The Heritage Foundation and our president, Jim DeMint, to advance conservative ideas.

Since taking over as Heritage’s president two years ago, DeMint has honored Senate Ethics Committee rules limiting his contact with his former colleagues. But now these limits are lifted, and he plans to aggressively push a principled agenda on Capitol Hill — armed with powerful reports and research from leading Heritage policy experts.

National Journal reports on DeMint’s influence:

DeMint’s advice on messaging and policy will be sought after by anyone seeking support from the base. The former senator’s ability to tap into the pulse of the conservative movement made him an equally disruptive force in the halls of Congress and on the campaign trail—something that won’t be lost on those who benefited from his expertise.

How do you think Heritage and DeMint will make a difference in 2015?

This Heritage Facebook Post Got More than 1.1 Million Shares

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On February 1, Heritage posted the following graphic to our Facebook page, featuring a quote from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX):

Since then, more than 1.124 million people have shared the post about the rule of law with their friends. If each person who shared reached 10 more people with this image, that’s more than ten million Americans who saw Heritage’s message!

The media took notice of Heritage’s innovative use of social media: Buzzfeed ranked this post among the top 50 Facebook posts of the year.

Have you shared this post with your friends?

Video: Heritage Experts Explain How to Respond to North Korea


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The U.S. government should increase sanctions against North Korea in response to the Sony hack, while Americans should work to improve their personal cybersecurity, two Heritage Foundation experts Steve Bucci and Bruce Klingner said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning.

In a report last year, Klingner explains how the U.S. can isolate North Korea’s regime:

Rather than being used in isolation, sanctions and engagement are most effective when integrated into a comprehensive strategy that engages all of the instruments of national power. Not fully utilizing any element of national power reduces the effectiveness of U.S. foreign policy.

Bucci and Klingner are leading experts on cybersecurity and North Korea, respectively, and are among the only ones in Washington offering ideas on how to act in response.

This morning’s interview wasn’t the first time Heritage has weighed in on the Sony hack and subsequent fallout. Our experts have done dozens of interviews on the topic because Heritage has the credibility and command of the facts that news producers and the American public desire.

Do you agree that increased sanctions is the best way to respond to the attack?

Heritage’s Groundbreaking Internship Program Turns 35

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Heritage Founder Ed Feulner

Heritage Founder Ed Feulner started the internship program to help advance the conservative cause.

“One of the early concerns we had when we started Heritage was how to convey the conservative message to the next generation,” says Heritage Founder Ed Feulner. “We started the intern program to bring in dedicated young conservatives and show them the underlying principles behind conservative ideas.”

The program was launched in 1979 and quickly developed into an oasis young people across the nation seeking an alternative to the liberal indoctrination imposed by colleges and universities.

Feulner envisioned the Heritage internship program as a true learning experience. “An intern program should develop students’ skills and increase their knowledge of conservative principles that undergird a free society and make America a special place,” he explains. Continue Reading »

Heritage Action Sentinels Are a Major Thorn in the Side of Liberals

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The liberals are worried. According to leaked top-secret documents from the Democracy Alliance – a network of liberal billionaires – the left is being hit hard by the real democracy represented by Heritage, our sister organization Heritage Action for Ameica, and Heritage Action’s national network of Sentinels. In their own documents, the Democracy Alliance frets about Obamacare’s “rocky rollout” (their words), and conservative governors like Scott Walker (R-WI) who have “targeted public sector unions” and “weakened their position as a major source of progressive political financing.”

At the grassroots, it looks like the left is outnumbered, no matter how much money they spend.

Heritage Action has built a network of more than 8,500 Sentinels who are pushing for limited government and less spending. And their Sentinels are getting results. Continue Reading »

How Heritage Fights Against Cronyism and for Free Enterprise

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Welcome to the world of cronyism—the costly, unseemly system that allows politicians and lobbyists to break the trust of the American people without breaking a single law. Favors are traded, the system is gamed and hard-working U.S. taxpayers are left to foot the bill.

Heritage is working on your behalf to highlight this insidious link and give you and your fellow taxpayers a voice against cronyism. Continue Reading »

Video: Jim Talent Explains China’s Threat to America

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In remarks at The Heritage Foundation Monday, former Sen. Jim Talent (R-MO) explained the military threats posed by China and how the United States can respond to this aggression.

His remarks were part of the annual B.C. Lee Lecture, an annual event focusing on U.S.-Asia relations. The lecture is named in honor of the late B.C. Lee, the founder of Samsung and a generous sponsor of the Heritage Foundation.

Previous B.C. Lee lectures have been delivered by Henry Kissinger, Jesse Helms, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Joe Lieberman, Ed Royce and many others.

At Heritage, John McCain Says New Secretary of Defense Will Have ‘No Influence’


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President Obama’s pick for secretary of defense, Ash Carter, will have a hard time penetrating the administration’s inner circle, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said last week at The Heritage Foundation.

Ash Carter will do a good job, he has bipartisan support, but he’s the last man standing. Others have obviously refused [the position]. The biggest problem is what three former secretaries of defense have said, remember, this is the fourth in six years, and it’s that he’ll have no influence. In other words, decision-making is within the hands of three or four people in the White House which has led to this debacle which is called our foreign policy today.

The White House has micromanaged the Defense Department, Heritage Foundation experts report. That’s not likely to change with a new secretary.

As the incoming chairman of the Armed Services Committee, McCain will preside over Carter’s nomination.

What do you think of President Obama’s pick to head the Department of Defense?

Heritage Analysis Credited with Ending Wasteful Government Program

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Manufacturing and Technology News credits The Heritage Foundation with changing the debate on Trade Adjustment Assistance, an ineffective government program that offered training and other benefits to workers affected by foreign trade:

In the past, conservative backers of free trade understood that in order to pass trade agreements and Trade Promotion Authority, there needed to be a safety net — and political cover — for the workers losing their jobs to imports. But that compact has disappeared.

After the Heritage Foundation issued a paper in 2011 titled “Let the Ineffective and Wasteful [TAA] Program Expire,” “we saw the Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee who were pretty faithful supporters of the program take their foot off the accelerator,” says McHugh. “They weren’t interested in expanding the program with the improvements that were made.”

Here’s the 2011 report by Heritage’s David Muhlhausen, who pointed out that the program has done little to raise the wages of participants.

Do you think the government should continue an ineffective program like this?

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