Video: Heritage Experts Explain How to Respond to North Korea

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The U.S. government should increase sanctions against North Korea in response to the Sony hack, while Americans should work to improve their personal cybersecurity, two Heritage Foundation experts Steve Bucci and Bruce Klingner said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning.

In a report last year, Klingner explains how the U.S. can isolate North Korea’s regime:

Rather than being used in isolation, sanctions and engagement are most effective when integrated into a comprehensive strategy that engages all of the instruments of national power. Not fully utilizing any element of national power reduces the effectiveness of U.S. foreign policy.

Bucci and Klingner are leading experts on cybersecurity and North Korea, respectively, and are among the only ones in Washington offering ideas on how to act in response.

This morning’s interview wasn’t the first time Heritage has weighed in on the Sony hack and subsequent fallout. Our experts have done dozens of interviews on the topic because Heritage has the credibility and command of the facts that news producers and the American public desire.

Do you agree that increased sanctions is the best way to respond to the attack?

Heritage Is ‘Formidable in the World of Think Tanks’


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Since Jim DeMint took their reins at Heritage last year, The Heritage Foundation has become an even more powerful force for conservative ideas.

“The one-two punch of scholarly research and grassroots activism has made Heritage formidable in the world of think tanks,” McClatchy’s William Douglas writes.

Douglas explains Heritage’s new assertiveness: Continue Reading »

Why It Probably Doesn’t Matter Who the Next Secretary of Defense Will Be


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Late last week, Chuck Hagel announced he would be stepping down from his position as secretary of defense. Unfortunately, though not surprisingly, the media was so distracted by guessing his replacement, they failed to note the policy failures that led to his departure.

Today, the secretary of defense is weaker due to (1) the President’s failed national security agenda and (2) his dysfunctional approach to handling national security matters, Heritage Foundation experts Jim Carafano, Dakota Wood, James Phillips, and Luke Coffey report.

And until these issues are sorted out, it won’t matter who takes over after Hagel: Continue Reading »

Thomas W. Colbert–Mississippi

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Heritage member Thomas Colbert poses with a portrait honoring his generosity.

Heritage member Thomas Colbert poses with a portrait honoring his generosity to the conservative cause.

It’s The Heritage Foundation’s commitment to free enterprise and limited government that motivated Thomas Colbert to make his first gift some 20 years ago.

“The more I found out about Heritage, the more impressed I became,” recalls Colbert, one of the biggest names in Mississippi finance.

He has since become a Heritage Legacy Society member and a major supporter of our work, especially our facility on Pennsylvania Avenue. “I decided to make the foundation one of my major beneficiaries,” he says, “and as I began making estate plans I set up a trust which includes The Heritage Foundation.” Continue Reading »

President Obama’s Climate Capitulation


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President Obama’s “historic” agreement  with China on climate change will cost you more money. Not only will it raise energy costs for all Americans, it will weaken our economy and decrease our nation’s competitive advantage.

Heritage Foundation expert Nick Loris explains the absurd logic of the deal:

China’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is akin to a pledge from a broke, addicted gambler to his bookie to pay later.  China is telling the United States to make the economic sacrifices and restrict its energy use now, and China will start reducing its emissions beginning in 2030. 

Read more about why this is a raw deal.

What do you think of President Obama’s climate deal?

Heritage’s James Dean Earns Award from Polish Government for Advancing Freedom

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Heritage's James Dean, second from right, won an award from Poland for his work to advance freedom. Photo:  Matthew Stefanski, Embassy of Poland

Heritage’s James Dean, second from right, won an award from Poland for his work to advance freedom. Photo: Matthew Stefanski, Embassy of Poland

The Heritage Foundation’s James Dean was recognized by the Republic of Poland last week for his “outstanding contribution to the building of democratic society and democratic institutions.”

During Independence Day celebrations at the Polish Embassy in Washington, Dean was awarded the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland by Ambassador Ryszard Schnepf.

Dean, who works at Heritage to communicate conservative ideas to America’s allies and build international coalitions for freedom, said he “feel[s] fortunate, humbled, and truly honored.”

Do you think it’s important to secure conservative ideas across the globe?

Why Heritage Action’s Sentinels Are Our ‘Third Punch’

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In order to change Washington, you need support from the people outside the Beltway. That’s why The Heritage Foundation’s sister organization, Heritage Action for America, started its Sentinel program.

“In order to really change Washington, you have to go over the heads of the elected officials and go directly to the people,” Sentinel coordinator Jessica Anderson told Heritage members last week at the President’s Club Meeting.

The Sentinels organize local conservatives in their hometowns and hold elected officials’ feet to the fire. They help ensure The Heritage Foundation’s conservative policy ideas are enacted into law.

“I see Action as the watchman on the wall,” one Georgia Sentinel said, “ready to sound the alarm.”

Heritage Action, Heritage Jim DeMint explained, it integral to Heritage’s mission:

We’ve got the research, we’ve got the communication, and now we’ve got what we call the third punch — Heritage Action . . .  they’re the tip of the spear providing advocacy and accountability to our elected officials.

Do you think accountability is important?

Sen. Rand Paul Makes the Case for ‘Minimized Government’

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The federal government needs to be “minimized” and interfere less in Americans lives, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said last week at The Heritage Foundation’s President’s Club meeting in Washington.

The growth of executive power is particularly alarming, Paul said. “We have to get back to the point where any president — Democrat or Republican — is limited by the Constitution.”

Paul also said his book, Government Bullies was inspired in part by Heritage research on overcriminalization.

Do you think it’s imperative to restore a constitutionally limited government?

How Heritage Turns Your Conservative Policy Ideas into Reality

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A core mission of The Heritage Foundation is to generate ideas for policies based on your conservative principles. But ideas don’t change the world on their own.

If we want to make this country free, safe, and prosperous, then we need to make conservative ideas part of everyday life, Heritage experts Jen Marshall, Derrick Morgan, and Jim Carafano said last week at Heritage’s President’s Club Meeting.

The process of making your principles a reality involves three steps: Continue Reading »

This Senator-Elect Got His Start at Heritage 17 Years Ago


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Photo: Wikipedia Commons

As the election results came in last night, it became clear that conservative policy solutions resonated with Americans. Most winning campaigns ran against Obamacare, against the President’s proposed executive amnesty, and in favor of lower taxes, less spending, and limited, constitutional government.

One newly elected Senator who ran on a conservative platform began his career at The Heritage Foundation. Senator-elect Tom Cotton (R-AR) interned at, which was then a Heritage project, in 1997 while an undergraduate at Harvard. Inspired by Heritage, he spent a year at the Claremont Graduate School before going to law school and joining the military after 9/11. He was elected to Congress in November 2012.

Heritage’s internship program, part of our Young Leaders Program, is just one part of what Heritage does to educate the next generation of policymakers. All newly-elected members of Congress are invited to Heritage next week so they can get acquainted with Heritage and learn about the resources we offer. After the new Congress swears in, they’ll be invited to participate in the Conservative Members Retreat, which includes in-depth briefings on conservative solutions and the principles we stand for.

That Senator-elect Cotton got his start at Heritage is just another example of the importance of our long-term work to win conservative victories.

Do you think educating interns and members of Congress alike about conservative principles is the best way to ensure the future of the conservative movement?

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