See Your Photos in the 2015 Heritage Calendar

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2014 Heritage Foundation calendarThe Heritage Foundation is looking for photographs from our members and supporters for use in our 2015 calendar.

Photos in the calendar, which will be distributed to more than half a million Heritage members and supporters this fall, celebrate what you love about about America.

In our 2015 calendar, we want to show pictures that tell the story of what we love about America, the things we do outside of government in the cities and towns and countryside where we live, the things that make us the people we are.

Submit your photos here–the deadline is May 9.

Why You Should Be Concerned About the Obama Administration’s Plans for the Internet


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The U.S. government is preparing to transfer the oversight it has had over the Internet—oversight that has helped keep the Internet open and free. Heritage’s Amy Payne explains what’s going on:

If you’re following the debate, the acronym you need to know is ICANN. That stands for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a nonprofit that manages Internet domain names (website addresses). It has been under the supervision of the U.S. Department of Commerce, but now the Obama administration has begun the process of transferring ICANN into the international arena.

Some countries, like Russia and China, are eager for the United Nations to take over the oversight role. That’s because they favor censorship and other limitations on online speech and commerce.

Heritage legal expert Paul Rosenzweig said in testimony before a House committee last week that lawmakers should be cautious “lest the transition destroy the openness and freedom of the network.”

Watch this video from the Foundry for a primer on the topic:

Do you think the “international community” should play a role in overseeing the Internet?

Heritage on TV This Weekend

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Watch out for Heritage experts on national television and radio this weekend:

  • Tonight at 7:40 p.m. Eastern on Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs Tonight, Genevieve Wood will discuss immigration reform.
  • Tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. on the Larry Kudlow Show, President Jim DeMint will discuss his book, “Falling in Love with America Again.”
  • And tomorrow morning on PBS’ To the Contrary, Senior Contributor Genevieve Wood will discuss gender and society, sexual harassment, and “Jesus Feminists.”

Be sure to tune in!

What Heritage Did Last Year


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2013 was a busy year for Heritage and the conservative movement. This infographic, published in our new 2013 Annual Report (link in PDF), offers a quick look at our accomplishments.

Heritage in 2013 by the Numbers

5 Ways Tax Reform Would Help You and Every American

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Heritage Foundation expert Curtis Dubay explains how a principled, conservative tax reform would help you:

  1. Your annual income would grow
  2. Taxes would be simpler to file
  3. The tax code would be fairer
  4. Government’s role in the economy would be smaller
  5. The IRS would have less power

Heritage’s Saving the American Dream plan outlines solutions on taxes, spending, and other issues.

Do you think Congress will act on tax reform this year?

Why One-Size-Fits-All Government Social Programs Rarely Work


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Policymakers should use skepticism and humility when designing social programs and should avoid one-size-fits all solutions, Heritage Foundation experts Stuart Butler and David Muhlhausen write in National Affairs.

That’s because the evidence shows it’s very hard to reproduce successful pilot programs on a national scale:

[T]he task of mimicking and scaling up programs that work is not so straightforward. Success is never a simple matter of easily traceable cause and effect, and even the people who have achieved a breakthrough often cannot pinpoint exactly what worked and why. Social outcomes have an impossibly complex array of causes, and the circumstances that characterize one place are rarely identical — and are often not even very similar — to those found elsewhere. A seemingly successful preschool program in Chicago may fail in Atlanta, even if it is reproduced virtually identically, because of differences, both large and small, between the two cities.

Head Start is a case in point. The early-education program showed promise during 1960s trials and it was quickly rolled out nationally, but the first rigorous study of its effectiveness—run decades later—was disappointing.

Butler and Muhlhausen urge lawmakers to avoid one-size-fits-all programs and instead to base solutions on local, decentralized knowledge. Do you agree with this approach?

Why Obama’s Plan to Expand Overtime Eligibility Could Wind Up Hurting Workers

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James Sherk

James Sherk

New government regulations intended to grant overtime pay to more salaried workers could backfire, Heritage Foundation labor expert James Sherk warns.

For one thing, the change probably wouldn’t increase a worker’s take-home pay. Many employers compensate for increased overtime by simply lowering their workers’ base pay to keep total compensation intact.

The regulations would also “effectively turn millions of salaried employees into hourly workers,” Sherk points out, since businesses would be forced to track precise hours worked. And this could mean that flex time, working from home, and other modern business arrangements would be off-limits.

“Most employers deny overtime-eligible workers this flexibility” to work remotely, Sherk writes in the Bradenton Herald. “They must track time worked or risk expensive lawsuits over back pay.”

Do you think government should impose these regulations on millions of workers?

‘Conservative Ideas Have a Strong Future’


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Heritage Foundation membership grew to more than 600,000 in 2013, and Heritage members contributed more than $150 million to Heritage and Heritage Action last year to advance conservative ideas.

Heritage President Jim DeMint laid it out in an e-mail yesterday to supporters:

I have a good feeling about 2014.

Recent polls and election results show that the American people are more open than ever to conservative solutions.

And The Heritage Foundation is prepared to build on this momentum.

Over the last year, our membership has grown to more than 600,000 Americans, giving Heritage — and our sister organization, Heritage Action for America — a presence in every state in the Union. Continue Reading »

Falling in Love with America Again Debuts atop Washington Post Bestseller List

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Falling in Love with America AgainFalling in Love with America Again, the new book by Jim DeMint and The Heritage Foundation, debuted at the top spot on the Washington Post’s nonfiction bestseller list.

Drawing on research from The Heritage Foundation, the book offers firsthand accounts of local leaders overcoming obstacles in education, health care, and other challenges Washington has failed to solve.

Buy your copy today.

Alyene Senger on ‘the Arrogant Notion that Government Knows Best’

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While there were certainly problems with America’s health care system, Heritage’s Alyene Senger writes in the Washington Times, Obamacare has made things worse.

And while the administration has pushed unlawful “fixes” to deal with the political fallout from rules making health plans costlier, Senger writes, the administration still holds onto “the arrogant notion that government knows best.”

She continues: Continue Reading »

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